Andradite Garnet Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Andradite Garnet is a spiritual gemstone that is based on the Earthly colours of olive and green. It is considered to be one of the finest spiritual gemstones for elevating one’s perceptive skills and empowering their self-realisation. This crystal has been used for many decades for providing power and security from everything negative in the surrounding.

Andradite Garnet is a calcium-iron silicate. It was named after a famous mineralogist from the Portuguese named d’Andrada. There are many kinds of Andradite Garnet crystals that possess the same metaphysical and healing powers based on their colours and forms. 

Andradite Garnet

What is Andradite Garnet?

Andradite Garnet is an elegant gemstone that is composed of calcium iron silicates. As believed by many ancient metaphysical healers, this gemstone is an essential stone for providing the utmost levels of protection and security from all evil energies and entities in the surrounding of the wearer. It is a dynamic and flexible gemstone that has many healing and protective properties.  

The Andradite Garnet gemstones that have darker colours and shades are said to have an immensely positive impact on the individual’s relationships and friendships. It is said to enhance one’s perception of their spiritual and physical life. When it comes to emotional health, this gemstone helps the wearer to become emotionally stronger and have insight into their emotional patterns and behaviours at different points. 

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How To Identify an Andradite Garnet?

In the family of Garnet gemstones, Andradite Garnet is one of the most well-known gemstones for its lustre and sparkle. For the perfect identification of this gemstone, the following physical properties of the stone should be looked up to. 

  • Colour:- The colour of Andradite Garnet is usually yellow, orange, brown, pink, red, grey, etc. 
  • Hardness:- Andradite Garnet has a hardness level of 6.5 to 7.5 on the MOHS hardness scale. 
  • Transparency:- Andradite Garnets are mostly transparent. Certain varieties may be opaque too. 
  • Cleavage:- None. 
  • Lustre:- The lustre of Andradite Garnet is Adamantine and/or Sub-metallic. 

Where is Andradite Garnet Found?

Andradite Garnet is a beautiful gemstone that is known for its elegance and rarity. These gemstones, in their natural form, are found rarely in different deposits in Russia, Ukraine and Italy. Other places where the Andradite Garnet crystals can be found are as follows:-

  • Arizona 
  • California 
  • Mali
  • Africa
  • Czech 
  • USA 

Andradite Garnet Stone Meaning

What is Andradite Garnet Stone Meaning? 

Healers that use crystals for healing purposes describe Andradite Garnet as a spiritual stone that promotes the spiritual well-being and empowerment of an individual. This stone helps the user to face every high and low of life with a strong will and mindset. With enhanced thinking skills and reasoning with this gemstone, one is able to think in many different directions to increase the quality of their thoughts and ideas. 

Andradite Garnet, as believed by most metaphysical healers, is a crystal that helps the wearer to create optimistic changes in their innovative skills. It provides all the support and resources one may require to reach the highest level of spirituality. These gemstones work great when the wearer uses them by themselves in a quiet and peaceful environment. 

This gemstone is a great stone to increase one’s interactive and communication skills. It helps the wearer to rise above their introverted shell and inspires them to broaden their network. The wearer is enabled to mingle with other people and also gain positive and uplifting ideas and opinions from them. These opinions can help them have a better perspective on certain things and about the world in general. 

Andradite Garnet Crystal Properties

Andradite Garnet Healing Properties

Andradite Garnet Healing Properties. 

According to many healing circles, Andradite Garnet possesses a ton of healing properties. Here are some of the most important healing properties of this gemstone.  

  • Physical Healing Properties Of Andradite Garnet

Andradite Garnet is an excellent gemstone for the creation of red blood cells. It plays an important role in the energising of the liver. It enables the increased creation of iron, calcium and magnesium in the different parts of the body. Vitality, stamina and physical form are enhanced by this gemstone. 

This gemstone works well for having regular periods and it corrects the menstrual cycle too. Andradite Garnet is used for enhancing eyesight and aids different eyesight-related issues. This gemstone is also a master healer of different bodily concerns and ailments like frequent fever, cold, bronchial pains, tumours and blockages, artery-related blockages and much more. 

Many types of Andradite Garnet help in the strengthening of bones, tissue and muscles. When the wearer is all set to meditate or perform different yoga asanas, this gemstone helps the body to adjust in different postures and forms. This gemstone makes the body flexible and fit. It is also a gemstone for aiding various kinds of cancers, strokes, heart attacks, arthritis and much more. 

  • Emotional Healing Properties Of Andradite Garnet

When it comes to the emotional health of the wearer, this gemstone works wonders in increasing the emotional strength of the wearer. This gemstone helps the wearer to create a balance in the different emotions they are feeling at a certain point. It also stabilises the emotions that one feels and reacts upon respectively. 

When social validation is an important factor for increasing one’s self-esteem, this gemstone enables the wearer to understand that self-image and self-perspective is the most important thing ever. It helps the wearer to love themselves regardless of what others may think about them. 

This gemstone helps the wearer to get rid of different self-esteem-depreciating feelings and emotions like isolation, alienation, fear of loneliness, fear of getting judged by peers and much more. When these feelings slowly vanish from the existence of the mind, the wearer is able to build strong and positive bonds with the people around them. 

  • Chakra Healing Properties Of Andradite Garnet

Andradite Garnet is associated with the heart chakra. It manages the interaction and commutation the wearer has with the external world. It controls what the wearer embraces and what they tend to avoid. It helps the wearer to be themselves and be comfortable in their own skin in the external environment. 

With the heart chakra in balance with the help of this gemstone, the wearer is able to reduce the feelings of being controlled in a relationship. Or it gets them to get rid of the urge of being controlling of their significant other. It helps the wearer to be more accommodative and considerate in the relationship. 

Andradite Garnet is widely used for reducing blockages in the heart chakra. And it enables the realignment of it as well. This realignment helps the wearer to understand their emotions, needs and requirements in the best way possible. This gemstone provides clarity to the emotional cycle and flow of the relationships the wearer might be a part of. It also helps the wearer to accept the changes, ups and downs in them. 

Andradite Garnet is also associated with the base or root chakra. These chakras are responsible for the creation of all the spiritual and physical energies in the body. It helps in the strengthening of the Base and Sacral chakras that enables the wearer to know the remedies for their problems in life. And also know the ways through which they can increase their overall well-being. 

Andradite Garnet Metaphysical Properties

Andradite Garnet is a superior stone for enhancing creativity and attention. It enhances the willpower of the wearer. It helps the wearer to realise their dreams and also motivates them to make their dreams come true. When used for meditation, this gemstone enables the wearer to uncover their higher purposes in life. It is a stone to attract wealth, abundance and prosperity in all aspects of life. 

This gemstone is widely used by people who have weak and emotional hearts as it helps in increasing emotional strength. According to many metaphysical healers, this gemstone is a symbol of security and communication. It is said to increase the ability of the wearer to form healthy and long-lasting relationships and friendships. It also helps the wearer to maintain healthy conversations in relationships and avoid conflicts. 

Andradite Garnet helps the wearer to avoid being clingy in a relationship and also learn to provide enough space to their partner. This gemstone will also help the wearer to face all their weaknesses and embrace their abilities too. No matter how challenging a situation may get, the wearer will be able to face it with a lot of courage and strength. This stone enables the wearer to reduce feelings of jealousy and insecurities to make sure that their relationships do not turn toxic. 

Andradite Garnet enables the wearer to enjoy their own company and be happy when they are lonely. It reduces feelings of loneliness and alienation. If the wearer feels that they are being left out of their social group, this gemstone will help them to overcome that feeling. 

Andradite Garnet Benefits

Andradite Garnet Benefits

The benefits of Andradite Garnet are reflected in its ability to keep the wearer safe, secure, protected and strengthened at all times. It is a spiritual stone. It provides the wearer with the ability to get in touch with their spiritual being and heal themselves even more. It provides protection from the impact of all the ups and downs of life. 

Andradite Garnet is an extremely dynamic and versatile stone. It instigates creativity and innovation in an individual. It provides the most important thing that one may need for personal development, which is constant support and motivation. It also enhances different qualities like courage, strength and power. 

The various colours of Andradite Garnet gemstones will enable the wearer to choose their ideal and preferred career. It will also help them to excel in their chosen field. This stone inspires and motivates the wearer to attain the abilities of perseverance and hard work. It provides the wearer with a complete and clear image of realities which provides them with the strength to face it with a strong will. 

Andradite Garnet is the perfect gemstone for filling the wearer with a motivational drive to work hard towards achieving their goals. It will add the important touches of hard work and determination which will enable the wearer to achieve the best results of their hard work and perseverance in a small amount of time. 

Andradite Garnet is a gemstone that will keep the wearer down to earth. It will teach the important lesson of staying grounded no matter how successful or rich one may get. It is extremely important to stay true to where one is coming from and remember how hard one has worked to achieve what they have now which is done with the help of the gemstone. 

This gemstone has the ability to teach the wearer to not take situations and circumstances too critically and always maintain a sense of calmness in various tough situations and tasks imposed on them. It will teach the wearer that it is absolutely okay to make mistakes and that mistakes are an integral part of completing a task or a job. 

When paired with the gemstone Turquoise, Andradite Garnet gemstones will enhance the emotional well-being of the wearer. It will make the wearer more emotionally responsive towards the different stimuli in the external and internal world. 

These gemstones remove all the blockages one may go through at different points in their life. The blockages that stop the wearer from realising their true desires or the blockages that stop the wearer to achieve their goals and aims are all removed by the constant use of Andradite Garnet. 

Andradite Garnet is an important gemstone for the formation of blood in the body. It enhances blood circulation to the different parts of the body. It also helps in the formation of white blood cells and platelets which promotes a stronger and more efficient immune system. Different organs like the liver and kidney are energised by this gemstone. 

If the wearer is finding it difficult to stay fit and healthy no matter how hard they try, this gemstone will inspire them to keep themselves fit and energetic tomboy creating a fitness regime or nutritious diet for themselves. This will not only enhance their internal health but will also help them to get into their ideal shape. 

Andradite Garnet is a good gemstone for making the menstrual cycle balanced and regular. Women with different menstruation and reproductive problems like PCOD and PCOS are enabled to maintain a regular period cycle with the healing powers and benefits of this crystal. 

Andradite Garnet Benefits Spirituality

Andradite Garnet is a spiritual gemstone widely used for realigning the magnetic force of the body. And purifying and expanding one’s aura. It opens the metaphysical vision and spiritual vision. This gemstone is a spirituality enhancer stone that promotes a higher spiritual thought process and self-empowerment. It protects the wearer against all evil entities and negative energies as it is a protective and safeguarding stone. 

Linked with the pituitary gland, this stone instigates widened awareness and past life-recalling abilities in the wearer. It provides an ‘out of the body experience to the user. When it comes to the wearer’s relationships, this gemstone provides support for the development and understanding of one another. It helps in getting rid of destructive feelings such as jealousy, loneliness, insecurity, over-protectiveness, etc. 

Andradite Garnet is known for its environment and energy-purifying abilities that enhance spirituality and emotional balance. It provides the right amount of light in the life of the user. When placed in different rooms and corners of the house, this gemstone prevents the onset of triggers and nightmares in children. It removes negative residential energies and fills the home with peace and prosperity. 

Andradite Garnet Birthstone

The traditional Andradite Garnet gemstones are the birthstones for the month of January. 

Andradite Garnet Chakras

The chakras associated and related to Andradite Garnet are as follows:- 

Uses Of Andradite Garnet

The uses of Andradite Garnet are as follows:-

  • Andradite Garnet gemstones are usually used for enhancing one’s sexual performance and stamina. It solves issues around libido and sexual intimacy. It helps the wearer be clear about their physical needs and requirements from their partner. 
  • This gemstone is extremely important for flushing out toxins from the body. It helps in the boost and regulation of blood flow to the heart and brain. 
  • This gemstone plays an important role in keeping the metabolism rates balanced and in check at all times. It also makes sure that the body is able to absorb all the important nutrients and vitamins from the food that has been consumed. 
  • This gemstone helps the wearer to strengthen their bones and tissues. It maintains the perfect posture for yoga and meditation purposes. Minor ailments and illnesses are easily avoided and cured by this gemstone. 
  • This gemstone is widely used for enhancing relationships and friendships. When the wearer experiences toxicity or negativity in his/her relationships, they are able to fix it with the help of this stone.
  • Andradite Garnet gemstones are used for protection and security purposes. It keeps the wearer safeguarded from all kinds of emotional and mental blockages that affect them in the long run. 
  • With warm and vibrant colours, this gemstone is used for uplifting moods and making the atmosphere happy and joyful. It is also a magnet for wealth and prosperity. 
  • Andradite Garnet gemstones promote maximum absorption of the important vitamins and minerals in the body. It increases the levels of iron, calcium and magnesium too in the body. 
  • With increased self-esteem and a positive self-image, one is able to stop finding faults in themselves and start loving themselves for who they are with the use of this beautiful gemstone. 
  • If the wearer is stuck in a spiritually compromising state where they are not able to get out, this gemstone provides them with a helping hand to stand up for themselves and stay true to their natural self. 

Caring for Andradite Garnet

Compared to other gemstones in the Garnet family, Andradite Garnet crystals are pretty hard and tough. They can be cleaned with warm soapy water. All it takes to clean them is to create a solution of water and soap in a bowl. Keep the gemstone in the solution for some time. Then remove it from the solution and rinse it with clean lukewarm water. Once washed completely, it can be pat-dried with a soft cotton cloth. Or it can be kept for air drying. Once dried thoroughly, store it in a cool and dry place.  

Since Andradite Garnet gemstone is hard and tough, it can be used for jewellery purposes too. The jewellery containing the gemstones must be washed once every one or two months or when dirt articles are formed on it. The stones that have fractures in them must not be cleaned through steam and other harsh cleaning methods. One can also use ultrasonic cleaners for Andradite Garnet gemstones with expert supervision. 

How Much Is Andradite Garnet Worth?

Andradite Garnet gemstones are pretty rare. That’s why they are pretty costly too. Usually, the worth of the gemstones highly depends on their variety and type. Specifically, the colour of the gemstone decides its worth. Other factors on which the worth is dependent on it the size and authenticity of the gemstone. Large chunks of Andradite Garnet gemstones can cost thousands of dollars. The most authentic and pure Andradite Garnet crystals are available in different types of faceted cuts that may cost around a couple of thousands of dollars per carat. 

Does Andradite Garnet Make A Good Jewelry Stone?

Does Andradite Garnet Make A Good Jewellery Stone?

Since Andradite Garnets come in colourful rainbow colours, it makes an ideal stone for jewellery. The hardness and toughness levels of these stones make them a jeweller’s favourite stone. Garnet crystals are used for making a wide range of beautiful and elegant jewellery pieces that range from exquisite necklaces to gorgeous tiaras. 

Before one buys Andradite Garnet jewellery pieces, one must check the carat, cut, colour and clarity of the gemstone to make sure that they are genuine and authentic. Andradite Garnet rings are a perfect way to accessorise any kind of outfit. Andradite Garnet not only has spiritual properties, but it can become a great style statement too. Based on one’s taste in colours, this stone can be used as a ring stone as it looks absolutely mesmerising and eye-catching when polished and cut in elegant designs. 

Andradite Garnet gemstones can make a great stone for pendants too. These pendants can be worn on silver or gold chains that will easily compliment any outfit and hairstyle one goes for. Andradite Garnet necklaces are pretty trendy too. Different coloured gemstones can be combined to make one beautiful piece of jewellery that will surely turn heads everywhere it is worn. 

Andradite Garnet Real vs Fake

Andradite Garnet Real vs Fake. 

The different ways to tell if an Andradite Garnet gemstone is real or fake are as follows:- 

  • Search For Impurities:- Depending on the type of stone, these gemstones are usually eye-clean. One can barely see any impurities in the red stones. However, the orange stones have some impurities. So when one is looking for red Andradite Garnets, one must make sure that there are no impurities in them. For the orange stones, they must look out for minor inclusions. If the case of impurities is otherwise than the above-mentioned, then the crystal in question may not be genuine. 
  • Look At Its Rainbow Reflection:- Andradite Garnets are well-known for their rainbow hues that create a rainbow pattern reflection. An easy way to look at the reflection of the stone is by holding it close to the eye. Then under a light source, look through the axis of the stone. If a rainbow pattern reflection is created, then the stone is genuine. If not, then it is probably imitation or fake. 

In The Light Of This Information 

Andradite Garnets are superior stones when it comes to enhancing the quality of one’s relationships with others and with themselves too. This gemstone works wonders for meditation and manifestation purposes. For gaining the highest level of spirituality, one can blindly trust the healing powers of this gemstone and see its effects on their spiritual life. Since this gemstone comes in a beautiful variety of rainbow colours, it is an excellent crystal for jewellery pieces and a jeweller’s favourite gemstone too! 

Summary of Andradite Garnet

Name of Crystal Andradite Garnet
Precious Yes
Semi Precious No
Other Names Pyrope, Almandine, Demantoid Garnet
Origin(s) Republic of Mali, Africa
Color(s) Yellowish Green, Brownish Red, Black , Green, Yellow, Brown
Formation Andradite Garnet genstones are rock-forming stones that are mostly formed in metamorphic and igneous rocks.
Majorly Found at Iran, Italy, Arizona, California
Zodiac Suited for Aquarius
Chakra Heart Chakra
Root Chakra
Sacral Chakra
Solar Plexus Chakra
Crystal Meaning Andradite Garnet is a spiritual stone that promotes the spiritual well-being and empowerment of an individual. This stone helps the user to face every highs and lows of life with a strong will and mindset.
Types of Crystal Melanite, Topazolite and Demantoid.
Healing Properties Andradite Garnet genstones keeps the wearer safe and secured from negative energies. It helps the wearer to enhance their creativity and innovation.
Health Benefits Andradite Garnet genstones helps in the formation of red blood cells. It enhances emotional strength and willpower.
Uses It is used for enhancing the quality of relationships. It is an excellent stone for jewellery.
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 6.5
Real Real gemstones will reflect a rainbow coloured reflection.
Fake Fake gemstones will be scratched easily.


Is Andradite Garnet rare?

Yes. Andradite Garnet is a rare gemstone. 

What is Andradite Garnet worth?

Andradite Garnet’s rarity makes it a gemstone that has been worth thousands of dollars based on how pure and authentic the particular stone is. 

Where can Andradite be found?

Andradite gemstones can be found in different countries and continents like Africa, Arizona, California, Mali, USA and much more. 

Which is the rarest garnet?

Uvarovite is the rarest gemstone in the Garnet gemstone family. 

What is the best quality garnet?

The Pyrope, Almandine and Andradite Garnet gemstones are the best quality garnets.