Cavansite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Cavansite is a rare crystal mineral. This crystal is also known as hydrous calcium vanadium oxide silicate. The crystallization of this mineral takes place in prismatic crystals as well as rosettes. Let’s explore in detail about this gemstone.

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Cavansite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses Infographic

What is Cavansite?

Cavansite can be small in size and also a few centimeters tall. The formation of this crystal takes place in presence of other zeolite minerals that may take part in their composition. Some examples of these zeolite minerals are Apophyllite, Stilbite, and many others. A group of geologists first discovered this crystal in 1967 in Malheur County, Oregon. They named it Ca-V-Si on the basis of its chemical composition which is formed by calcium, silicate, and vanadium. 

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At that time the quality of this crystal was not up to the mark so they thought to find it somewhere else. In mid-1970 this crystal was discovered in Pune which is located in India. It has a rich blue color which makes it popular as well as beautiful which makes all mineral collection lovers collect it. This crystal was also found in two other locations.

These locations are New Zealand as well as Brazil. Out of all places that it is found, Pune in India is the best location. This is because in Pune it is found in high quality as well as quantity which is ideal for auctions and trading purposes. This crystal is not only popular due to its chemical properties and physical appearance but also due to its healing powers. It is believed that this crystal brings good luck and promotes full-body healing. 

Where is Cavansite found?

Where is cavansite found

This is a rare crystal that was originally discovered in 1967. It was discovered in Malheur County, Oregon. Now it is also found in various other locations throughout the world. The primary source of this crystal is found in Pune which is located in India. This mineral occurs in tabular or prismatic crystals in rosette forms. It is positively effective to bring out the color of this crystal. Earlier it was only found for study purposes. But now it is also found for trading reasons. 

Cavansite Stone Meaning

Cavansite stone meaning

This crystal is significant because it has healing powers and it is responsible for activating Chakras. It activates the higher 3 chakras. This helps a person to transmit as well as communicate. It also helps a person to understand his dream and helps him to decide the direction to complete his dreams. This crystal has a high level of energy which is responsible for giving us healing powers.

These healing powers are strong enough to heal the mind and the soul of a person. The high levels of energy that are present in this crystal can also be radiated up to a frequency that can make us aware of other living beings, realms, dimensions, and other vibrations. A person can also place this crystal along his bedside so that he can understand his dreams in a better way. This also helps a person to get a clearer image of their dreams and helps them to move forward with them. 

Once they understand the real meaning of the dreams they can also understand themselves better as well as understand what they mean in this world. These depictions can either depict what is going on in a person’s life presently or a shadow of what is going to happen in the future. This crystal also helps a person to find their special psychic abilities and understand their potential to do something. The importance of this crystal even becomes more significant as well as great when a person is Lucid dreaming. They also help a person to connect with a higher dimension. 

A person could deeply understand how this crystal works and pull out from this realm to another one. The more energy this crystal strengthens the more this connection works out well. When there are some significant changes in a person’s life this crystal helps to make better judgments in a positive way.

It will also make sure that you understand every transition level in your life and know their importance because they are necessary. They also help a person to be on a better spiritual path for better well-being. It is one of the most captivating as well as stunning crystals in the world. Many people adore this crystal because of its unique blue appearance while others adore it because of its healing power and capabilities in activating Chakras. 

Cavansite Crystal Properties

Cavansite Crystal Properties

The physical properties of this crystal contain a blue color. But this crystal is also available in a variety of other shades of blue. Some other shades of blue in which this crystal is formed are robust blue and ultramarine blue. It is generally a deeper shade of blue. Some other crystals may also have a green tone in their blue color due to which they are more unique than others. These pieces of Cavansite are more durable than others. These properties made them ideal to be a part of various types of jewelry. 

Cavansite Healing Properties

There are healing properties of this crystal. It has high levels of energy which can be used to treat problems as well as diseases related to many parts of the body. It can also be used to heal problems that are related to the eyes, bladder, kidney, throat, and other such parts. A condition related to the ear known as tinnitus is a condition in which there is unusual ringing in the ears of a person.

This condition can also be solved or treated with the help of this crystal. This crystal also has the ability to work at cellular levels. It helps in the removal of those cells and promotes the Reproduction of new cells. It also promotes positive thoughts and frees our body from heavy and negative vibrations and thoughts that we might know even exist. 

It also helps our body at psychic levels. A person who is suffering from a variety of psychic issues can deal with them easily as well as strongly with the help of this crystal. It can also increase the levels of intuition in a person and make them aware of what is happening around them and around the world. It also stimulates awareness in a person as well as activates the third Chakra. It is very effective to deal with psychic changes and also promotes feeling during different types of sessions. 

It also has healing powers in terms of emotions. It helps a person to understand their motion correctly and control them from overusing it. It also releases emotions from the body and helps to control and dispose of negative as well as Evil thoughts. It also promotes the creation of new ideas as well as creative ideas which help a person to find a better direction. It also makes a person strong and highly motivated during difficult situations in their lives.

It makes a person strong enough and why is enough so that he can make a correct decision in a harsh situation. It helps a person to decide which aspect of life requires more attention than others. It also helps the person to relax their mind and body in their busy lives. 

Cavansite Benefits 

Cavansite benefits

  • This crystal is a must to have in your life if you are going through major changes or are confused to choose the right path for yourself. 
  • If you are going through a period of transition then this crystal offers you power as well as courage to face that situation. 
  • It helps you to let go of every bad decision and makes you aware and assured about your actions in your life.
  • It also benefits as a meditation crystal. This is because it radiates warm energy as well as heartfelt vibrations. 
  • It will also help you to understand your past decisions and accept them if you are facing any kind of difficulty in understanding and accepting any part of your past life. You will be able to accept your past with joy as well as optimism. 
  • It helps you to remember every knowledge that you have learned in your spiritual journey and helps you to contact the spiritual world in the right way.
  • It will also enhance the powers of intuition in your mind and body.
  • It will also calm and comfort your mind even in situations of grief. 
  • It will also release tracing your body and remove any baggage that is responsible for anxiety and pressure.
  • It is also known as the Crystal of truth. It will make you accept who you are and also help you to accept others for what they are.
  • This crystal works with energy. It will help you to express yourself effectively as well as more clearly. 
  • It also helps to deal with those situations and conditions that are responsible for affecting blood in your body. It also releases migraines and headaches. 
  • Not only health aspects, but this crystal also helps you in the respect of wealth. You can expect a lot of good things to come in the way of your life when you have this crystal with you even in financial aspects. 
  • This crystal is also very effective in dealing with different kinds of relationships. 
  • You can also express your thoughts without any kind of fear. You will be able to express your heart clearly. 
  • You will know the importance and value of your words as they can’t be taken back. You would be honest yet kind. 
  • You would be infused with positive energies such as love, compression, peace, and truth. These things will also influence other parts of your life. 
  • The energies reflected in your body would be reflected in other people you love. 
  • This is also beneficial as you would be able to practice resistance to unwanted parts of your baggage. 
  • It is beneficial to people suffering from sleep disorders. 
  • It will help you to control stress in your workspaces and keep your house a safe space. Many things happen in our houses or lies that we can’t control but this crystal gives us power so we can face those situations strongly and carefully. 
  • There are many situations when we are not able to give time to our family or work equally and properly. But this situation can also be dealt with the help of this crystal as it is very beneficial. It helps us to smartly divide time between our work as well as family so we can give them equal and proper time which is necessary for a balanced life. 
  • It offers a lot of courage as well as the assurance to deal with minor and major changes taking place in life. 
  • This crystal also helps to stay rejuvenated as well as inspired to meditate. It also makes you aware of your potential and makes it possible for you to let go of all the insecurities or uncertainties that you have about your capabilities and abilities. It offers you strength so that you can let go of misconceptions and appreciate yourself. 
  • They can also offer you energy so that you can understand certain things that are happening to you and what you can learn from them. It also helps you to move on to better things so that you are not stuck in one place and can enjoy a better life by moving forward. 
  • It also has various energies so that you can connect with guardian angels and understand or receive any message from them or from the divine realm.
  • It also helps you to understand the meanings of certain notations or messages that the Universe sends you which are not understood by most people. It offers you a journey to self Discovery where you can discover the truth about yourself and your loved ones. 

Cavan Benefits Spirituality

Cavansite benefits spirituality

This crystal is an excellent crystal if a person wants to follow the part of spirituality. It helps you to concentrate on spiritual growth, especially at a time or period when you are going through a transition that is difficult for you or getting out of the transition phase.

It also promotes spiritual well-being if a person is going through a period of crisis. There is no better crystal than this crystal if you recently have gone through a time where you have felt spiritually unstable as well as restless. It also helps you to improve all the forms of communication so that you can understand yourself as well as others in a better way. This crystal also helps you and spiritually assists you so that you can understand your spirituality. 

It also helps you to understand your dreamwork spiritually when you are sleeping. It also helps you to sleepwalk in a spiritual direction and in other dimensions too. It also helps you to search for what you want to do in your life and also helps you to achieve that goal when you write it in your crystal journal. Then when you are sleeping you can place this crystal on the corner of a table or your bed so that it can effectively activate its energy it can help you to deal with your spiritual life. 

Cavansite Birthstone

This crystal is also a birthstone. It is a birthstone for Aquarius. The colors sit on this crystal just like apophyllite as well as stilbite. This birthstone crystal is known to be excellent in promoting as well as improving psychic powers. The chemical composition of this birthstone mineral is made from silicate, vanadium, and calcium. It offers power and energy to the three highest levels of Chakras.

This crystal also helps you to understand and have a better understanding of the higher worlds and how to comprehend them. This crystal is also related to the intellectual force of Wind as well as the emotional intelligence of Water. This way this birthstone crystal is also very effective in elemental work.

Cavansite Chakras

Cavansite chakras

It is a crystal that is also very effective in activating Chakras and regaining their energy levels. This crystal is responsible for activating as well as aligning the higher 3 Chakras. This activation of Chakras is responsible for the comprehension of dreams, communication, and transmission. It has a high amount of energy levels which are responsible for tuning at higher frequencies.

These higher frequencies can belong to other worlds as well as other creatures also. Putting this crystal alongside your head when you are sleeping can help you to understand your dreams better and get clarity on what they mean. The clarity that you get from this crystal can help you to understand what you are doing in this world and for what you are born. This way you can also discover yourself and understand your purpose. 

What are the Uses of Cavansite?

What are the Uses of Cavansite?

  • This crystal well can be used in many places. It can be used to treat various kinds of health issues as well as body issues. 
  • It can also be used to regain psychic powers and heal them. It also tells us how we can control and use them properly.
  • These crystals can also be used as a part of jewelry. They can either be worn as a jewelry piece for an aesthetic look or for spiritual reasons.
  • It also has healing powers. They can be used to bring good luck and possibility and also to remove negative vibrations from our bodies. 
  • They can be used during meditation so that we can complete our goal of meditation.
  • It can also be used in a house that has a terrible past or terrible memory. It can be used to bring positive luck to a gloomy house.
  • It can also be used to deal with sorrow as well as loss.
  • They can also be used by all types of healers such as researchers, musicians, therapists, and other such people.
  • It can also be used by those people who work with poor or chronically ill persons. It gives them the power and energy to deal with any kind of situation and take the right decision.

Does cavansite make a good jewelry stone? 

Does cavansite make a good jewelry stone_

Cavansite is a lovely and loyal crystal that most people like to wear as a part of their jewelry. This crystal well as various kinds of metaphysical features to go along with it even when a person is wearing it. The reason why some people want to make this crystal a part of their jewelry is aesthetic reasons. It makes a good jewelry stone. 

The other reasons why people like to hear this stone is due to spiritual acts as well as psychic reasons. In other words, some people like to use or wear these crystals due to their psychic powers and healing powers rather than exploiting them for jewelry reasons. This way you will be able to channel the powers of intuitions as well as psychic abilities anywhere you are if you are wearing this crystal as a part of spirituality.

In that case, this crystal acts in two ways. It acts as a psychic barrier as well as a healer. It also makes you strong by giving you motivation and hope. It also discharges negative energy from your life and also removes the pattern of negative vibrations that you might have in your life. 


What is Cavansite used for?

There are many uses for this crystal. It also has many kinds of healing power. It can be used to deal with various kinds of problems related to different parts of the body or organs of the body. It has the ability to deal with problems that are related to the eyes, bladder, kidney, throat, and other such parts. It can also help to prevent this condition in which there is ringing in the ears. This crystal also promotes full-body recovery.

It also helps at cellular levels. It helps in the reproduction of cells as well as the growth of blood cells in the body. It also helps in healing the full body and prevents the situation of sore throat significantly. It also promotes psychic abilities and the channeling of the third eye in a person. It also helps to remove Evil thoughts as well as negative ones from the body and promotes positivity and the generation of new ideas. It also helps to relax the mind and the heart. It also helps a person to understand which aspect of life requires more attention and dedication than others. 

How is Cavansite formed?

The chemical composition of this crystal is known as calcium vanadium silicate. It contains a deep blue color due to the presence of calcium vanadium phyllosilicate mineral. These minerals are formed between basaltic rocks as well as andesitic rocks. There is also a presence of different kinds of zeolite minerals that help in the composition of this crystal. 

Where should I put the Cavansite?

There are many ways by which you can put this crystal safely. For example, you can make it as a part of your jewelry such as in rings or necklaces. You can also put this crystal on basis of spiritual reasons such as on your bed below, your pillow, or on the table. Besides all these methods you can also store this crystal as a part of your mineral collection to be safe and secure. 

How do you cleanse Cavansite?

The cleansing of this crystal is as important as the cleansing of other crystals. This is because by this process the batteries of the Crystal recharge which is important so that it can regain its power. One of the simple ways by which this crystal can be cleaned is by washing it under tap water for 1 minute or in soap water.

You can also soak this crystal in rice water for 24 hours. One of the natural ways by which all the crystals can be cleansed is by keeping them in sunlight, so there is no exception for this crystal too. This crystal can also be Cleansed with the help of moonlight by keeping it in Moonlight before nightfall. High exposure to sunlight in summer is not recommended for this crystal. 

Is Cavansite rare?

This crystal is a relatively rare mineral. It is frequently found in parts of Pune in India. It is also found in the Deccan trap which is a large igneous area for this crystal to be found in. 

How strong is Cavansite?

This is a brittle crystal. It is not as hard as most crystals. The Mohs scale hardness of this crystal varies from 3 to 4. 

How much is Cavansite worth?

Cavansite is moderately expensive. It can be worth around $ 4,500.00. 

How do you identify Cavansite?

The easiest way to identify this crystal is by its color. The color of this crystal is a mixture of greenish as well as blue tones. Another visual difference between this crystal and other crystals that are of similar color can be done by keeping in mind that this crystal forms spherulitic rosettes (balls).