Blue Agate Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Blue Agate is a very beautiful stone, featuring its lovely blue colour, purple undertones and white veins, along with spiritual powers. Agate stones produce practically all the colours the earth is capable of producing in the colourful bands found in nature. They are even referred to as “the earth rainbow” for this reason. And here is this Blue lace agate stone, known for peace, royalty and tranquillity. 

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What is Blue Agate?

What is Blue Agate

Blue lace agate is a mineral from the quartz family and a variety of banded Chalcedony. The light blue colour of the stone gives it beautifully soft, relaxing qualities evocative of pure sky-blue lakes, and it is quite resilient. On the Mohr scale, blue agate rates high for hardness. 

The gem is covered in layers of blue bands, the majority of which range in brightness from a soft blue that is nearly sapphire blue. The blue colour is known for royalty and tranquillity. These stones may have brown threads as well.

Agate is formed as a lump in lava or volcanic rocks, or from veins or fissures in the volcanic rock that have been filled. This stone also has a calm, graceful, and peaceful vibration. It is a reassuring and nurturing crystal that imparts power to its user with unmistakably motherly feelings. In terms of hardness on the Mohs scale, blue agate ranks between 6.5 and 7. It is silicate as well.

How To Identify A Blue Agate?

How to identify Blue agate?

The first thing to observe to identify a blue agate stone is, of course, the colour of the stone. Blue Agate stone comes in varieties of blue shades from light sky blue to dark royal blue. The next is the hardness; blue agate stone is extremely hard. You can also find some markings, like streaks circular bands or cloudy patterns on them but no two same have the same markings. 

  • Blue Agate Color

The stone’s blue colour is symbolic of sentiments of tranquilly and calmness. Additionally, it feels chilly to the touch, which many people believe will assist the stone’s bearer to maintain composure.

Although certain blue agate, such as “Holley blue agate” and blue lace agate, exist naturally, dyeing is the method used most frequently to produce the colour in blue agate.

While dying rocks and minerals may make them appear extremely attractive and colourful, they lose their original aesthetic, which is why it is a little contentious. The coloured rocks tend to sell a lot more readily than the natural ones. 

  • Blue agate Cuts

To give agate stones a neat and organised look, they are occasionally cut or faceted. Some stones are even tumbled while others may be polished.

  • Blue agate Shapes

Shapes: Blue Agate

A rock or mineral can also be polished or tumbled to bring out its colour in addition to dying. So is the case with blue agate too. 

It’s so common that you can even purchase your rock tumblers for this sport. Although they take time, rock tumblers may bring out the finest in a rock. Agate faces and slices typically receive this sort of treatment to give them a tidy and clean appearance as well as bring out their strata. Some rocks are not tumbled but rather straight-on polished.

Where is Blue Agate Found?

Blue lace agate was first discovered in Namibia. Now it is mined in the United States of America, South Africa, China, Brazil, and sections of India. Other nations like Uruguay, Botswana, Australia and Myanmar bear traces of this stone.

Agate develops as a nodule in volcanic rocks, lava, or from veins or fissures in volcanic rock that are filled with minerals. 

What is the Meaning of Blue Agate Stone? 

Blue Agate Meaniing

Blue agate is known to give its wearer emotional makeovers. The stone is used to promote emotional strength and healing to maintain physical health.

Blue agate grounds you while also enlightening you. It is one of the nicest stones you may have in your life if you’re experiencing feelings of anxiety, loneliness, or despondency. This blue hue of the stone is referred to as heavenly. It is so because it symbolises the beautiful blue sky of a summer day.

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Blue Agate Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Agate stones have historically been found among the Neolithic people’s artefacts, and it is known that they were employed for both decoration and healing. Since the time of ancient Greece’s Golden Age, its value for healing has been acknowledged. Ancient Indian and Chinese cultures held it in high regard.

Bluestones are now used by colour healers to identify and cure issues, especially with the throat. Additionally, blue light has historically been linked to poise and tranquillity.

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What are Blue Agate Crystal properties? 

Properties of Blue Agate Crystal

Color Blue symbolises royalty and trust. Blue agate can direct you toward the way of enlightenment. It shields you from any unfavourable feelings and ideas while also calming you because of its attractive blue colour. 

What Are Blue agate Healing Properties? 

Blue Agate Healing Properties

When it comes to its therapeutic abilities, Blue Agate can promote serenity and peace as well as remove any obstructions that are keeping you from finding solutions. It also carries subtle energies that can aid in your quest for equilibrium and stability. It eliminates bad feelings and thoughts while bringing more joy and love into your life.

Any throat-related illness is said to be cured by blue lace agate. It is supposed to have the power to soothe and chill the ferocious burning of an itchy or scratchy throat.

Blue Agate Physical Healing

The lymphatic system may be cleansed, inflammation can be reduced, and blue agate helps lower fevers. It will aid with thyroid deficiencies, throat and lymph infections, and the speedy regeneration of broken or damaged bones. Additionally, blue agate may aid in the recovery of itchy, rosy skin and painful eyes. It encourages restful sleep and brings down excessive blood pressure.

It is said to aid in the healing of fractures, the reduction of arthritic symptoms, and the prevention of bone deformities. Additionally, Blue Agate may be used to increase the advantages of sound-based healing. It’s because this stone focuses sound frequencies where they are most required.

Blue Agate Emotional Healing

Blue agate supports mental and emotional well-being. It has maternal and feminine energy in its soft vibrations. When you start to feel anxious, they will also ease your emotions and allay your anxieties.

Blue Agate can assist you in cleaning your aura because of its powerful effect on your throat chakra when it comes to awakening old emotions brought on by suppressed sentiments and a refusal to speak out.

The stone promotes kindness, composure, and a good outlook that can help you recover from whatever illness or injury you may be experiencing.

What are Blue Agate Metaphysical Properties?

The stone is endowed with calm and soft energy that brings peace to the mind. This stone’s main function is to uplift its wearer, especially when they are under stress or doubting themselves. 

Most importantly, it is ideal for use in throat chakra healing. Almost all types of communication benefit from it as well. It facilitates communication with people, heavenly creatures and other dimensions. Releasing the tension related to communication obstructions is supposed to assist you in verbalising yourself correctly and communicating efficiently.

Blue agate is a beautiful gift for lovers because it also represents trust. It is a stone that is incredibly caring and supportive, and any kind of bitterness or hatred is eradicated by this stone. It may help lower fevers and illnesses.

Blue Agate Benefits

Benefits of Blue agate

As aforementioned, the colour blue is linked to loyalty, truth, and dependability. As a result of its affinity with the heart chakra, this stone can helps us develop our capacity for unrestricted love.

Blue lace agate is thought to be a representation of tranquilly and freedom, which reduces stress and, in turn, can strengthen your immune system. Most significantly for people who experience stage fright, loathe public speaking, or feel insecure, the stone is a blessing to them.

Blue Agate is one of the most effective healing stones. Some illnesses and ills are thought to be cured and soothed by their therapeutic qualities. When you wear this stone as a necklace or pendant, it can aid in the healing of respiratory conditions such as throat and neck issues.

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Blue Agate Benefits Spirituality

Blue agate is an excellent gemstone for bringing your mind, body, and spirit into harmony as well as for encouraging you to calm down and find your core. It changes hostile energy into uplifting energy. In actuality, it’s the start of a fresh chapter.

Almost all agate stones promote mental performance, focus, perception, and analytical skills. It is a relaxing and soothing gemstone that eases inner rage and tension and promotes the development of close bonds, fostering safety and security. When you’re exhausted from juggling all the facets of your life, this is the stone to turn to for stability and equilibrium.

Blue Agate & Feng Shui

Blue Lace Agate activates the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras, and helps cultivate higher states of being and consciousness. Agate’s balancing energy makes it a wonderful addition to the Health and Knowledge area of your home. 

Place an agate stone in the centre of your home or bedroom to activate the health area. For Knowledge enhancement, use this stone in the leftmost corner of the house. 

Set an intention for the crystal to invite grounding energy and bring balance into your life. If you want to create more harmony between these two sides of yourself, try meditating with agate or placing an agate crystal in your bedroom.

Blue Agate Birthstone

Although it is not a customary birthstone for a birth month, agate is the birthstone for the Gemini zodiac sign. Blue agate has lovely, harmonious properties and energies that are correlated with Gemini sign births. Geminis are often gregarious, energetic, and optimistic people. The stone helps them to balance their emotions. It is also an ideal talisman stone for flighty Geminis since it promotes lateral thinking and the ability to make decisions in life.

For those born between February 19 and March 20, this stone serves as their birthstone. Blue Agate can inspire persons who were born in this time to come up with fantastic and original ideas for starting over. The blue hue assists them to project confidence and assertiveness, which will get the respect of their business partners.

Blue Agate Chakras

Blue Agate Chakra

The Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra are closely related to blue agate crystals. Helps you overcome any stage fright and provides you with the gut to express your ideas. The throat chakra serves as both the body’s voice and a pressure valve through which the energy of other chakras may be expressed.

Professionals in public speaking or individuals who frequently utilise their voices, such as singers, actors, and musicians, frequently wear the stone or keep it in their pockets. It helps people express themselves more clearly, calm their tensions, and clear their minds, which helps them focus and think quickly on their feet.

The calming energy of the stone helps to calm overactive minds and thereby this stone is best for anyone struggling with ideas in meditation or overthinking.

You may apply it on the Third Eye chakra in addition to the throat chakra to calm racing thoughts and those of others. The third eye chakra is the seat of control and perception. It will guide both your sight and regular awareness of the outside environment. This chakra is also where our consciousness is placed.

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Summary of Blue Agate Crystal

Name of Crystal Blue Agate
Other Names
Blue Chalcedony Lace, Blue Lace, or Blue Lace Agate
Origin(s) Namibia
Blue varies from very light to sapphire blue
Precious Yes
Semi-Precious No
Nodule in volcanic rocks, lava, or from filled veins or fissures in the volcanic rock.
Majorly Found at
United States of America, South Africa, China, Brazil, some parts of India
Zodiac Suited for Gemini
Chakra Heart Chakra
Healing Properties
known for peace, royalty and tranquillity. Eliminates negativity and transforms it into positivity, stabilising your aura. It resonates with unconditional love and harmony and brings peace and calm
Health Benefits
Good gemstone for sleep. Helps ease scratchy or itchy throat. Lowers body temperature. It will aid with thyroid deficiencies, throat and lymph infections too.
Types of Crystal Precious
Useful for people with insomnia. As a showpiece. In pieces of jewelry. Boosts confidence levels and helps one to speak their voice confidently.
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 6.5-7
Color, hardness, and some markings, like streaks circular bands or cloudy patterns
No two stones have the same markings.

What Are The Uses of Blue Agate?

What are the Uses of Blue Agate

Blue agate can be used as a showpiece in your common space or any other aesthetically pleasing part of the house. If you have to talk or perform in front of an audience but are nervous about it, you can carry it in your pocket. Thanks to the stone it helps in more effective communication with great ideas.

The blue colour of the stone looks wonderful when placed in jewellery. It makes a good jewellery stone and gives any ensemble a stunning flair. However, since the stone is hard enough, it should not be paired with any other delicate gemstone.

The stone does, however, possess a significant amount of its power, which is advantageous to the bearer on several levels. Due to its connection to the heart chakra, this stone can assist us all in expanding our capacity for unconditional love.

The Blue Agate has an immediate calming effect that will help you connect to its higher frequency in a world filled with constant confusion, tension, and pressure. This stone will also serve as a representation of liberty, tranquilly, and harmony.

Use this stone as a confidence booster if speaking in front of a large audience makes you nervous. You’ll be able to communicate your ideas clearly and confidently. Additionally, the therapeutic properties of blue agate help you overcome your concerns and anxieties. You’ll discover that this stone helps you become less concerned with societal perspectives.

Caring For Blue Agate

Blue Agate is a powerful crystal that needs maintenance to maintain its strength, energy, and healing properties. It can be cleaned using warm, soapy water and a soft brush. Avoid being exposed to harsh chemicals and high temperatures. 

Agate stones should be maintained away from other gemstones and jewellery due to their durability and hardness to avoid damaging softer materials. You can either use salt to clean your stone because it has a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale.

When to Cleanse Blue Agate?

Smudging is the best method to use. Burning natural plants like palo santo, sage, or rosemary to create waves of smoke that cleanse the air is a ritual known as smudging. By doing this periodically, you can make sure that your Blue stone is clean and ready to provide you with its healing powers.

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How to Recharge Your Blue Agate?

Your Blue Agate will be entirely cleansed and recharged if you leave it on the windowsill during a full moon. Also, the smudging technique is the simplest way to keep your Blue stone clean. Smudging in the moonlight with sage or Palo Santo will clear any impurities or bad energies

What is Blue Agate Activation Process?

Activating Blue Agate

Use Palo Santo, sage, or lavender to smudge your stone.  A few taps of the tuning fork might dispel unpleasant energy. You could use salt to clean your Blue Agate because it has a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. Simply letting the stone submerged in a basin of sea salt for a day or two will do the trick. 

Your Blue Agate will be entirely cleansed and charged if you leave it outside during a full moon. And your stone is activated to embrace you again in new waves of positive vibrations.

How much is Blue Agate Worth?

Blue Agate stones are quite modest, their price varies and depends on several factors. But generally, they may cost anything between $80 to $175 per carat(at the time of writing this article).

What Determines Blue Agate’s Price and Value?

Agate stones’ prices are generally fairly low. Instead of the worth of the material itself, their prices mostly represent the effort and craftsmanship involved. Agates with unusual, fine, or landscape-like colour patterns or those that are exceptionally big are in high demand. Custom-cut items or stones from rare areas would cost a lot more money.

Blue agate Impact

It changes hostile energy into uplifting energy. Agate promotes mental performance, focus, perception, and analytical skills. It is a relaxing and soothing gemstone that eases inner rage and tension and promotes the development of close bonds. Agate promotes safety, tranquillity, and security.

Does blue agate make a good Jewellery Stone?

The best approach to using blue lace crystal is to place it as close to the throat chakra as you can, either as a pendant or worn around the neck. This will go a long way toward ensuring that the crystal and chakra work together optimally. 

Blue agate Real vs Fake

Real vs Fake Blue Agate

A real blue agate is mostly translucent and partial light can pass through it. On the other hand, a fake agate is opaque. Then is the hardness of the stone: a real agate stone is tough and durable with a hardness of 7.5 and above on Mohr’s scale. 

A real agate stone is lustrous and has a shiny appearance. A good sign of fake agate is the presence of round bubbles. Another indication of fake agate is surface scratches.

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What is blue Agate good for?

Blue Agate stone eliminates negativity and transforms it into positivity, stabilising your aura. The stone has strong purifying properties at all levels. Due to its connection to the heart chakra, this stone can assist us all in expanding our capacity for unconditional love. The stone is employed as a tool for emotional strength-building and healing. Being attached to the Throat chakra, the stone is beneficial to those who rely on their voices for a living because it helps them communicate their ideas and thoughts more effectively.

What does blue Agate symbolize?

Blue agate stone symbolizes royalty, trust and reliability. It is a good healing stone which also represents balance and harmony. This implies that your ability to focus and think analytically will increase. It has strength in addition to being attractive to the eye.

What are the healing properties of Agate?

The Agate stone is specifically connected to the heart and the throat chakra. It resonates with unconditional love and harmony and brings peace and calm. Agate fosters tranquillity and sensibility, promoting mental performance, focus, perception, and analytical skills. It is a relaxing and soothing gemstone that eases inner rage and tension.

Is blue Agate real?

Real agate comes in a variety of colours that are found in nature, like white, greyish-white, milky brown, light yellow, soft orange, light brown, reddish brown, and even pale blue. Blue agate is a real stone that happens naturally. However, dyeing is sometimes used to get the colour in blue agate.

Is blue Agate good for sleep?

Blue agate is a good gemstone for sleep. For someone who is suffering from insomnia, this stone is a big relief. The relaxing and soothing vibrations that blue agate releases may aid in calming down hot and ardent emotions. Insomnia can be a result of stress and anxiety, which makes overthinking much worse. One of the most relaxing jewels is blue lace agate. 

Are blue Agates rare?

Usually, agate stones are easily found and available in abundance, but the same can’t be said in the case of Blue Agate. Blue agate is comparatively rare and not easily mined. Blue agate is unique and it’s quite hard to locate. 

Is blue Agate expensive?

Blue Agate is quite rare and beautiful too. It is well in demand due to its attractive appearance and healing properties. Though agate stones are not expensive enough, a very fine colour of blue lace agate can be quite expensive. 

What chakra is Agate good for?

Blue agate stone is good for the heart and the throat chakra. Chakra cleansing is greatly influenced by agates. Different agate stones have resonances with particular chakras. Agate stones help cultivate higher states of being and consciousness.