Mandarin Garnet Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Mandarin Spessartite Garnets are incredibly rare and are also referred to as Fanta Garnets or simply Spessartite Garnets. Among the Spessartite family, it is the rarest and frequently most expensive. And an absolute must-have for every collector.

Mandarin Garnet

What is Mandarin Garnet?

What is Mandarin Garnet

Mandarin Spessartite is a rare orange garnet that is also known as Mandarin Garnet due to its bright orange color. Spessartite garnet is among the most stunning stones in the realm of colored jewels due to its bright color and extremely high refractive index.

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How to identify a Mandarin Garnet?

Although scientific analysis is the greatest method for identifying gemstones, some physical traits can be used to identify stones in general. As an uncommon variety of orange garnets, mandarin garnets should be carefully examined.

Their striking orange color, which is practically identical to the well-known drink Fanta, makes them stand out from other stones. They are sometimes referred to as Fanta Garnet because of this.

These gemstones are a form of spessartite, which can be found in a variety of colors, including orange-red, reddish-orange, and yellowish-orange.

Mandarin Garnet Cuts and Shapes

Mandarin garnets are typically cut similarly to other colored stones; the most popular cuts include ovals, cushions, trillions, and emeralds. Round, marquise, briolette, heart, and pear-shaped mandarin garnets are some of the other common shapes.

Due to the lack of pleochroism, orientation is not a concern, and the rough’s equidimensional shape often produces favorable outputs from coarse to cut. Cabochon-cut Mandarin Garnets are also encountered on occasion, notably with Namibian spessartite, which has heavy inclusions.

Where is Mandarin Garnet Found?

There are numerous locations around the world where gem spessartite has been discovered, including Brazil, Burma, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and the United States (San Diego County, CA and Amelia Court House, VA). Nigeria and northeastern Namibia, near the Marienfluss River, are the two sources that are currently most significant.

In 1991, commercially viable quantities of the iron-free, beautiful orange spessartite garnet were found in Namibia, sparking chaos in the jewelry industry. The deposit was found in mica schist along the Kunene river in the hilly northwest area bordering Angola.

Mandarin Garnet Stone Meaning

Mandarin Garnet Stone Meaning

Mandarin Garnet’s meaning is to restore your power. Your mind will be liberated from the weight of anxieties and tension. It will also improve your appeal. Mandarin Garnet’s energy will make you glow. 

As a therapeutic stone, spessartine offers numerous advantages. It helps with lactose intolerance as well as other calcium absorption issues. It is an excellent stone for people who lack self-confidence. 

It assists the user in recognizing his talents and allowing him to go on his actual life path. Additionally, spessartine is supposed to energize the brain’s analytical regions. People who look at it may feel cozy and at ease.

Mandarin Garnet Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

The history of mandarin garnets spans many ages. As a result, myths and stories have long surrounded it. Every religion has its mythology and uses for the gemstone garnet. 

In Hinduism, it is considered to be the “root chakra,” connected to the Muladhara and located at the base of the spine. It has a direct impact on sexual activity, security, and stability. 

In Christianity, a garnet represents Christ’s blood and sacrifice, and Noah is claimed to have used a Garnet to light his way on Ark. According to the Koran, a garnet shines in the Muslims’ Fourth Heaven.

The garnet was a popular talisman and protective stone since it was thought to light up the night and shield its bearer from evil and tragedy. Several ancient civilizations and explorers enjoyed carrying a garnet with them.

Garnets were valued in the Middle Ages for their purported abilities to treat hemorrhages, fight liver illness, and alleviate depression. The garnet is listed to be one of the twelve stones in Aaron’s breastplate by Hebrew literature.

The Greeks believed that garnets protected children from drowning. It was regarded as having strong poison-repelling abilities.

Additionally, Asian gods are frequently depicted wearing orange, making orange a very unique color in Asian arts. The robes worn by Buddhist monks, which are made from one piece of cloth, are a perfect illustration of this.

Mandarin Garnet Crystal Properties

Mandarin Garnet Crystal Properties

Mandarin Garnets have that beautiful glassy glow which makes them one of the most beautiful stones that you will ever see. The characteristics of Mandarin Garnet can unleash potential talent. It is a jewel that unlocks your whole potential. It will enable you to achieve the most success in the area where you excel. Your strengths will be accentuated, and your flaws will be made up for.

It makes the possessor appear more charming. It is a gemstone that draws a large number of supporters and friends. You might use it to express your desire to fall in love with a specific person. Additionally, it will instill tremendous confidence in you.

It will also improve willpower. You will build mental strength in the face of adversity. It is advised when you have a goal that you are determined to reach.

Mandarin Garnet Healing Properties

The healing properties of Mandarin Garnets can be categorized into two types, physical and emotional:

Mandarin Garnet Physical Healing 

Mandarin garnet is thought to improve fertility and sexual desire for both male and female reproductive systems. It treats Reynaud’s illness, poor circulation, chilblains, and kidney and bladder problems.

It might help with food intolerances, notably those to dairy and wheat. In addition to acting as an antidepressant and suppressing nightmares, it can also be used to address calcium abnormalities. The small intestine, immunological system, and heart are strengthened.

Mandarin Garnet Emotional Healing 

Mandarin Garnets can be used to start your mind’s analytical processes, allowing you to explore the rational worlds with freedom and ease. When emotional reasons and the need for comfort have taken precedence over physical feelings, it restores the normal understanding of thirst and hunger as well as what is sufficient.

Mandarin Garnet radiates positive energy that encourages inner happiness and contributes to a more meaningful life. Anybody who struggles to be heard and/or seen in social settings, whether at work, home, or during free time, will benefit from this gemstone.

It facilitates the discussion and clearing of taboo, oppressive, and embarrassing topics. Mandarin Garnet helps people get over their anxiety about trying new things and promotes being more impulsive, spontaneous, and perceptive. It lessens one’s fear of failing and boosts one’s confidence to try new things and transform their life.

Mandarin Garnet Metaphysical Properties

Mandarin Garnet Metaphysical Properties

Mandarin Garnet is associated with the element of fire, which represents passion and inspiration. It can boost sentiments of self-assurance. Additionally, garnet can be used to find a mate for a romantic connection or to rekindle an already established one.

This stone can enhance feelings of safety, stability, and grounding because of its relationship to the root chakra. Additionally, it has been utilized to both repel and transform negative energy.

Mandarin Garnet Benefits

Mandarin Garnet has numerous benefits. Let us have a look at them:

  • They support healing on several levels since the body is naturally helped by its vibration to repair and restore damaged portions of itself.
  • They have a great, caring spirit inside of them that originates from Mother Nature.
  • They are highly effective at triggering the body’s own repair and healing mechanisms.
  • Their energy is known to keep you safe from harm and could aid in your ability to overcome fear.

Mandarin Garnet, a potent stone for wealth and abundance, may work wonders when combined with the seven laws of attraction. Its energy can bring anything into your life based on what you picture and hence attract.

When it comes to procreation, this garnet variety is believed to be beneficial, so it may help you conceive if that is what you want. It also works to boost your imagination.

Mandarin Garnet Benefits Spirituality

The Mandarin Garnet’s spiritual energy manifests as a quick vibration that has the power to reach both the higher and subtle bodies. When a person is drawn to a stone, it means their consciousness is prepared to take in and integrate the more advanced levels of balance and inner growth.

Spessartine Garnet is characterized by its warm, sunny color. Its ferocity and energy offer joy to those who experience it. Mandarin garnets promote happiness, friendship, enjoyment, and closeness among family members. It is a joyful and giving stone that unites the components of our common lives and brings people and things together.

It is a stone associated with intimacy and sensual pleasure. Orange Garnet crystals that are lighter in color encourage affection and camaraderie, while those that are deeper deepen a person’s sense of home and belonging.

Mandarin Garnet & Feng Shui

Mandarin Garnet & Feng Shui

You can harness the positive energy of your home’s feng shui by integrating Mandarin Garnets into it. One approach to achieve this is to position it in a certain spot on the feng shui bagua. With numerous portions representing various aspects of your life, the bagua is an energy map that is placed over a house.

Making deliberate changes to the matching regions of the bagua in your house can help you change specific parts of your life. An additional option to employ garnet as a feng shui alteration is to consider the five-element approach, which is yet another technique used by feng shui experts to evaluate and modify the energy of a room or person. 

It can Activate Your Success and Recognition 

Mandarin garnets emit fire energy, which is the energy of fervor, coziness, brightness, illumination, and activity. It has a Yang nature. It is the kinetic energy of heat, activity, emotion, and passion—of thoughts, conceptions, and sex.

Traditionally, the south side of a house or room is where fire energy is found, and it should be used sparingly, just as flaming diamonds. It is connected to your life’s and home’s popularity and reputation.

With its connection to the element of fire, garnet is a natural choice to increase your success and visibility. Li has to do with reputation, acknowledgment, and how people perceive you.

This is an excellent area to concentrate on if you want to be more noticeable. Perhaps you want more attention for a new project, more respect at work, or to be fully understood in your interpersonal relations.

You might want to try setting a garnet in your bedroom’s Li area to encourage these aims. Standing in your bedroom doorway and looking inside will help you find this spot.

The Li region is where the wall’s center is located when viewed from a distance. Garnet can be placed in your desk or office’s Li area if you expressly want to receive extra career recognition.

It can Activate the Love Corner, Kun.

Kun is the bagua map area associated with connections and partnerships, particularly romantic interactions. Placing a garnet in this region of your bedroom can aid in bringing in new love because garnet has the power to attract a loving companion.

Standing at the bedroom’s doorway and looking inside will help you locate this region. Your love corner is the bedroom’s farthest right corner.

If you want to give an existing relationship a new lease of life by injecting it with some extra passion, garnet is a helpful addition to this bagua area.

Mandarin Garnet Birthstone

True to its name, mandarin garnet is the birthstone of people born near the conclusion of the summer. You receive happiness, companionship, enjoyment, and closeness to your family from orange crystals. Aquarius is the midwinter sign between January 20 and February 18, and Mandarin Garnet is the zodiac gemstone for anyone born at this time.

All-encompassing truth is what Aquarians seek, and they have a talent for both music and the arts. Aquarius is a positive, masculine sign. In addition, it is one of the four fixed signs and is regarded as an air sign.

Since Uranus’s discovery, this sign has been thought of as having a modern ruler other than Saturn, who controlled Aquarius traditionally. 

Mandarin Garnet Chakras

Mandarin Garnet amplifies the second chakra’s vibrations, activating dormant creative energies associated with artistic, physical, and mental creativity as well as those related to sexuality and reproduction.

Additionally, it affects the Solar-Plexus Chakra, giving the will more strength. As a Garnet, spessartine attracts prospective realities to materialize. It should be used carefully because it quickens the process by which one’s goal manifests in the physical world.

The sacral chakra, also known as the second chakra, is situated at the front of the pelvis, underneath the navel, and just above the pubic bone. It governs the movement of information between the body and the mind as well as the center of the body’s life force.

This chakra is where non-verbal communication, such as gut feelings and intuition, originates. When it is in harmony, you have grace, enjoy life, discover you are adaptable and can go with the flow while doing so in a positive manner.

Relationships and energy are governed by the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is also the energy center. When the solar plexus is balanced, you are free to perceive the world using your own emotions and thoughts and are not required to worry about breaking social norms.

What are the uses of Mandarin Garnet?

What are the uses of Mandarin Garnet

Many people in creative vocations can employ Mandarin Garnet to boost the aspirational protection measures that surround them, allowing them to fully take advantage of their gifts more easily than ever before.

This will be carried around by many people daily and used as a shield. This is simple to accomplish by incorporating Mandarin Garnet into an item of jewelry, cloth, or clothes to wear as protection throughout the day, a Mandarin Garnet use that may be immensely beneficial for individuals seeking the steady, dependable support the stone can deliver.

Some people would rather use the stone to facilitate a closer relationship with nature. They would bring it with them while meditating and would pay extra attention to outside activities.

As it is simpler to picture and focus thoughts on the anchoring components that Spessartine can supply, using it at these times can increase the stone’s effectiveness.

Caring for Mandarin Garnet

The Mohs scale rates the hardness of mandarin garnet at 7 and 7.5. Given the right maintenance, their moderate to good hardness makes them suitable for use in all types of jewelry.

Avoid giving Mandarin Garnets any harsh blows or wear and tear. Fracture filling is rarely used to treat garnets. Stones with fractures should only be cleaned with warm, soapy water.

When to Cleanse Mandarin Garnet?

When people hold and touch crystals, their vibrations are influenced by their energy. In addition, this is true for whatever crystals you carry or wear on your person. Your crystals absorb your emotions and thoughts. They, therefore, require routine cleaning after use.

They take in the bad energy that comes with the disease, destructive thought patterns, and negative emotions. Consequently, you ought to think about cleaning them frequently. Setting up cleansing sessions is the most effective approach to achieve this.

How to Recharge Your Mandarin Garnet?

The simplest method of recharging crystals is cleaning them. Cleaning your Mandarin Garnet can be done in a variety of ways. Let us look at them now:


  • Using salt water for the activation of Mandarin Garnet is the simplest method. It is quick and simple.
  • Ensure that your Spessartine is in a glass dish alone. Avoid using plastic to clean crystals.
  • Use mineral or bottled water and season with kosher or sea salt. The crystals should soak for a while.
  • Salt might change the look of your crystals, so don’t let them soak for too long.
  • After thoroughly rinsing them to get rid of the salt residue, let them air dry in the sun.

Brown Rice

  • Brown rice is a rare technique for cleaning mandarin garnets. In a glass bowl, add some brown rice. Place the crystals; the rice does not have to completely enclose them.
  • After picturing all of your crystals being cleansed by the rice, let them stand there for a while.
  • Alternatively, you might decide to leave them there overnight to give them a deeper cleansing. Brush the rice from the crystals once you are done cleaning them.
  • The negative energy has already been absorbed by the rice, so discard it.


  • You can also clean your mandarin garnets with fragrant herbs. Simply place your gemstones in a glass dish and cover them with fresh or dried herbs for a couple of days.
  • You can save the herbs when the cleanse is finished and use them again later. They can be used up to three times for cleansing.
  • You can select any flower, plant, or herb you desire. Rose petals, myrrh, frankincense, sage, sandalwood, cedar, and comfrey are among well-liked ingredients.

Other Crystals

  • A few stones are also referred to as cleaners. They can cleanse and absorb negative energies.
  • The placement of tiny Mandarin Garnets on bigger Quartz clusters after cleaning them is one approach you can attempt.
  • For several hours or days, you can leave your crystals in a citrine quartz cluster. If you don’t have a cluster of citrine quartz, you can instead use rose quartz, smoke quartz, milk quartz, and amethyst. They will have equally potent purifying effects.
  • Selenite, however, is among the most effective cleansing crystals. Selenite slabs, wands, eggs, balls, and stones can all be used for this.
  • With a Selenite slab, you can just leave your crystals on top of it for a few hours to cleanse them.
  • If you want to save money, line up Selenite wands and lay your Spessartine crystals on top.

How much is Mandarin Garnet worth?

How much is Mandarin Garnet worth?

The most expensive and rarest garnets are mandarin garnets, which sell for between $1,000 and $2,000 each. Mandarin Garnets of less than 2 carats and noticeable inclusions are much less expensive.

So good spessartite is yet reasonably priced, particularly in tiny sizes. High-quality stones weighing more than 5 carats are scarce and valuable.

What determines Mandarin Garnet’s price and value is among the most often asked questions. The quality and size of Mandarin Garnet influence price. Moreover, clarity and color are the major determinants of quality.

Mandarin Garnet Impact

Mandarin Garnet has the power to awaken Kundalini and inspire creativity. It will improve your capacity to make your desires come true and put them into action. It will boost your optimism and self-assurance and motivate you to take more risks and be braver. It is a stone that will also intensify your sexual life.

Making a protective talisman from mandarin garnet is quite effective. It is used to achieve inner growth and bring harmony and balance into your life. This stone will encourage internal sentiments of joy and assist you in creating a more satisfying existence.

Your ability to speak in front of groups and interact with others in social settings will benefit from it. It will give you a sense of serenity and focus that will help you be more motivated to do all you set out to do. Mandarin Garnet has an energetic warmth that will bring you love, tranquility, and happiness.

Does Mandarin Garnet make a good jewelry stone?

Does Mandarin Garnet make a good jewelry stone

Mandarin Garnets have a unique tint that makes it obvious they are distinctive. However, they are more complex than just their hue. They have a hardness of 7–7.5, which makes them perfect for use as everyday jewelry like engagement rings.

They are harder than any other naturally occurring gemstone of their kind and have a higher refractive index, which makes them sparkle brighter even in the absence of light.

Interestingly, this gem has no known enhancements or treatments. Thus, every Mandarin Garnet you may encounter is flawlessly stunning and has not undergone any sort of enhancement.

All these qualities also make the stone easier to cut because there is no pleochroism in the gem, which eliminates the need to consider orientation while chopping a Mandarin Spessartite Garnet for its orange hue.

The Mandarin garnet is the most unique, precious, and unusual of its kind because of all of these features. It is the most expensive Spessartite available. But you don’t come across a stone above 10 carats without inclusions very frequently.

Mandarin Garnet Real vs Fake

How to tell if a stone is real or fake is one of the most frequently asked questions about gems, especially expensive ones. Sincerity is told, there are a few ways to determine the authenticity of the stone. Having said that, the best three choices for a mandarin garnet are as follows:

  • Mandarin garnets are renowned for their intense, vivid colors. Therefore, examining the color’s richness is a wonderful approach to telling a true gem from a fake one. Your stone can be a fake if it is lighter, brighter, or more vibrant.
  • There are several inclusions common in mandarin garnets. So, if the one you are looking at has relatively few, the gem in question may be a fake.
  • One of the gem’s key selling points is its brilliance, which is driving up demand for it globally. By performing the following actions, you can tell a genuine mandarin garnet from a fake:
    • Try looking through the stone at a far-off light source while holding the stone close to your eye.
    • The light reflecting from the inside surfaces of the stone should be visible.
    • The stone should now be turned on its axis, and you should continue to look through it. In this case, a rainbow pattern made up of the reflection would be visible. The stone likely is a fake if you cannot see the reflections in your stone.


The mandarin garnet is a genuinely unusual gemstone due to its many positive characteristics in addition to its gorgeous hue. For example, its high hardness.

It is an easy-to-wear gemstone that makes a great companion for any situation. Additionally, it has an extremely high refractive index, giving it an atypically high degree of brilliance. Mandarin garnets that have been brilliantly cut and are devoid of inclusions still shine brightly in poor lighting. 

Nobody can predict how long the market will have a consistent supply of this gemstone. Thus, the combination of color, luminosity, hardness, and rarity results in a gemstone that is not only stunning but also easy to care for.


What is the rarest color of garnet?

Mandarin garnet is available in all shades of orange, from ripe peach to a deep orange-red. The most expensive garnets are an intense, somewhat reddish-orange color. Of all the colored gemstones, they rank among the most significant.

Are orange garnets valuable?

Orange Garnets are currently among the most valuable colored stones. Before 1990, they were quite rare. That changed in 1991 when high-grade rock was discovered in northeastern Namibia. In Nigeria, a significantly greater discovery was made in 1999. That deposit yielded a small number of exceptionally good gems, but the highest-grade gems are no longer available.

Where do mandarin garnets come from?

Mandarin Garnets are a form of Spessartite Stone that originated in Germany. The brilliant orange Spessartite, known as Mandarin Garnets, was discovered in Namibia, Africa, in 1991. They feature the most vibrant orange tones and have been compared to the popular drink Fanta Orange.

Is Mandarin garnet the same as spessartite?

Crystals come in different varieties, including spessartite stones and garnets. Mandarin Garnet, sometimes referred to as orange Spessartite or Spessartite, is one of them.

What is the most expensive type of garnet?

The most expensive garnet now available is tsavorite. It is relatively easy to find up to one-carat size in the lesser, lighter-colored grades. Fine, top-color, clear tsavorite is more difficult to find, and stones weighing more than two carats are uncommon, increasing the price per carat significantly.

Are mandarin garnets valuable?

One of the rarest and most expensive garnets are mandarin garnets larger than 10 carats. Garnets under ten carats are only thought to be suitable for collectors, while even their lesser sizes are regarded as fine and precious.

Which is cheaper, ruby or garnet?

Garnets are among the most valuable colored gems, but rubies are more valuable. Rubies can cost anywhere between $100 and $15,000 per carat, whereas less valuable garnets can cost anywhere between $5 and $5,000 per carat.