Eudialyte Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

What is Eudialyte?

Eudialyte Infographic

Eudialyte is an exquisite stone. Eudialyte is often referred to as ‘the stone of the heart’ and rightfully so. It captures your interest and makes you want to learn more about it. It’s not like a traditional stone that is entirely harmless to use, with eudialyte, you must proceed and use it cautiously.

How to identify Eudialyte?

Eudialyte has a diverse dark color palette. Bright reds collide with jet-black tones with specks of white on the sides. It’s not difficult to identify the stone as a stone collector or be aware of the shapes and cuts of these types of stones, but if you lack knowledge in this area then you will likely get duped. So, how do we identify these intriguing dark gemstones?

  • Eudialyte can have translucent surfaces, but never transparent. You can see an illusionary sheen on top of it but never see through it.
  • Eudialyte can be cut, but they lose their rarity after being customized. Cutting them can cause minor damage and reduce their lifespan.
  • Eudialytes are shaped like spheres or cabochons and these can highlight the black and white parts of the stone.

Eudialyte – Cuts and Shapes

Gemstones and crystals are popular for their different shapes and cuts. The versatility and options of gemstones can increase their market value and make them some of the most sought-after gems to collect. 

  • Eudialyte is often seen in sphere cut and cabochon. 
  • These two cuts manage to bring the beautiful black tourmaline tones and highlight the red while acting as a contrast.  
  • While it is possible to cut eudialyte into the desired shape, it is often advisable to preserve it as a stand-alone stone, as that increases its rarity.

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Where is Eudialyte found?

Eudialyte has been around for quite some time. It might not have an exciting historical fact or a story related to a reigning king or civilization, but it bears a great deal of complexity for the way it is and how it has managed to be around for long, and for people to use it safely despite being a stone that has active radiation.

  • Eudialyte was first discovered in 1819 in Greenland. 
  • It was named by F. Stromeyer and the name was inspired by its soluble nature when it comes in contact with acid.
  • After it was discovered in Greenland, it wasn’t too long until it found its way across the world.
  • Eudialyte can be found in Russia, Canada, the US, and Madagascar.
  • Kola, in Russia, produces the most Eudialyte in the world currently.
  • Eudialyte is quite popular in Canada, Quebec. You can also find it resting at the National Museums of Canada, Ottawa – Ontario.

What’s the Meaning of Eudialyte?

Meaning of Eudialyte

The word ‘Eudialyte’ in Greek translates to ‘Easy’ and ‘Dissolve’. Eudialyte is an easily soluble stone that can dissolve in acid. Before addressing it as a gemstone, eudialyte is a mineral, as well as the name of the stone. There are different types of stones under the eudialyte mineral group.

Eudialyte targets areas that need a boost of encouragement, self-esteem, and courage to break old patterns and create new ones. It can be a guiding voice that helps you to reach the finish line or your desired destination.

Eudialyte Meaning in Ancient lore and History

Every stone has some part of history ingrained in them. It can date back as far back as the B.C. century, The Indus or Harappan Civilization, or the famous limestones of the Greek era. Stones and crystals have always been a crucial part of our history since the beginning of time.

  • Eudialyte was discovered and named in 1819, but it has been around since 1801.
  • Eudialyte was found in Greenland and named soon after, but according to the legend that’s not where it was first found.
  • Though it is not confirmed, according to eudialyte data, some other parts of the stone were found in the former soviet union. 
  • That prompted avid stone collectors to secure a piece of the rarest parts of the time stone from that time.

Crystal Properties of Eudialyte

Crystal properties of Eudialyte

Crystal properties of a stone determine whether the stone is compatible with you or not. It is an important factor that you should consider carefully, as it can influence your healing journey through its energy. As for Eudialyte –

  • Eudialyte is a complex mineral and due to its complexity, eudialyte’s energies are active and start working right away.
  • Eudialyte can help with reigniting your self-confidence and encourage you to grow as a person during difficult circumstances. 
  • Eudialyte has healing properties that can bring equilibrium to our emotional cycle. 

There is always so much to learn about stones and crystals, and their history.   They can transform us and our habits in life-altering ways. People who are keen to adapt to a disciplined lifestyle will find it helpful to introduce stones into their daily life.

Healing Properties of Eudialyte

Healing properties of Eudialyte

The healing properties of the stones can sneak up on us. Sometimes it can take us a long time to experience any active change, but the changes will show up immediately, and when you need them the most. It is necessary to do your homework when it comes to picking out a stone that is suitable for your emotional healing, physical healing, and healing overall. 

If you are someone who meditates and understands the importance of creating the right ambiance to tap into your inner world, then you will understand why this step is important.

  • Eudialyte inspires you to take charge in your emotions sector. It directs you to go forward confidently and take steps to better yourself.
  • Eudialyte guides the heart in the right direction, it is after all assigned to the heart chakra.
  • The self-doubt that was caused by past experiences will act as blockages and hurdles in the way of your self-growth, and eudialyte can help you remove them bit by bit.

Healing is a long and laborious journey. It makes you go through many ups and downs and experience challenges in ways you didn’t expect, but it all makes sense in the end and it shows in your growth.

Metaphysical Properties of Eudialyte

Metaphysical Properties are the key ingredient that helps all stones and crystals to be potent and helps them channel their energy. Metaphysical properties are one of the main reasons why there is ample evidence as to why stones and crystals can actively help us with different areas of our life.

  • When you are starting on a journey to heal yourself emotionally, eudialyte can help you channel and process those difficult emotions.
  • Eudialyte brings you one step closer each day to accessing your innermost insecurities and working on them actively.
  • Eudialyte is a water and earth element, making it incredibly powerful for emotions and emotional healing.

When we are emotionally overwhelmed, it becomes difficult to keep up with the demands and responsibilities of everyday life, and finding that clarity can often take us days, weeks, maybe even months, or years. There is no certainty regarding that clear headspace that we will do anything to find, but trying to connect with yourself can be a rewarding and liberating thing to do for yourself. Stones are just here to guide you on a path that you must be willing to walk on all by yourself.

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Benefits of Eudialyte

This bright red stone with hints of magenta and black has many benefits related to matters of the heart, as it is fondly known. It helps you to feel greater joy in life rather than clinging to the past. 

  • It brings you clarity and the confidence to feel good about yourself and achieve new things and create new experiences for yourself.
  • Eudialyte teaches you the importance of being honest to yourself and willingly choosing yourself over toxic situations and relationships. 
  • As the stone influences the heart chakra, it has a great ability to attract the right people into your life, people who are good for your emotional and mental well-being.

Every stone will have both good and bad qualities that will react differently with different individuals. It’s about finding the right stone that connects with you spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Eudialyte Benefits Spirituality 

Spirituality is not a necessity when it comes to using stones and crystals. It’s an optional asset to add to your routine with the stone that you have already established. You can use the stones and include them in your yogic practices and meditation sessions without worrying about your take on spirituality.

When we talk about spirituality and stones, we are often emphasizing the metaphysical aspect of it rather than religion. It’s more or less an extension of metaphysics playing its role in a more nuanced way.

  • Eudialyte is a stone that has water and earth elements as we mentioned earlier,  and that means it reacts more to lunar energy.
  • Lunar energy is often associated with femininity and grace, it is more emotionally inclined and can have phases just like the moon.
  • Eudialyte is immensely protective when it comes to taking care of the users’ emotions and physical well-being.
  • Eudialyte can guide you to signs that will make your journey a little bit easy.

Eudialyte and Feng Shui

Eudialyte and Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese practice/tradition. It is making a comeback with the new generation starting to get more involved in perfecting their spaces and surroundings according to their liking. Feng Shui was inspired by a poem that referred to balance between the human life and its environment. Feng Shui is a practice that is about arranging things in order and placing them with intention. Every object placed in different parts of that particular space serves a purpose.

  • Eudialyte itself doesn’t have any active role to play in the concept of feng shui, it’s the black tourmaline parts that play a vital role.
  • You can choose to carve eudialyte in a way that focuses on the black parts of the stone and form a grid pattern around the house, that way you will keep unwanted and negative energy at bay.
  • Black tourmaline can create a strong boundary of foundation if used correctly by using the feng shui pattern.
  • The important aspect part about this whole practice is to do things intentionally. 
  • You will have to make your intentions very clear about where you place the stone and why.

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Eudialyte and Birthstones

Birthstones can tell a lot about a person.  What they like, what they don’t like, what’s their lucky color, and what’s an unlucky day of the week for them. Though it doesn’t sound like something we can all keep up with at all times, it is still interesting to see how much it can know about us and what we can do with that information. A lot of people actively avoid certain days or dates because it is lucky for them to do anything good or auspicious on that day, especially in Indian culture.

  • Eudialyte is a water element, meaning it affects water signs the most.
  • Water signs include Virgo, Pisces, and Aquarius.
  • Eudialyte is connected to the heart chakra and is lovingly called ‘The stone of the heart’ and protects it during testing times for all signs.

Eudialyte and Chakras

Aligning our chakras is an age-old practice that picked up momentum after the west started showing interest in learning more about it. There are seven chakras and each one of them is very important to our overall well-being.  

Chakras have the energy to control or shake up our system. It can dictate how we feel, how we think, what we choose to do, and the way we do it. We can run into several problems when our chakras are not aligned and sometimes stones can help us with that by transferring their energies by becoming a part of our daily practices.

  • Eudialyte associates itself with the heart chakra and the root chakra. 
  • It can make help us to feel agitated and nervous and gain more confidence in our decision-making skills. 
  • Eudialyte serves a great purpose by strengthening our emotional foundation in return for making us mentally strong.

Chakras are not complex to understand once we dedicate ourselves to genuinely learning about them and understanding how stones react to them. Every stone will react have a different reaction to how you decide to incorporate it into your daily life or how you choose to do it, and whether it is the right one for you or not. 

What are the Uses of Eudialyte?

Uses of Eudialyte

Eudialytes can be used as decorative objects and as jewelry. A lot of people have their concerns before they purchase this stone and understandably so. 

Eudialyte has radiation waves, but to put it in perspective, 

  • 1 gram of Eudailyte is known to be safe. Still, it is important to remember that being around high amounts of radiation can be dangerous for health and overall well-being. 
  • 1kg worth of Eudialyte stone, a relatively bigger stone will expose you to almost 5000cts worth of radiation, 2.40 REM per hour. 
  • It is very important to make sure that you don’t have any underlying health conditions or heart issues before you start using the stone or keep it around the house, regardless of its healing properties.

How to Cleanse and Care for Eudialyte

As mentioned above, It is safer to use eudialyte in lower quantities and preferably not too often for long hours. Every stone needs to be tended to maintain and make sure they remain in good condition. 

  • It is advisable to store the stone away in an enclosed box or safe after using it.
  • Though it can be worn as a jewelry piece, it is advisable to remove them before showering or going to bed.
  • 5cts are considered a safe and wearable option for Eudialytes, but it is advisable to not use them too often as jewelry, considering that radiation emits radon gases. 
  • You can use a radon tracker/ radar to see if it’s safe to store it around the house or in a protective glass. 

When to Cleanse Eudialyte

The cleaning process is different for every stone and requires other methods to adapt to in order to make sure you don’t end up causing any damage to the colors or the sheen of the stone.  Some stones are not meant to be cleaned with water, and there are other stones that cannot tolerate heat for a longer duration of time. 

It depends on the stone and its chemical chart to understand what is the right approach.

  • Eudialyte is a soluble stone as the name suggests, and should be cleaned with a piece of cloth, mild dry detergent, and soft brushes.
  • It’s best to store it in a glass, away from too much heat. Since it is a stone with mild radiation, it’s best to avoid leaving it in the heat for too long.

It is always a good idea to take safety measures in order to be safe and make the most use of the stone.

How to Recharge Your Eudialyte?

Just like our technical devices, our stones need to be recharged as well. 

While you actively use a stone, you are taking energy from it each time and that can drain the energy from that particular and maybe even stop working altogether.  Everything that gives us energy, will need energy in return, so it is important that you charge your crystals. 

These are some ways you can recharge your Eudialyte stone.

  • Eudialyte can work well alongside stones like Rose Quartz and Lilac Lepidolite
  • Eudialyte can be cleaned with mild detergent, but cannot be left in the water for too long, despite being a water element. 
  • You can leave the stone under sunlight for a min or two, and allow it to release all the negative energy that it might have picked up.

Eudialyte Activation process

Every stone has a different activation process that can help them fire up again and be ready to use as well as new. There’s a way to activate stones that can work better for you after you cleanse them and recharge them. 

  • Eudialyte can be charged up and activated by using solar energy only for a couple of minutes. 
  • Eudialyte can be activated by using it with your zeal chakra (The back of your neck), It is an ancient practice, and not many use it, but it has been known to work.

How much is Eudialyte worth?

A stones worth depends on various factors that determine its value in the market and how much it goes for. The stones can go for a higher price, but they can be difficult to maintain. Delicate stones that are from faraway countries are often more expensive and require more care and attention to retain their original sheen and color for a long time. 

  • Eudialyte is a relatively precious stone when it comes to its position in the market, increasing its value over time.
  • Despite being an active radiation stone, it is often in demand for its complex layers and mystical healing powers among devoted stone collectors. 
  • Avid stone collectors try their best to get their hands on Eudialyte which was found in the soviet union era, making it increasingly valuable.

To maintain a stone’s value and longevity,  in case you wish to sell it at some point, it is important to maintain it as well as possible. Well-maintained stones that have been used before are actually quite popular as it shows that it works and there’s some form of guarantee in that.

What determines Eudialyte’s price and value?

Eudialyte is a stone that was first discovered in Greenland, but soon after that, there were rumors circling around claiming that it was discovered in the soviet union first. This fact is yet to be entirely proven, but there are eudialytes in Russia and they are very valuable.

  • Eudialytes’ price range is based on its shape and cuts.
  • The most common way eudialyte is cut is in spheres and cabochons.
  • Eudialytes are available as pendants, rings, necklaces
  • The price can start at $600 and go up to $900 and $1030 after getting it customized.
  • Just buying the stone can set you back and save you quite a bit of money. The small stones can cost up to $20 and go on up to $50 / $200

Eudialyte Impact

Eudialyte is an impactful stone in many ways. It works by aligning your self-confidence in order to boost your self-growth. It can work well for those seeking to find some strength in trusting their own instincts and intuition. It can be difficult to trust ourselves in moments of self-doubt, but it is necessary to start learning to do that at some point in our lives.

Does Eudialyte make a good jewelry stone?

Eudialytes are a great stone for jewelry and are often seen in the form of rings mostly. Rings allow the stone to be small in size and reduce the risk of radiation. 

It is advisable to use it only for a couple of hours and no longer than that, it’s important to remove the store and put it in a safe away from your bedside.  Eudialyte can be as good as a necklace too, but the same caution as the ring applies here as well. Regardless of how beautiful the stone is, it’s important to make sure that you take thoughtful precautions before you start using the stone.

Eudialyte Real vs Fake

Real vs Fake Eudialyte

All good things are replicated as dupes either to be easily accessible for all or to make money off of their rarity. It is an age-old selling practice by those who admit to selling dupes and be honest about it, and those who lie about their dishonest work and trick people into believing what they are selling is as good as the real stuff, making the buyer lose a lot of money. Researching before buying stones is always a good idea.

  • Eudialyte has been synthesized by mineralogists to learn more about the stone.
  • Synthesized Eudialyte is often sold in the market and described as much, but immoral sellers can get their hands on this version of the stone and sell them in markets for a higher price by claiming it’s real.
  • Real Eudialyte will have distinct layers that cannot be replicated on glass by an inexperienced seller who won’t know everything about the stone and its complexity. 
  • You will always be informed about its radiation content by a verified seller and given instructions to care for the stone, a fake stone will not have the same cautionary advice.

Summary of Eudialyte Stone

Name of Crystal Eudialyte
Precious No
Semi-Precious No
Other Names Almandine Spar,Saami Blood
Origin(s) Kola Peninsula, Russia / Quebec, Canada
Color(s) Blood Red, Deep Reds
Formation Eudialyte forms in alkaline igneous rocks and is easily soluble in acid and toxic water.
Majorly Found at Kola, Russia / Canada
Zodiac Suited for Eudialyte is not a zodiac stone, but it can be worn by Aries.
Chakra Heart Chakra
Crystal Meaning Courage – Self Love- Self Esteem.
Types of Crystal It’s a type of Garnet.
Healing Properties Brings self-awareness regarding the self, and encourages self-confidence by enriching intuition and gut feeling. It’s a great stone for those seeking clarity after a breakup or divorce and trying to find their footing again as an individuals.
Health Benefits It’s a good stone to keep around in spaces where you rest and relax and try to calm your heart. As a stone that aligns with your heart chakra, it’s very helpful when you’re trying to feel calm.
Uses It can be worn as beady bracelets and rings. It will work the same regardless of how it is worn.
Goes in Water? yes
Goes in Salt Water? no
Goes in Rain Water? no
Goes in Moon Water no
Moh’s Scale 5-6
Real In its original form, the stone looks rugged and unpolished. Most stone collectors will purchase it as it is and then carve it according to preference. Precut Eudilyte can’t be faked easily, considering how the stone has distinct colors.
Fake Fake Eudilyte can look and feel lighter and more polished up to make it seem real, but that’s not possible for a real Eudilyte stone.


What is Eudialyte used for?

It can be used as jewelry or as a decorative stone

What kind of stone is Eudialyte?

With hints of black tourmaline, it falls under the tourmaline category. 

Is Eudialyte a garnet?

It’s part of the tourmaline family.

Is Eudialyte a crystal?

Eudialyte is classified as a gemstone.

Where is Eudialyte from?


Where is Eudialyte mined?

Kola, Russia.

What makes Eudialyte radioactive?

Mild Radiation, below the danger levels.