Tektite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

A special variety of natural glass called tektite was created when ancient meteorites struck the Earth. The word “tektite” is a translation of the Greek word “tektos,” which means “melted.” This glass was created spontaneously as a result of a meteorite strike.


What is Tektite?

What is Tektite?

Tektites are tiny, glassy rocks that resemble pebbles. They are made of Earth material that has been melted by a meteorite impact and splashed into our atmosphere, and eventually deposited as rocks on Earth. It has a hardness of 6-7 on Mohr’s scale of hardness.

It is a high-silica stone that resembles the tiny gravel pebbles, whose sizes might range by a few centimetres. In reality, tektite is not a gemstone at all, but rather a type of heated natural glass similar to obsidian.

However, the heat that creates tektite originates from atmospheric friction rather than from volcanoes. They often come in a variety of black hues, but they may also be distinguished as dark brown and grey. The term “Microtektites” refers to tektites that are millimetres in size.

How to Identify a Tektite?

How to Identify a Tektite?

Tektites are an intriguing fusion of extraterrestrial and terrestrial minerals that are the result of an extraterrestrial collision on Earth. There may be pitting and other textures when the tektite matrix is composed almost exclusively of extraterrestrial materials. It may occasionally include mineral or other substance inclusions.

The presence of abnormally low water content is one approach to recognising tektite. Due to the presence of water, obsidian froths and swells under heat, whereas tektite merely joins another piece of glass.

Due to their physical resemblance to obsidian, tektites are sometimes misidentified as obsidian. The fundamental distinction between the two is the absence of water in the chemical makeup of Tektites. This is a result of the intense heat that Tektites were created in after a meteor impact with Earth.

Tektite Cuts and Shapes

Tektite is a glass of terrestrial origin, as already mentioned, created under the influence of meteorites. They are usually black, but can also be green-brown, or yellow-brown in colouration sometimes.

The silicon dioxide, potassium, calcium, aluminium, and iron oxides found in tektites are acidic. Less than 0.02 per cent of tektites are made up of water.

The surface of tektites is a striking characteristic; it can be smooth, jagged and scarred, or dotted with numerous voids. The tektites range from transparent to opaque in transparency. A variety of shapes, including elongated, drop-like, button, disc, and egg-shaped, are possible for tektites.

Where is Tektite Found?

Where is Tektite Found?

Tektites can be found in numerous places where meteorites have impacted, like Europe, Australia, South Africa, Tasmania, the Philippines, and many other places. Some of the other locations having significant tektite deposits include the United States, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and various regions of northwest Africa.

Tektite Stone Meaning

Tektites are roundish, black aggregates that resemble how they would have appeared if they had fallen from the sky. They have prepared the route to Earth and are huge bundles of energy.

One can raise their awareness to new dimensional heights by using tektites, which have an extremely high resonance frequency. The moment you are touched, your internal energy starts to increase, and your mind starts to function as a receiver of information coming from above.

Tektite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Tektite Meanings in Ancient Lore and History

The tektites are exceedingly ancient. Some date back to the early days of the world. These stones typically range in size from seven to ten centimetres. They are primarily black and quite dark. They also carry with them a glassy sheen.

Tektite Crystal Properties

Tektite is in harmony with the energy centres. It is also thought to be a great ally for mental and spiritual strategy. It enables you to establish a connection with both the energy of the universe and other individuals. The stone assists with lucid dreams and astral travel in addition to fortifying the auric defence.

Tektite Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysical Properties of Tektite

The major reason tektites are popular is because of their metaphysical qualities. These stones are said to have high-frequency energy and can be effective tools for energy healing, according to many energy healers and crystal therapists.

They are thought to stimulate spiritual development and allow connection with extraterrestrial worlds. Wearing tektites can increase male and female fertility as believed in some traditional communities.

Tektite Healing Properties

Tektite Healing Properties

Tektite is highly valued in crystal treatment because it expedites the healing process, among other things. Additionally, it enables us to remove the ties that keep us psychological captives, dependent on both our bodily and emotional well-being.

It also makes it easier to understand and experience other people’s emotions more deeply. R renowned for strengthening relationships and mediating conflicts, the Tektite healing stone improves focus in males and restrains the dominance rule.

Additionally, it lessens phoney jealousy, fighting, and rudeness. The Tektite effect gives folks a fresh chance when they are feeling chilly. In general, tektite encourages healing processes. The stone is particularly beneficial for infectious disorders. 

Tektite Benefits

Tektite Benefits

You are protected by tektite, which also fortifies your aura and vitality. Wearing a necklace or bracelet made of this stone can allow you to benefit from it. Make use of it while you practise rooting. If you practise seated, you may place it right at the height of the chakra or hold it in your palm.

Tektite draws synchronicities into your life. They facilitate spiritual enlightenment and growth. The stone has several benefits, including assisting the user in picking up signals from the spiritual world. The Heart Chakra is cleansed. It makes it easier to communicate with spirit guides and aids in the development of clairvoyance.

Tektite Benefits Spirituality

Tektite Benefits Spirituality

Since ancient times, the majority of these stones have been utilised for spiritual rituals, meditation, and mental protection against evil spirits and forces. Many of these meteorites are prized for their spiritual healing abilities because they possess strong, intense energies and resonate with high-frequency global energies.

Tektite Birthstone

There is no unique zodiac sign connected to this therapeutic stone. Tektite is neither a birthstone, but it’s said to be related to the signs of Aries and Cancer.

Tektite Chakras

Tektite cleanses the heart chakra. All practitioners should make extensive use of this stone’s otherworldly component. Simply placing this stone on any of your chakras will highlight and enhance their characteristics.

One should lay their Tektite piece on top of their head if they desired mental clarity and enlargement. A Tektite put on the forehead can work wonders if you’re wanting to expand your etheric vision and open up your third eye.

What are the Uses of Tektite?

The Tektite should be used for meditation if there are any bodily or mental dislocations. Put it where you experience pain or simply think there may be a malignant development.

Popular collector’s item; rarely available in its natural form. Popular as a gemstone for silver and gold jewellery and as an introduction to mineralogy due to the fascinating history of its development.

Additionally, tektite is a wonderful stone for accelerating physical recovery. It speeds up healing and strengthens the immune system. The Tektite stone ensures that its wearer feels stronger and healthier both physically and psychologically by reawakening the kundalini energy inside them. The tektite stone aids in greater dream exploration by broadening your perspective and opening your mental process. The higher energies from other realms can be integrated with the aid of Tektite stones as well. Additionally adored and revered are tektites for their power as sensitive and clairvoyant stones.

Caring for Tektite

Caring for Tektite

It is preferable to clean Tektite with warm, soapy water and a delicate cloth because it is glass and can break when heated or vibrated. A soft brush may be used to delicately remove dirt from any crevices. Avoid using toothpaste since it can harm the tektite’s glass surface. For protection against inadvertent breakage, store tektites in padded envelopes or cartons.

When to Cleanse Tektite

The tektite just has to be cleaned once a year with warm, running water.

How to Recharge Your Tektite

Use a counter stone like milk opal, moonstone, or white agate to hold the tektites together. Due to its consistent black hue in lithotherapy, the Tektite is a stone beyond compromise.

What Determines Tektite’s Price and Value?

As “raw stones” for jewellery or as decorative items, tektites are popular. These unfinished specimens’ worth is significantly influenced by their size, form, and aesthetic appeal.

It is unusual to find tektites large enough to be carved into jewels. Cut tektites’ value is mostly influenced by their size, transparency, colour, and cut quality. The majority of tektites have dark, opaque hues. As a result, transparent and lighter stones frequently command greater prices. But there are also fans of opaque and black gemstones.

Tektite Impact

Tektite Impact


You are better equipped to handle your everyday challenges smoothly and constructively because Tektite encourages the proper balance and flow of energy in your body. Use Tektite to help clear the bad energy or vibrations around you since it aids in the process of clearing energy. One may clear any kind of obstruction from the lower chakras with Tektite. This is supposed to encourage mental process clarity.

Tektite Real vs Fake

Any glass that may be mistaken for a genuine tektite is considered a pseudo-tektite. This might be volcanic glass (obsidian), natural glass, or another type of impact glass. As was previously said, glasses all have a similar appearance, and most of the techniques to tell them are structural or compositional. Since none of the tektites had a silica level below 68%, this is often one of the best markers.

Summary of Tektite Crystal 

Name of Crystal Tektite
Precious No
Semi Precious Yes
Other Names
Color(s) Black, Green-brown or yellow brown sometimes
Formation Due to extraterrestrial collision of meteors on Earth.
Majorly Found at Europe, Australia, US, China South Africa, Tasmania, the Philippines,
Zodiac Suited for Aries and cancer
Chakra Heart Chakra
Crystal Meaning
Types of Crystal Unique type of natural glass formed by ancient meteorite strikes on Earth
Healing Properties Emotional well-being, lessens jealousy, fighting, and rudeness, and draws synchronicities in life.
Health Benefits beneficial with infectious disorders.
Uses Physical recovery, meditation
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water Yes
Moh’s Scale 6-7
Real Low silica levels
Fake Natural glass


What is Tektite crystal good for?

Crystal researchers have to date found many practical uses of tektite crystal. It is believed to emit high-frequency energy signals that may expand clairvoyance and are favourable to one’s conscience, that is, mind and body. It purifies the soul thus helping in maintaining your spiritual imbalance. Its aroma is believed to heal misunderstandings in the couple’s love life.

Is Tektite a meteorite?

Technically, when a meteorite hits the earth, many a time it is melted in the upper atmosphere but very small pieces of the remnant combine to give beautiful glassy crystals which are then termed a tektite. Since they travel a large distance in the earth’s atmosphere they tend to take aerodynamic shapes which are again very attractive.

Are Tektites Obsidian?

Tektite must not be confused with Obsidian by just thinking of their similar appearance. The crystal obsidian is formed when the lava erupted from a volcano cools down rapidly. Thus they are igneous whereas tektites are formed from terrestrial debris like meteorites whose small pieces land on the earth’s surface after travelling in its atmosphere.

Are Tektites expensive?

Moldavites which are one of the varieties of tektite are exceptionally rare and will surely cost you a fortune because it has high demand in the Gemstone Industry but most of the other varieties of it are relatively cheaper. The moldavite gemstone is worth 20 USD more or less per gram. Different varieties of tektites are formed differently owing to erosions hence their properties are also different so are their market value.

How strong is Tektite?

A Tektite glass can withstand 0.9 kbar of pressure before it is shattered into pieces. However, some varieties of tektites like the Stretch tektite are known to be brittle whereas some are hard. Their strength of hardness depends on several factors most importantly how they reach the surface of the earth then the elements of erosion also play an important role in it.

Is Tektite magnetic?

Their magnetic properties vary from type to type and depend on the Fe2+ paramagnetism. Hence some show very few magnetic properties while others don’t. This doesn’t mean that the magnetic behaviour can be experienced by any sort of physical means or it would be seen attracted to a magnet. Heating tektites to above 1673.15K will render all its magnetic properties nil.

Is Tektite the same as Moldavite?

As stated earlier moldavite is one type of tektite formed by the same debris of celestial bodies but is rather very expensive when compared to other tektites. It is used as a gemstone and in many pieces of jewellery, you can find it. Moldavite is a beautiful green-coloured stone with a bit of a yellowish tinge, unlike other tektites which are generally black. An interesting fact is that its first occurrence was dated to be 15 million years ago in present-day Germany when a meteor struck the earth and created a crater on the earth’s surface.