Mahaleo Ruby Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses 

Rubies have long been associated with power, riches and royalty since time immemorial, and Mahaleo Rube is no exception. It was widely believed in ancient history that rubies possessed a protective ability. People had a strong belief that wearing rubies will safeguard their possessions as well as their own health and well-being. Let’s get our hands on this special kind of fissure-filled Mahaleo Ruby.

What is Mahaleo Ruby?

What is Mahaleo Ruby

A Mahaleo ruby is an original ruby that is deep red. However, it is one that is rife with fissures. This implies that lead glass is used to fill any fractures. A Mahaleo ruby has so many flaws before the treatment that they may cause it to seem thick or even opaque. And rather than being red, it will be more brown in tone. The ruby is strengthened with the use of lead glass. It sharpens it and makes the colour richer. This makes it more resemblant to a pure ruby red. Ruby has a hardness scale of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

A Mahaleo ruby is so broken before filling that cutting it would result in a break. After filling with lead glass, it may be polished and cut like a gemstone to get a nearly perfect appearance. The quality of a Mahaleo ruby is inferior to a regular ruby even after filling.

A Mahaleo ruby is nearly worthless before treatment. It lacks the colour and clarity necessary to qualify as a valuable gem. Its market worth is a result of the manufacture. A Mahaleo ruby has so much glass that removing it would probably cause it to shatter. Mahaleo ruby is not, in general, a natural product. It is currently categorised as a manufactured gem.

Along with diamond, sapphire, and emerald, ruby is one of the four precious stones. The most costly rubies are thought to be blood red.

Mahaleo Ruby Stone Meaning

The deep red appearance of Mahaleo Ruby seems to be energising, enticing, and powerful. Since the beginning of time, ruby has been cherished. The ancient Hindus called Rube to be the King of Gems. In fact, Ratnaraj, which means “the King of Gems” in Sanskrit, is the term for ruby. Ruby is regarded as the gemstone of ardour and of lovers; it is the classic representation of the color red.

The Latin word “ruber,” which means red, is thought to be the origin of the English term “ruby.” Even some tribes have a myth about where the stone came from. They believed that rubies grew on trees, first as white blossoms and later as mature red rubies that were ready for harvest. Rubies are also mentioned in the Bible hence proving that one of the earliest civilisation must have used this amazing gemstone.

Mahaleo Ruby Healing Properties

The earliest traditions explicitly say that Rubies were thought to be useful for cleansing blood, preventing starvation, and serving as a precaution against the plague. Toxins are thought to be removed from the blood and from the organism as a whole by the ruby gemstone.

The Mahaleo Ruby is no different. It aids in blood detoxification and relieves low-grade fevers as well as a number of infectious diseases. It is said to be a gem that is extremely beneficial for the heart and circulatory system because it improves blood flow. Consequently, the spleen, reproductive organs, adrenal glands, and kidneys will be in better shape.

Rubies are regarded as one of the most helpful jewels for overcoming fatigue and lethargy and replacing them with energy and power.

Mahaleo Ruby Metaphysical Properties

Mahaleo Ruby Metaphysical Properties

It is thought that rubies encourage adoration, and nurture health, wisdom, and riches. It has been linked to increased vitality, focus, creativity, loyalty, honour, and compassion. Ruby is seen as the guardian of the house, belongings, and loved ones.

In addition to all of this, it is stated that ruby aligns with the heart chakra and promotes spiritual insight while providing protection against psychic assaults. Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July.

The therapeutic powers of this fiery red precious stone are widely recognised. Ruby stones range in hue from pale pink to a deep, blazing red, and they are also said to recharge energy levels.

Mahaleo Ruby Benefits

Ruby is one of the most effective gemstones for protecting against negative energy and psychic attacks, and most importantly for keeping the heart healthy and youthful.

In order to avoid possessive, egotistical, and furious thoughts, one must handle ruby carefully since it might evoke a powerful sense, which refers to inner strength. It aids in preventing animosity, especially when taking care of others.

Mahaleo Ruby is governed by the mars planet and is used during rituals to augment the available internal forces. As a result, wearing it makes one feel less worn out.

What are the Uses of Mahaleo Ruby?

What are the Uses of Mahaleo Ruby

Like all other rubies, the foremost use of Mahaleo Ruby is in pieces of jewelry. It is recognised for fostering creativity and promoting a positive view of life. It aids in managing rage and purges the atmosphere of negativity. The stone is referred to as the stone of nobility. 

Additionally, rubies are said to arouse sexual vigour. It is a useful crystal for clearing blocked energy and supports reproductive system healing.

This gorgeous red gemstone is thought to offer protection against psychic and negative energy if one is travelling alone at night. Along with improving your general health, it aids in reviving the body, increasing sexual vigour, and is believed to draw happiness and joy.

Mahaleo Ruby Real vs Fake

Mahaleo Ruby Real vs Fake

Not all rubies are real rubies. Even though the majority of stones are plainly identified, many are still sold as natural when they are actually lab-grown. Mahaleo Ruby serves as a comparable illustration. A Mahaleo ruby is nearly worthless before treatment.

There are a few important characteristics of Rubies to keep in mind in order to recognise a genuine one. Rubies contain a certain type of inclusion. Lab-grown rubies have been created to be as immaculate as exquisite as they possibly can be. A perfect ruby being offered for sale at an abnormally cheap price is the biggest giveaway in this situation. A specialist can assist in determining whether or not your ruby is perfect.

Summing Up!

A ruby may give the wearer the impression that all restrictions have been lifted. A  flow of happiness, fearlessness, and independence combined with life’s spiritual achievements. Mahaleo Ruby will ignite fresh energy in your life. The stone will also aid you in developing your leadership skills. Mahaleo ruby is the ideal stone to choose if you’re seeking for a way to revitalise yourself.