Zincite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

What is Zincite?


Zincite is a mineral that is formed by zinc manganese oxide. This mineral occurs in granular masses as well as metamorphic rocks. This crystal occurs in a variety of colors that are bright and beautiful. These colors vary from red, orange, yellow, green, brown, orange-yellow, and many other such colors. The high qualities, as well as high quantities of this crystal, are found mainly in Poland.

Other deposits of Zincite can be found in some other locations such as Namibia, Spain, Australia, Italy, and the USA. Even if it is not found as a natural crystal on the layers of the earth the metaphysical properties that this crystal possesses are stronger than some natural crystals found in layers of the earth which makes this crystal strong and popular. This is because these crystals are more concentrated than others. 

How to Identify a Zincite?

It is very easy to identify this crystal. It is only found in play as well as granular masses. They commonly have blood red color which is filled with Yellow or Orange stripes as patterns on their surface. These characteristics and features can be used to identify a crystal of zincite. 

Where is Zincite Found?

This crystal is found as a mineral formed by zinc oxide (ZnO). It is a very rare crystal. It is exceptionally found in high quality in Franklin as well as Sterling Hill Mines in New Jersey. This area is very popular for fluorescent minerals. 

Zincite Stone Meaning

What is Zincite Stone Meaning

There are many deep meanings and uses for this stone. This crystal stands for self-confidence and self-energizing. The life force energy as well as your zest to live your life will also be enhanced and improved with the help of this crystal. Most of these stones appear in red and orange colors but some other pieces also appear in green and silver colors. These crystals are very pretty and known for their creativity. It will also help to purify the energy as well as vibrations that you reflect on yourself and others. 

It will enhance your willpower and make your intentions pure and strong. It will also increase the quality of love in your life. It will also make sure that what you are creating is among your best potential and it will also keep your ego within a limit and line. It will also make your chakras strong which is present in between your creative powers. It will also motivate you to spread love in your life and the lives of other people. The energy that is reflected by this crystal is so strong that it will immediately clear all the blockages from your Chakras. 

Zincite Crystal Properties

This is one of the reasons that a person should work very carefully and with precautions with this stone. As soon as a person holds this stone in their hand he will be able to feel the energy vibrated by it immediately. This stone is also very effective when there is any conflict either at work or at home.

One of the healing energy that is possessed by this stone is that it brings people with different ideas together so that they can work on a common goal peacefully. This stone also promotes peace as well as harmony. It can make strong existing goals and also gives the power to work on differences among the people so that they can work together without any conflicts. 

Zincite Healing Properties

  • It can also be combined with other crystals and Minerals which can help to heal many situations and diseases that are related to various parts of the body. It is also responsible for healing energy mediums of our bodies as well as the immune system of the body. It can also be used to deal with eye problems when combined with other minerals. It also helps to deal with and trade conditions that are related to mucus. It also helps to treat conditions such as CFS, AIDS, and other autoimmune diseases. 
  • This crystal also helps to deal with free radical particles and block them from affecting the skin. It also helps in the protection of cells as well as the regeneration of cells that are present in the human skin. It also attacks the pollutants and particles that affect the cells of our body and makes them damaged. 
  • It also helps to deal with diseases that are related to the respiratory system. It also helps to treat bronchitis and other similar diseases. This crystal also helps a person that is suffering from any drama to deal with it. It gives a person power and positivity to deal with such shocks as well as trauma and recover from them. 
  • This crystal is also effectively being used to deal with problems that are related to infertility. It also helps the growth and stimulation of organs that perform the functions of elimination as well as assimilation. It makes them strong and increases the life of such organs. 
  • It is also responsible for increasing the energy levels of the physical body. It also helps to regulate the energy from lower chakras to higher Chakras and activate them whenever it is needed. This crystal also promotes stimulation and the activation powers of chakras can be improved with the help of this crystal. 

Zincite Metaphysical Properties

Zincite Metaphysical Properties

Zincite crystal stands for Creative Catharsis. It is highly powerful as well as an energized crystal that is very effective to raise the kundalini life force. This is done by activating different energy levels of Chakras. It is also responsible to dissolve emotional tension and make a person’s Mind free from all psychological inabilities which might be caused by wrong perception, wrong intuition, fault-finding perspective, fear, and negative thoughts. 

Zincite Benefits

  • This crystal is not only beneficial for healing powers and other such uses. It is beneficial in health aspects as well as wealth aspects of your life. The vibrations that are emitted by this crystal give a person the power to manifest and achieve financial goals in their life. 
  • It gives you the power to connect with yourself in a better way as well as other creatures in the physical world. It will also help you to turn your dreams into reality. It will manifest all your goals about making money and all the plans about it to turn into reality by giving you the power to make the required efforts.
  • Many people are afraid to take new steps and new decisions in their life because they do not know what will happen next as a result. It will also help you to connect with the practical mind so that you can take more practical steps and easy decisions for better judgments. It will allow you to speak and put your mind in front of the public and a group of people without any fear. 
  • It will also make you aware of your potential and generate money-making ideas in your mind. It will help you to find money-making ideas and identify which among the ideas is better than others. These ideas can belong to you as well as to other people. It will also help you to identify and put some effort into the ideas that can turn into great business potential in the future. All other business efforts would have to be made by you of course but it will generate ideas and clear the path for you so that you can take the right decision and do the right investment at the right time. 
  • This crystal will also help you to concentrate on your chakras and move energy from lower levels to higher levels. It will help you to resonate with your chakras levels. It will help to stimulate the levels of creativity as well as imagination in your mind and body. It will also offer you the power to fill energy in your whole body. It will also develop personal strength as well as confidence in your mind and body.
  • It will also increase the levels of intuition in your mind. It will also make you strong enough to move forward in your life especially if you are going through a crisis or a bad situation. It will also make a person more active if he is lethargic and lazy. It will also make a person strong when life is making certain changes and makes them realize that these changes are necessary. It will also clear your mind and remove all the negative thoughts and unnecessary energy so that you can think of ideas that can make you financially strong. It will also make your relationship with other people better and also with those people who have similar Minds to yours. 

Zincite Benefits Spirituality

Benefits of Zincite Spiritually

  • For a person who has been distracted from the spiritual path or trying to connect with his spiritual self has a better opportunity to do so with the help of this crystal. It also helps a person to understand the importance of spirituality and lead a life towards spirituality. 
  • It will also help a person to attract to all aspects of life. It will help them to connect with other realms and worlds through spirituality. It helps them to understand the importance of other beings and understand them equally. 

Zincite Birthstone

This stone also works as a birthstone for people that are born under the symbol Taurus. It enhances necessary changes in their life which are important to make life better and also removes laziness from their life. It helps them to deal with many diseases related to eyes, hair, Menopause, and other such things. It also treats infertility and improves the immune system of the body. It also improves the systems that are related to assimilation and elimination functions in the body. 

Zincite Chakras

It is a very useful mineral in activating the powers of chakras and regulating powers through it. It is also very useful for a person who has failed or ignored to activate the powers through his lower Chakras. It helps them to regulate energy from lower chakras to higher chakras and maintain this process regularly. It also activates the Crown Chakra as well as Root chakras. It is also ideal for the sacral and solar plexus. Every different color of this crystal is responsible for activating a different Chakra. 

What are the Uses of Zincite?

What are the Uses of Zincite?

  • This is a very powerful crystal that has many uses. It has many metaphysical properties that are responsible for stimulating the whole system of your body as well as your mind. It will also make your mind strong. It will also boost the higher levels of your chakras and activate them. You will be able to easily control your Chakras and use them whenever you want in the right way. This crystal is very useful and impressive for people who want to work on their Chakras and make them better. This crystal is very effective when people have forgotten or failed to work on lower lovers of their Chakras. 
  • The powers of stone are quite powerful and can be used during manifestation. The power of intuition in your mind and body will become strong and you will be able to understand every Miner’s visions as well as signs that the universe is sending to you. 
  • It will also generate new ideas in your mind and enhance the levels of creativity in your mind. This crystal also promotes the stimulation of creativity in your body so that you would not be feared to take new decisions in your life. 
  • It is very useful for people who want to search for and understand their psychic abilities. It helps people to enhance their psychic abilities so that they can understand and use them when it is needed to be used. 
  • This is a very helpful stone for people who are often blocked by many problems and other such things which stop them from take better decisions for a better future. It is very active in removing those blocks so that the life of a person can continue its flow and be constant. It will also restore the power of creativity as well as a manifestation in the life of a person. 
  • This crystal also has a very different form of vibrations. As soon as a person holds this crystal in their hand he will be able to feel all the energy as well as vibrations that are stored in it and are manifested by it. They will be able to connect with this stone and the vibrations that it reflects very easily and use it whenever it is needed. It also makes that person very strong and filled with positive thoughts. These energies and vibrations will also help you to find a different path and a new path that a person is searching for.
  • It will also help you to approach something that you have been trying to possess for a very long time but is not still in your possession. It will also help you to find new capabilities as well as the potential that can make your life better. 
  • This crystal is also known as a transfer stone. This means that it will be very effective whenever a person is going through a transformation phase in their life. It will help a person to transform their life into a form that is more desired and better. This crystal will also help you to concentrate and focus on your goal. It will also help a person to focus on the things that are more important in their life and ignore all failures and also prevent the person from giving up on their goals. 

Caring for Zincite

Caring for Zincite

This stone is one of those crystals that if a person wears regularly and wants the best result then it should be taken care of regularly. High precautions should be taken to maintain the integrity of the stone and maintain its quality as long as you have it. Steaming this crystal is not a good idea so never steam this crystal to take care of it. If an ultrasonic is being used to clean disc crystal then it should be done with distilled water. Heating disc crystal within an ultrasonic is not a good idea. 

This stone can easily be scratched as well as broken if it is kept on a surface. So make sure when you are keeping it or placing it on a surface you are highly careful while doing so. Also, make sure that you place it in the right way and the right position. This is because this crystal is a very soft stone. It is better to not use this crystal while making it a part of a ring because it is better as a part of a necklace, earrings, pins, broaches, and other such things. 

How to Recharge Your Zincite

It is very easy to recharge this crystal. It can be washed with distilled water and rubbed properly but gently to activate or recharge it. It can also be put in a solution of vinegar to recharge it. Whenever it is recharged or activated its energy and vibrations can be felt instantly. A person will be able to feel its energy going into his mind and body instantly as soon as he holds this crystal in his hand. 

How much is Zincite worth?

This crystal is one of the rarest minerals. It is also very difficult to cut as well as assemble which makes most of the gems. It also occurs in many beautiful colors. These are some of the few reasons which make it very expensive and increase its worth. It can cost $40-$65 per carat but this cost can vary according to the different qualities of the Crystal. The cost of this crystal is different in wholesale markets. It is also different for natural crystals as well as man-made crystals. 

What Determines Zincite’s Price and Value?

What Determines Zincite’s Price and Value?

The price, as well as the value of this crystal, is determined by the qualities that it is found in. The quality when combined with the quantity determines the final worth of this crystal. It is one of the rarest minerals which is also very hard to cut and make part of the jewelry. The process which is involved in making this crystal up to the mark and turning it into the final piece determines its price and value. 

Does Zincite make a Good Jewelry Stone?

This crystal is very difficult to cut and turn into a high-quality final Piece. It makes this crystal very difficult to be a part of a good jewelry piece. It is a very rare mineral and highly wanted by mineral collectors but unfortunately, most people do not have much interest in getting this crystal as a part of their jewelry pieces. But this crystal can still be worn for aesthetic looks and spiritual reasons. Those who wear it for spiritual reasons have a better understanding of the energy levels of this crystal. It is also collected to make them a 

Zincite Real vs Fake

Zincite Real vs Fake

This is a very rare crystal that occurs in different beautiful colors. Some of these crystals of a particular color can be found only occasionally. A person can easily differentiate between a real crystal and a fake crystal if he is aware and has full knowledge about it. A fake crystal will be very symmetrical in its crystalline form when seen under a microscope. But this is not the case with the real zincite crystal. A real crystal has a rough shape and Ashes in it but no ashes can be found in a fake crystal. So it is very easy to differentiate between a fake and a real crystal through these factors. 

Summary of Zincite

Name of Crystal Zincite
Precious Yes
Semi Precious No
Other Names Red-Zinc Ore
Origin(s) USA
Color(s) Red, Orange
Formation Zincite, in the gem world, is primarily a man-made material, being produced by zinc smelters in Poland as a by-product of zinc metal extraction from ore.
Majorly Found at USA
Zodiac Suited for Taurus
Chakra Root Chakra
Sacral Chakra
Solar Plexus Chakra
Crystal Meaning When you are stuck or mentally depleted, Zincite offers an energetic reset. This highly charged stone revitalizes the body by raising the kundalini life force through the chakras.
Types of Crystal Hexagonal crystal structure
Healing Properties Zincite is believed to bring inner peace and balance emotions
Health Benefits The stone’s purported healing abilities include restoring your strength and energy
Uses As a healing stone
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? No
Goes in Moon Water? No
Moh’s Scale 3 – 1
Real Its blood-red colour and orange-yellow streak are characteristic, as is also its common association with black franklinite and white calcite
Fake There is a color difference


What is Zincite made of?

Zincite is a mineral that is formed from zinc oxide (ZnO). It is usually found in granular masses as well as platy masses. 

How is Zincite formed?

This mineral is formed naturally and is found only in a few places on the earth. The perfect crystals of this mineral are rare to find. Some specimens of this crystal were accidentally formed through the gas handling system of a Polish zinc smelter. Over the years the crystals of zincite were crystallized in smokestacks cavities. 

Is Zincite a rare mineral?

Yes, it is a rare mineral. The crystal forms of this mineral are very rare to find in nature. Franklin and Sterling Hill Mines in New Jersey is an exception where these crystals are found in high quality and quantity. 

What is Zincite used for?

This mineral is widely used for healing and spiritual purposes. It can heal various diseases. It also heals the mind and soul of a person. It improves the chakras and increases energy levels in the body. 

Is Zincite man-made?

Yes, these crystals can also be produced artificially. Synthetic crystals are highly grown by the process of zinc smelting. 

How much is Zincite worth?

These crystals can be worth $40-$65 per carat when bought wholesale. The cost also depends on the quantity and quality of these crystals.