Red Coral Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Red Coral gemstones, also known as Red Moonga or Rakta Prabal crystals, are prominent gemstones from India. These crystals are found in the dark spots of the deep sea. Red Coral gemstones are usually organic crystals. They are formed from the deposited skeletal remains of Polyps. Red Corals are usually hard, tough and durable gemstones. These gemstones are usually used for making jewellery and ornaments. 

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Red Coral

What Is Red Coral?

Mostly every crystal and gemstone that we know about, is gained from minerals and rocks. However, Red Coral gemstones are different from them. These gemstones are formed as the end result of the deposition of marine Polyps. In simple terms, Red Coral gemstones are formed by deposited skeletal masses of Polyps that are found in deep seas and oceans. Since ancient Egyptian times, it has been believed that Red Coral gemstones contain drops of blood from higher beings. That’s why it acts as a protective barrier against evil after one’s demise. 

What Is Red Coral?

How To Identify A Red Coral?

Red Coral gemstones are also known as Corlllium Rubrum. The marine Polyps, that form these gemstones, are found in clear, tropical to subtropical seas and oceans. They live approximately 150 to 160 ft deep in the waters. Depending on how deep the Corals are, the density of their colour will also rely on that factor. 

The various colours in which Red Coral gemstones are found, along with the colour red, are orange and light pink. The deep, blood-coloured gemstones are the most expensive. Red Coral gemstones are generally soft crystals. The material of this gemstone is porous. 

Red Coral gemstones have a hardness level of 3.5 on the MOHS scale of crystal hardness. The main component of this gemstone is Calcium Carbonate. The cleavage is not well-defined. The initial gemstones are usually matte-textured. However, after polishing and faceting, these gemstones get a shiny finish. 

Where Is Red Coral Found?

Where Is Red Coral Found?

Since Red Coral gemstones aren’t rare gemstones, they can be gained from different parts of the world. The main source of Red Corals is known to be Italy. The Italian Red Corals are the best in quality, texture and colour. Japan and China produce rare types of Red Coral gemstones. These types are less expensive comparatively. Other countries where Red Coral Gemstones can be found are as follows:-

  • Algeria 
  • Italy 
  • India 
  • Sardinia 
  • Tunisia 

Red Coral Stone Meaning

Red Coral Stone Meaning

With a bright red colour, Red Coral Coral gemstones are lifeblood gems. They enhance vitality, health and cognitive focus. They are also a representative of success, abundance and prosperity in not only professional life, but personal life too. Red Coral gemstones are circulators within the physical body and beyond the physical body. 

The meanings of Red Coral gemstones are hidden in the accurate utilisation of power and untapping hidden energies. It drives one’s ambition and passion which gives birth to the qualities of leadership, will and self-confidence. With the activation of the Root chakra, this gemstone signifies its meaning by enhancing one’s ambition and stability. 

Red Coral Healing Properties

The healing properties of Red Coral gemstones are as follows:- 

Physical Healing Properties Of Red Coral

Red Coral gemstones are well-known to treat heart burns. They are pretty good at treating colic too. These gemstones are usually used for curing major cases of hiccups. These gemstones enhance the metabolism of the wearer. It provides a boost of physical energy too. In multiple metaphysical healing circles, this gemstone is used to cure kidney and bladder-related diseases. This gemstone strengthens the skeletal system and bones of the wearer. 

If an individual is facing spine-related issues, they must wear this gemstone as it is the best one out there. Since Red Coral gemstones are associated with blood, it is used to enhance the blood mutation in the body and increase the number of RBCs in the body. For an overall healthy and well-functioning immune system, this gemstone must be used on a daily basis. 

Emotional Healing Properties Of Red Coral 

Red Coral crystals are used for getting rid of emotions and feelings which may create turbulence in the brain. When stuck in a difficult situation, this gemstone helps the wearer to calm their mind down and look at the situation logically and rationally. This gemstone is widely known in the world of healing for its properties to heal depression and anxiety. This gemstone is vital to solving the issues in the First chakra. 

Since the first chakra comprises all the basic mental and emotional needs, this gemstone helps in the necessary activation and enhancement of the chakra. 

Red Corals help the wearer to get in touch with their emotions and feelings. Different emotions and beliefs around wealth, love and security are coloured with the use of this gemstone. Red Coral gemstones help the wearer to explore emotions and ideas which made them think they were inferior and replace such emotions with the idea that they are the superior ones and deserve the best in the world. 

Cognitive Healing Properties Of Red Coral 

Red Coral gemstones give out two kinds of energies. These energies involve both practicality and spirituality. These energies are essential to create a balance in one’s life. With such energies, one is able to get rid of thoughts and beliefs which may harm them. This gemstone enables the wearer to gain insight into their thoughts and ideas. And it also helps him/her to tune their thoughts with their values. 

Along with that, Red Corals help the wearer to know whether or not they are creating an alignment of their values with the high goodness of all inhabitants of Mother Earth. This gemstone is mainly beneficial for people in the field of business and entrepreneurship. This is because it helps them know if their personal beliefs are aligned with their profession. It helps them know whether or not their work is doing any good for the world or not. 

Chakra Healing Properties Of Red Coral 

Red Coral gemstones are largely associated with the activation and stimulation of the Root chakra. By balancing the imbalanced root chakra of the wearer, this gemstone provides passion, stability and confidence to the wearer. The feelings and state of loneliness, vulnerability and disconnection are also eliminated with the help of this gemstone. 

In short, the Red Coral gemstones supercharge the wearer’s root chakra. Along with the root chakra, this gemstone balances our Sacral chakra too. This makes the wearer sexually healthy. Since this gemstone is a symbol of passion, it enhances one’s fertility and solves issues and concerns pertaining to the same. Desire and endurance are also increased by the use of this crystal. For gaining the benefits of this gemstone, one must place the stone on their pubic one. This must be done during the meditation process. 

Red Coral Metaphysical Properties

Red Coral Metaphysical Properties

Red Coral gemstones are rich in metaphysical properties. Red Coral gemstones are symbols of success in business and other professional endeavours. It is even a symbol of good luck for athletes taking part in sports events. Red Coral gemstones are associated with Mars planet. Due to this, the crystal gains energy from the planet. This energy is then utilised by the wearer. 

Red Corals increase one’s stamina. This helps them to get rid of strenuous and stressful negative energies from their life. This gemstone is also associated with the virtue of wisdom. It helps the wearer to make informed decisions and always think rationally with a natural mind. This gemstone enhances one’s levels of maturity and helps one overcome actions and thoughts of foolishness. Since Red Corals are lifeblood gemstones, they work towards strengthening one’s overall health and wellness. 

Red Coral Benefits

Red Coral Benefits

The benefits of Red Coral gemstones are as follows:- 

  • Red Coral Enhances Confidence And Strength

Red Coral gemstones are associated with the God of war. Due to that symbolism, it is connected with qualities of confidence and strength. When this gemstone is used by an individual, they experience an enhancement in their own confidence and strength. 

  • Get Through Obstacles And Challenges

Since Red Coral gemstones enhance one’s strength and courage, it is obvious that such enhancements will also enable them to face any challenges in their life. And get through every obstacle in their daily life. 

  • Enhanced Physical And Cognitive Health 

Red Coral gemstones are incredible healers of one’s physical and cognitive health. It enhances circulation, improves the immune system, improves bad skin and treats disorders like depression and anxiety. 

  • Improved Relationships 

Red Coral gemstones are vital symbols of marriage compatibility. It increases the duration of one’s marriage and relationships. This gemstone brings a fresh touch to a boring relationship of a new start to an ending relationship. 

  • Safeguards Against Black Magic 

Red Coral gemstones are known to ward off black magic. It helps the wearer to stay protected against evil. Or get rid of the evil eye. This gemstone is generally helpful in getting rid of all bad influences and evil energies. 

  • Helps In Getting Tasks Done

Individuals who face the problem of procrastination or pushing tasks for other days must wear Red Coral gemstones. This is because this gemstone will help the wearer to complete the task within the given deadline and not procrastinate for other days. This gemstone will also help the individual to think logically and solve problems and issues that come their way. 

Red Coral Benefits Spirituality

Red Coral gemstones are used for exploring one’s true self without any filtration in who they are or what they are. It motivates the wearer to accept and flaunt their pure spiritual and personal power. These gemstones make the wearer aware of their strengths and independence. This gemstone helps the wearer to create a clear picture of their goals and aims. And also tells them about the practical and spiritual steps involved. 

Red Corals makes the wearer realise that each action of theirs has a spiritual connection and touch. With this realisation, the wearer also understands that everything they do is a form of prayer. Every action and movement of the wearer is an act of devotion. This helps them to live their life to the fullest with enhanced spiritual awakening. 

Red Coral Birthstone

The Red Coral gemstones are the birthstones for the Astrological sign Libra. 

Red Coral Chakras

The Red Coral gemstones are associated with the activation and stimulation of the Root chakra. It also aligns and balances the Sacral chakra. 

Uses Of Red Coral

What Are The Uses Of Red Coral?

The uses of Red Coral Gemstones are as follows:- 

  • Red Coral Gemstones Can Be Used For Meditation 

Red Coral gemstones are widely used for meditation. It is one of the most prominent gemstones in the world of meditation as it increases focus and attention. When the wearer is able to stay grounded with the help of this gemstone, they are able to gain a laser-like focus in their life which is gained through the medium of meditation. 

When Red Coral gemstones are used with other gemstones, the collective energies help the wearer to enhance their practice and experience of meditation as well. This deepens their connection with their inner self. When this gemstone is kept on the meditation or yoga rug, it will help the wearer to gain all its meditational energies. And also try new poses that they had never tried before. 

  • Red Coral Gemstones Can Be Used To Enhance One’s Living And Work Place

It is said that when Red Coral gemstones are kept in homes and workspaces, they can attract positive energies and vibrations in the space. It is recommended to keep the gemstones at the entrance of the house or the workplace so that there is no entrance of negative or evil energies. Keeping Red Coral gemstones in the bedroom can also enhance one’s intimate and romantic life. 

Since Red Coral gemstones are associated with the planet Mars. And this planet has associations with land and property, it is believed that this gemstone can help the wearer to make the best decisions while buying property. When Red Coral gemstones are kept in the workspace of the wearer, they are able to experience a boost in their attention, focus and determination towards work. 

  • Red Coral Gemstones Can Be Used By Healing Circles For Healing 

Since ancient times, Red Coral gemstones have been used by multiple healing circles for their incredible ability to balance and activate the Root chakra. Healing circles and professionals in that field can use Red Coral gemstones to encourage their clients to enhance their connections and energies. Thes gemstones are largely beneficial for the healers too as it provides them a boost of vital energies and vibrations which will enable them to help their clients. 

Many times, it may happen that the professionals in the healing circles may feel overwhelmed by the amount of negativity they gain from their patients. For this purpose, Red Coral gemstones can be used as a protective barrier against negative and draining energies from others. Plus it can be used as an energy, motivation and attention booster. When dealing with dark matters too, healers can use this gemstone to gain security against evil energies and vibrations. 

  • Red Coral Gemstones Can Be Used For Jewellery Making

Red Coral Gemstones Can Be Used For Jewellery Making

Red Coral gemstones are extremely beautiful and elegant. They make great jewellery stones. Since wearing gemstones and crystals as jewellery is one of the best ways to use gemstones, Red Coral gemstones must be worn as jewellery too. It is said that when Red Coral gemstones are worn as jewellery the wearer is able to gain all the benefits of this gemstone. 

Red Coral gemstones are beautiful stones on their own. But since they have a striking blood-red colour, they look extremely good with silver and gold. When these gemstones are made in silver or gold settings, they look much more elegant and graceful. Pairing Red Corals with other gemstones is also a beneficial way to increase its energies and benefits. 

It is recommended to wear Red Coral jewellery on Tuesday. This is because Tuesday is associated with the planet Mars which helps the wearer to gain complete benefits of the gemstone. Wearing Red Coral gemstone jewellery is advisable as the beautiful pieces look great with almost all kinds of outfits and concepts the wearer is looking for. Red Coral gemstone jewellery will help the wearer to protect themselves against all kinds of negativity and evil energies.

Caring For Red Coral

Caring For Red Coral

Red Coral gemstones can be cleansed using the following methods:- 

  • Salt Cleansing Method 

The salt cleansing method is one of the best methods for cleaning Red Coral gemstones. This is because salt absorbs all forms of negativity from the crystal which may have accumulated on them during their use. Be careful while cleansing Red Corals using the salt method as direct salt contact may harm the crystal. That’s why it is recommended to clean them using an indirect salt cleansing technique. 

  • Sound Cleansing Method 

For cleaning soft and delicate gemstones like Red Coral, one can use a cleansing method named sound cleansing. In this method, the use of sounds or vibrations from music is done. Different chants and musical equipment are used to create harmony. This harmony affects the vibrations of the crystal which brings them back into balance. This cleansing technique is not only used for cleaning the gemstones but can be used for recharging purposes too. Remember to carry out this technique with the intention of cleansing the stone. 

Things to remember while cleansing the stones:- 

  • Do not expose the crystal to direct sunlight. 
  • Do not use vigorous cleaning methods for cleansing the crystals. 
  • Do not soak the crystals directly in water. 

When To Cleanse Red Coral? 

If the Red Coral gemstones are used on a daily basis, then they must be cleansed frequently. If one does clean their crystals frequently, they may experience a reduction in their energies and benefits. When the wearer experiences lethargy, tiredness, demotivation and under-confidence, they must cleanse their gemstone using ritualistic cleaning methods. In short, when the wearer starts to feel that the gemstone isn’t working the way it used to, they must cleanse it without any further delay. 

How To Recharge Your Red Coral? 

Recharging Red Coral gemstones must be done by placing the gemstone under direct moonlight. Red Corals are pure and organic gemstones. They require organic energies to recharge themselves. That’s why placing the Red Coral gemstones under direct moonlight overnight will recharge them well. 

How Much Is Red Coral Worth?

The worth of Red Coral gemstones is between two hundred rupees per carat to three thousand rupees per carat. 

Does Red Coral Make A Good Jewelry Stone?

Does Red Coral Make A Good Jewelry Stone?

Red Coral gemstones make excellent jewellery. This is because the bright and striking red colour of the gemstone is permanent and does not fade away. The shine and lustre of the gemstone remain the same throughout. Thus, Red Corals make excellent jewellery and ornamental stones. The talks about Red Coral’s beauty and elegance have been popular since ancient times in different parts of the world. 

Red Coral gemstone jewellery is extremely popular around the world. People prefer to wear these gemstones as necklaces, rings and earrings. Since Red Coral gemstones are soft, they can be cut into different shapes to make different jewellery items. The different shapes in which the Red Coral gemstones are cut are oval, capsule shape, triangular, rectangular and many more. 

The Red Coral gemstones that are cut in round or oval shapes are usually used for making necklaces and bracelets. Since softness is a physical property of this gemstone, it is always recommended to keep it in a copper case for jewellery purposes. For rings, people usually prefer a silver or gold setting. When it comes to Red Coral gemstone bracelets, they must be worn according to the benefits the wearer is looking for. 

Red Coral Real vs Fake

Red Coral Real vs Fake

For identifying whether or not a Red Coral crystal in question is fake or real, one can use the following techniques:- 

  • The Texture Test:- 

Usually, Red Coral gemstones have an easily identifiable texture or pattern. The pattern is of wood grains. One may fail to see the patterns on the crystal without a magnifying glass. For this purpose, one must use a magnification medium and observe the patterns on the gemstone. If a pattern is not seen, and only colours are seen, then chances are that the gemstone in question is not genuine. 

  • The Molding Lines Test:- 

Fake Red Coral gemstones are usually made by combining small plastic pieces together. This leaves moulding lines. That’s why one must look out for any moulding lines in their gemstone. If any moulding lines are observed, then the possibility is that the gemstone is fake and probably made of plastic.

  • The Bubble Test:- 

Apart from plastic, fake Red Coral gemstones are also made of glass. Especially blown glass. This leaves behind small bubbles on the gemstone. Since these bubbles are easily observable in the gemstone, one must look out for them. If bubbles are observable on the surface of the crystal, then the crystal is not real and is probably made of blown glass. 

  • The Liquid Test:-

Red Coral gemstones are extremely porous. Especially the real, pure and authentic ones. They can be easily damaged by any kind of liquid or fluid. To see if the Red Coral gemstone in question is real, one must drop the gemstones in a solution made from lemon juice, milk and vinegar. 

These fluids will most likely damage the gemstone or show reactions on the stone. Even though such a test is not recommended, one can use it as a quick test at their home. 

In The Light Of This Information 

Red Coral gemstones are some of the most essential and vital lifeblood gemstones. It is considered the symbol of the energies flowing in the universe. Red Coral gemstones not only enhance one’s strength, courage and vitality but are pure and unfiltered gemstones. 

This gemstone is often used by healers and astrologers for its incredible benefits and healing properties that benefit not only the wearer but the universe too. Utilising this crystal for daily life will surely enable the user to become the best version of themselves. For becoming a strong and powerful leader, Red Coral gemstones must be used. 


What is Red Coral good for?

Red Coral gemstones are good for enhancing the blood flow in the body. And they enhance one’s vitality and strength too. 

What is Moonga stone used for?

Moonga stones are usually used for making jewellery and ornamental pieces. 

Which shape of Red Coralis is best?

The best shape of Red Coral gemstones that one must look out for is oval or round. 

Who can wear Red Coral?

It is recommended that the Aries ascendants must wear the Red Coral gemstones. 

Does Red Coral have negative effects?

No. Red Coral gemstones do not have any specific side effects or negative impacts.