13 Best Crystals for Balance

Happiness and sorrow, dark and light, Yin and Yang- these all portray that balance in life is extremely important. The level of balance in one’s life can play a major role in determining the condition of their mental, physical and emotional health. When there is no balance and stability in life, the individual may feel completely jarred and out of motivation. That’s why one must maintain balance in their life by using the various crystals for balance. 

What Crystals Help With Emotional Stability?

The crystals and gemstones that help with emotional stability and balance are as follows:- 

  • Jade


Jade gemstones are mostly used in Feng Shui practices. The gemstones are a symbol of purity and unity. Using these gemstones for healing purposes is extremely beneficial as it will help the wearer to create emotional balance and stability in their life. This gemstone helps the wearer to get rid of negative emotions and feelings like rage, unhappiness and dissatisfaction. 

  • Carnelian

Carnelian gemstones are usually used by survivors or victims of abuse and trauma. When their emotions are imbalanced due to the incidents that took place in their past, this gemstone helps them to forget about the unpleasant and hurtful memories of their past. This will help them then heal not only mentally and physically, but emotionally and spiritually too. 

  • Obsidian

Obsidian gemstones are some of the most powerful crystals for balance as they help the wearer in many ways. Predominantly, this gemstone is used for getting rid of blockages in one’s emotional cycle. Repressed emotions and feelings in the subconcious mind may lead to emotional imbalance. That’s why this gemstone helps in releasing repressed emotions and provides healing to emotional grief and trauma too. 

  • Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a beautiful and elegant gemstone that helps the wearer to love themselves. During the times when the wearer feels emotions like loneliness, abandonment, sadness, anger and frustration, this gemstone helps the wearer to get rid of them. And it plays an important role in bringing back happiness and joy into the life of the wearer. It increases one’s level of self-love and self-appreciation to the max. 

  • Moonstone

Moonstones are gemstones that are found in a wide variety of colours and shapes. These colours represent the beauty and brightness of the moon. Along with having a strong resemblance to the moon, this gemstone provides many emotional qualities of the moon too. This gemstone works wonders in soothing stress and providing relief to the pain caused by emotional imbalances. 

  • Agate

Agate gemstones are predominantly used for getting out of emotional trauma. When the wearer has been troubled due to years of emotional abuse which has caused trauma to them, this gemstone helps in reducing the blockages and fills the life of the wearer with happiness and joy. One of the benefits of this gemstone is emotional balance and flexibility. 

  • Calcite

Speaking of different crystals for balance, Calcites get an honourable mention as it promotes emotional stability. Found in different colours, this gemstone is used by keeping them on different chakras. And those chakras get cleansed by the healing properties of this gemstone. Calcite is used for getting rid of depression and anxiety which may become a huge obstacle in the way to gaining emotional balance. 

  • Larimar


Larimar is a well-known gemstone for its healing properties and benefits. Especially when it comes to healing the emotional cycles and behaviours of the user. This gemstone is an important source of love, passion and peace. It spreads calmness in emotional relief in the heart and mind of the wearer. It creates a place between the emotions that lie between two different extremes of the emotional cycle. 

  • Azurite

Azurite gemstones are widely used for releasing the feelings and emotions of intense stress, worry, fear and anxiety. It helps the wearer to calm down in stressful situations and makes the heavy emotions lighter. This gemstone must be used by those who wish to figure out why they are facing certain kinds of emotions and how they can balance them in the best way possible. This gemstone cleanses and balances the chakras that are responsible for maintaining emotional balance and stability. 

  • Chrysoberyl


Chrysoberyl gemstones are used for aligning and stimulating the crown and Solar plexus chakra. These chakras, upon activation, help the wearer to get rid of the grudges that they may have held against other people. It helps the wearer to forgive those people who have hurt them or have done wrong things to them in the past. 

With soothing and calming abilities, this gemstone brings the lost joy and happiness back into the life of the wearer. Along with peace and happiness, this gemstone helps the wearer to not only love themselves but others unconditionally. Self-love is an important benefit of this gemstone. 

  • Tektite

Tektite crystals for balance are mostly used for manifesting purposes. This means that the wearer, using this gemstone, is able to manifest abundance and good luck in their life. This ģenstone has powerful spiritual energies and vibrations. These energies and vibrations help the wearer to get in contact with the spiritual realm and also help them to become an emotionally stronger version of themselves. 

When working in an office, it is recommended to keep this gemstone on the desk to attract prosperity and abundance and also good luck in waking efficiently and productivity throughout the entire day! 

  • Hematite

Hematite gemstones are widely used for gaining balance between the mind and the body. It keeps the emotions in sync with the heart and brain. This gemstone enables a balance between the different functions and processes of the body that directly affects the wearer’s mental, physical and emotional well-being. 

This gemstone can be used as an alternative to different medicines and treatments that are usually found in the allopathic field. These gemstones release the emotions that may be causing pain in the heart of the wearer. 

  • Bloodstone

Bloodstone gemstones are used for grounding purposes. It grounds the energies and vibrations of the heart. It eases aggression and impatience that may be caused due to defeat conditions and mental imbalances. This gemstone, as believed by many healing circles, possesses magical powers. 

The magical powers it has ranged from controlling the weather to removing the presence of evil spirits from the life and surrounding of the wearer. It must be used for jewellery purposes as it will act as a barrier to protect the wearer. And provide good overall health too. 

What Crystals Should Be Worn Every Day?

What Crystals Should Be Worn Every Day

Gemstones and crystals are widely used for their healing properties and magical powers. They are recommended to keep close to the body at all times so that the benefits of the crystals can be gained constantly. One of the most widely accepted ways of using crystals and gemstones for daily use is by wearing them as jewellery. Or by carrying them around in clothing or garments. 

The different gemstones and crystals for balance and other uses that can be used for everyday use or wear are Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, Quartz gemstones, Moonstones, Aquamarine, Citrine, etc. One must make sure that these gemstones are worn by taking utmost care and precautions or else they might get damaged due to a brittle or delicate nature. 

Many gemstones for everyday use, are used for jewellery purposes but are fitted in protective settings so that they don’t get fragmented or scratched due to the harsh and pointed situations they are kept in. One must remove the gemstone jewellery before they go to bed so they don’t apply any pressure on it while sleeping. 

For everyday use and wear, one must wear Clear Quartz gemstones for healing benefits. Moreover, black-coloured gemstones must be worn on a daily basis for protection and safeguarding purposes. Rose Quartz crystals are won for manifesting unconditional love and affection from one’s partner and loved ones. Obsidian and Moonstone gemstones must be used for emotional balance and stability. 

Thus, these are crystals and gemstones that can be worn for everyday use. Just make sure that they are kept safe and undamaged at all times. For activation purposes, these gemstones can be kept under direct sunlight or direct moonlight overnight or for some hours in the day. 

One of the best aspects of wearing gemstones and crystals every day is that they can be carried anywhere according to the convenience of the wearer. Plus the benefits of the crystals will be coming towards the wearer in a continuous manner even when the crystal jewellery is not worn for some time. 


Emotional balance and stability are very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and becoming emotionally and mentally fit. When emotions are balanced, other processes in the body are automatically balanced. 

There are many crystals for balance and emotional stability that can help the individual get rid of blockages and start keeping track of the different emotions they experience at different points and how they affect the wearer in different aspects of their life.