Can Selenite be in the Sun?

Selenite is a famous crystal used since ancient Greek times. To eliminate bad energy from the living area, boost attention, and create peace. Because Selenite is such a popular crystal, many people ask if it is safe to clean it in the sun.

In this article we discuss ‘Can Selenite be in the Sun’ and other efficient ways to clean and charge Selenite.

You can keep Selenite in full sun. However, exposure to full sunlight will reduce the exterior decoration of the material, making it look discolored and dull. 

Selenite is sensitive to crystals and it may cause damage due to high sunlight.

Can Selenite be in the Sun

Exposing Selenite to the sun for a prolonged period can cause discoloration and discoloration. It would be best if you left Selenite on the window and in bright and sunny weather, such as its exposure over time. Ensure not to expose Selenite to direct sunlight for more than 4 hours.

Exposure of Selenite to Sunlight

Although Selenite is a self-cleaning crystal, there are specific methods for charging and cleaning the ore. Since crystal care depends on intuition, alternative methods ensure complete care.

It is our collective need to protect our crystals from any potential harm. We wonder if inserting the crystal in a particular place can damage or alter its physical properties and benefit from our unique crystals’ healing properties.

Some stones, such as Selenite, are sensitive to sunlight, and the stone’s surface is adequate for prolonged exposure.

Most Selenite that is commercially purchased and sold is not raw Selenite. The stones were cut, smoothed, polished, and polished to make them look their best. They generally use a substance (oil or polishing compound) to soften and shine the stone.

The addition of those compounds changes the way light is reflected from the stone and makes the stone’s color darker and more robust (and more attractive). In many cases, those polishing compounds give the stone a little color and give the stone a little boost.

When you place a stone made with a product in the sun for a long time, the sun’s rays begin to work on those products. In most cases (if not all), the finishing product does not react or bind with the mineral molecules. The product is present above the surface of the stone. Sunlight breaks down the molecules of those products little by little over time. Thus, over time, as the product molecules dissociate, the stone becomes less shiny and less colored. They look faded. 

Sometimes the only way to bring the stone back to its former luster is by grinding the outer part of the stone so that it looks like before. First, we must acknowledge that any crystal exposed to sunlight for a long time will eventually change color and lose its natural luster.

It is beneficial to keep Selenite in indirect sunlight.

Selenite, once again, is a self-cleaning mineral. However, despite the internal self-cleaning properties of Selenite, it is a good practice to clean Selenite regularly. Exposing crystals to direct sunlight is one of the most frequent cleaning techniques.

After prolonged (4+ hours) exposure to sunlight, selenite crystals begin discoloration. Before setting the crystal in sunlight, be sure to set a timer of no more than 3 hours on your phone. It will help you in monitoring your selenite exposure to the sun.

Second, check if the sunlight is too bright. Exposure to direct sunlight can quickly cause blurring and retardation at high intensities. In such cases, keep the Selenite only in a sunny room – but not in direct sunlight. Choose the light around sunset and sunrise. Limit the stone’s exposure to direct sunlight to a few hours.

What if I want to put Selenite in the Sun?

Clean or replace selenite fragments with poor aesthetic value or damaged ones.

If you still have a shiny and beautiful piece, you can put it in the sun. However, avoid the day when the sun is particularly direct (think about how likely you will experience more sunshine).

Tips before placing Selenite in the Sun

Having selenite crystals with you is a great way to purify your radiance from negative energy and always surround yourself with positive and exciting vibes.

So, if you want to keep your Selenite in the sun, here are two general tips that will help you keep your Selenite safe and secure when exposed to the sun.

Monitor the time of Exposure to Sunlight

Before placing Selenite in the sun, the first thing to remember is always to observe the clock.

Suppose you feel that your selenite crystal needs some energy cleansing. In that case, you can leave it in the sun for one to 3 hours to cleanse and remove the negative energy absorbed by your selenite crystal and charge it with positive and energetic energy. 

Avoid Direct Sunlight

As mentioned earlier, you can keep Selenite entirely out of the sun. However, you can consider avoiding direct and intense sunlight, as it can be powerful and harmful.

To avoid direct sunlight, you can place Selenite on a window sill or shelf where the spot is bright and sunny enough.

Make sure the area is protected from direct sunlight by the window.

Though the Sunlight cleaning Method is effective on crystals it may cause damage to crystals if they stay under the sun for long period.

What are the Cleaning/Recharging options?

Some practitioners make a habit of cleaning their stones, especially when they first get them. There are many ways to clean stone or crystal.

However, Selenite is a self-cleaning crystal. It means that no additional methods are required to purify it from negative energies, and the high purification power of Selenite purifies other crystals.

If you find that your selenite crystal does not emit the same intense and uplifting, positive vibrations that it originally released, it may need regular cleaning.

Follow your intuition. If you think your selenite stone needs energy purification, this is enough time to clean and charge your crystal.

Consider a sunlight cleaning method as your last choice. Instead, you can use the Moonshine cleaning option or the Sage cleaning method because they are more effective and safer.

You must also avoid cleaning Selenite by placing it in a water bath for too long. Selenite is water-soluble, and the surface will dissolve if left in a water bath for a long time.

In the same vein, selenite salt should not be kept in water because water promotes the dissolution of the material and water-soluble salt promotes the formation of cracks and crevices.

There are various options to clean Selenite efficiently.

Other methods of Charging Selenite

  • Exposing the Selenite to moonlight.
  • Burying the Selenite in the soil.
  • Placing the Selenite with other cleaning stones.
  • Meditating with the stone.
  • Doing rock or breathing exercises.

The alternative Cleaning Methods for Selenite

Sunlight is not the only way to clean your crystals. Exposure to moonlight, sound baths, water cleaning, sage cleaning, and burial are alternative methods to crystal clearing, but not all apply to Selenite. Many enthusiasts recommend many of these methods.

Clean Selenite by Placing under the Moonlight

Exposure to moonlight can effectively clean the Selenite. Selenite is cleared of its negative energy and regains its high-frequency vibratory energy by exposing the crystal to moonlight during the night. Selenite resonates harmoniously with the moon, combining with the energy of moonlight, so it works.

Placing Selenite under the moonlight

Keep in mind that many alternative ways are far more helpful and less hazardous than exposing your selenite stone to light.

Moonlight remains a significant, completely safe, and effective alternative to sunlight. Selenite resonates harmoniously with the energy of the moon.

As a safe alternative, you can place your Selenite on your window at night and soak up the moon’s natural light overnight.

Selenite works happily with the energy of moonlight so that you will see a positive change in the energy of your crystal. Your selenite crystal will get its calm and high vibration energy.

Moonlight cleaning of Selenite can be effective and won’t harm.

Cleaning Selenite using a Sound Bath

A sound bath is another effective option for cleaning Selenite. Place Selenite in front of speakers and play sound bath recordings that use rhythms and frequencies to influence the mind and body. The sound bath recordings can be found online and for free.

Cleaning Selenite using a sound bath

Alternatively, Selenite can be placed in a singing bowl or bell to start the sound bath process.

Sound bath Cleaning methods for Selenite are beneficial too.

Clean Selenite by using Sage

Sage is an effective way to purify Selenite from unwanted negative energies. Sage is an easy-to-grow plant that, when burned, restores pure energy and clears away irrational vibrations. Burning sage in this manner is called smudging and practiced by Native Americans for centuries.

To start smudging, first, open all the windows in the room. Ensure the air is appropriately ventilated and does not fill the smoke chamber. Next, ignite one end of the sage. Once it starts smoking, pass the Selenite directly through the smoke to begin cleaning. Consider all the negative energies captured by the Selenite and imagine how they would dissipate along with the smoke. Finally, leave the Selenite to soak in the smoke for about 30 seconds before finishing the cleaning process.

Using Sage for Selenite for Cleansing

Using sage as a cleansing method effectively clears negative and unwanted energies stored by Selenite. To begin your cleaning process, open the windows to allow the smoke produced by the sage to escape.

Then, ignite the sage’s tip and start directing the smoke towards your crystal, the negative energies stored by your selenite stone evaporating with the smoke and dissolving in the air.

Allow the smoke to surround your selenite crystals for about 30 seconds.

You can also choose to clean selenite through Sage smoke.

Clean Selenite by Burying it in Soil

Selenite was found to be naturally pure by simply burying it in soil. In addition, burying Selenite in salt has proven to be an effective way to clean crystals. You can fill a bowl with salt and place the Selenite there to clean it.

Burial Of Selenite As A cleaning method

               You can also bury the crystal under soil or salt for cleaning purposes.

If you want to know how to spot a Real Selenite, check this post. 


Cleaning the crystals is a personal experience. Some leave the Selenite to clean independently, and others actively use the above methods to clean.

Proper care of Selenite depends on the intuition and personal beliefs of the owner. Sun exposure is still an effective way to cleanse Selenite, but it is dangerous.

Other methods are generally safe for Selenite – but ultimately, the owner must decide. Selenite can occur in sunlight, but prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can damage your crystals by making them look dull and lose their bright white luster.

The safest way to expose Selenite to the sun is to control the exposure time and not expose it to direct sunlight. If you want to charge it and clear it from the sun, you can keep it out the window. The window friction there blocks the sun. 

Considering the possibility of being in the sun, you can try other safe methods such as moonshine and sage to purify and charge Selenite. These options effectively charge the Selenite and restore its high vibration healing powers. We hope you choose the best cleaning and charging method for your Selenite.