How To Use Tourmaline Crystals? 8 Amazing Uses you Should Know

Tourmaline gems come in almost every color of the rainbow. Tourmaline’s most popular colors range from rich reds, pinks, and peaches to emerald greens and yellows to blues and violets. Black and brown Tourmaline is also preferable in jewelry. Let us dive a little deeper into the uses of Tourmaline. 

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What is the History of Tourmaline?

Tourmaline is an alternative birthstone to October with opal. Dutch traders first discovered the stone on the west coast of Italy in the late 1600s or early 1700s. In ancient Sri Lanka, colored crystals were called Turmali, the name given to all of the tourmaline crystals found there. The combined name indicates the inability of antique gem dealers to separate Tourmaline from other rocks. 

In fact, at one point in history, pink and red Tourmaline was considered rubies. Pink Tourmaline is more pink than ruby. The stones in Russian crown jewelry considered rubies for centuries are now called tourmalines, despite their striking similarities in appearance.

In addition to strengthening teeth and bones, Tourmaline is healthy for the digestive system. It works well for adrenal disorders, and modern physicians treat stress and injury.

How to use Tourmaline?

Pink Tourmaline symbolizes the love of humanity and humanism. It is worn to foster empathy for others. It is a beautiful stone for doctors, therapists, and counselors to help their patients hear and understand better. It has the quality of unconditional love and friendship.

Using Pink Tourmaline

It radiates the greatest love of all the different colored Tourmaline. It also benefits those with particular emotional wounds since it promotes love, eliminates emotional distress, and dissolves distressing feelings. It often suppresses negative feelings that plague relationships.

Pink Tourmaline is also very important for people who have difficulty dealing with fear, panic attacks or need help to heal their inner turmoil and fear. It is a heart protector as well as an aphrodisiac. 

 It teaches that love is safe and therefore builds trust. It includes the attributes of compassion and wisdom in your dealings with others. It also promotes the flexibility of thinking.

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How to use Tourmaline Spiritually?

Tourmaline also has many positive features in the spiritual realm. Moreover, it promotes comfort, serenity, inner and magnetism, meditation, spirituality, wisdom, and spirituality. It creates mental clarity and promotes communication between the conscious and unconscious mind.

Known as the Tourmaline Reconciliation Stone, the stone that promotes compassionate and peaceful leadership radiates the power of attracting wealth, healing, and friendship and helps for grinding purposes, our land. Stabilizing and reaffirming its roots is also said to create a commitment to fulfilling one’s goals and protecting the wearer from dangers.

How to use Tourmaline For Health Benefits?

Using Tourmaline For Health Benefits

Studies show that the increased incidence of chronic disease is directly related to the high production of toxins in the body. Tourmaline gem helps to reduce stress, increase mental alertness, improve circulation and strengthen the immune system. It is a powerful agent to reduce toxic-related diseases.

In addition, Tourmaline produces a detoxifying, cleansing effect on the nervous system and the organs and tissues of the body. It improves circulation, reduces stress, improves brain activity, and activates the immune system. 

This colored gem has a highly stabilizing effect on our nerves due to its ability to generate heat on its own. This ability to generate electrical changes by itself makes it one of the only minerals that can emit far-infrared heat, as well as negative ions.

Tourmaline promotes motivation and happiness, reduces fear, and boosts confidence in its customers. It balances the yin-yang forces, considered a physical bridge to spirituality.

Tourmaline occurs in various colors, with black being the most common. It can range from pink to red, blue, yellow, brown, green, orange, and even a combination of two or more of these colors. It is called a rainbow tourmaline. The energy in the crystal varies according to the colors.

How to use Tourmaline for Balancing the Chakra?

Tourmaline is generally considered an excellent tool for activating and balancing the Chakras, especially the crystal wand made with Tourmaline, for balancing the illumination and meridian system.

If you want to compare the healing properties of different crystals, compare the colors of the crystals with the primary Chakra colors (scroll down the page to see a chart of healing properties by color).

The shamanic use of Tourmaline has been practiced throughout the ages by physicians from Africa, India, Australian indigenous tribes, and Native Americans.

How to use Tourmaline for Healing?

Since it absorbs negative energy, it is essential to clean the Tourmaline after use. Once the chakras are aligned, and the negative energy is absorbed, those who believe in its power and use can easily experience the effects. The stone can be heated to balance the Chakras in the body.

How to use Tourmaline for Attracting Motivation?

Some believe that Tourmaline helps cleanse, maintain, and stimulate every energy center. It attracts inspiration. It reduces people’s fear and boosts self-confidence by bringing awareness.

How to use Tourmaline in Feng Shui?

At your front door

Your front door is the qi of the mouth in feng shui because it is via this entrance that people, energy, and possibilities enter your home and life. You want to make yourself available to people so they can discover you, but it doesn’t imply you have to be available to everyone. Place a chunk of black Tourmaline beside your front entrance to shield yourself from harmful energy entering your home.

 In your bedroom

Sleeping in your bedroom is the most crucial part of your home life. Tourmaline can be around your bed to give you support, ground and balance. If you find that you especially need personal care, the bedroom may be an excellent place to locate your Tourmaline. If you feel you have lost sensitivity or need to protect yourself from nightmares, placing a Tourmaline near your bed can also help.

Create a security grid

By making black Tourmaline mesh, you can protect your home or any particular room in your house. Put a piece of Tourmaline in every corner of your house or in the room you want to protect. Lastly, set the intention that this grid will help keep unwanted or harmful energy at bay.

Activate Career Improvement Area, Cannes

One of the feng shui Bagua map areas is related to career and life path-ears. The color associated with this area is black, so you may want to place a piece of black Tourmaline here to improve your career or gain more clarity about your path in life.

Kun, Activate Love Corner

The Kun area on the feng shui Bagua map represents love and relationships. If you want to work on self-love or receive more love from a partner, pink Tourmaline or watermelon tourmaline can make great additions in this area.

On your body

When you go out, you can carry Black Tourmaline with you wherever you go as a shield. It can be very beneficial when you know that you will find yourself in crowded or public places surrounded by many people and emotions. You can keep a piece of Tourmaline in your purse or pocket or wear tourmaline jewelry. Tourmaline is a stone that is present all over the world.

How to use Tourmaline for Love and Relationships?

Using Tourmaline for Love and Relationships

Tourmaline stone affects your subconscious by reducing neurotic tendencies. It helps connect to light even in the harshest conditions (Kala); it also helps identify and heal life wounds.

How to use Tourmaline for Mental Health?

The yellow Tourmaline stone neutralizes anger, wrath, jealousy, and insecurity. At the same time, Black Tourmaline impacts your emotional life. Moreover, it promotes philanthropy and social commitment. Instilling confidence in one’s abilities possible brings joy, optimism, and excitement to life. Rubellite causes confidence in the power and strength of love. 

Using Tourmaline For Mental Health

Paraiba conveys unconditional love for all beings. It removes sadness and liberates blocked emotions. The Blue Tourmaline helps to express them and makes them tolerable to open. It releases emotional blocks. It takes care of the internal contradictions accumulated in the heart and allows love to flow freely in “pump” and “reception.” It reduces anxiety and depression. Watermelon Tourmaline relieves the burden and makes beauty accessible.

Tourmaline relieves chronic fatigue and tiredness through verdelite radiation fencing (PCs, mobile phones, satellite dishes, repeaters) when it comes to the body. It limits hearing disorders. Black Tourmaline elixir makes this mark disappear. 

It promotes cell, tissue, and skin regeneration. Fights cellulite and facilitates treatment of kidney disorders. Moreover, it stimulates the senses, nerves, digestion, and metabolism. Dravida also detoxifies and strengthens the nervous system, heart, intestines, and joints. It tones parenchymal cells. Verdetlite slows degenerative processes and tumor formation.

 Moreover, it improves the functioning of the nervous system. Verdelite and Rubellite protect the heart, spleen, liver, circulatory system, and organs. However, Paraiba stimulates hepatic, renal, and neurological functions and protects vocal cords.

 Additionally, Blue Tourmaline regulates fluid balance, elimination processes, kidney, and bladder function. It protects the heart. Blue Tourmaline facilitates nerve regeneration. 

 Watermelon Tourmaline is helpful in paralysis and multiple sclerosis. The elixir made from Tourmaline has a strong effect. All preparation methods except cooking apply. It is possible to take in large quantities (of all varieties).

When it comes to the mental sphere, Blue Tourmaline reduces mental tension. Transmits practical creativity and enhances manual skills. It develops memory, independence, and positive thinking. 

You can experience new courage to live, dedicating yourself to commitments with perseverance and dedication. Paraiba Stimulates a sense of justice and mental clarity. It increases the tendency to make decisions. 

Tourmaline stimulates a love of truth and understanding of one’s responsibilities. It helps to express their intentions clearly. Moreover, the yellow tourmaline stone is associated with Aquarius and Pisces zodiac signs. 

How to use Various Colors Of Tourmaline?

Various Colors Of Tourmaline and Their Uses.

Red-purple, deep pink Rubellite

It is a base Chakra healer. It provides vitality to the physical body. Orange Tourmaline promotes creativity, stimulates the sacred Chakra, and balances the senses of nature. Silhouette or Yellow Tourmaline aligns with the solar plexus Chakra. It promotes personal strength and spiritual growth. However, pink Tourmaline promotes happiness and love.

Green Tourmaline

It opens the heart chakra, which allows the third eye to see what it sees. It teaches compassion. It is a must-have stone for herbalists or anyone working with plants. Moreover, it attracts success and prosperity.

Blue tourmaline

It activates the third eye and throat Chakra. It helps to restore superior knowledge and enhances inner knowledge.

Violet Tourmaline 

It is also called Cyberite protects against dark entities. At the same time, Brown Tourmalinewhich is also a Dravidian stone that clears the aura and atrium area. It can be used as a protective stone to bring peace and hope.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline (Afrizite and Scorl) eliminates allergies and brings light to a dark mood, the basic Chakra for the power of the earth.

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Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline promotes unconditional love. The heart binds the chakra energy with the higher self. It brightens energy, and gives room for laughter and lightness, releasing mood when very intense. It contains a neon tourmaline magnifying glass, which has a complementary tool to enhance the healing properties of other healing stones. Besides that, it provides strength and focus.

 The colorless Tourmaline acroit activates the crown Chakra. It assists in communication with the ascended Lord, the kingdom of supernatural beings and angels. It also helps with greater awareness.

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Tourmaline helps balance the yin and yang forces of man and woman. One of the most common uses of this crystal in feng shui is for robust protection. Tourmaline helps create a shield around a person or room to prevent damaging or unwanted energy entry. It also helps with grinding and balancing all the Chakras.

The stone also dissolves formidable forces and negative thinking and transforms them into more beneficial forces and beliefs. So, when are you planning to have a collection of Tourmaline stones for various uses?