Jadeite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

The Jadeite gemstone improves excellent health, enhances vitality, and provides good fortune. Jadeite gemstones are beloved in jewelry for their striking green color, but they were originally used as weapons thousands of years ago. The toughness of Jadeite made it ideal for carving into ax heads, tools, and ritual artifacts.

The stone’s association with knowledge, harmony, longevity, and celestial link make it one of the world’s most popular jewels. So add a Jadeite stone to your collection today!

Let us explore more about Jadeite Meaning and its Properties in this post. 


What is Jadeite?

The rich history of this gorgeous stone makes it a favorite among collectors. Jadeite is a kind of silicate mineral that belongs to the pyroxene family.

What is Jadeite

Green gemstones make jewelry, sculptures, and other beautiful objects. In addition, Jadeite has a fascinating history, so it has been employed in religious and social ceremonies by many cultures.

Jadeite is the purest, rare, and most vibrant kind of Jade in the world. Therefore, Jadeite is an important emblem of distinction and rank in Chinese culture.

How to Identify a Jadeite?

Jade has been around for millennia. It is derived from two types of rocks: Jadeite and nephrite. Both are found in different places, and each kind has distinct characteristics.

How to identify a Jadeite

Jadeite is a high-quality jade that is rarer and more costly than nephrite. It occurs in various hues, including green, white, blue, lavender, and pink. The most precious Jadeite is rich green in hue.

Jadeite Cuts And Shapes

Jadeite has a grainy crystal structure and may be cut mechanically with diamond cutting wheels or slitting discs coupled to a rotary tool.

The best Jadeite is typically carved into cabochons for use in rings and other jewelry. The most frequent shape is a pi, a flat donut-shaped disc usually worn as a necklace.

Where is Jadeite Found?

Kachin state, Myanmar, is the world’s greatest Jadeite Jade (Burma) supplier. It is also the world’s sole commercial supply of Jadeite. Other minor deposits can be discovered in Kazakhstan, Russia, Japan, Guatemala, and the United States.

Jadeite Stone Meaning

Jadeite is a valuable gemstone that has long been prized. It was employed as a sign of power and rank in ancient times and remains popular.

Jadeite Stone Meaning

It is also known to be a powerfully protective stone, so if you want a little extra support for your health and well-being. Because of its earthy hues and heavenly brilliance, many consider that this gemstone links the realms of earth and heaven.

Jadeite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

In ancient times, Jadeite was the stone of healing and knowledge. Its strong substance can sustain high heat without breaking or splitting, making it excellent for carving into intricate forms such as pendants, earrings, and figurines.

Wearing Jadeite was supposed to treat ailments and fend off evil spirits in ancient China, which is why it was placed on royal burial grounds.

Throughout history, this gemstone has been utilized in everything from aesthetic carvings to sacred jewelry. If Jadeite gem decorations were placed on or around the corpse, it was thought that the stone bestowed immortality to a few and slowed the decomposition process.

Jadeite Crystal Properties

Colors include apple green, greenish-white, purplish blue, blue-green, violet, white, and black.

Jadeite Crystal properties

Sub-Vitreous, pearly luster. Jadeite is a sodium aluminum silicate with a Mohs hardness of 6.5 to 7. The cleaner, more vivid greens of jadeite jade attract high prices in the jewelry and decorative carving sectors.

Jadeite Healing Properties

Jadeite Healing Properties

Jadeite jade’s vibrant green hue makes it an excellent healing stone. The stone encourages self-healing and even addresses the non-physical cause of the sickness.

  • Physically, Jadeite may be used to help mend cells and bones; it soothes pain and eases restless leg syndrome and cramps; it speeds up recovery after surgery, and it helps manage excessive blood pressure.
  • Jadeite Jade, often known as the side stone, has traditionally been used to cure kidney stones and diseases.
  • Jadeite relieves pain, especially kidney and surgery stitch discomfort, and eliminates toxins.
  • This excellent cleanser unclogs bad energy lodged in the nervous system, heart, liver, kidneys, and gallbladder.
  • This gemstone aids in the removal of toxins from the body and relieves urinary tract infections.
  • This therapeutic gemstone relaxes the bones and lowers pain in joints and muscles by helping the body to repair itself without causing harm to itself. It also keeps the user safe from infections and disorders.
  • The Jadeite gemstone is also said to repair and balance the energy in men’s and women’s reproductive and reproduction cycles. Jadeite promotes female fertility and protects the fetus and the mother from danger. It also heals reproductive system issues and gives relief from menstrual cramps.
  • The stone brings peace of mind and relieves anxiety. Because of its balancing characteristics, it harmonizes all elements of life.
  • Those who wear or meditate with this stone feel a particular calming calm flow over them, making them feel more positive, cheerful, energetic, and healthy.
  • When jade stones are worn as a necklace or earrings over the heart, they relieve the wearer of nightmares and restlessness.
  • The tranquil hue of jadeite green, often known as the ‘Stone from Heaven,’ is claimed to soothe and cleanse the system of impure thoughts, anger, trauma, sadness, and negativity.
  • It also increases the wearer’s confidence and encourages him to be more self-sufficient and independent. Many Feng Shui practitioners advise individuals to carry or wear Jadeite to protect themselves from danger and negativity.
  • Jadeite’s therapeutic powers are especially beneficial for emotional healing. Jadeite Jade balances relationships by encouraging the acknowledgment of abilities and similar aims. Jadeite promotes self-reliance and confidence.
  • This gem’s relaxing energy soothes agitation while also assisting in eliminating negativity and stabilizing you via the unification of body and mind. Furthermore, the subsequent stimulation of ideas aids in job simplicity and completion.

Jadeite Metaphysical Properties

First, jadeite stones are considered to provide health-boosting properties and increase longevity. 

Second, it is stated that Jadeite jewelry protects the wearer and absorbs bad energy. 

Third, Jadeite, according to feng shui, can impact health and prosperity. Jadeite Jade soothes and instills inner peace and calmness.

The dream stone, jadeite jade, aids with dream memory, interpretation, and dream link to ancient knowledge. Furthermore, Jadeite Jade carved as deities represent protection and good fortune.

Jadeite Benefits

Jadeite jade is a wonderful stone since it creates harmony between your soul, mind, and body. It will also represent riches and longevity.

Jadeite Benefits

Jadeite is thought to provide a long and prosperous life. It resembles Jade and is a positive stone of joy, friendship, and success.

Jadeite is found in hues other than green, and each color is thought to have a distinct function.

Following are the functions of various colors of Jade: 

  1. The Green Jadeite gemstone is frequently used to cleanse and balance the wearer’s seven chakras. It is thought to protect a lady during childbirth. It also aids in the removal of mental and emotional obstacles for the user.
  2. Red Jadeite is said to improve emotional receptivity.
  3. When white jadeites are concentrated, they aid in the resolution of confusion and troubles that have been brewing in the wearer’s head.
  4. Yellow Jadeites give persons who lack desire, drive, or are depressed a burst of vitality.
  5. Blue Jadeite is useful for meditation because it increases attention and keeps the user from getting distracted.

Jadeite Benefits Spirituality

In the spiritual arena, Jadeite’s therapeutic powers promote happiness and harmony in relationships, family, and work. Moreover, it is thought to bring material riches and a calm feeling to the mind.

Jadeite is often associated with dignity and noble aspirations. Wearing a jadeite gemstone protects you from deceptive or evil forces in spirit work while also boosting magic with good intentions.

With its nourishing characteristics, lavender Jadeite is especially well suited for spiritual healing.

Jadeite & Feng Shui

You can wear Jadeite crystal, keep it in your house, or even at the office.

Wearing a piece of jade jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet, or carrying a little jade stone in your pocket, is the simplest method to keep the stone’s healing and nurturing abilities near you.

Using the stone at home or work to purify the area and attract pleasant energies is just as simple. Just hang a jadeite decoration somewhere visible.

Feng shui suggests avoiding placing it in the north or south of the room. The other directions are preferable.

Jadeite Birthstone

Jadeite also has astrological significance. Jade, a stone recognized for its deep green hue, is one of the birthstones of August.

Jade has been known for almost 7000 years, and while it is commonly associated with jewelry, it began as a highly useful stone used for tools due to its incredible resilience.

It is thought to cleanse the root chakra of persons born under the sign of Leo or Virgo.

Jadeite Chakras

  • Jadeite crystal’s most frequent hue and qualities make it a fantastic stone for strengthening your fourth chakra. 
  • Compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and love are embodied in the heart chakra, also known as Anahata in Sanskrit.
  • The chakra also links the lower three chakras, which represent physical processes and the material domain, and the top three chakras, which represent wisdom and the spiritual realm.
  • A 12-petalled green lotus flower represents the Anahata chakra. Wear or hold a piece of Jadeite near your heart to assist in unblocking and balancing the chakra.
  • Because jadeite gemstones strongly impact the heart chakra, the wearer of this stone opens the doors to their heart to embrace love, caring, and devotion.

What are the Uses of Jadeite?

uses of Jadeite

Look no further than jadeite jade for the ideal gemstone for your décor, jewelry, or medicinal activities. This lovely stone has numerous beneficial effects on your mind, body, and soul.

Relaxation: Jadeite jade is said to aid in relaxation because it generates negative ions, which are considered to enhance air quality and reduce anxiety levels in humans.

There are also suggestions that when worn against the skin, the stone can reduce inflammation and alleviate depressive symptoms.

Stone of Harmony: Jadeite is a stone of harmony, providing harmony to groups, whether family or professional colleagues. It builds relationships and aids in the recovery of individuals who have suffered loss or separation.

Jadeite is a stone signifying riches and fortune. Instead, it will exacerbate both a slowing business and a withering garden. Jadeite benefits teens and youngsters who are shy, lonely, or experiencing hormonal changes. Use Jade to improve your capacity to analyze dreams and generate lucid dreams.

Promotes Wisdom: The stone jadeite signifies purity, morality, knowledge, and courage.

Great Health: Wearing, holding, and meditating on jadeite jade helps to improve health issues caused by disease or accidents. Jadeite can also help individuals live longer lives.

Loving Oneself: Jadeite is said to open one’s heart to love when worn as jewelry. The advantages of jadeite stone help you overcome self-imposed constraints.

This vital function of Jadeite leads to an increased ability to accept personal objectives, ideas, and desires to aid their achievement. The advantages of Jadeite promote confidence while fostering greater self-sufficiency.

Career Growth: If you are experiencing slumps in your career, having a piece of this stone can be a great help since it allows you to make purposeful goals.

Not only that, Jadeite jade will aid you in comprehending your full potential in your professional and, at the same time, personal landscape.

For Wealth And Abundance: Jadeite aids in attracting greater richness and prosperity into your life.

If you are conducting business dealings, closing a sale, dealing with clients, or doing any other form of business where you want positive results, possessing a piece of this stone is advantageous.

The stone possesses lucrative characteristics that can assist you in determining the best course of action in any subject regarding your riches and cash. Jadeite jade will also aid in your financial growth and development. And even encourage fresh beginnings.

For Relationship and Love: One of the most beneficial aspects of this stone is that it attracts love and all the positive sensations that come with being loved and loving. As a result, it will bring peace and happiness into your family life and, more significantly, your love connection.

The usage of imperial Jadeite improves dysfunctional relationships. People who have been insulted for their appearance can regain their dignity.

This stone may assist you in coping with your situation with ease and serenity. Its energies will keep you calm and patient in any scenario. Likewise, Jadeite stone is considered a fortunate gemstone since it attracts energies of health, love, and fortune.

Caring for Jadeite

Jadeite is a costly gemstone that must be handled with care. So let’s talk about how to clean and care for your jadeite gemstones. With these suggestions, you can keep your favorite property looking its best for years.

Caring for Jadeite

Maintenance Tips

  1. Avoid using strong chemicals or cleaning agents on your Jadeite gemstones.
  2. Wearing jadeite jewelry while undertaking physical work, athletics, or other strenuous activities is not recommended.
  3. Remove any jewelry before showering or bathing.
  4. Clean your Jadeite gemstones regularly, at least every few months.
  5. Keep your Jadeite gemstone in a fabric-lined box or bag to avoid scratches. Extensive exposure to water, particularly hot water, might cause your stone to get damaged.

When to Cleanse Jadeite?

Any Crystals will lose their shine and power over a period. So to maintain the stone in good condition, we need clean it regularly.

Soak Jadeite gemstone in lukewarm water combined with a few drops of liquid detergent to remove dirt and grease, then gently wash the gemstones with a soft cloth, sponge, or brush until clean. 

Next, rinse it under running water and dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth. Your jadeite jewelry may survive for years with appropriate maintenance without fading or breaking.

Make sure the water you use to clean Jade is free of chlorine and harsh chemicals, as Jade (and all stones in general) can be quite sensitive to these artificial components.

How to Recharge Your Jadeite?

There are several ways to Recharge Jadeite like Sun, Moon, and Earth. You can choose either of these depending on your choice. 

Sun: You can choose to keep your Jadeite under the sun for 1 hour or less than 1 hour. 

Keep in mind that while keeping Jadeite in the sun, don’t keep it for long. The stone color may fade. 

Moon: The energy of Jade complements the energy of the Moon.

The Moonlight is brimming with gentle lighting rays that substantially clarify and polish your Jade crystal, allowing it to reclaim all of its tranquil features.

So, to charge Jade with Moonlight energy, place your crystal on the window sill before going to bed and allow it to soak up the purifying but invigorating Moon rays, then remove it the next day when you wake up.

Earth: Using earth’s energy as a cleansing procedure is a strong approach to free your Jade crystal from all the accumulated unharmonious and discordant energies.

This procedure is useful if you haven’t used your stone and want to ensure its unique healing qualities are fully established and forcefully recharged.

To purify Jade with Earth energy, set your crystal immediately beneath the earth, in your garden, or your plants’ container, and keep it there overnight or for 10 to 12 hours.

After that, carefully remove any extra dirt or debris from its surface with a soft dry cloth, wash it quickly under running water and then pat it dry.

What is Jadeite Activation process?

Cleanse your Jadeite crystal to start the activation process. Although the stone does not hold bad energies, purifying it can assist you in imbuing it with positive energy and love.

Hold the stone in your right hand the next morning and envision it becoming filled with your good energy.

Jadeite Activation process

Setting intentions is a means to build a more personal relationship with your Jadeite crystals.

You are effectively telling the stone exactly what you want them to help you with, which may vary over time, which is why communicating it is crucial.

Understanding how to activate crystals and set intentions with them is an important element of the crystal healing journey because it allows you to get the most out of your relationship with your Jadeite gemstones.

How much is Jadeite Worth?

In 2014, a jadeite necklace from the Hutton line sold for USD 27 million. The pendant was created with 27 very translucent emerald green pearls.

Jadeite of average grade may cost between $70 and $400 per carat. So a jadeite bracelet of average grade may cost approximately $10,000.

Like other jewels, old jadeite stones with elaborate carvings have collector’s worth. The most expensive Jadeite, however, is a vivid green variation known as imperial or Burmese Jadeite.

A single carat of it might cost up to $3 million! Some jadeite variants, particularly those with a bright green hue and immaculate clarity, can cost more than diamonds.

Jade’s history, along with its exquisite look, makes the stone so expensive and popular. 

Note: Prices are subject to change

What determines Jadeite’s Price and Value?

In order of their impact on its market value, Jadeite’s three most important qualities are color, transparency, and texture.

What determines Jadeite's price and value

The value of Jadeite is determined by its variety and quality, as well as whether or not it has been treated. The imperial Jadeite is the most valuable, although several low-cost varieties exist.

Many aspects are considered by jadeite purchasers while evaluating fashioned Jadeite. First, they assess its hue under fluorescent and incandescent lighting. They examine its transparency.

They seek color uniformity or a nice mottling of hues. Finally, they seek good polish as well as undistorted surface reflections. Clarity is also vital since any flaws might have a significant impact on value.

Jadeite Impact

First, jadeite stones are considered to provide health-boosting properties and increase longevity.

Jadeite Impact

Second, Jadeite bangle bracelets guard and absorb bad energy. 

Third, Jadeite is thought to offer numerous properties, including boosting wealth, grounding, and promoting relationship maturity.

Does Jadeite make a good Jewelry Stone?

The stone’s most recognized green hue alludes to Jadeite’s growth-inspiring properties. The hues, whether light or dark, remind us of mother earth and her healing powers, with which the stone has a deep link.

Does Jadeite make a good jewelry stone

Wearing the stone may combine those energies with your energy field, making it an excellent choice if you live in an urban area with limited access to natural settings.

Jade crystals may change negative energy into good ones that encourage joy and love, bringing their great energies into your life and environment.

Jadeite Jewelry

The stone is calming and harmonizing and may help you heal from mental and physical traumas and diseases.

Jadeite Real vs Fake

With rising prices, fame, and demand comes a swarm of con artists that dupe consumers into buying phony jade jewelry. However, several sorts of Jadeite are available, each with distinct characteristics that may be utilized to identify genuineness.

Let’s look at several techniques to distinguish between fake and real Jadeite to prevent being scammed.

1. The Appearance Test: Check The Texture

A poor texture indicates that it is not genuine Jadeite and may have been colored with chemicals. If there are bubbles or two distinct hues within one stone, the jewelry item was likely created of glass or fake Jadeite to seem like a genuine gemstone.

The finest Jadeite is transparent and silky to the touch. Their hue is vibrant and eye-catching, reflecting light like water. There are other opaque stones, although they are rather affordable.

2. The Light Test, Looking For Consistency And Irregularities

The light test is arguably the simplest way to determine whether or not Jadeite is genuine. Place your Jadeite stone under the light and check for color uniformity.

With some small differences and patterns, it should be continuous throughout. Fake Jadeite will have imperfections on the interior, or its color will be flawless.

It is likely not real if the gemstone has an overly precise and consistent pattern. Look for defects in the stone’s cut or the appearance of lines on its surface. Even if it has been polished, genuine Jade will contain tiny flaws such as dents on the surface.

However, a high-quality gemstone sold at a premium price may not have these flaws due to intensive polishing and quality control before being shown for sale.

3. The Toss Test: To Check The Density Of Jadeite

Toss the Jadeite gem in the air if you’re unsure how to determine its genuineness. If it’s genuine, it should feel weighty when caught. Because original Jadeite has a high density, it appears to be such (nephrite jade is 2.90-3.03 and jadeite jade is 3.30-3.38).

Toss and catch it a few times to acquire a sense of its weight. But, of course, a replica constructed of glass or other materials will not be as hefty.

4. The Clicking Test: Listen To Jadeite Music

If you’re still unsure whether Jadeite is genuine, pay special attention to its sound. If so, lightly touch it against your gemstone. Something metallic, such as a key or coin, will also work, but not too hard. This is also known as the “sound test.”

The sound will be hollow and echoed if it’s composed of glass, plastic, or another lightweight material when you tap on genuine Jadeite, the same noise returns as a more muffled, deep, resonant sound.

5. Check If Jadeite Is Real With The Scratch Test

The scratch test for Jadeite jewelry is an easy technique to identify whether or not your bracelet is authentic. A genuine Jadeite stone is so hard that it cannot be readily scratched with metal.

Steel, for example, has a hardness of 5.0 on the Mohs scale, whereas Jadeite has a hardness of 6.0 to 7.0. Hence steel cannot nick Jadeite surface.

Scratch the surface of your bracelet with a sharp item such as a knife or needle. If it leaves a visible mark, the jewelry is not real. Other jewelry gemstones, such as topaz or amethyst, may easily nick Jadeite.

Therefore this is a useful method to differentiate authentic Jadeite from imitation.No powdery matter should be removed due to the scraping. 

Extra information On the Quality of Jadeite

A Treated jadeite’s quality is labeled Type A, B, or C.

Type A Jadeite

Type A refers to pure Jadeite that has not been chemically treated. The method consists of a basic wax coating that does not reduce the value of the stones.

After washing and fine polishing, the stones are submerged in hot, liquid wax. It fills up the microscopic surface cracks and holes. The gemstone is then rubbed to a gleaming sheen.

Type B Jadeite

These stones are acid treated to eliminate oxidation and impurities. So, the acid bleaches them and lightens their hue. Impurities are removed by creating many small pores throughout the stone. 

As a result, it is injected with polymer resin to provide a smoother, more polished surface.

Heat and sunshine will cause Type B jadeite to become yellowish. In addition, it becomes more delicate as a result of the acidic treatment.

Type C Jadeite

After being treated with acid and polymer glue, these jewels are colored. However, the hue fades with time, and the stone deteriorates more quickly.

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Summary of Jadeite Crystal

Name of Crystal Jadeite
Other Names
Agate verdâtre, Feitsui, Jadeit, Jadeita, Natronjadeit, Yunnan Jade, Yu-stone, Sinkiang jade
Myanmar, New Zealand, Canada, Taiwan
Colorless, white, all shades of green, yellow-green, yellowish brown
Precious Yes
Semi-Precious No
It is formed in metamorphic rocks under high pressure and relatively low-temperature conditions
Majorly Found at
Myanmar, New Zealand, Canada, Taiwan, Guyana, Surinam, southern Europe, Russia, and China
Zodiac Suited for Pisces
Healing Properties
It has powerful, outward-flowing energies that promote healing, nurturing, replenishment, and emotional support that can help you tap into a higher love
Health Benefits
Assists in the filtration and removal of organs of the body It is very effective in treating kidney and adrenal gland issues. Toxins are removed by jadeite, bone and cellular systems are reconnected, and sutures are healed. It helps with fertility and delivery.
Types of Crystal
Blue Jade, Yellow Jade, White Jade, Red Jade
Meditation, Physical Healing, Mental Healing, Jewelry
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 6.5-7
Check for stress fractures or repairs in which broken pieces have been glued together – if you find any, the stone probably isn’t jadeite
Try to warm up the stone in your hand to see if it stays cool, fake Jadeite will warm up


How much is a piece of Jadeite worth?

Jadeite is extremely expensive, costing $3 million per carat.

Is Jadeite more expensive than Jade?

It is expensive mostly owing to its scarcity. Its premium price, however, is due to its flawless texture and crystalline clarity.

Why is Jadeite so valuable?

The value of Jadeite is determined by three major factors: color, transparency, and texture. The most valuable color is emerald green, also known as Imperial Jadeite.

How can you tell if Jadeite is real?

A Real Jadeite does not glow in the dark or fluoresce when exposed to  UV radiation. A chemically bleached piece of Jadeite emits a mild blue-white glow when exposed to UV radiation.

Is Jadeite more valuable than diamonds?

Burmese Jadeite was the most significant in China and is still one of the most sought-after sorts today. So, this high-quality gemstone can be more expensive than diamonds.

Where is Jadeite found?

Myanmar (Burma), China, Russia, Canada, and other countries have jadeite deposits.

Which color of Jade is most valuable?

The Royal Jade’s brilliant emerald green tint is the rarest jade color.