Malachite Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Malachite is esteemed to be the “stone of change” since it helps uncover and cure emotional sorrow by absorbing the pain into itself. It is the epitome of joy and the stone of empowerment, delivering comfort through times of transition and providing the understanding required for personal development. In essence, Malachite’s significance as a gem is undeniable!

Let’s take a deep dive into its magnificent characteristics and usefulness along with a host of other properties.

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What is Malachite Crystal?

Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral that is- green in color. It is a monolithic crystal structure with a silky sheen, that was formed by the weathering of copper ore bodies. It has a chemical formula of Cu2(CO3)(OH)2 and is used to produce copper metal.

Malachite has remarkable light and dark green marbling that is identifiable in its lush, swirling patterns. This stone’s stunning beauty has come to symbolize sensuality and beauty.

It is mostly opaque in transparency and its structure is patterned at times. Because it is generally discovered in tiny amounts and may be sold for greater prices for other purposes, it is of minimal value as a copper ore today. It is now most commonly utilized as cabochons or beads in pieces of jewelry, which we will discuss in detail later in this article.

Malachite is a dark green stone with pale green stripes. The hardness ranges from 3.5 to 4.0, while the specific gravity ranges from 3.6 to 4.0. In its finest form, the mineral comprises 57.48 percent copper.

What is Malachite

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How to Identify a Malachite?

Two tests may be used to identify a malachite gemstone: 

  • The Streak Test: During the streak test, the pale green color attests to its genuine identity.
  • The Acid Test: The acid test, in which the crystal effervesces in heated acids, is another method of confirmation.

How to Identify a Malachite

The unique, concentric rings of malachite make it easy to recognize. If you have a little piece of malachite on which you can’t see the banding, or cannot verify whether it’s fake or real; in that case, you’ll need knowledgeable gemstone collectors to identify it.

What are the Malachite Cuts and Shape?

The cut and shape of the gemstone affect the value of malachite as well. Malachite can be carved into tiny beads, sometimes faceted, sometimes not, for use in necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. Also, it may be divided into parts for brooches, tie pins, rings, or pendants. Moreover, the same fact applies here that how well the stripes or peacock’s eyes are displayed directly affects the value of the cut.

Malachite has limited clarity in its natural state, but when it has been cut or polished, it may have a beautiful smooth shiny, and sleek. Malachite may be treated with wax or resin to boost its hardness. Depending on your preference, you can find either treated or untreated. 

Understanding that malachite is fairly soft in its natural state can help you determine whether treating a piece with resin or wax will raise its value because it will be less likely to sustain scratches or other damage.

Malachite Cuts and Shapes

It is much preferable to buy gemstones by their size rather than their carat weight if you want to buy Malachite jewelry since certain stones may be larger or smaller than diamonds depending on their weight.

Where is Malachite Found?

Malachite is generally found in the Congo, Gabon, Zambia, Namibia, Mexico, and Australia, among other places. The Urals area of Russia has the biggest deposit of this mine. 

Malachite was first discovered in Egyptian mines, but the traveler’s stone has been discovered all over the world, from Russia to Australia. It may also be found in some of the world’s most lush, earthy, and spiritual locations, such as the Amazon Jungle and the Congo’s near-vertical slopes. 

Where is Malachite Found

What is the Meaning of Malachite?

Malachite gets its name from either the Greek word ‘malhe,’ which means grass, because of its green hue or the Greek word ‘malakos,‘ which means soft since the stone is somewhat brittle and easy to cut.

This stone has captivated the imagination of various civilizations for centuries and has been symbolized as spring grass blowing in the breeze. Its concentric, eye-like rings of green mirror the eye of a peacock feather and its aesthetic beauty.

What is the meaning of Malachite

Malachite also represents gladness and is regarded as the “stone of change” because it absorbs emotional anguish and helps to uncover and cure it. It is especially beneficial in delivering comfort through times of transition and providing the necessary knowledge for personal development.

What is the Meaning of Malachite in Ancient Lore and History?

It’s a stone whose name comes from the Greek word “malakos”, which means “soft.” While Malachite is a stone of power, it is also heart-opening, which may explain how the Greeks gave this stone its benign name.

The Egyptians, like the Greeks, were enamored with this whirling green stone, and as early as 4000 BC, they would routinely take the earth’s green jewel from the Suez mines. Malachite is one of the oldest known stones, having been utilized for healing and transformation for thousands of years. 

Meaning of Malachite in Ancient Lore and History

Malachite was widely used to line the interior of Pharaohs’ headdresses since they believed it would help them rule wisely. It was also powdered and used as a dazzling eye shadow. This green ornament was said to encourage clear eyesight and understanding in addition to being aesthetic.

From breaking it down to pigment for Cleopatra-inspired eye makeup to decorating their wrists and necks with sparkling stones, the Egyptians discovered a thousand uses for Malachite.

Malachite was also used as a pigment for paints and dyes in European art throughout the Renaissance period in the 15th and 16th centuries. Many of the green colors of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel painting are thought to have been produced with malachite-based oil paints.

Malachite had not faded away or lost its enchantment as time passed into the Middle Ages. Healers used it to relieve stomach aches and defend against curses and evil spirits. Malachite is being utilized in this defensive capacity even today.

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What are the Properties of Malachite?

The most noticeable characteristic of malachite crystals is their green hue. Malachite is a highly well-liked gemstone because of its vibrant green hue, dazzling polished shine, banding, eyes, and beautiful distinctive rings.

All specimens of the mineral are green, and their colors range from a pastel shade of green to one that is vivid and nearly black. Malachite has a high specific gravity that ranges from 3.6 to 4.0 since it is a copper mineral. It is a soft mineral with a Mohs hardness range of 3.5 to 4.0.

What are the Healing Properties of Malachite?

The Divine Aura of Malachite works on your physical, mental, emotional, energetic, psychological, and spiritual levels while assisting you in clearing obstacles from your path that are in your best interests.

  • Encourages quick healing

Malachite is a known crystal for emotional healing and well-being and was formerly a favorite stone of alchemists and healers. It has shown its value over millennia as a means of transferring wisdom to the body. 

It is a stone with a reputation for lowering blood pressure, and its relaxing aspect undoubtedly aids in this. Malachite also promotes speedy healing for fractures, ripped muscles, and joint issues by interacting harmoniously with the bones.

  • Helps with menstrual cramps

Malachite is a stone that helps with menstruation cramps and makes the body flow more harmoniously when it comes to labor pains because of its potent feminine energy. It was also believed to be beneficial for pregnant women due to its feminine power.

  • Helps to lessen fear and anxieties

Malachite is a wonderful stone for reducing worries because it helps the body deal with physical symptoms like sweating and a racing heart that can come along with phobias and resistance to change. This is possibly how malachite came to have a reputation as a talisman for travelers, especially those who are afraid of flying or experience motion sickness.

  • Mental and Emotional Healing

The malachite stone cleanses the body of negative emotions and energies. This is where malachite increases its potency when it comes to emotional healing. Malachite is all about cleaning away undesirable energy, draining out poisonous emotions, and making sure that those bad vibes always stay 6 feet away.

  • Gifts inner strength and confidence 

It’s a stone that alerts you when something isn’t quite right, giving you the inner strength and assurance you need to know that no matter what, this stone will teach you how to protect yourself without being overly paranoid.

  • Helps you embrace change

Malachite is all about enabling you to accept change when it’s not busy clearing the way for bad energy. The “Stone of Transformation” is another name for it. Malachite provides you with a daily boost of bravery, encourages you to push beyond your comfort zone, and serves as a wise reminder that to advance in life, you might need to let go of certain things.

It accomplishes this without sacrificing empathy or maintaining equilibrium, but manages to keep you grounded, composed, and capable of handling emotional decisions with grace and ease.

What are the Metaphysical Properties of Malachite?

Malachite, a stone of empowerment, harmonizes the Heart and Throat Chakras. By absorbing the emotional suffering into itself, this transformational stone aids in exposing and healing emotional pain. It helps deliver comfort during times of transition and provides the understanding necessary for personal development.

Metaphysical Properties of Malachite

  • Opens the Heart Chakra

Malachite is primarily a heart chakra stone, like many bright and dark green stones. When our heart chakras are blocked, we find it difficult to express the full range of our love and warmth, ultimately unable to invite others to experience the exquisite beauty of our souls. Malachite immediately gets to work on the heart chakra, clearing negativities, and clearing our soul to the free flow of beauty.

  • Works with the Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakras

Malachite works on all the chakras, boosting your Solar Plexus Chakra so you may feel grounded and full of energy. It doesn’t just stop at the heart, though. It activates our Third Eye Chakra, which houses your innermost intuition and limitless wisdom. Magic can appear and psychic visions even can enter when our Third Eye is clear to open, which indicates that we are ascending spiritually.

What are the Benefits of Malachite? 

Malachite’s significance as a gem is undeniable. The lines, circles, and patterns’ motion, flow, and energy are incredibly calming and spiritually enticing. Malachite has innumerable benefits, from mental and spiritual healing to physical manifestation. You can know more about Malachite benefits here. 

  • Benefits of Malachite for Healing from the inside out

By pulling out impurities and energizing the life force throughout the aura and body, the healing properties of this opaque gemstone work on both the physical and emotional levels. Physical, emotional, and spiritual equilibrium can be aided by malachite and its therapeutic abilities.

  • Health Benefits of Malachite

Malachite has many benefits, including offering security, reducing negativity, and directly boosting physical aspects of general health, such as your immune system, respiratory system, liver, and energy levels.

  • Feminine Benefits of Malachite

Malachite crystal healing abilities include controlling the menstrual cycle and cramps, alleviating labor pain, dealing with sadness and anxiety, and pulling out the bad energies from the body. It is frequently used in treatments, energy healing, and Chakra balancing. In addition to health Malachite surprisingly also has beauty benefits.

  • Malachite Cures ailments and health-related problems

Parkinson’s disease, malaria, and cold sweats are all reduced. In addition, it aids in the treatment of rheumatic pain, digestive issues, and asthma. For individuals who immediately forget people’s names after hearing them, malachite crystal helps to improve memory.

The green tint of Malachite gemstone reveals potent energy rays that provide the user with a calming feeling. 

It is known to alleviate epilepsy, motion sickness, and vertigo, and reduce blood pressure. Broken bones, inflamed joints, tumors, torn muscles, and fractures all benefit from malachite crystal therapy. It boosts the wearer’s immune system and encourages the liver to discharge toxins.

  • Malachite Benefits Spirituality

Malachite helps to manifest higher energies for seekers who are highly evolved and committed to humanitarian causes. It serves as a purger and a mirror to the subconscious for people going through a purification process, reflecting into the conscious mind what needs to be cleansed.

Due to its density and lack of transparency, this stone absorbs energy rather than expelling it. To pull out bad energy and bring to the surface the sources of sickness or suffering, use malachite stones over the affected regions. It’s crucial to clean the stones after such use because of their absorbent qualities.

Malachite promotes dreams and powerfully revives memories. For individuals who are awaiting a reality change, malachite may be a potent ally. It serves as a reminder that we are here to co-create with the universe and aids in determining the actions required to make wishes, visions, and dreams come true.

Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, malachite has been included in amulets. Malachite amulets were believed to offer protection from the evil eye. Children wore malachite for protection against witchcraft and black magic for a very long time, throughout the Middle Ages. Malachite was believed to have the ability to warn of danger,  if danger was nearby, the gemstone would break into pieces.

Malachite gemstones still have comparable therapeutic properties today. Even if it isn’t thought that the stone will shatter in the case of a threat, it is still thought to have defensive properties. It is also thought to provide health advantages, including lowering swelling joints, easing menstruation, promoting restful sleep, enhancing circulation and the immune system, and detoxifying the liver.

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Malachite and Feng Shui

The Living Essence of Malachite helps you erase impediments from your path that are in your best interests while also working on your physical, mental, emotional, energy, psychological, and spiritual levels. 

Malachite, often known as the “Stone of Change,” is a superb gemstone for resolving the underlying causes and offering the chance to develop a fresh perspective to materialize from a position of empowerment.

Malachite is the stone of development, growth, beginnings, sustenance, and health. It increases vigor, gives plenty, and keeps us physically expanding. 

Since green gemstones manifest earthy energy, they may be utilized to improve any area used for dining, a child’s room, or a location in your house where you are starting a new project. The east and southeast corners of a house or room are usually where wood energy is found. It’s crucial to pick the right or suggested crystal for oneself while utilizing crystals for personal healing or Feng Shui.

What is the Malachite Birthstone?

For people born in the middle of spring, between April 20 and May 20, under the sign of Taurus, Malachite is the natural birthstone for them!

Taureans have a reputation for being “down to Earth,” action-oriented, and realistic. They are devoted, notorious for their tempers, and obstinate. Green gems promote rebirth, prosperity in new endeavors, and excellent health. 

Malachite, a stone of fertility, to varied degrees enhances the creative capacity of all the signs. The earthy affection that Taurus has for the natural world is strengthened by wearing malachite, the animal side of Scorpio is transformed into a useful creative force, and the inventiveness that Cancer unleashes is amazing for musicians, painters, and artists.

Malachite Chakras

Malachite is devoted to the Heart Chakra and emits pure green energy radiations. Near the middle of the breastbone is where the heart chakra is situated. It determines how we connect with the outside world and decides what we accept and what we reject.

Malachite is also beneficial for clearing and energizing Third Eye chakras. It promotes psychic perception and imagery when placed on the Third Eye. When applied to the Solar Plexus, it helps people release bad emotions and past traumas while promoting profound emotional healing.

You could experience control or control in a relationship when the Heart Chakra is out of harmony. Clearing blockages and rebalancing the Heart Chakra with the aid of green crystal energy allows us to properly grasp our own needs and feelings.

What are the Uses of Malachite?

The stone is a healer of broken bones and blood pressure and helps you escape previous traumas and habits while also motivating you to venture beyond your comfort zone. 

Malachite since the ancient years has been used as a pigment. It was one of the first green pigments known to have been employed in the art. Because it is easy to grind into a fine powder, it mixes well with vehicles, and it holds its color well when exposed to light over time.

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How to use Malachite? 

  • For energy and protection

Malachite bestows strength, wisdom, and the ability to purge negative emotions from your life. The stone cleanses undesirable energy and makes sure that harmful vibrations don’t enter the wearer’s life. It is a stone that offers you protection and good vibes, ultimately giving you the inner power and self-assurance you require to succeed in life.

  • Place in the home to put an end to negative energy

Malachite is an incredible stone for meditation due to its strong and vibrant energy vibrations. It’s even amazing when chosen as gemstone jewelry, and it looks great when woven into any kind of Feng Shui home design. Malachite is always a welcome force in life. 

How to use Malachite

  • Home and Office

Malachite is a gleaming green stone that exudes energy and protection. It’s an excellent stone to place at the front entrance or in any type of doorway for individuals who wish to keep their house and hearth safe from evil jinx to halt those negative energies in their tracks.

Stirring up energy in sluggish areas is one of the Malachite’s remarkable uses in the house. Having malachite on your desk will help you speed things up if you are finding it difficult to be creative at your office.

How do You Care for Malachite?

Malachite is brittle, delicate, and sensitive to acids and heat. Gentle handling is necessary. It is not advised to use mechanical cleaning techniques like steam or ultrasonic cleaning. It is also not advised to use this material in rings, bracelets, or other jewelry that may be subjected to abuse or continuous usage. Use in tie pins, brooches, pendants, and earrings shouldn’t provide any unique issues since they would not be used as frequently.

Cleaning Malachite

On malachite jewelry, avoid using any acidic cleansers. Jewelry made of malachite has to be cleaned gently with light soap. The formation of the stone is the cause of all this attention and care. 

When to Cleanse Malachite?

Malachite needs to be cleaned, in particular, because it takes a lot of effort to deal with all those bad energies, every so often to recharge its powers and positive energies. While it is important to cleanse the stone, you must also know how to cleanse it and what to avoid.

You need to take good care of the stone and cleanse it often. The best way is to cleanse with water or mild soapy water. To get rid of the residues, all you need is some warm, soapy water and a gentle towel. 

Salty water too works best in this case. Cleaning your malachite in a dish of warm water that has sea salt crystals in it. For around 20 minutes, place a small glass or dish of sea salt in front of them. This enables the stone to absorb energy from its surroundings, enhancing its strength and usefulness after cleansing. While doing this, be sure that nothing touches any water.

If you feel the need, wash your malachite after a particularly demanding day or week or every few weeks. The stone will remain content and the vibrations will remain high if you keep it washed.

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How to Recharge Malachite?

Maintaining your malachite’s purity is easy, and efficient, and guarantees that it maintains the highest level of potency. There are a few methods to recharge your malachite stone if you feel it needs a little boost. 

  • Charge Malachite with Plants and Earth

Malachite adores the natural world and occasionally longs for the earth’s kiss. Put it in the garden, next to a tree, or even bury it for a night in the ground to allow it to absorb the energy of Mother Nature. 

  • Never use direct sunlight or salt over the Malachite to recharge

Avoid leaving items in direct sunlight for too long as this might cause the brilliant colors to fade. Never put salt on a malachite stone because it might damage the smooth texture.

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  • Expose your Malachite stone to moonlight

You can even charge your crystal by placing it directly in the moonlight. Your crystal will absorb the light and become charged with good energy.

What is the Malachite Activation Process? 

It is important to maintain the purity of Malachite and activate its energy. Activating malachite’s purity is easy, efficient, and guarantees that it maintains the highest level of potency.

Malachite Activation Process

Placing the stone under the moonlight is the best way to activate this stone under natural elements. You can leave the stone overnight for the moon to relinquish its positive rays on the stone. 

The other natural way is to place your stone inside a hole in your garden for a few days. The malachite will be cleaned and replenished with the aid of the minerals and nutrients in the soil.

How much is Malachite worth?

Malachite is an economical and affordable stone. Even the finest examples of malachite are modest since it is common in its usual forms. Items with uncommon crystal habits, recognizable patterns, or unique sleekness will be worth more. 

Malachite in beautiful mixtures with other colored copper minerals in rocks usually fetches a greater price than pure malachites. The size and craftsmanship of the carving or other decorative item determine its worth.

The most expensive malachite stones might be quite rare. For a variety of reasons, malachite can have varied prices. The supply is somewhat constrained since it originates from particular locations of the world rather than from all over the world, which raises the value. 

The majority of malachite is found in the form of clusters deep inside caves, thus it must be taken from the cave and processed. Bigger clusters are significantly harder to discover in nature than larger gemstones, which drives up the price of larger gemstones.

What determines the price and value of Malachite?

The peacock’s eye is a term used to describe the distinctive rings seen in malachite. The value of a piece of Malachite is determined by several criteria, including the number of rings and how apparent they are. Because more rings will be visible, the larger the diamond, the higher its value.

price and Value of Malachite

The price, at the time of writing this article (2022), of a polished finished malachite gemstone is approx $5.69 per carat or $ 2 per gram and this is subject to vary with time and place. 

On a related note, while the color is identifiable, it does range from light to dark green, and the color of your stones will affect their worth.

What is the Impact of Malachite?

The intrinsic beauty of flowers, trees, roots, and other plant life is personified in malachite, which personifies nature’s deep healing green. It is a Stone of Transformation that aids in situational change and promotes spiritual development. Removing pollutants and energizing the Life Force throughout the aura and body, promotes healing on both a physical and emotional level.

This potent stone harmonizes the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra with its vibrations. Malachite inspires the user to take chances and promotes self-awareness of one’s ideas, deeds, and emotions. It reduces menstruation problems, eases mood swings, treats cramps, and strengthens the immune system.

A stone of protection, malachite draws impurities and harmful energy from the body and the environment. All types of radiation are protected, electromagnetic pollution is cleaned up, and ground energies are healed.

Malachite has long been thought to have metaphysical qualities that offer the wearer health or medicinal advantages. The user of this stone hopes to recover more quickly and be granted a significantly stronger immune system. It not only purges negativity from your environment but also cures your mind and brings about a great deal of tranquility in life.

Does Malachite make a good Jewellery Stone?

Malachite gemstone looks magnificent and attractive when used in jewelry. In the times when Malachite was used to make jewelry, the ancient Greeks and Egyptians appreciated the stunning hue and still today it is much appreciated. 

Malachite as a good Jewellery

The stone looks magnificent when matched with every skin tone and hair color and has such a royal feel about it. Green is unquestionably among the most adaptable and attractive colors, especially when enhanced by the brilliance of copper carbonate. 

Beyond its visual appeal, malachite is a fantastic choice for jewelry since it is the greatest method to transfer all those beautiful vibrations from stone to skin. If you want to benefit the most from your healing crystal, skin contact is crucial. You may focus healing energy, protection, and vibrations on your pulse by wearing a malachite bracelet, which will then radiate healing out into the body.

Malachite as a good Jewellery stone

How to tell if Malachite is Real or Fake?

Distinguishing the real malachite from a fake one can be quite difficult since it is one of the crystals that are most frequently imitated. Many vendors provide fake Malachite while passing off their jewelry or stones as natural. But here are a few ways that can help you differentiate between the specimens.

  • Fake malachite can be produced from plastic, glass, or even polymer clay, but real malachite is created in weathered copper deposits. To pass for something more expensive, imitation, man-made, or even “faux” labels are sometimes applied to phony malachite.
  • Price is typically the first factor to consider. The synthetic or reconstituted variants of malachite frequently cost less than the real thing. 
  • The colors and patterns are the next distinguishing factor. While imitation malachite typically sticks to the stripes since they are the simplest to create, real malachite comes in a stunning range of swirls, waves, rings, and stripes. 
  • Real malachite comes in a variety of colors of green, ranging from soft, light, and pale greens to very dark greens. Medium green and black with a sharp contrast between the lines characterize synthetic malachite. In contrast to actual Malachite, which lacks a recurring pattern, they also tend to be far more uniform.

Summary of Malachite Crystal

Name of Crystal Malachite
Other Names Green verditer
Origin(s) Sinai, Eastern Deserts of Ancient Egypt
Color(s) Bright Green, Dark Green, Black Green
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Formation Surface weathering Process of Copper Ore
Majorly Found at Congo, Gabon, Zambia, Namibia, Australia, Mexico
Zodiac Suited for Capricorn
Healing Properties Balances mood swings, Heals cramps, Boosts the immune system
Health Benefits Malachite clears and Activates the Chakras
Types of Crystal Lime-Malachite, Mysorin, Zinc-Malachite
Uses Stone of Transformation and Helps for Protection
Goes in Water? No
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? No
Goes in Moon Water? No
Moh’s Scale 3.5 – 4
Real Cold, Heavy, and Hard to Touch
Fake Comes in many Forms, Lightweight, Plastic

Final Thoughts

Malachite inspires the wearer or the user to take chances and promote self-awareness of one’s ideas, deeds, and emotions. It reduces menstruation problems, eases mood swings, treats cramps, and strengthens the immune system.

Owning a malachite is a must and everyone should have one in their lives. It is not only stunning, steeped in history and effective in elevating your mood, but it is also a genuine companion stone. 

A protective stone, malachite will not only shield you against negative energies but also protect you from all kinds of danger and unconscious thwarting changes. Who wouldn’t search for more happiness, more peace and joy, and simple sophistication in life.

Malachite conclusion


What is Malachite used for?

Malachite has been used as a gemstone for ages as a shield against negative energies and evil eyes. It is a nurturing and grounding stone as it connects us with the Earth itself and radiates only pure green energy. Malachite is the ideal gemstone for boosting your energy and your goal. As a balancing stone, it may give you a sense of security and stability that will enable you to open your heart to all kinds of love.

Is malachite an expensive stone?

Malachite is an economical and affordable stone. Because malachite is widespread in its common form, even the finest examples are economical. Malachite-containing vintage pieces, mixed gemstone, and semi-precious gemstone pieces are frequently highly valued. The cuts, shape, and appearance of the stone affect the value.

Is malachite a stone or crystal?

Malachite is a fascinating ornamental stone that is mostly made of a hydrous copper carbonate combination. The greenish tint of malachite stone is a result of its copper concentration. It is easy to deal with due to its low hardness, but it still polishes beautifully. This unusual gem is linked to fertility, death, the afterlife, and resurrection and has characteristics of Turquoise and turmaline.

Where do you find Malachite?

Natural mineral formation of malachite occurs over underground copper deposits. This is why you may find it in caves’ deepest caverns, known as cavities. Malachite is typically discovered within the limestone. The rich deposits are usually present in the Congo, Gabon, Zambia, Namibia, Mexico, and Australia. The largest resource of this mine is located in the Urals region of Russia.

How can I tell if my Malachite is Real?

Visually examine the stone for the distinctive swirl, ring, wave, and striped patterns delineated in soft dark green bands organically scattered across the stoneface to determine whether your malachite stone is genuine. A fake malachite stone will have harsh black lines and a consistent linear pattern. Genuine malachite is frequently carved and polished by hand.

Which Birthstone is Malachite?

Malachite is the traditional birthstone for persons who are born in spring, between April 20 and May 20, under the sign of Tauras. Capricorn is the sign symbolized by the mighty stone malachite. The Capricorn mind and body can benefit from the malachite power stone because of its lovely natural green tone.

What powers does Malachite have?

Malachites possess many spiritual and healing powers. It is considered to be the “stone of change” because it helps uncover and cure emotional sorrow by absorbing the pain into itself. Malachite works with wood energy, which is the energy of growth, beginnings, development, and nourishment. It boosts vigor, provides enough, and keeps us growing physically.