9 Best Crystals for Workplace

The workplace is the place where the individual is the most productive and active. This place must be kept neat and clean not only according to the cleanliness standards but the engines and vibrations surrounding the workplace must be clean too. This will help the wearer to excel in their field of work and invite prosperity at every step of their career. For cleansing the aura and surrounding energy of the workplace and making sure that the space is stabilised enough to work productively, here are some of the best crystals for workplace. 

9 Best Crystals for Workplace: What Crystal Is Best For Productivity?

For enhancing productivity and efficiency at work, one must make use of the following gemstones. 

  •  Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a cleansing gemstone. It clears out cyber smog. When this gemstone is kept near electronic devices like mobile phones and computers, the electromagnetic waves and vibrations from those devices are absorbed by the gemstone. Black Tourmaline gemstones are widely used for their ability to change negativity into positivity. Thus, keeping it in its place will allow the user to increase their productivity as there will be no negative energies bothering them. 

  • Amethyst Cluster

Amethyst Cluster

The Amethyst gemstones in bright colors are often associated with the Third Eye. Due to this, the vibrational plane surrounding the wearer increases rapidly. This allows the wearer to view things from an objective perspective by eliminating the role played by emotions and feelings in them. This creates a sense of community in the heart of the wearer. And they are able to invite harmony in their workplace and work efficiently in a team as well. 

  • Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye gemstones are one of the best crystals for workplace as it helps the wearer to stay strong and focused on the goals that they have set for themselves. This gemstone works great in reducing the scattering of the brain. This allows the wearer to make informed decisions and choices not only in their workplace but in their life too. 

When speaking of the monetary benefits, it can be observed that by using this gemstone in the workplace, one can gain a clear vision of the path on which they can make monetary profits in their business. And the paths that they must create for inviting prosperity too by increasing productivity. 

  • Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

For all business owners, this gemstone is a very important one as it helps the wearer to bring prosperity and profits to the business. Since monetary benefits are some of the most important benefits of a business, this gemstone helps the wearer to become a money magnet for their business by increasing their level of productivity in the workplace. Green Aventurine opens the heart chakra. Through this, the wearer is able to attract and manifest good luck and abundance in their endeavors. 

  • Pyrite 

Pyrite gemstones are gemstones that look like gold and help in attracting abundance in the form of gold too. This gemstone is predominantly used by women who work in male-dominated workplaces. It helps women to stand up for equal rights in the workplace and also strengthens their willpower to work till the point that they prove their point. It helps them to become as productive as they wish to be and overcome all the challenges which may come their way to achieve their dreams and desires. 

  • Smoky Quartz

Working in a workplace with a large number of coworkers at the same time can be extremely stressful. When the wearer starts to feel that the pressure of work is pushing them down and they are not able to give their 100 percent, at that time Smoky Quartz gemstones play an important role. 

It cleansed the mind of the wearer of all the blockages that may be coming in their way to explore their 100 percent in their workplace. With this gemstone, the wearer will be able to focus on themselves by calming and soothing properties first and then begin doing the assigned tasks with increased productivity and energy. 

  • Citrine


One of the best crystals for workplace is Citrine. This gemstone can be used in the home of the office. The main goal is to use this the first thing in the morning which will help the wearer to get into the correct mindset of being productive and efficient throughout the day. Holding the gemstone in the hand and thinking about the goals and desires one wants to fulfill in their workday will enable one to fulfill them in the most efficient and steady manner. This gemstone can be used on a daily basis to become a magnet for profits, prosperity, and abundance. 

  • Amazonite

For enhancing productivity at the workplace, one must make sure that their communication skills are top-tier. Sometimes, it may be stressful and anxiety-filling for many people to give speeches in front of their colleagues. 

Or it may be difficult for them to express their ideas and concepts thoroughly in presentations. For this purpose, Amazonite must be used for enhancing communication skills and becoming confident and fearless while keeping their opinions and ideas in front of a group. 

  • Malachite


According to many ancient healing circles and healers, Malachite is a gemstone that helps the wearer to let go of several behavioral patterns that may not be of active use to them. These patterns may act as a hindrance in the process of creating more productive and efficient patterns and behaviors. 

This gemstone helps the wearer to create new and fresh starts by inviting unique ideas for being more productive in the workplace. It is also a strong transformational stone that will not only make the wearer become a magnet for fresh starts but will help them gain inspiration for that too. 

What Crystal Should I Keep On My Desk? How Does It Help?

What Crystal Should I Keep On My Desk

One of the best crystals for workplace that one must keep on their desk is Quartz. Quartz gemstones will help the wearer to speak consciously. It will help them to be crystal clear in their speech and make sure that they speak only beautiful and pleasant things to people throughout the day. 

Malachite gemstones enable the wearer to transform themselves to become more productive versions of themselves. Keeping Malachite on the desk will help the wearer to deal with everything that is creating an obstacle for them in their workplace. And it will help them get rid of stagnant energies too. 

When Aquamarine gemstones are kept on the desk of the workplace, the wearer will be able to keep themselves hydrated and rejuvenated throughout the day. This gemstone will fill the wearer with stabilised energy that will help them get through the day with a lot of tranquil and peaceful energy. 

Citrine gemstones are recommended to every working person to keep on their desk which will attract happiness and positivity. This gemstone is a beautiful stone that helps the wearer to add elements of joy and productivity to their working day. It will make the wearer’s workplace calm and peaceful too. There are a few other ways to deal with organisational stress, read here about them.

What Crystal Is Good For Energy And Focus?

The gemstones and crystals for workplace that are good for enhancing energy and focus are Quartz. Quartz is a versatile gemstone. It helps the wearer to add extra ounces of energy to their day. This gemstone is vital gemstone for enhancing focus and attention throughout the day on the important tasks that must be fulfilled in the workspace. 

Along with that, Ruby is an energetic gemstone. It increases blood circulation into the entire body and helps the wearer to gain new levels of energy altogether. By activating the Sacral and Root chakra, the wearer is able to gain all the healing powers of this gemstone. It also helps the wearer to cure fatigue and low stamina levels.  

Amber gemstones are recommended to use when the individual is feeling least productive and does not feel like getting any work done. By providing the power of the Sun, this gemstone fills the wearer with quick energy which will motivate them to complete the work that has been assigned to them. And will help them focus on their goals for the day too. 

Amethyst gemstones are well-known for protecting the wearer. It creates a field of protective energy around the wearer which will enable them to get rid of the feelings of nausea or fatigue. It will also help them stay calm and focused throughout the workday by its meditational powers. 


Creating an aura of productivity in the workplace is extremely important to work in an efficient and calm manner. If the individual is a workaholic and wants to stay productive throughout the entire day, they must start using different crystals for workplace. These crystals not only enhance one’s productivity levels but help them stay focused on the goals they have set for the day. With increased energy levels, the wearer is able to fulfill all the assigned work to them in their workplace. That’s why gemstones and crystals are widely used for workplace prosperity and harmony.