7 Best Crystals for Wisdom and Knowledge

Every human being has an inbuilt ability to gain knowledge from different sources and experiences occurring in their life. Wisdom is a virtue possessed by all which offers the infinite ability to the individual to look at the world from different angles and make informed decisions in every situation. The virtue of wisdom does not imply that the individual knows everything about the world. But enables them to gain complete information about a situation and act accordingly.

Here are some of the best crystals for wisdom and knowledge that everyone must know about. 

crystals for wisdom and knowledge

Best Crystals for Wisdom and Knowledge

The crystals that give wisdom and knowledge are as follows:- 

  • Tiger’s Eye

Wisdom can be understood as knowing every aspect of a situation or matter that is made available in different forms. Tiger’s Eye gemstones enable the individual to gain knowledge about the truth or reality of a situation/matter. It connects the wearer with reality. Since this gemstone is a strong grounding stone, it enables the wearer to stay grounded in the truth. And see the world from a realistic and unbiased perspective.

  • Peridot


In life, there are many situations that leave us baffled and shocked. There are certain situations in which the individual is not able to know the distinction between good and bad and thinks that the worst is going to occur to them. These situations can leave them lacking in trusting themselves for making the right choices and decisions. The gemstone Peridot helps the wearer to get rid of these. It plays an excellent role in inviting optimism and certainty into the life of the wearer. 

  • Nephrite Jade

Nephrite Jade is one of the best crystals for wisdom and knowledge which brings luck into the life of the wearer. When this gemstone brings good luck and fortunes in the life of the wearer, they are able to have faith in their own direction. And realize that whatever is happening, is happening for the good. When the decision-making skills are enhanced by this gemstone, the wearer is able to have faith and trust in themselves and in the process too. These gemstones enable the wearer to trust the wisdom they hold and enhance their abilities to make choices in different situations. 

  • Yellow Quartzite

Yellow Quartzite

Yellow Quartzite gemstones are often used for enhancing optimism, happiness, and wonders in life. When the wearer is pressured down because of negative thoughts and ideals, they become prone to faulty decision making which is driven by fear and unfaithfulness. This creates a major blockage for wisdom to flow in. 

However, when decisions are made on the basis of happiness and thrill, the individual is able to understand the true essence of the situation and also gain the best lessons and messages from them. When gemstones like Yellow Quartzite are paired with other powerful gemstones, they are able to fill the life of the wearer with increased wisdom, joy-based decision-making skills, and much more. 

  • Serpentine

When intuition has to be used in certain situations, it may happen that this skill may be blocked by many different mental and cognitive barriers. This prevents the user from utilizing their entire potential for intuition. The engines and vibrations from this unfulfillment lead to unproductive thoughts and concepts. 

This will lead the individual to develop an inability to create a course of action no matter what the situation and matter is. However, when Serpentine gemstones are used to the best of their abilities, the wearer is able to realize the complete potential of their intuitive abilities and make the best action plan too. 

  • Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

When there is a peaceful connection of one with their own self, they are able to gain a better insight about themselves. This can be understood with the help of an example:- When the wearer is stressed and in an extremely tense situation, they will not be able to make the best choices and decisions. But when the stress is replaced by calmness and fortitude from the Smoky Quartz gemstone, the wearer is able to make the best use of their wisdom and knowledge. 

They are able to take the road with the least amount of resistance. When decisions are taken on the basis of knowledge from past experiences, they are proven to be the best ones. And that is how Smoky Quartz helps the wearer to make the best decisions ever! 

  • Lapis Lazuli

Last, but not the least, the list of the best crystals for wisdom and knowledge has the Lapis gemstone. Lapis gemstones provide pure wisdom to the wearer. It is the epitome of wisdom for many healers. Compared to other stones they offer peace, calm, fortune, and good luck, this gemstone boosts the intuitive skills of the wearer in a way that no other gemstone will ever be capable of. 

This gemstone enhances one’s judgment and reasoning skills. This gemstone offers nothing but pure wisdom and knowledge that enables the wearer to gain the skill of uncovering the truth about different matters. When this gemstone is worn as earrings, the wearer is able to enhance the energies and vibrations of the brain which enables a boost of knowledge and intelligence in the wearer. 

What Crystals Bring Success?

After learning about the best crystals for wisdom and knowledge, let’s dive into knowing about the crystals and gemstones that bring success. 

  • Citrine

Citrine is a gemstone that is well-known for boosting success and business profits in the workspace or business space. It amplifies the energies that bring success and prosperity to the space where it has been kept. It is a stone of quick and qualitative success. This gemstone, along with success, brings positivity and optimism. When the wearer is able to have an optimistic mindset, they are able to work productively and efficiently in their workplace which brings them very close to success and high achievements. 

  • Aventurine


Aventurine gemstones are widely used for creating and grabbing opportunities that come in the path of a successful career. With more opportunities on the plate, the wearer is able to enlarge their workplace. When the wearer is troubled with crippling anxiety and intense stress episodes, they are recommended to use this gemstone as it helps them to enhance cognitive focus and attention. Aventurine is also used as a gemstone for fuelling one’s creativity and leadership skills in the career path they have chosen and among the team, they are assigned to work with. 

  • Moonstone

In the best crystals for wisdom and knowledge, success is gained speedily through Moonstone. Moonstone helps one to realize the career path they are choosing. And then according to that, they are able to find the right jobs quickly with the help of Moonstone gemstones. When carried in the pocket or worn as a jewelry piece, this gemstone provides emotional balance and support to the wearer that helps them to overcome difficult situations and the obstacles in them. This gemstone holds a lot of energy from the moon. Through these energies, it keeps the potential to turn the dreams of the wearer into reality. 

  • Malachite


Malachite is one of the gemstones used for attracting abundance and prosperity in not only personal life but in professional life too. This gemstone has brilliant manifestation powers. Through these powers, the wearer is able to manifest wealth and good fortune. It is also a brilliant healing stone that removes mental blockages and helps the wearer to create a strong mindset for gaining success at their workplace. 

  • Diamonds

For gaining abundant monetary success, one must use Diamonds. Diamonds are elegant and attractive gemstones that are linked to power and invincibility. As observed in the history of ancient times, it can be seen that these gemstones were used by powerful leaders and warriors for gaining strength and courage to overcome every challenge on the battlefield that ultimately lead them to success. It is also used for increasing life span and enhancing both health and wealth. 

  • Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Wearing Black Tourmaline gemstones for interviews will help the wearer to ace the interview. These gemstones will make sure that the performance of the wearer in the interview is brilliant and that they are able to gain the salary they want. It will also balance the wearer’s emotions and feelings which will help them make the best decisions for their career by analyzing every possible aspect. This will ultimately help them to walk on the path of never-ending success in their professional as well as personal life. 


With the power of the best crystals for wisdom and knowledge, the wearer will be able to enhance multiple cognitive and mental skills like decision-making, reading and much more. When these skills reach their most effective states, the wearer will be able to fully use their knowledge and wisdom for choosing nothing but the best for themselves and for the people in their surroundings. Crystals and gemstones are also used for bringing prosperity and success in both personal and professional life.