16 Benefits of Selenite Crystal

Over the centuries, people believed selenite to have powerful healing properties. According to a few people, selenite is essential to the toolkit of Energy Workers. Selenite is said to have the potential to provide protection and enhance well-being, as well as remove unwanted energy from your surroundings. There are a number of benefits that we get from selenite. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Selenite Crystal.

About Selenite


Selenite is associated with Greek mythology and has centuries of history. Its name comes from the Greek word moonstone. It is associated with the Greek goddess Celine, the moon. However, it has no association with a crystal called the moon.

There are various other names for selenite. Satin sparrow, desert pink, gypsum flower, butterfly selenite, or golden phantom (yellow type) are a few of the terms for the stone. Selenite is present in many forms and colors. Each of these has subtle differences in its features and uses. There are various shapes of selenite too. 

Hourglass is to increase grinding and awareness and helps release negative samples. Magic shapes purify light, transfer static energy and promote flow. The Tower is a shield that increases strength and eliminates negative energy. Selenite towers emit energy. Hence, if you place the selenite tower next to other crystals, expect a tremendous increase. White is the most common color of selenite, but it is present in various colors such as gold, peach, and pink. 

Cleaning is an important step when working with crystal energy. Grace stated that all crystals absorb negative energy.

Some believe that selenite does not need cleaning, but it does. Despite the high vibrations, cleaning is necessary for selenite. Selenite comes in white, golden, pink, etc.

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16 Surprising Benefits of Selenite Crystal


  1. It promotes peace and provides clarity. 
  2. It clears blocked power and increases spirit.
  3. It helps you access your intuition.
  4. Selenite has an effective space cleanser.
  5. It vibrates at a very high frequency.
  6. It promotes bonding and friendship.
  7. It increases the powers of emotional expression and enhances peace and tranquility.
  8. Selenite is a crystal that vibrates at an exceptional vibration level. Due to this high frequency, it is one of the most powerful crystals in the universe.
  9. It purifies its environment.
  10. It eliminates negative energy.
  11. Selenite cleans and charges other crystals.
  12. Selenite has self-cleaning benefits.
  13. Its serene properties make it ideal for meditation and spiritual practice.
  14. Selenite enhances team spirit in groups and organizations.
  15. It soothes the nightmares.
  16. It is excellent for memory and contributes to body balance.

Spiritual and Healing Benefits of Selenite

Spiritual Benefits-Selenite

Selenite has great spiritual benefits. Selenite is a crystalline form of gypsum that usually appears as an opaque, colorful stone. Saltwater containing calcium and sulfate evaporates to form this mineral with a Mohs hardness of 2.

Selenite has many healing properties, it is a powerful medicine with many benefits, although there is no scientific evidence to support it. However, there is evidence that selenium, a trace element form of the stone, has many health benefits. Selenite has the power of peace and serenity, making it the perfect crystal for any situation where you need to restore peace.

Selenite is effective in removing heavy, inhibited energy. It allows energy to flow at a high vibration and boosts the soul. From a healing perspective, it has the potential to soothe the mind, bring peace to the soul and bring clarity to those in need. People believe that the crystal increases positive energy. You can use the stone to recharge you, your space, and your crystals.

The Benefit of Selenite on Chakras

Chakras are the energy centers for emotional functions in your body. Some believe that crystals can affect these energy centers and remove obstacles.

The selenite is associated with the Crown cycle. It is related to High consciousness, expression, and creative energy. The selenite crystal facilitates communication with the spirit world, and it is also known as the kingdom of angels. Selenite suggests using selenite to soothe anxiety. You can sometimes put it in solar plexuses.

It brings a calming force and slows down the wheel if it is not under control. The utilization of selenite may be a helpful complementary exercise for some, but it is not a substitute for anxiety treatment. Talk to a health care professional if you have persistent concerns that could interfere with your quality of life.

High Vibration Stone

Selenite-High vibration stone

Selenite crystals have the power to push you towards rapid spiritual growth. This high-vibration crystal, when used properly, helps remove dirt that prevents it from reaching your third wheel.

Once you reach your third cycle, you can discover new abilities or disclose the hidden ones unknown to you.

Access your Intuition

As you progress in your spiritual development, your intuition improves. Taking a step back from the situation can give you a new perspective.

Selenite crystals allow you to perceive the distortions around you and use their power to dig deeper into your mental abilities and see the world in a different light. You feel more connected not only with your spirituality but also with the spiritual beings around you.

Boosts Team Spirit

In addition to accelerating spiritual growth, selenite itself has the subtle power to enhance team spirit. Keeping a good quality selenite crystal around you and your team will help create friendship and unity.

Stress Relief and Anxiety

As a healing stick, selenite can reduce feelings of stress or anxiety. Its subtle vibrations have soothing effects on the environment around you, making you feel more comfortable in your surroundings.

Remove Negative Energy

Selenite is the powerhouse of crystal positivity. They are powerful enough to absorb the negative energy in or around you and turn it into positive. You should place a selenite crystal around it or by holding a selenite stick in your hand and squeeze it gently and deliberately.

Sense of Balance

Selenite is a calm but positive stone. It’s a good combination because it helps to wear, hold or promote balance in the people around you. You will experience a sense of balance both physically and mentally.

If you want to achieve more balance in your life or create a more positive and aesthetically pleasing space around you, you can benefit from the healing properties of selenite. These stones maximize healing, balance, and positive energy.

How to use Selenite Crystal?

Energy Cleaner

Given that selenite is very good at removing energy, another simple way you can work on sweeping the body is free from any unwanted energy. It is influential with a selenite wand or blade.

You can hold the piece in your hand and tie it around your back. Starting at the top of your head, it goes down to your feet on all sides. Sweep the power out of your field while holding the goal of eliminating any intensity that will not benefit you the most.

Through the Work of the Chakra

Selenite can be a powerful crystalline compound for any chakra-balancing or cleansing rituals. You can use selenite to clear obstacles in energy centers.

For Sleeping

Selenite may be just the tip of the iceberg. It is beneficial to keep a deep energy vacuum cleaner like a selenite under your bed or pillow so you can sleep well with sweet dreams.

To Protect Home

Askinosie also notes that selenite is very protective, making it very effective in protecting your home from harmful forces. Install selenite pieces on windows in all rooms of your house to gain protection, you suggest.

For Meditation

Finally, selenite properties make it ideal for improving your meditation practice. Next time you sit down to meditate, hold a piece of celery in your hand or over your head. With the help of selenite to clear away any unwanted energy, you will be better able to deepen your practice.

You shall use selenite for numerous such benefits


Selenite is a crystal with a plethora of benefits. The cleansing and purifying energy of The crystal can have multiple uses. It works marvelously on cleaning other crystals and negative vibrations. If you are into crystals, selenite would be a must-crystal to keep in your treasure of crystals. Go check out the different shapes and colors of selenite and buy one for yourself.