Rubellite Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Rubellite Tourmaline informs us that to love somebody; we must first love ourselves. Therefore, it is one of the most useful stones for accepting oneself since it provides powerful love energy that encourages positivity and a cheerful attitude.

Rubellite, known as Rubellite tourmaline stone, is thought to increase friendship and foster sympathy, making it an ideal present for a friend.

Let us know more about the Meaning and Benefits of this Gorgeous Stone. 

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What is Rubellite Crystal?

Rubellite Tourmaline, a Red Tourmaline, is a stone of the completed heart that is powerful, energetic, and full of love and life desire.

What is Rubellite

The mix of vivid pink and ruby red color energy in this Tourmaline generates a vibrational pattern that connects more deeply with the Heart Chakra than other heart-stones.

It connects not just to the heart of the earth but also to love that extends beyond human relationships and into the Universe.

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How to Identify a Rubellite?

Rubellite is a beautiful sparkling gemstone from the tourmaline family. Rubellite is a red tourmaline variation.

How to identify a Rubellite

Tourmaline is from a family of aluminum borosilicate blended with magnesium, iron, or other metals to make pink, red, brown, yellow, black, brown, green, violet, or blue, depending on the amounts of its components. Most rubellites are pinkish red rather than blood-red, and some even have a purple tint.

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Rubellite Cuts and Shapes

Rubellite Tourmaline is prismatic in all forms. The crystals are striated vertically and can be thin or long, thick or thin, and sometimes triangular. They can be opaque to translucent and vary in hue within specimens, cross-sections, or longitudinally.

The most precious Rubellite stones are vitreous in appearance. This implies that their luster is similar to that of glass. The best Rubellite is transparent and extremely clear, with a deeply stained glass appearance.

Depending on the demand, they were sliced into pear, oval, and circular forms. They are suitable for any jewelry, whether faceted or cabbed. Although native cuts are used for most Brazilian rubellites, bespoke cuts add value.

Where is Rubellite Found?

Among Tourmaline stones, Rubellite is one of the most valuable and expensive.

Where is Rubellite Found

It is native to the United States, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, Brazil, and Afghanistan.

Rubellite Crystal Meaning

Rubellite is considered to be associated with the heart and root chakras. Because of this link, the diamond becomes a source of good-flowing prana or life-giving energy, providing healing to the mind, body, and soul. It also rekindles desire and fortifies love commitments.

Rubellite Stone Meaning

Rubellite is a gemstone perfect for the heart because its link to the heart chakra opens the door for love that transcends the earth and reaches out to the Universe. It brims with love, life, passion, and joy.

Rubellite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Rubellite has been used for a variety of purposes throughout history. It is said to help offset the negative impacts of technology since it is a pyroelectric gemstone. It also functions as an electrical tuning circuit for radio and television frequencies.

Rubellite is a stone with pyroelectric properties. When heated or cooled, it may create an electric potential. When treated to different temperatures, its crystalline structure becomes polarised, resulting in a voltage. Nuclear scientists are encouraged to wear Rubellite wristbands to protect themselves against radiation.

Rubellite Crystal Properties

On the Mohs scale, rubellites have a hardness of 7 – 7.5. Its transparency is From clear to opaque

Rubellites have also been sculpted into sculptures and figures. However, due to their scarcity and beauty, collectors and jewelry purchasers place the highest value on untreated, eye-clean, or superior rubellite diamonds.

Rubellite Healing Properties

This stone’s energies may cure and nourish your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. It will help in clearing your worries and fears.

Rubellite For Physical Healing

The Rubellite stone emanates the heart’s flawless vibratory rhythm. Hence it is a fantastic source of caring and pleasant energy for physical heart repair. 

It promotes blood circulation by harmonizing the structure of blood arteries and veins. It improves the heart and circulatory systems’ performance.

Besides helping your blood flow, the stone also assists your energetic centers in distributing energy and vitality to the whole body. As a result, it keeps your energy level high to fight lethargy and tiredness.

Rubellite is also useful in treating lung, intestinal, liver, pancreatic, and spleen problems. Reproductive organs can also be healed and maintained with it. In addition, it is beneficial for calming a hyperactive nervous system and treating obsession and hysteria.

Furthermore, the energies of the Rubellite are believed to aid in treating motion sickness. It can bring back the luster and shine to your hair and nails. Not only that, but this stone helps you overcome dyslexia by improving your hand and eye coordination.

All tourmalines are excellent for harmonizing the brain’s left and right hemispheres. This should match your brain processes with your auric and chakra bodies. It aids in the removal of fear as well as the treatment of paranoia. 

It also helps to improve your sense of smell. That being said, it also improves your perception of pheromones that have an aphrodisiac impact.

Rubellite For Emotional Healing

The Rubellite crystal can be used to calm the emotional heart. It aids in overcoming worries of plenty, stability, survival, and safety. This stone can also aid folks who are feeling homesick or alone in the world.

Not only that, but its crimson energies may call on universal love to heal. It teaches you that loss is a heart-opening experience, and mourning is a sensation that teaches you to appreciate pleasure.

The rubellite stone can now give a fresh lease on life to those who are emotionally numb. It leads you back to your passions and feelings, allowing you to become passive and remember why you live.

It will also balance your feminine energy, assisting you in overcoming personal issues. This stone will assist in improving your will to live, as well as encourage you to live your life and engage with others!

Rubellite Metaphysical Properties

  • Believers rely on Rubellite’s metaphysical properties to relieve motion sickness, improve the sense of smell, and treat digestive system diseases. 
  • It calms the broken heart while promoting great healing and preparing the self for the free-flowing energy of optimism, survival, and stability.
  • Rubellite is a wonderful energy and optimistic stone. Professionals utilize it to keep motivated and on track for achievement.
  • Students may also utilize it to improve their academic performance and score higher on critical tests. 
  • Because of its tremendous influence on your heart chakra, Rubellite is also recognized as an efficient, emotional healer.

Rubellite Benefits

Red is also a passionate hue that energizes you – Rubellite is fantastic at helping you tackle each day with a good attitude. You’d be shocked what a positive attitude can achieve for your physical health!

Rubellite Benefits

Rubellite Benefits Healing, and Health

  • You can use the therapeutic capabilities of Rubellite to cure motion sickness.
  • Regarding beauty, it can also restore the gloss and luster of your nails and hair.
  • The energy inherent in Rubellite is favorable to the heart and the reproductive system.
  • Rubellite is one of the crystals which can relieve back pain and benefit the digestive system, liver, spleen, lungs, and pancreas.
  • It can increase blood circulation and balance the anatomy of the veins and blood vessels.
  • This makes sense given the stone’s other name, Red Tourmaline. Red is the color of energy and blood flow in crystal healing and spirituality in general.
  • So, in addition to assisting your circulation, this stone can assist your body’s energetic centers in distributing vitality throughout the body.
  • Your energy levels will become more stable daily instead of soaring and crashing as many individuals do nowadays.
  • It has an excellent calming effect on the neurological system and is useful in treating depression, hysteria, obsession, and paranoia.
  • Rubellite can also aid in the treatment of dyslexia by improving hand-eye coordination.

Rubellite Benefits Wealth

  • Rubellite energies can assist you in maintaining a tranquil and harmonious environment at your office or business.
  • It will keep people from getting into fights and arguing. Instead, there will be reciprocal respect, and no one will call your authority, knowledge, or skill into question.
  • You will be proud and dignified in all your financial endeavors and have the gift of diplomacy to assist you in resolving conflicts.
  • You can display your power over the individuals you work with Rubellite without pulling rank or being unreasonable.
  • This stone will give you the amazing power to work hard for your financial objectives. You can also access your full potential and come up with several breakthroughs. 
  • Rubellite will infuse your life with independent, spontaneous, and resourceful energy. It will boost your creativity and motivate you to work hard and consistently.
  • Rubellite will offer you money, plenty of energy, luck, and prosperity. But, above all, it will make you appreciative of your genuine plenty and riches in life.

Rubellite Benefits Love, and Relationships

  • Rubellite will calm an overly emotional heart regarding love and relationships. It will calm your emotions and direct your attention to those solely beneficial to you.
  • This stone will assist you in overcoming your anxieties and reigniting the passion in your relationship. It will restore the lost love and assist you in working through your challenges as a pair.
  • Rubellite will bring the emotionally numb back to sensation and help them regain their enthusiasm for life and love.
  • This stone will provide your partnership with steadiness and security. You will feel emotionally safe knowing that you and your spouse can conquer any obstacles.
  • Rubellite will provide the emotional support you require when feeling alone or lonely. It will put you at ease in your relationship.
  • This stone can also help you overcome your constant tendency to play the victim. It will remind you of your inner power and show you how to apply that strength in various situations.
  • Rubellite will teach you how to be forceful about your desires. It will inspire you to break out of your shell!
  • This stone will remind you to appreciate life and love to the fullest. You will never experience the same moment again, so make it one to remember.
  • Rubellite can assist you in becoming more friendly, fascinating, outgoing, and engaging. It will also mend the harm done to your relationship. 
  • By forgiving your past actions and honoring your commitments, you will finally be able to move on.
  • Rubellite will heal you so that you will believe that sadness can also be heart-opening, that pain is as significant as joy, and that tears are as valuable as laughter.
  • This stone will assist you in better comprehending love and its complications. Remember that the difficulties you face and conquer are the lessons you must learn about love!
  • Rubellite will help you appreciate your affection and motivate you to show your thanks in new and imaginative ways. It will also make you stop comparing yourself to others.
  • This stone will help you open communication channels with the person you care about. Communication with the person you love that is honest and respectful is frequently the evident solution to your troubles.
  • Rubellite will also treat libido loss since it will help you release all the tensions in your body that are causing you to be irritable!

Rubellite Benefits Spirituality

It will assist you in overcoming your mental limitations, gloom, instability, and illogical concerns.

Rubellite Benefits Spirituality

Meditation with Rubellite will also help you gain confidence and self-esteem. Rubellite is a love and sweet inspiration gemstone. It exudes unconditional loving energy.

Rubellite crystals inspire you to go with the flow and face life’s ups and downs with a positive attitude. It will also stimulate positive affirmation and provide you with strength during difficult times. This crystal’s balancing characteristics will help you feel more anchored and grounded. It will also inspire you to engage with nature.

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Rubellite & Feng Shui

You can reduce the negative impacts of computers, microwaves, and other electronic devices by placing them at home or the workplace. Rubellite energy may generate excitement, activity, warmth, and enjoyment. It possesses emotions, passion, action, ideas, and conceptions.

You may place it in the southwest corner of your room, house, or office. Use Rubellite energies to boost good vibrations and banish negative ones. Use it carefully since red stones bring the sun’s powers and fire energies into your home.

Rubellite Birthstone

Because of its powerful protecting and anchoring powers, red Tourmaline is considered a zodiac gemstone for persons born under the sign of Libra.

Rubellite’s grounding properties awaken the root chakra and strengthen the connection to the earth. This keeps Librans in the present moment and allows them to appreciate it. Furthermore, when Librans are faced with a challenging scenario, Rubellite can boost resilience.

Rubellite Birthstones

The energies of red Tourmaline are supposed to enhance Aries as well. Generally, people from the sign of Aries are considered to be rash. Rubellite energies can give grounding energy that promotes a more thoughtful response. 

This stone promotes patience by connecting Aries with ground energy via the root chakra and connects to the heart chakra. Its soft, calming force inspires motivation in the sluggish Aries while reviving their vigor. Furthermore, Rubellite is said to assist Aries in lessening their predisposition to be excessively envious.

Taureans are also reported to function well with Rubellite energies. This colorful stone advises anyone born under the Taurus sign to appreciate themselves. Taureans, a sun sign, frequently lack confidence and self-esteem. As a heart stone, the rubellite crystal functions as an emotional balancer, boosting Taureans and inhibiting self-sabotaging and obstinate conduct.

It also acts as a rescue stone that can aid in healing emotional scars in persons born under this sign. Finally, it rekindles Taurus’ compassionate spirit, teaching them to appreciate themselves and attain their greatest potential.

Rubellite Chakras

Rubellite stimulates not just the Heart Chakra but also the Root Chakra, increasing the flow of prana, or life-force energies, to nourish and repair the emotional body. 

Its grounding effect enhances the desire to live and engage with people. It revitalizes sexual desire and excitement and supports forging committed commitments based on love.

Rubellite will increase your emotional security. It also boosts power, conviction, and fearlessness because it interacts with the root chakra.

Rubellite chakras

It will assist you in easily letting go of your repetitious behavioral habits and welcoming the new.

Rubellite will stimulate your heart chakra. This will act as a tremendous trigger for your emotional recovery. It will elevate your vibrations and align you with the source, your cosmic intellect, and greater power.

What are the Uses of Rubellite?

Rubellite will also encourage harmonic communication between you and those you care about. Rubellite will boost your confidence and eliminate any traces of dread. Because it represents the color of life, energy, and passion, you should expect a burst of energy when you begin wearing it.

Rubellite is a very intense hue that represents profound emotions, powerful energy, and untamed desire. This stone will assist you in understanding yourself and how you interact with others. It will increase your elegance and confidence while decreasing your anxieties.

The Rubellite stone will remind you that you are loved and will never be alone!

Meditation with Rubellite

It is stated that meditating with the rubellite stone opens up a direct channel between your heart and base chakras. It is a powerful stone for deepening and directing devotions and tuning in to the earth’s soothing pulse, mirrored in your heartbeat.

This should strengthen your physical body and make you feel more at one with nature and mother earth. Rubellite’s heat-focused energy is especially beneficial for meditations to regain self-esteem and confidence following a trauma or loss.

Caring for Rubellite

Because Rubellite absorbs negative energy, you must clean and charge your rubellite crystal regularly. Wash your gemstone with warm, soapy water to clean it physically. Next, gently massage the stone’s surface with your fingertips, a soft brush, or a towel to remove accumulated grime and dust. Then, thoroughly rinse and pat dry.

When to Cleanse Rubellite?

The first step is to keep tourmaline jewelry away from other jewelry in a box while not in use. Then, to minimize needless damage, avoid rubbing and impacting your jewelry.

Second, because Tourmaline has a relatively high hardness, i.e., 7-8, the stone is particularly brittle and delicate and is scared of falling and getting damaged. As a result, unless you are wearing a completely pure and perfect tourmaline, avoid wearing it while exercising to prevent fracturing the gemstone.

Thirdly, it is a good habit to check and repair your tourmaline jewelry in time regularly. Go to a professional periodically to check your jewelry so to resolve any issues.

How to Recharge Your Rubellite?

Recharge Your Rubellite

After cleansing, it’s time to refresh the Rubellite’s metaphysical vitality by burying it in a bowl of sea salt. Alternatively, you may immerse it in the cleaning energy of seawater. To purify the negativities, leave the stone for a day or more.

You may also leave Rubellite in your beautiful garden because it deeply connects to mother earth. You may bury it in a soil container to soak up the earthy healing powers.

Another option is smudging the stone with your favorite herb bundle or incense stick.


Passing the stone through the smoke can aid in the removal of toxins from within. If you have a singing bowl, you may use the song’s vibrations to rebalance the stone’s frequency.

Allowing your stone to absorb lunar energy during the full moon is an easier method to recharge it. However, if you can’t wait for a full moon, simply allow it to mingle with the purifying vibrations of other quartz crystals.

What is Rubellite Activation process?

Send positive affirmation to activate your Rubellite. Set an intention for it, If the stone is to be used for healing, meditation, or any other reason. Holding the stone in your right palm, see the energy pouring from the Universe into your stone.

How much is Rubellite worth?

Rubellite tourmaline is often priced between $400 and $1000 per carat. Browner tones might help you save money; pure pinkish or purple colors are more costly. Rubellite prices fall when inclusions cause the stone to be milky or hazy.

Note: Prices are subject to change. 

What determines Rubellite’s Price and Value?

The value of rubellite tourmaline strongly depends on its color, clarity, and size; pinkish-red or purple tourmalines are the most valuable, while brownish specimens are generally significantly cheaper.

Rubellite Impact

You can heal your emotional body with the Rubellite crystal while getting the energy and courage to face life’s challenges. You can expect a great rush of energy when you use this stone since it reflects the color of energy, life, and passion.

This is the stone for you if you want to become serious about life and attain your aspirations and goals. Rubellite should be part of your developing crystal collection since it carries the energies of dedication, hope, resolve, integrity, and passion.

Does Rubellite make a good Jewelry Stone?

When worn as jewelry, rubellite energies will assist you in attracting the ideal loving companion. Furthermore, it will assist you in finding your love!

You should sleep with a piece of Rubellite under your pillow after thinking about the characteristics you want your future lover to have. It’s the stone you wear when you want to take your life seriously, achieve your objectives, and live the life you’ve always desired.

It conveys love, hope, resolve, and commitment energies. A Rubellite in your life may help you survive even the most devastating heartbreak. Rubellite is a lovely stone that may provide emotional equilibrium to your life while also assisting you in detaching from personal suffering.

Rubellite Real vs Fake

  • Rubellite sparkles equally brightly in artificial and natural light, unlike most gemstones which change color with the light source. However, red or pink tourmalines will show a detectable brown hue under artificial light.
  • A high-quality rubellite should not change color when exposed to different light sources.
  • When it comes to the hue of the Rubellite, authentication may become more difficult. Fake dealers have gotten quite skilled, taking a low-quality tourmaline and permanently altering its look.
  • It would help to inspect the red hue closely for any defects. The red hue is created by both natural radiation within the earth and a change in its chemical composition. 
  • Lithium and manganese gradually grow within the Tourmaline’s body and intensify the color from pink to red.
  • This process takes thousands of years and does not happen immediately. When inspecting a specimen with your naked eye, search for edges that were maybe overlooked when it was heated or colored.
  • This is among the few minerals in which we strongly advise you to exercise extreme caution before purchasing from anybody!

Summary of Rubellite Crystal

Name of Crystal Rubellite
Other Names Red Tourmaline
Origin(s) Brazil
Color(s) Red
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Superheated water being moved around in the earth’s crust-Hydro thermal activity
Majorly Found at Brazil
Zodiac Suited for Libra, Aries
Healing Properties
Relieves back pain and benefits the digestive system, spleen, and liver
Health Benefits
Increases blood circulation
Types of Crystal
The harmonious environment at your office or business, Abundance
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 7-8
A high-quality rubellite does not change color when exposed to different light sources.


Is Rubellite more expensive than Ruby?

Rubies are of higher density and have a richer red tone, but rubellites are rarer. That makes them more expensive as well.

Is pink Tourmaline and Rubellite the same thing?

No, Rubellite is a variety of pink Tourmaline, but both are not the same.

What birthstone is Rubellite?

Rubellite is the birthstone for October month.

What are the healing properties of Rubellite?

This stone’s energies may cure and nourish your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

How can you tell if a Rubellite is real?

A high-quality rubellite should not change color when exposed to different light sources.

What does Rubellite symbolize?

Rubellite symbolizes strong love energies and brings positivity and good emotion. 

How can you tell Rubellite from pink Tourmaline?

Rubellite tends to be pink-red or purple but can also be pink or purple. Pink Tourmaline is in pink shades.