Wavellite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Wavellite is a rare phosphate mineral that also has an attractive appearance. Collectors are very well familiar with this stone. The color most associated with this mineral is green to light green, but can also be discovered in colors like white, yellow, blue, brown, black, and even colorless.

What is Wavellite?

What is wavellite

Wavellite is an aluminum phosphate hydroxide hydrate. Wavellite is generally green in color, they also have shades such as yellowish green, brownish green, white or brown sometimes. The stone has a vitreous to resinous luster with a pearly appearance. Wavellite has a hardness score of 3.5 to 4 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

How to identify a Wavellite?

Wavellite, as already mentioned, is a translucent stone with a vitreous to resinous or pearly luster. This makes it easy to identify Wavellite. The color may be white, colorless, black, brown, blue, or yellow. More importantly, it exhibits different shades of green, ranging from dark emeralds to brilliant pastel green.

– Wavellite Cuts and Shapes

Wavellite crystals have the appearance of needles, druses, masses, and globes. These groups of radial aggregate crystals may be carved into some really fascinating stones. Wavellite is a highly challenging stone to cut because of its radiating crystal clusters, which have the potential to fracture.

The clusters include very tiny individual crystals. This material may be used by gem cutters to create both cabochons and freeform forms. All faceted stones, on the other hand, would be extremely uncommon.

Where is Wavellite Found?

The Ouachita mountain range in Mount Ida, Arkansas, is the most well-known location for Wavellite. These mountains are also regarded as the Quartz Capital of the World, and they have given the world some of the finest Wavellite specimens ever. The UK, Bolivia, Germany, Japan, and Australia are a few more noteworthy nations.

Wavellite Stone Meaning

Wavellite Stone Meaning

Wavellite is a stone of compassion, intuition, truth, love, and tranquility. When using Wavellite, your emotional body will instantly be revitalised with strong life force energy. It brings out a gentler part of you that you would not usually show to the world.

Wavellite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

  1. Babington made the initial discovery of Wavellite in Devon, England, in 1805. After then William Wavell, an English scientist, inspired the term “Wavellite,” hence its name.

Wavellite Crystal Properties

Wavellite Crystal Properties

Wavellite is a unique and uncommon gemstone that radiates potent vibrational healing energy.  This stone has a very direct vibration, which becomes stronger with each new moon. It is believed that the psychic powers will grow, and the intuition will become more acute with Wavellite.

Wavellite Healing Properties

Wavellite Healing Properties

Wavellite is a beautiful healing stone with several therapeutic applications. The energy of wavellite is useful for easing problems with blood circulation throughout the body. It is also believed to help with detoxifying and may promote skin healing.

Numerous therapeutic characteristics of wavellite are advantageous because they promote the flow of healing energy from the etheric body or auric field into the body, where it is most required. This uncommon stone generates great energy that may be used to facilitate healing and embodies a very potent vibrational healing potential.

The stone may also assist in balancing the proportion of white blood cells to red blood cells, which is another concern. They even have a relaxing and soothing impact that might aid in the reduction of stress and anxiety.

It may be possible to locate the obstructions precisely by meditating with a wavellite over your heart. One will be able to concentrate all of one’s energies on the precise area of the body that needs healing while keeping a calm and clear mind. Any bad vibration or entity that is influencing daily life will be brought to the surface with the aid of the energy of Wavellite.

Wavellite Metaphysical Properties

Wavellite Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of wavellite stone are remarkable, and heart-based crystals benefit greatly from its use. The stone can help you in a variety of ways since it has a significant ability to open the higher heart chakra and emit a potent emotional healing energy. The more elevated heart vibration is potent because it encourages sentiments of forgiveness, compassion, and love.

When it comes to making decisions, wavellite stones are fantastic crystals to use. It is also recognised that their energy may help with relationship problems.

They have really beneficial energy that increases your psychic capacity, which may be related to the surprise and fairly distinctive way that their energy flows. The energy spirals out through all of the layers of the etheric body, taking on the form of the embodied coils inside the stone and aiding in the purging of whatever impurities it encounters.

Wavellite Benefits

Wavellite Benefits

When using Wavellite, your intuition will increase organically, which will enable you to comprehend what is troubling you or your loved ones more clearly. Naturally, you could be reluctant to express your issues and express your actual feelings. Wavellite aids in bringing these feelings to the surface so they may be handled. Once you have acknowledged and dealt with these emotions, you may go on and kindle the spark in yourself again.

This special stone increases love, compassion, and forgiveness by resonating in the higher heart chakra. The highest results from this stone may be obtained when it is utilised in meditation to enhance intuition and awaken psychic abilities. This aids in decision-making and may be used to look into former lives.

When utilising wavellite in meditation, place it at the heart chakra and keep it there. Then, just relax and let the energy flow through you. In order to go forward on a new or better path and to develop your abilities, you may be able to eliminate concerns with their energy.

Wavellite Benefits Spirituality

Wavellite Benefits Spirituality

The good energy of wavellite may help you see all sides of an issue and be aware of various viewpoints, which can help you make better decisions. They are known to improve lucid dreaming and psychic dreaming and have a positive frequency that will increase intuition.

Wavellite has a special energy that may spiral out into the etheric body, removing negative energy as they go. This energy-spiraling ability may help you make better judgments.

Wavellite & Feng Shui

Place a wavellite stone in your bedroom to improve lucid dreaming and psychic dreaming. Because of their relaxing, stress-relieving effect, they may also help you sleep better. They are also known to aid in the development of vivid dreams as they have a positive effect on helping you experience precognitive thoughts.

Wavellite encourages you to have empathy for others who are around you. This stone brings out the best in people and is meant to unite people through love. Everyone in life will start to share a single lifeline as they become closer to themselves and to those who are closest to them.

Wavellite Birthstone

Wavellite is an Aquarius birthstone. It is believed to help those born under the Aquarius sign of the zodiac. The stone helps them with decision-making and rational thinking. Moreover, the stone is believed to aid them to lead a balanced life with fewer anger issues.

Wavellite Chakras

Chakra imbalance may make someone feel off-balance, display erratic emotions, lose their temper, and inhibit progress. Wavellite’s vibrations activate the Third Eye, which helps hone one’s intuitive abilities. The stone’s potent Third Eye energy may enhance intuitive talents.

What are the Uses of Wavellite?

What are the Uses of Wavellite

There are several uses for wavellite stone. The most popular application is during meditation, which improves intuition and awakens inner wisdom. Given that it enhances the flow of energy from your ethereal body to your physical body, it may also be employed as crystal body layouts or energy grids.

Caring for Wavellite

Wavellite has a beautiful cleavage and just a hardness of 3.5 to 4, which is considered to be very low. This designates it as a handle with care stone. Scratches are simple to make on the stone. Store these gems separately from tougher stones to avoid contact scratches. To clean, use warm water, a mild detergent, and a soft brush.

When to Cleanse Wavellite?

Crystals and gemstones need frequent cleaning to make the stone get rid of any negative energies that they might be holding for your good. It is advised to cleanse the gemstone after every use. 

How to Recharge Your Wavellite?

One of the most popular methods for recharging crystals is smudging. To do this, light a smudge, sage, or Palo Santo stick, and encircle the crystal in its smoke.

Wavellite’s Price and Value

Wavellite’s Price and Value

Wavellite is a mineral element of hydrated aluminum phosphate. Also, it is not a rare occurring stone. The distinct crystal might be rare. Moreover, Wavellite does not have many jewelry uses, and it is more alluring to gem collectors only. It has a beautiful cleavage and a relatively low hardness of only 3.5 to 4. This all makes wavellite not much of an expensive gemstone. A raw Wavellite crystal would cost about 10 pounds USD, according to the sources.

Wavellite Impact

With each new moon, Wavellite’s simple vibration gets stronger. It will strengthen your psychic powers and enhance your intuition. Your vivid dreams from the stone will motivate you to turn them become reality.

Wavellite assists you in handling challenging circumstances so that you may comprehend the causes of these problems and obstacles better. It serves as a reminder of the knowledge obtained through the observations that will aid you in overcoming future difficulties.

The finest thing about wavellite is how it may help you realize that everything happens for a reason and has a certain function. It encourages harmony at the spiritual level. Conclusively, it provides you the power, bravery, and humility to accept things that are not in one’s hands. 

Does Wavellite make a good jewelry stone?

Does Wavellite make a good jewelry stone

Wavellite has a beautiful cleavage and a relatively low hardness of only 3.5 to 4, hence stones for jewelry pieces like rings require protective settings. Considering its low hardness, Wavellite would be perfect for pendants and earrings only. These stones can be found in jewelry collections less frequently than in gem collections.

Wavellite Real vs Fake

Wavellite is a mineral element of hydrated aluminum phosphate. Additionally, it is a common stone. There are no fake or synthetic versions of Wavellite on the market.


What is Wavellite used for?

Wavellite is used as a meditation stone. The high vibrations of Wavellite stimulate one’s thoughts and psychic powers. 

Is Wavellite rare?

Wavellite is a mineral of aluminium basic phosphate. Although wavellite is a commonly occurring mineral element, the distinct crystals are rare. 

Where is Wavellite found?

Wavellite is majorly found in a wide variety of locations including the Mount Ida, Arkansas area in the Ouachita Mountains. Australia, the UK, Bolivia, Germany, Japan, and Bolivia are a few more notable countries.

How do you cleanse Wavellite?

For cleaning wavellite, one should use a soft brush, mild detergent, and warm water only. It is advised to avoid the use of chemicals for cleaning. 

What is Wavellite worth?

As per the sources, a raw Wavellite crystal would be worth around 10 pounds USD.