Garnet Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Garnet is an incredibly popular and common gem in the market. It symbolizes richness and variety and is the collective name for a group of minerals. 

Garnet has been a prized gemstone all over the world owing to its durability and beautiful colors. This gemstone is traditional to January and has inspired numerous legends. Garnet is often associated with friendship, love, vitality, and light. Garnets are highly popular as jewelry stones and have been in use for the same since Victorian times. Garnet technically means grain and its deposits are made of tiny red crystals. 

If you want to know more about this glamorous crystal, keep reading below.  

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What is Garnet? 

What is Garnet

According to the Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, garnet is “a brittle and more or less transparent red silicate mineral that has a vitreous luster, occurs in many crystals but also in massive forms and grains, is found commonly in gneiss and mica schist, and is used as a semiprecious stone and as an abrasive”.  This stone belongs to the group of plentiful stones on this Earth. Not many stones have such a broad spectrum of luster and color along with the size and rarity of their varying gemstones. For example, the Uvarovite garnet which comes from the Urals is nearly a priceless gemstone because it is only formed in fairly large crystals. 

The official birthstone of January, Garnet is a stone that is also symbolic in the celebration of the second year of marriage. The word garnet comes from the Latin word “Garantus” which means “seedlike” and particularly refers to the fruit pomegranate. Pomegranate is a fruit that has small garnets that resemble bright red seeds and thus the reference is very viable. This stone has been popular throughout history and has even been found as beads in the necklace worn by a man in a grave which can be dated back to 3000 BC. Garnet’s durable nature and hardness can be proven by this fact alone. 

Garnet belongs to one of the most intricate class stones in the territory of gems. The best-known Garnet stones are Demantoid, Andradite-Grossular, Almandine, Transvaal Jade, Hessonite, Malaia Garnet, Umbalite, Chrome Pyrope, and many others. Garnet is an astonishing stone that is never mined or obtained in its original absolute state. This gemstone belongs to a very diverse mineral group which makes it contribute to a wide range of orange and red colors. Garnets have been around for more than 5000 years and have walked through the trials of time. These stones are commonly used in making jewelry and are often confused with that Ruby. 

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How to Identify a Garnet? 

Like any other gem, there are fake garnets that are circulated in the market. It is absolutely important to know whether your stone is the real deal or not. Here are some tips to find out whether your garnet stone is real or fake.  

Step 1:  Looking at the hue of the stone 

Garnets are stones that are dense and also have saturated hues. It is a very distinguishable characteristic of the stone and can be used to separate it from a fake stone. You can look at the richness of the color of your stone and decide. If the color is lighter, more vivid, or brighter, the stone is likely to be a fake one. 

Step 2: Looking for impurities in the stone 

Due to its varied types, the clarity of garnets also differs a lot. The red garnets are eye-clean to look at, but the Almandine garnet includes asbestos fibers and therefore gives out a star-like effect. The orange garnets, on the other hand, are known for having many inclusions. When you are searching for your garnet gem, keep these pointers in mind. If you see that the red variety has more inclusions or that the orange garnet has few, the stone in hand is fake. 

Step 3: Looking into its reflection 

How to identify a Garnet

The brilliance associated with the garnet stone is one of the reasons for its demand in the market. Follow the given final steps to identify your real garnet stone: 

  • Try holding the stone close to your eye. 
  • Then look through the stone at a light coming from a distant source. If the stone is a real deal, you can see the light reflected off the innermost walls of the stone.  
  • If you tip your stone now and look through it as before, the reflection will now be visible in the pattern of a rainbow.  

If you can see all these reflections in your stone successfully, then it is very much a real garnet gem. But if not, then it is an imitation. 

Where is Garnet Found

Garnets are available in plenty and all over the world. The different types of garnets are found in different locations. Almandite originates from Brazil, India, and the USA while Pyrope is found in Sri Lanka, South Africa, Madagascar, and China. Species like Spessartite are found in Tanzania, China, Kenya, and other locations; Grossularite comes from Zambia, South Africa, and Myanmar; Uvarovite is found in locations like Russia, Poland, and Finland, among other locations 

Garnet Meaning in Ancient Lore and History 

 Garnet Meanings in Ancient Lore and History

The pomegranate-like stone Garnet has a gleam that is dark red and carries the luster in such a way that it will instantly cause ripples in your very soul. This precious gem has been known for its rich and great connection to love and creativity. There are a thousand stories attached to this stone, starting from being the only source of light on Noah’s Ark. This marked the stone as a single note of hope that stays like an olive struggle during the great ends of a struggle.  

Not only in biblical texts but Garnet is also found in many other fables from all around the world. It is found in the lives of Ancient Greece, in the story of Persephone. Persephone is believed to hold the key to the place from where Garnet first came into being. The Goddess of Sunshine was tricked and captured by Hades and ate the gleaming pomegranate seeds that bound her to him forever. But, Persephone was the soul that needed sunlight and could not be kept away from the world forever.

Finally, she went into a deal with Hades, wherein she would spend half of the year on Earth and half in the Underworld. This is how the seasons came to be. Granatum, the Latin name for pomegranate reminds you of how these gems got their name. 

Garnet has become a stone that gives you courage and the power of positive thinking due to its connection with the tale of Persephone. It also acts as a talisman for travelers looking for ways to find their way in this world. This gleaming stone is also found in many corners of the world, including Madagascar, Sri Lanka, India, and many others. Garnet is a gemstone that has glowing sexuality attached to it and contains the elemental energies of light and fire. This connects the stone deeply with your root chakra, like any other red stone, and works on your solar and heart plexus.   

There has been mention of garnets throughout history. The Saxonian King is believed to have had over 465 carats and Plato had his portrait engraved on a garnet stone. Bohemia was once a tremendous source of garnet, which is now a part of Czechoslovakia. Even cutting, polishing, and mounting garnets used to be a rich industry in this country.

The magnificence of this stone in this culture can be felt through the churches, castles, and other castles which are decorated with garnet. Bohemian garnets are famous to this day and are known for their small but beautiful stones that resemble pomegranate seeds. Garnet jewelry can still be found in the Czech Republic, where the stones are arranged in a traditional, tightly joined structure. 

 The popularity of garnet stones during the 18th and 19th centuries was very high. They were used very frequently in jewelry during Victorian times. In older Spain, pomegranate used to be a favorite and so was garnet. In Spanish astrology, garnet was a representation of the sun. Garnet also used to be called “Carbuncle”, of the color and blister of the stone. Carbuncle might refer to all other red stones but it is specifically related to Garnet. 

Garnet Healing Properties 

Healing Properties

Garnet is one of the most genuine stones when it comes to therapeutic healing properties. If you are someone who needs healing of feelings and emotions and even your mind, body, emotions, and spirit- Garnet is the stone for you. 

Garnet Emotional and Mental Healing Properties 

Garnet emotional healing properties

Also known as the stone of dedication, Garnet is highly beneficial for fostering your emotions. If you are someone who is devoted to something or someone at that, with the help of this stone, you will be able to go through any hurdles in your way to achieve it. In short, everything will be possible with the assistance of this stone. The red luster of this stone bears an immense emotional boost that is effective in giving people the boost to develop self-confidence. Garnet also enables its bearer to have a better understanding of the people around them and understanding their reactions.  

Garnet is also a stone of commitment. It is a glorious gem for people who might be seeking a hand in help when it comes to relationships and how to deal with the small things associated with it. This stone is great for cleaning out negative energies as it flushes out toxins. This means cleaning not just your body but the whole aura around you. Garnet remains in close touch with your grounding chakras and keeps you steady and standing upright on your feet. It will hold you and keep you from slipping into self-doubt, jealousy, and any other malicious feelings that can get in the way of forging a long and healthy relationship with close ones. 

This red, pomegranate-like stone is highly uplifting, owing to its vibrant color. Its warm glow keeps supplying you with support and nurtures you with its deep healing properties. Garnet is an amazing talisman to keep with yourself for those times when you might feel the need of balancing yourself out. It keeps you from boarding into that emotional roller-coaster by raising your self-esteem and encouraging you to make healthy and positive choices that will help you positively look at life. 

Some people tend to lose themselves when placed in a moment of crisis, Garnet is very useful in this condition. It will talk you off the emotional and existential ledge. This stone kick-starts your survival instinct and ensures that no matter what, the brewing trouble is nothing against your equipment and readiness to face it. 

Garnet Physical Healing Properties 

Garnet is a stone that boosts sexual intimacy in the person who bears it. It enriches and activates the libido in its bearer. The red color of the stone lights the fire inside you and stirs your body. The vitality of this stone grants its bearer the stamina and endurance needed.  

The heat energy of the Garnet stone releases toxins from your body. The red luster of this stone represents the blood and ensures stable blood flow and pressure. It also keeps your heartbeat on a regular pace and your metabolism is also benefited from the therapeutic influence of Garnet. In terms of vitamins and minerals, Garnet is very rich. It helps your body acquire all the needed essential nutrients that your body needs. 

Garnet Metaphysical Properties 

 Metaphysical Properties of Garnet

The glow on the garnet stone has many spiritual qualities attached to it, one of them is the grounding force. Garnet stones connect your root chakra to a grounding force and keep you standing your ground. Your base chakra is one of the most important chakras in your body and it helps you feel safe and tethered rather than floating in a space of uncertainty. If you are safe, you are generally able to make choices with a clearer mind and decide based on your genuine well-being.

This stone also works great with the sacral chakra which is the base of all your creativity and sexual awareness. If you are looking to stir your chi and feel the free flow of light through your body, Garnet acts as an amazing stone of passion.  

Garnet Benefits 

Benefits of Garnet

Garnet is a crystal that has been prized since ancient times, not just for their sparkling look but also for the benefits attached to the stone. Below given are some of its uses and benefits: 

  • The main function of a garnet stone is that it purifies the energies inside your body and gets rid of toxins. In the process, it restores the vitalized state of your body along with its energy. 
  • If you are someone who wants to achieve or regain your balance in life, garnet is the stone for you. This stone is hugely beneficial in helping you harness your inner strength and get you back on your feet. 
  • The structure of the crystal of a garnet stone is made in such a way that it functions in cleaning your mind, body, and spirit. Garnet crystals also make sure that you are functioning at your fullest all the time. 
  • Green Garnet is one of the well-respected crystals in the spiritual community and crystal collectors. It brings you a sense of grounded pragmatism toward your ideas.  
  • This stone gives you a sense of inner balance and contentment, which grows your confidence and ideas about how to grow in life and what direction to take.  
  • Garnet also promotes the health of your organs along with good blood circulation. This stone overlooks your overall well-being and also nudges you to act on ideas that you might have inside you. 
  • Sometimes, there are things that you hold back from doing, things that can be good for you. Garnet brings them to the surface. These things can also be bad habits that might be affecting your physical health or even negative thoughts you might be harboring without realizing. Bringing them to the surface helps you deal with them and get rid of them for good. 
  • Even after the feelings come to the surface, it might not be easy to deal with them. Garnet will help you throughout the process and guide and support you. It will heal you from the negative thoughts and make these issues right no matter how hard they might have been.
  • Garnet is a stone that promotes self-empowerment and higher thinking. It will help in harnessing your inner creativity and aid you in all your pursuits.  
  • As also stated above, Garnet is the stone for unleashing your sexuality. It promotes lasting and strong relationships, and at the same moment, it fills your life with inspiration and passion. 
  • Charisma and Garnet go hand and hand. This stone will let your charisma do the talking and utilize it to help you achieve what you want. Garnet boosts your confidence and pushes you to move forward in life without any back turns of trepidation or fear.  
  • Garnet also acts as a great stone for meditation and also for attaining consciousness about the cosmos. It connects you to your spiritual guides and helps you tap into a higher level of spiritual energies in a much easier way. 
  • This red crystal can also make you come in terms of your talents and correctly make use of them. 
  • Garnet has been a stone of protection for ages. It keeps you safe from nightmares and any kind of terrors you may face at the night. It is also used for directing people on their journeys and protecting them throughout them. This is the reason that this stone has been used as a talisman that is powerful, brilliant, elegant, and also beautiful.  

Garnet Benefits Spirituality 

Garnet is favorable for spiritual people as much as any other red gemstone out there. The black kind of Garnet is very effective in filtering out negative energy from your soul. The red ones on the other hand act as energizers for the spirit. It gives its bearer the feeling of wonders that is associated with the Garnet stone’s spirituality, the majority of which brings benefits that are centered around the improvement in faith and belief in God. 

This red stone is also a great source to ward off evil spirits and bad energies around you. The brilliance of the red color glows like the sun and protects you from any hostile forces that might attempt to penetrate your soul. Garnet has been used as a universal spirit guide since ancient times. 

Garnet & Feng Shui 

Feng Shui

Garnet is the stone for travelers, the mark of a goddess, the hope stone in biblical stories and has also been used for healing throughout centuries. In today’s world, a Garnet remains a stone with gorgeous features that are used in jewelry and is an important amulet that is used in Feng Shui and healing through reiki healing. Following are the areas of Feng Shui for your Garnet stone. 

  • Office or Home 

If you bring a garnet stone into your house, it comes with a whole lot of benefits. If you are looking for ways to stir up your sex drive and get on the spicier end of things, keep this stone in your bedroom space. If you are someone who wants a boost in their creativity, then keep your Garnet stone in the working studio space or your office. This will work wonders in tapping into your intricate imaginative ideas and helping you work on them.  

In case your house is a disruptive space for you wherein there is constant chaos and drama, you can keep your garnet stone to bring back positivity and peace. This works best if you can keep the stone in a shared area. Due to its nature of being a talisman for travelers, this stone can be a great addition to your backpack if you are looking to go on an adventure. Bring a bringer of light and an illuminator, this stone, if close at hand, will protect and guide you in the right way.  

Garnet Birthstone

The ruby red hues of the garnet stone turn Leo, Aquarius, Aries, and Virgo towards it and act as a guiding light. Garnet is the traditional zodiac stone for Aries and brings strength to the soul along with the courage to the heart. Being a sun sign, Garnet stones bring radiant rays and gentle respite from exhaustion. If Aries needs a helping hand, garnet will stand as the glorious protector and bring respect to the table for the sign. 

Garnet is also a lovable sign for Leo. Known for their fiery energy, lion-like courageous hearts, and great strength, Leo’s are a strong sign. Garnet is a stone that works hand in hand with this fierceness and works great with Leo who wants to walk in fearless grace across places. 

Caring for Garnet 

Care about your Garnet

You will need to keep your Garnet stone cleansed and charged so that it will stay in its ripe condition and be ready with its healing powers whenever in need. If the bearer relies on the rippling energy of the red stone, regular cleansing will make sure that any negative energy is shaken off and the stone is refreshed and ready to help you in any time of any crisis that may come your way.  

Cleansing your garnet stone is very simple. A little soapy water will do wonders in helping this sunstone shine. But, you should make sure that the water is not too hot as your Garnet has its warmness. After putting it in the water, rinse and dry your stone completely. If you wish on increasing the potent power of your Garnet stone, you can keep it on top of a cluster of rock crystals that absorbs the bad vibes and infuse your crystal with an infinite flow of love. You can also place your crystal in sunlight for some short hours and let it wrap around its favorite element.  

How much is Garnet worth? 

Several factors are taken into consideration when measuring the value of a Garnet stone. 

  • The weight in carat: The price of the garnet stone depends on how much the stone weighs and not on how big it might look. 
  • The quality of the cut: The method and quality of the cut enhance the color of this gemstone. The facets should be lined up to ensure the brilliance of this gem. 
  • The color of the gem: The closeness of the gem to its spectral red and vibrancy will increase the price of the gem. 

Because of their availability in so many different colors, the price of garnet stones differs greatly. Ranging from $5oo per carat for the ones with inclusions to $7000 per carat for the cleaner and larger stones, the price variation is mind-blowing. The most valuable of them all is Demantoid which is priced for being at the top of the spectrum. 

Note: The prices of the stone may vary depending on the time this article was written and published and when it is being read. 

Does Garnet make a good Jewelry Stone?

If you wish to truly connect to the force of this red, glowing stone, the best way to do it is by bringing Garnet into your life in the form of jewelry. It can be a pendant, a bracelet, or even a ring. This is because healing stones are most powerful when they are placed directly against your skin and their vibration can flow freely throughout the body and form connections with your chakras. 

Summary of Garnet

Name of Crystal Garnet
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Other Names Pyrope, Almandine, Grossular, Andradite, Spessartine
Origin(s) Sri Lanka, India
Color(s) Dark Red, Green, Black, Honey Brown
Formation Metamorphosed (subjected to heat, pressure)
Majorly Found at Africa, Central and South America, India, Srilanka
Zodiac Suited for Aquarius
Chakra Root Chakra
Heart Chakra
Sacral Chakra
Crystal Meaning A bright red, fiery crystal of passion, is also called the stone of determination and vigor
Types of Crystal Pyrope, Almandine, Spessartine, Grossular, Andradite
Healing Properties Regenerates body, stimulates metabolism
Health Benefits Purifies heart, lungs, blood, regenerates DNA, boosts immune system
Uses Used as gemstones for jewelry, ornaments, as abrasives
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water Yes
Moh’s Scale 6.5 – 7.5
Real Hints of orange or other earthy tones other than red, heavyweight
Fake Made of glass, lightweight


Is Garnet a real gem? 

Yes, Garnet is very much a real gem. Garnets are a set of closely related minerals that form a group together and this leads to the diverse color spectrum of this gemstone.  

Is Garnet worth anything? 

The garnet stones vary in price, ranging from $500 to $7000 per carat. There are quite costly despite being found all over the world. The varied range of this gemstone leads to an increase in the worth of the stone along with its healing properties.  

What is Garnet used for? 

Garnets have been used widely since the Bronze Age for jewelry and ornaments. Due to its hard and resistant nature, this stone can also be used as skid-resistant paint and as fillers in concrete for protection against harsh environments.  

Where do you find Garnets? 

Garnets can be found all over the world. The Almandite type originates from USA, Brazil, and India while the Pyrope kind can be found in Sri Lanka, South Africa, China, and Madagascar.