Howlite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

The howlite gemstone stands out above other gems because it can be tinted in a wide range of colours to mimic the appearance of other semi-precious stones.

Howlite provides a huge amount of advantages despite being cheap. Additionally, it possesses a number of powerful characteristics that make it a favourite stone for jewellers to use in their exquisite creations. In this post, you will read about all the characteristics of Howlite.

what is howlite

What is Howlite?

Magnesite is another name for howlite stones. They arise from the crystallisation of calcium borosilicate hydroxyl minerals as nodules, masses, and occasionally as tiny prismatic crystals. The colour scheme of these gemstones is typically composed of chalky white hues with black veins flowing through them. They can also be brown, and some of them are even colourless.

This stone was first found in 1868 in the vicinity of Windsor, a town in Nova Scotia. A renowned Canadian geologist Henry How was informed of the presence of an unusual mineral at a mine near his workplace. After further investigation, he found that this stone was a brand-new mineral that’s never been identified.

How gave the mineral its original name, “silicoborocalcite,” based on his perception of its chemical composition at the time. The stone was eventually renamed in honour of the organization’s founder by renowned American volcanologist and archaeologist James Dwight Dana.

In addition to the place where howlite crystal was first discovered, Nova Scotia, the gemstone can also be discovered in the US, Turkey, Serbia, and Germany.

How to identify a Howlite?

Howlite has a sub-vitreous shine and the effect of white marble or porcelain. It has dark brown, black, or grey lines coursing through it and is opaque in colour and either white or grey. Howlite of gemstone quality can have veins of the darker matrix or it can be completely white and free of any matrix.

Howlite Cuts and Shapes

Howlite cuts and shapes

Howlite is cut into multiple shapes and sizes. However, the teardrop shape is the most popular among the others.

Where is Howlite Found?

The majority of howlite traded comes from California, where nodules weighing up to 100 pounds have been discovered.

Along with other carbonate and evaporite minerals, howlite is discovered in continental evaporite formations. Crystal faces on the nodules are unusual, and it occurs in nodules that resemble the heads of cauliflower. The nodules frequently have veins of black, web-like streaks intertwined throughout them, giving them individuality. Howlite slabs are frequently decorated with images and patterns that creatively incorporate these veins.

Howlite most frequently appears as irregular nodules, which can occasionally resemble cauliflower. Howlite crystals are uncommon; they have only been discovered in a few locations globally.

Howlite Stone Meaning

Howlite is a stone that promotes emotional healing. The root and crown chakras are immediately resonant with their vibrations. Given that the stone can create portals on opposing points of the body, this is a really unusual combination in and of itself. This white stone allows us to maintain constant communication with our higher selves while allowing our base chakras to properly connect to the earth and all of the energy it offers. The simultaneous occurrence of all these links is quite uncommon.

When you first feel the stone, you’ll feel a sense of tranquilly wash over you because of the powerful energy that travels between the body and the rock. As your strength starts to emerge, this will help lift any undue burden off your chest and may boost your confidence.

These stones serve as a reminder of the strength we each possess. We are encouraged by the howlite crystal to channel energy towards our own internal healing. The stone depicts the abilities that our spirits have to provide for the earth while also nourishing our celestial bodies.

Additionally, this stone has the power to increase our patience and awareness levels. Through its ability to absorb negative energy, this calming stone is also said to aid in lowering our levels of tension and rage.

Howlite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

The gemstone howlite is named after its discoverer, Nova Scotian geologist Henry How. Howlite is a widely available stone that is mostly found in California, where nodules weighing up to 100 pounds have been discovered. Since howlite is a relatively porous stone and readily absorbs colour, it is frequently tinted blue and sold as turquoise. In actuality, the stone’s propensity to resemble turquoise has given it greater notoriety than its actual natural nature. 

Howlite that has been coloured blue has been sold as turquoise with great success by dishonest sellers. But a terrific, reasonably priced alternative to the more costly turquoise is blue howlite. Howlite is a very delicate stone with a hardness grade of only 3.5, although it has noticeable toughness. Since the stone polishes up beautifully, it is frequently used as an ornamental stone for carvings, pendants, polished stones, and cabochons.

Howlite Crystal properties

Howlite Crystal properties

Howlite improves memory and fosters a thirst for information. It cultivates patience and lessens rage, suffering, and stress. Howlite is a relaxing stone that stimulates emotional expression, and mindfulness, and relaxes dialogue. Calcium levels are balanced in the body by howlite. 

Additionally, howlite helps your digestive system, especially the stomach and upper intestine. Additionally, it helps to increase the blood’s oxygenation level. Additionally, this stone is believed to improve your overall circulatory system and clear congested airways.

Its powers are also known to affect thyroid conditions and aid in treating autoimmune and degenerative disorders. Howlite stimulates your heart and fertility while being utilised in cryotherapy procedures.

Howlite Healing Properties

Healing Properties of Howlite

Howlite is like a lengthy, refreshing drink on a hot day for folks who have a tendency to be fast to rage and rush in with a flaming head. It is a stone that serves as a reminder to pause and think things through thoroughly before acting. This stone is a superb stress and tension reliever, making it a wonderful tool to have on hand when things start to seem tense.

The stone assists you to communicate in a way that doesn’t add gasoline to a smouldering fire and to face the world with compassion and acceptance. Howlite provides you with the power to deal with anger in a manner that is far from provocative while yet making sure your own limits and best interests are fulfilled, even if you are not an angry individual but frequently find yourself having to calm a fiery soul.

This gemstone can aid in the release of anger, frustration, fear, and discomfort. It makes you more confident and content with the way things are going in your romantic life. Additionally, this gemstone has a relaxing impact on strong emotions. If you and your loved one don’t always agree, this is helpful.

White howlite has a wide range of therapeutic benefits that can calm the mind, body, and spirit. This soothing stone is constantly available to help us control our tempers, slow down our heartbeats, and lead with wisdom. It gently vibrates, which promotes flow and connection, increases self-awareness, and clears any haze.

Howlite Metaphysical Properties

Howlite is a skilled eliminator of negative energy, keeping you connected to higher dimensions and moving toward your destiny. We can all so easily lose ourselves in the complex webs of the world and focus all of our attention on the little things. However, Howlite is here to work with the crown chakra and to serve as a gentle reminder not to wade through the muck when we may be jumping towards wisdom and peace.

It is a stone that is hungry for knowledge on all fronts, but it is especially hungry for spiritual understanding. Howlite also has a connection to the third eye chakra, which houses our limitless inner knowledge and keen intuitive abilities. Howlite can also help to focus such details for those who are eager to investigate the possibilities of past incarnations.

Despite the fact that howlite is a very emotive stone, it doesn’t skimp on general health and well-being. Howlite can assist in balancing calcium balance in the bloodstream in a physical sense because of its bone-white hue. Howlite can help you strengthen your skeleton, develop thick, lustrous hair, and reveal your beautiful white teeth. Howlite can also alert the body that it requires more water to thrive in addition to promoting radiant wellness. 

Howlite Benefits

Howlite is here to provide a moment of peace and quiet for contemplation if you frequently feel as though your head is awash in a steady stream of noise. It can be difficult to find sleep and respite when your mind is as mobile as a million monkeys swinging their branches. With Howlite on your side, you can help those choppy waves calm down and become a smooth flow. Particularly Blue Howlite is a fantastic tool for relaxing a hyperactive mind and controlling emotional outbursts.

Additionally, howlite might shield you from self-doubt. This stone can assist you in letting go of a relationship if you were being overly controlling. Additionally, it improves your ability to communicate emotionally and rationally. Without it, you’ll frequently misunderstand your family members, and animosity will quickly build.

More significantly, this crystal ought to promote inner serenity while also bolstering your devotion to your lover and relationship.

Additionally, howlite has the power to completely assist you in recovering from and coping with sorrow, trauma, anxiety, sadness, mourning, and PTSD. This gemstone can aid in absorbing stress, tension, and other strong emotions. It ensures a calm and relaxed demeanour while calming turbulent emotions, particularly those that have past life causes.

Howlite Benefits Spirituality

Howlite is a very emotional gemstone, but it also does a lot to promote physical well-being. The bone-coloured stone can assist in maintaining the body’s uric acid levels in terms of physical wellness. You may start strengthening your teeth and skeleton with this stone, and you can also start growing long, thick hair with it. The stone also aids in indicating the water element, so it can alert your body when it’s time to take a lengthy bubble bath, drink extra water, or drink some herbal tea.

Getting enough sleep is essential for maintaining good mental and emotional health. The howlite gemstone can also be quite beneficial for calming your mind and turning off the incessant barrage of noise that comes with daily life. It can bring you a state of peace and quiet contemplation, effectively preparing you to unwind and ensuring that you obtain several hours of comfortable sleep.

Howlite & Feng Shui

It is simple to create auspicious feng shui with howlite gemstones. You can utilise them in feng shui style to draw luck and fortune if you put them with care and intention.

Howlite Birthstone

It should not be surprising that Howlite enjoys hanging out with Gemini given its pale complexion, flowing energy, and capacity to control all types of emotions. Howlite and the Gemini zodiac sign complement each other perfectly and are like two peas in a pod. The one thing you should know about Geminis is that they are a complete universe of emotions.  Howlite is super relaxed, flighty, and joyful on the one hand, and then delicate and severe on the other.

Howlite Chakras

Howlite possesses vibrations that immediately resonate with one’s root and crown chakras, making it a gemstone of healing and recovery. Howlite opening gateways of access on opposing points of the etheric body makes this a special combination.

What are the Uses of Howlite?

What are the Uses of Howlite?

The howlite gemstone can be used in 2 ways.

  • These gemstones should be used in conjunction with your other meditation items to bring recovery and peace into your life.
  • As an alternative, gemstones can be a component of a piece of jewellery that you wear every day, such as a necklace or bracelet. This will support your efforts to live a peaceful, conscientious life and to find inner peace.
  • Making informed decisions for your recovery and avoiding a return to negative thinking depends on this. Howlite is also regarded as an emotional talisman that will encourage you to overcome your previous hurt and face life’s obstacles head-on.

Meditation with Howlite

Grasp it in the middle with your fists clenched. Believe that you are the gemstone and that your body and the stone have both been cleansed of any negative energy.

You could also use the smoke from white sage or incense to purify and replenish your howlite stone. Aromatherapy is also another fantastic technique for purging the negative energy from your crystal.

Caring for Howlite

To ensure that your howlite stone is ready to be utilised when you need it most, it is crucial to keep it recharged and cleansed at all times. Gemstones are excellent at soaking up any negative energies so you can better channel positive energy.

As a result, the energy they help remove can easily cloud them, which is why clearing them is so crucial. Cleaning these stones is as simple as running them under clean water. On a chilly, clear night, you can recharge your crystal under the light of the moon. It will immediately become more energetic as a result of this.

When to Cleanse Howlite

To ensure that your Howlite stone is constantly prepared for use, it is crucial to maintain it cleansed and charged. It helps if gemstones are cleaned frequently so they have an opportunity to put away all that negative energy and create room. Gemstones are great tools for soaking up bad energy and channelling well. Howlite is simply cleaned by allowing it to drain under running water or even by putting it in a dish of brown rice. Leaving a howlite in a ray of pearly whites on a chilly, clear night may rapidly boost its energy and make it zing. Howlite also enjoys being charged by moonlight.

How to Recharge Your Howlite

You can recharge your Howlite with the following methods:

  • Sunlight and moonlight charging
  • Water cleansing
  • Earth generating chargeability

Howlite Activation process

With your hands clasped together, hold it in the centre. Imagine that you are the stone and that all the negative energy has left both the crystal and your body.

To cleanse and recharge your howlite stone, you can also use the smoke from incense or white sage. Another excellent method for removing the bad energies from your crystal is aromatherapy.

How much is Howlite worth?

At the time of writing the cost of a Howlite is $50-$100.

What determines Howlite’s price and value?

The price and value are determined by its properties:

  • Colour
  • Hardness
  • Fracture
  • Refractive Index 
  • Birefringence 

Howlite Impact

For people seeking to spread more serenity and less chaos in their lives, howlite is a stunningly useful stone. Howlite enables you to stay connected to your inner wisdom because of its dazzling pastel colours, sweet calming quality, and strong connection to both the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. Above everything, Howlite just wants you to be kind to yourself. Life can be difficult, and we all have a tendency to let our emotions rule us before we have an opportunity to take a deep breath. 

Does Howlite Make a good jewellery stone?

Howlite as a Jewelry Stone

Yes, this stone makes a good jewellery stone. Howlite is frequently cut into beads or cabochons and used to create common types of jewellery. Howlite bead necklaces and bracelets are popular accessories for a bohemian style.

Howlite is suitable for high-end fashion jewellery as well, though, when it is well made and combined with premium materials. Due to its softness, howlite is rarely utilised to make rings, especially engagement rings. The best jewellery for it is non-daily wear jewellery.

Howlite pairs incredibly well with all types of metals and other gemstones due to its white milky tint and the numerous dyes it can be painted with. Silver and gold are two fantastic choices.

Howlite is extremely affordable, which is great if you don’t think that the cost of a piece of jewellery is a good indicator of its quality. Howlite can be a great and affordable option for many other metals if you’re seeking a beautiful and unique gemstone for your jewellery.

Howlite Real vs Fake

Looking at the patterns on the gemstone is one of the simplest ways to determine whether your howlite crystal is fake. The patterns will be dug into a real howlite stone rather than painted or sketched on. It’s a fake if the patterns appear on top of the gemstone rather than within it. 


Howlite possesses a remarkable range of mental and physical qualities. It is a stone that is quite relaxing. It instils patience in the wearer and aids in the release of hatred and wrath. The gemstone is utilised as a sleep aid because it induces a feeling of calmness. When placed beneath the pillow, it enables the wearer to have a good night’s sleep and curbs his racing thoughts, which prevent him from falling asleep. The gemstone is also used for meditation by persons who struggle to calm their minds.


What is Howlite good for?

Howlite helps you restore your emotional body while also bringing your inner power to the frontline during these trying moments. Your energy can be grounded by its calming frequency in stressful situations, enabling your mind to keep a strong feeling of clarity.

What does Howlite symbolize?

Howlite is a gemstone that connects you to a more conscious way of life. It is a gemstone of patience and perspective for people who feel the need to slow it down, assimilate, and clear the continual stream of clutter from the mind.

Is Howlite a real gemstone?

Yes, Howlite is a real gemstone.

Where should you put Howlite in your home?

They will be able to cover the entire house with their shielding energy if they are placed at the top of the house.

What crystals should not be in your bedroom?

It is not advisable to keep overstimulating crystals in the bedroom.

Is Howlite good for sleep?

Yes, Howlite can be used to create a gemstone grid around your bed or to put under your pillow if you experience insomnia brought on by racing thoughts before night.