Tree Agate Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

In many regions of India, Tree Agate, a stone symbolising inner tranquilly, is revered as a talisman. Agates are typically found in a variety of host rocks, and they are frequently connected to volcanic rocks. Additionally, they are prevalent in a few metamorphic rocks. Let’s talk about this earthly stone’s mystical qualities.

tree agate

What is Tree Agate?

Green Tree Agate is a kind of dendritic agate that has green dendritic inclusions. The inclusions appear to be small tree branches or other types of vegetation covering the white stone’s foundation. Dendrites are crystal inclusions that form in patterns resembling foliage or tree branches. Tree Agate is green and white in colour. Moh’s scale rates the hardness of Tree Agate between 6 and 7.

These dendrites in Tree Agate produce a lovely green dappling pattern on a white foundation. Manganese and iron oxides make their way into fissures in white quartz when it develops, resulting in the unique inclusions in dendritic agate that resemble flora.

How to Identify a Tree Agate?

Despite the fact that these stones’ distinctive green branch-like patterns are made by separate mineral traces, Tree Agate is commonly confused with moss agate. Crystals of Tree Agate typically have a waxy sheen. Due to the presence of iron ions, the stone might occasionally have black or brown spots on sections of its surface. The most sought-after variation of green Tree Agate is transparent, which can be either translucent or opaque.

– Tree Agate Cuts and Shapes

- Tree Agate Cuts and Shapes

In addition to being cut into different-shaped cabochons, dendritic agate is frequently seen polished and shaped. Although they are extraordinarily beautiful and carry highly potent grounding energies, the market has recently gotten saturated. This is a result of its availability and simple access to the mines.

Where is Tree Agate Found?

Brazil, China, India, Australia, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Mexico, Namibia, Uruguay, and the United States are the countries where Tree Agate is most frequently found.

Despite the fact that stunning examples may be discovered all over the USA, the majority of dendritic agate that is sold on the market originates from Brazil, Mexico, or India.

Tree Agate Stone Meaning

Tree Agate Stone Meaning

With its characteristic bands and swirls of green that give it an earthy and sturdy look, Tree Agate has a symbolic connotation that is connected to these features. The colour green is widely recognised and held to represent prosperity, wealth, and abundance. You feel more connected to nature and its tranquil, calming energies because of its distinctive composition, which mimics the hues and contours of a forest. Green has long been considered a hue of riches and success.

This gem allows you to be who you really are while providing protective shells around your aura. Tree Agate promotes self-expression and the restoration of the sacred connection to nature that was so prevalent in most of our childhoods. Tree Agate gives one a renewed urge to find solace in the little things and live life beautifully with satisfaction.

Tree Agate Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

There are intriguing historical details and lore that surround Tree Agate. Colourful agates and other chalcedonies have been known since at least 3000 B.C. when they were first found in the Achates River.

Many cultures have seen this lovely green and white stone as the stone of plenty since it has long been thought to have a close relationship with nature. The stone was occasionally buried in agricultural areas to encourage a bountiful harvest since the ancient Greeks connected Tree Agate with dryads. Another intriguing fact is that the Tree Agate was called by the Greek philosopher and naturalist who discovered it when he found the stone along Achates’ shoreline somewhere between the third and fourth centuries BC.

This stone was frequently used by farmers and agricultural workers in the past to encourage a bountiful harvest and an abundance of crops. This stone still possesses the same qualities of riches today.

Tree Agate Crystal properties

Tree Agate is a stone that aids us in deep meditation. Agates are stable stones that are highly relaxing and balanced. Numerous crystal meanings are associated with this green stone. You will undoubtedly benefit much from having this crystal in your life because of its crystal system, which helps you become a more sociable person.

Tree Agate Healing Properties

Tree Agate Healing Properties

Our entire body may benefit from the healing properties of the Tree Agate stone. It also possesses a wide range of diverse emotional healing powers. The stone promotes inner serenity, and thought process and eases tension. As your anxiety subsides, you are better able to focus on the oneness and let go of your ego and arrogance.

Tree Agate assists to improve mental abilities in addition to calming the nerves. It transforms bad emotions, stabilises the psyche, and fills the chakras with love. It strengthens and nourishes relationships and bonds with your loved ones. Tree Agate has a strong affinity for nature, thereby it heals geopathic tension by dispersing soothing and centred energies into the surrounding space. Additionally, it benefits people who work on conservation initiatives.

Tree Agate Metaphysical Properties

- Tree Agate Metaphysical Properties

People who wear Tree Agate express feeling calm and peaceful inside. This gemstone aids in the inward study of the self, which may also lead to a calm temperament. Tree Agate is an enhanced form of agate, which is generally considered to be a stone that encourages inner stability. Additionally, Tree Agate strengthens the immune system and maintains bodily water balance.

When supporting our natural cycles of life, green Tree Agate is much superior to other stones. Tree Agate gives a calm energy that neutralises unfavourable energy and strengthens our inner stability through life’s ups and downs. This motivates us to meet life’s obstacles in a more peaceful and responsible way. Its green tone also strengthens our ties to the natural world. You’ll be able to overcome geopathic tension and handle your emotional issues in a better way because of your deep connection to nature.

Tree Agate Benefits

Tree Agate expels negative energy, calms the nerves, and provides the best meditation, making room for more positive energy in all areas of the wearer’s life. It will increase one’s capacity for kindness, charity, and forgiveness. It is challenging for someone to progress both personally and professionally when there is negative energy there.

Its emerald hue further strengthens our ties to the natural world. Your closeness to nature might help you manage your emotional issues and get over geopathic stress.

Tree Agate Benefits Spirituality

We connect with the planet and all of its treasures by using Tree Agate. This stone has a unique role in conservation initiatives. Like other stones in the Agate family, this stone promotes stability and equilibrium in our bodies.

Tree Agate & Feng Shui

- Tree Agate & Feng Shui

The Tree Agate, according to Feng Shui, imbues the owner with the spirit of nature. One must consistently practise meditation with Tree Agate in order to obtain the most benefit from this amulet. You must sit still and silently while imagining the inner light of your spirit when meditating with this stone.

The Tree Agate is known as the stone of inner calm and is also known as the stone of abundance, bringing abundance to all areas of your life, especially your finances. Even if you are having financial difficulties, the stone’s energy gives you financial security.

You are more self-assured and successfully navigate any problems in your financial undertakings. It gives luck to your company, ensuring wonderful benefits for your efforts. It opens the door to success and riches for you and links the individual to the natural cycle. Since of the stone’s tranquil disposition, you won’t be troubled by financial losses because you’ll remain composed and recognise that they are a necessary component of financial development.

Tree Agate Birthstone

People born during the months of August and September are said to have the Tree Agate as their birthstone. The green crystals encourage these folks to be successful and in excellent health.  Tree Agate has the most compatibility and connections being a Taurus stone. Because Taurus is an Earth sign, it naturally resonates with the Tree Agate stone, which is energized by the Earth. Tree Agate is regarded as the zodiac stone for people born under the Virgo sign of the zodiac.

Tree Agate Chakras

The heart chakra and the crown chakra are matched by the green Tree Agate. It improves mental acuity and makes it possible for us to receive divine guidance from the spiritual world. This enables us to be open to an insight that can assist us in finding solutions to issues in our day-to-day lives.

Tree Agate may be used in conjunction with Clear Quartz and other therapeutic stones that are beneficial for mental clarity. This will help us become more in tune with satisfaction and peace.

What are the Uses of Tree Agate?

What are the uses of Tree Agate?

First and foremost, the Tree Agate is frequently used in jewellery collections that emphasise inner peace and spiritual fortitude. Second, by establishing a connection with feng shui, this stone enables us to balance the forces of the universe for our ultimate welfare.

This stone also helps us grow personally by inspiring us to take on new challenges and achieve greater heights. It is therefore one of the ideal gemstones to have nearby while seeking for something to promote your spiritual development and personal improvement.

Caring for Tree Agate

Caring for Tree Agate

It’s not too difficult to care for Tree Agate. The simplest way to clean Tree Agate is with warm, soapy water and a gentle brush. When cleaning agate gemstones, avoid strong chemicals. After cleaning Tree Agate jewellery, be careful to completely dry it off to make sure there isn’t any moisture left over that may lead to negative effects like rust in metal settings.

To avoid scratching this agate against a harder stone or a less hard stone, store Tree Agate jewellery within a soft cloth or at the very least away from other stones. With a hardness rating of around 7, Tree Agate is a strong and resilient stone. Keep your Tree Agate in a soft fabric pouch in a cool, dark location as much as possible. By doing so, you prevent the stone from any harm and discolouration. Be especially cautious when cleaning Tree Agates because the majority of them have been coloured to enhance their natural hues. To return them to their original state, just use water and mild soap.

When to Cleanse Tree Agate

Although agates are typically hard stones, this one is strong and powerful. It does, however, require cleaning from time to time, just like any other therapeutic crystal. The stone may remove the negative energy it has accumulated over time by cleaning. It can be less effective if it isn’t cleaned.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to stay away from abrasive cleansers. Chemicals shouldn’t be used on this all-natural stone since they can damage the surface and remove its lovely waxy gloss. Warm water, natural soap, and a soft-bristle brush are all you need. The best product is castile soap. Also effective are chemical-free cleaners for gemstones.

How to Recharge Your Tree Agate

Use a dry towel to remove extra moisture after a thorough cleaning of the stone. Keep it away from the equipment for hot drying. Smudge sticks can be used as well if you want a more organic method. Pine or cedar wood smoke is really effective. Some people also prefer to utilise stones for purification, such as selenite.

Burying it in the garden is a different recharging approach that is much appreciated. Tree Agate is dependent on raw power. It may be reenergized and kept ready to serve you by being returned to the ground.

Tree Agate Activation process

The positive and negative energies that support the universe’s equilibrium are known as yin and yang, and this stone is renowned for its ability to balance them. When working with the chakras, has a powerful therapeutic effect and energises the actions of the body, mind, and spirit.

You must position this stone over the source of the issue for it to work its physical healing magic.  Place the stone on the chakra you want to open up and energise during meditation. Then, to activate the stone, see it being engulfed in light and acting in the way you want.

How much is Tree Agate worth?

Depending on how attractive the stone looks, an above-average grade Tree Agate can cost anywhere from $20 to over $200.  Agates may be extremely inexpensive (between $1 and $10) or extremely valuable (between $100 and $3000). The kind, colour, and location of the rock all affect its value.

What determines Tree Agate’s price and value?

Tree Agates value is increased by the inclusions. Their genuinely distinctive character and look, make them extremely sought-after. Tree Agates are cut and polished into smaller stones with varying carat weights to produce Tree Agate jewels.

Tree Agate Impact

Tree Agate Impact

It helps us as we grow financially. We may connect to Mother Nature’s calming and caring energies by wearing Tree Agate jewellery. Additionally, it can help us comprehend how we might advance spiritually and emotionally. It is even one of the greatest crystals for meditation

Does Tree Agate make a Good Jewellery Stone?

Tree Agate is a stunning stone that may be fashioned into sophisticated jewellery. This stone is reasonably priced and comes in a variety of natural patterns and hues. Other earthy tones work particularly well since Tree Agate has a strong link to nature, as was already stated. An atmosphere of being in tune with nature is created by the use of floral tones, browns, and sky or deep ocean blues. Brighter purples and reds contrast sharply with Tree Agate’s green hue and create spectacular jewellery creations.

A beautifully cut piece of Tree Agate will highlight the stone’s inherent beauty. In order to reveal its best appearance and colour, it should also be carved to fit the item of jewellery for which it will be utilised. Tree Agates are cut and polished into smaller stones with varying carat weights to produce Tree Agate jewels.

Tree Agate Real vs Fake

One does not frequently see imitations because Tree Agates are relatively affordable and readily available. But you need to watch out for glass being marketed as agate. Tree Agates are frequently coloured in order to accentuate their natural hues. A Tree Agate that has been upgraded doesn’t require any particular maintenance.

When buying a piece of Tree Agate, the gem dealer is required to let you know whether the stone has been altered or coloured in any manner. A Tree Agate may be tested for dyeing by being placed in a plastic bag and exposed to the sun. The Tree Agate will display some traces of dye as it warms up if it is a dyed stone.

Summary of Tree Agate

Name of Crystal Tree Agate
Precious No
Semi Precious Yes
Other Names Dendritic agate
Origin(s) Uruguay, India, and Brazil
Color(s) Green and white in color
Formation Accumulation of silica-rich groundwater in rock voids over thousands of years.
Majorly Found at Brazil, China, India, Australia, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Mexico, Namibia, Uruguay, and the United States
Zodiac Suited for Virgo
Chakra Heart Chakra and the Crown Chakra
Crystal Meaning The green color of the stone is widely recognised and held to represent prosperity, wealth, and abundance. Stone mimics the hues and contours of a forest.
Types of Crystal None
Healing Properties Promotes self exploration and restoration. Connection with nature. Promotes inner serenity, and thought process and eases tension.
Health Benefits Releases calming and focused energies into the surrounding area to relieve geopathic stress.
Uses Jewelry pieces, decorative pieces and meditation
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 6-7
Real Green dappling patterns or inclusions on a white foundation.
Fake A dyed Tree Agate will display some traces of dye as it warms up.


What does Tree Agate help with?

Tree Agates are regarded as a source of inner tranquilly. They are utilised in prayer and meditation because of this. Wearers of Tree Agate experience inner serenity and tranquillity similar to that of a clam forest. This gemstone aids in the inward study of the self, which leads to a calm temperament. 

What does Tree Agate symbolize?

The stone is thought to foster a better and deeper connection with nature. Using a green Tree Agate while meditation promotes emotional and spiritual tranquilly. The Tree Agate is a wonderful stone for connecting us to the infinite options and possibilities of the universe. It tells us that we are all connected and that we are one with all other living things.

What does Tree Agate do spiritually?

Tree Agate captures Mother Nature’s calming, balancing, and healing energies. In order to obtain the necessary centring and grounding, it enables you to connect with the Universe’s greatest spiritual force. Furthermore, it eliminates the barrier between you and the cosmos.

What are Tree Agate healing properties?

Tree Agate promotes psychological well-being, spiritual development, and individual progress. You will be well supported in your spiritual development and personal growth, in addition to having a greater sensitivity to nature’s spirits and the healing energies of the soil. Therefore, you can use Tree Agate to aid you in the process if you’re trying to make changes in your life or need assistance on difficult trips.

Where do you put Tree Agate?

Place the agate in the area of the home that requires gentle healing and energy recharging the most. The Tree Agate, also known as the stone of inner serenity and abundance, is said to bring prosperity to all spheres of your life, particularly with wealth.  It ties the person to the natural cycle and opens the path to success and prosperity for them.