Lazulite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Lazulite is a deep blue stone that can be utilized to enhance your expression and thoughts. It’s an excellent stone to relax the mind and improve attention. It is a spiritual stone best suited for dream work and astral travel. Let us go further to discover the significance, qualities, and applications of this strong blue gem.


What is Lazulite?

Lazulite is a mineral that belongs to the phosphate class. It is a unique mineral often mistaken for other, more common minerals like Lapis Lazuli and Lazurite. 

What is Lazulite

This stone receives its name from the Arabic word for heaven, referring to its sky-blue tint.

How to Identify a Lazulite?

The Lazulite is a vivid indigo blue, dark azure blue, or light sky blue colored stone with a vitreous to a dull sheen.

How to identify a Lazulite

In general, the crystals are transparent and have a pyramidal shape that appears like a partisan octahedron and is usually trampled to the degree of being in a tabular crystal form.

Lazulite vs Lapis Lazuli

A widespread myth is that the principal crystal in Lapis Lazuli is Lazulite.

Although they have comparable traits, properties, and hues, Lazulite is not present in Lapis Lazuli; rather, it is found in the mineral “Lazurite.” Both have extremely similar spelling and are frequently confused by professionals.

Read about the benefits of Lapis Lazuli here.

Lazulite vs Lazurite

Both are different. Lazulite contains Phosphoric acid. Lazurite contains Silicic Acid. 

Lazulite Cuts And Shapes

Lazulite is a stunning deep blue gemstone. Although the material itself is common, gem-quality rough is seldom. Collectors treasure specimens that can also be faceted with care or carved into cabochons for jewelry.

Lazulite is a transparent granular mineral carved into cabochons (with rounded, convex, polished surfaces) for jewels. Palm stones are also available for meditation. We have limited information on Lazulite because this particular stone is rare.

Where is Lazulite Found?

Brazil, Austria, Switzerland, the United States of America, Canada, and Afghanistan Lazulite resembles Lazurite and is found in the same geographical location. 

Lazulite Crystal Meaning

Lazulite aids in the maintenance of equilibrium between the body’s chakras. White Lazulite is necessary for balancing the chakras, while blue Lazulite aids in keeping one’s mind at ease.

Lazulite Stone Meaning

Furthermore, this is an excellent gemstone to use if you want to improve your attention. It also gives individuals who wear it spiritual and pleasant energy. Lazulite is derived from the Arabic term lazaward, meaning “heaven.” It is also known as blue spar, azure spar, and klaprothine.

Lazulite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

This stone was used to relieve stress in ancient times. This is also important in managing a person’s insight, causing them to locate the solutions to their questions within themselves.

It also provides tranquility, maintains life balance, increases self-esteem, relieves stress, and provides good energy.

Lazulite Crystal Properties

Lazulite is a hydrous magnesium aluminum phosphate crystallizing as a bipyramidal or tabular wedge-shaped crystal.

Lazulite Crystal properties

It belongs to the Lazulite Scorzalite family. It is typically embedded in granular compact masses and matrices. It is often white with varying colors of blue and green.

It has a Moh’s hardness of 5 -6 and a monoclinic crystal structure.

The magnesium-rich and iron-rich series are found in Lazulite. The iron-rich (scozalite) is more uncommon and does not differ significantly except that it is darker in color, less translucent, and denser.

Lazulite Healing Properties

Lazulite is a wonderful crystal to heal your mind, body, and spirit in all ways.

Lazulite Physical Healing 

  • On a physical level, it will also aid in the release of tension in your body and relieve aches produced by painful or traumatic situations.
  • Lazulite’s healing energies will increase your self-esteem, allowing you to leave a relationship that makes you miserable, unworthy, or unsafe.
  • You will also strengthen your willpower with Lazulite. As a result, Lazulite is an effective crystal for overcoming addictions.
  • Meditation with Lazulite can also significantly reduce your worries, anxiety, and rage.
  • Lazulite avoids gastrointestinal disorders and keeps the internal balance in check. In addition, it is beneficial in providing energy to interior organs.
  • It strengthens the immune system and aids in the proper functioning of the endocrine glands. If you are sun sensitive, this stone can assist. In addition, it can repair fractures, the lymphatic system, the thyroid, the pituitary, and the liver.
  • Lazulite is a good stone for migraines and headaches. It can also help with visual recovery after long staring at television or computer screens.
  • Lazulite is considered to help cure burns, scalds, bruises, tooth and gum issues, especially wisdom teeth, liver, pineal gland, spleen, promote healthy growth in children, combat communication abnormalities, Tourette’s syndrome, Asperger’s syndrome, hyperactivity, and ADHD.
  • It also aids in the prevention of unhealthy addiction tendencies.

Lazulite Emotional Healing

  • With Lazulite’s strong emotional healing abilities, you will be able to re-infuse your life with beauty, love, and joy, and you will be well on your way to living the life you have always desired.
  • Lazulite directs your perception and assists you in finding answers to life’s difficulties. It calms you, boosts your self-esteem, keeps you in balance, reduces tension, and gives you great energy.
  • This stone is great for males with difficulty settling into a partnership or family life. If you have rebellious kids and don’t want to be always arguing with them, keep Lazulite in quartz in your home.
  • Lazulite allows you to see and speak your truth without binding it. 
  • The capacity of Lazulite to allow alternate-life research can help you recognize and release emotional patterns from previous incarnations.
  • Lazulite stimulates the third eye and enhances psychic abilities, and intuitive, and clairvoyant powers. Lazulite is a strong crystal that may help you mend your emotions after a terrible time.
  • This gemstone will also give you peace of mind if you are nervous or afraid to confront a few situations.
  • Wearing or carrying a piece of Lazulite will help you restore the confidence you lost due to a traumatic event. It could include a lover betraying you, a husband filing for divorce, or suddenly losing someone precious to you.
  • It will calm your emotions so that you don’t lose yourself in the process, and then it will make you realize the lessons you would not have noticed otherwise because of how you’re feeling.
  • It will clear the fuzz from your head, allowing you to see what you have been ignoring or refusing to perceive.
  • Lazulite will assist you in sorting through the grief and debris left by a difficult event so that you may uncover your power and knowledge.
  • Lazulite’s emotional healing powers will assist you in taking the initial step toward recovery and staying devoted to your healing process until you feel whole and joyful again.
  • Lazulite is a wonderful companion crystal that can provide peace and comfort when you want to be in solitude and in the mode of contemplation.
  • Lazulite stone reminds you of all the things you should be grateful for and the people for whom you should express gratitude. 
  • It’s a great stone that will make it difficult for you to focus on your sorrows and concerns since it will exude sentiments of pleasure, joy, serenity, and satisfaction. 

Lazulite Mental Healing

  • It will assist you in breaking the connections that prevent you from pursuing what makes you happy.
  • It will enclose you in a protective cloak, allowing you to perform what has to be done without placing yourself in danger.
  • Lazulite is an excellent crystal to have since it will assist you in maintaining balance in your life and relationships.
  • It will motivate you to enjoy the good while dealing with the terrible with grace, strength, and courage.
  • It will offer peace to your dream state and help you remember your dreams when you wake up.
  • Your confidence and self-esteem will skyrocket under Lazulite’s tutelage. This highly prized gem has a wide range of effective and helpful properties.
  • Lazulite improves self-discipline and concentration, allowing you to overcome issues more readily.
  • Lazulite causes intense sensations of ecstasy by drawing in pure universal energy and increasing intuition, fostering balance and cosmic alignment.
  • This is a crystal of purity for those who were robbed of their innocence at an early age, allowing them to believe in the inherent goodness of most people once more.
  • It’s a fantastic gem for increasing your intuitive and psychic talents.
  • You will be able to channel astral travel after strengthening your psychic visions.
  • It will strengthen all attempts that stem directly from third-eye activation.
  • This gemstone will improve your mental function. It will improve your dream state and concentration. Lazulite will also bestow calm, composure, and confidence onto you.

Lazulite Metaphysical Properties

  1. This stone may also provide you with many insights and help you discover the answers to your questions about love and life.
  2. Lazulite stone may give you peace of mind, boost self-esteem, preserve life balance, and reduce tension in your body.
  3. This gemstone may show you how to pull in unwanted and destructive energy while stimulating your intuition.
  4. Lazulite may improve one’s feeling of equilibrium and humorous alignment in life. It will also convince you with amazing feelings of ecstasy.

Lazulite Benefits

Lazulite is the gemstone of fresh beginnings and may assist you in achieving long-term, sustainable improvements in your life!

Lazulite Benefits

Lazulite Benefits For Healing and Health

Lazulite might help you avoid headaches and stomach problems. In addition, it may guarantee that everything is in good working order and balance. If you notice that your energy levels fluctuate throughout the day rather than being steady, Lazulite can assist.

It will restore some equilibrium to your internal systems, allowing you to develop without experiencing unpleasant crashing sensations. Similarly, it can encourage you to make better decisions for your long-term health. It may cause food cravings for healthier items that you might otherwise disregard!

This stone is also effective for relieving joint and limb pain. If you’re attempting to obtain more exercise but are hampered by discomfort, you could discover that Lazulite can greatly assist you. This crystal’s healing qualities can supply energy to internal organs. It can also assist the immune system and the endocrine glands to work properly.

If you are sun sensitive, it may give some protection. It can mend fractures, improve the lymphatic system, and ease thyroid and pituitary disorders. It is also believed to be highly good for the liver and to alleviate migraine discomfort.

Lazulite Benefits For Wealth

Lazulite is a wonderful gemstone for attracting good fortune and luck. It will assist in programming your mind for success and abundance to the point where your body will have no option but to make it happen!

Working with the energies of this gem will make you feel as if everything is finally coming together. You will feel a sense of success as if all your hard work and sacrifice were worthwhile!

There will be lots of financial growth, and possibilities will abound. But, prosperity will always be with you, and you will maintain a positive energy flow! Lazulite will create harmony and balance in your thoughts and emotions by working from the inside.

Lazulite Benefits for Stress Relief

You will find calm in your restless heart and chaotic thoughts by introducing balance into how you think and feel. This gem will improve your attention and focus. It will also boost your self-esteem, confidence, and intuitive abilities.

Lazulite will help you identify answers to long-standing difficulties and their underlying concerns. You can lessen your tension, anxiety, and dread by focusing all your energy on your love life, romantic relationship, or marriage.

When you have achieved a good balance in your relationship, you will not feel worried quickly, even in high-stress situations. Lazulite is a great gemstone for breaking harmful habits and negative behavioral patterns. It will improve your self-discipline and attention.

Lazulite Benefits For Relationships

It will enable you to effortlessly and efficiently solve your relationship difficulties. You will also be able to express your thoughts and feelings easily.

Your emotional tensions will be alleviated, and you will be able to appreciate even the less-than-ideal aspects of your love experiences.

You will feel comfortable discussing your prior life difficulties. You will not flee from them or push them deep within yourself.

Lazulite Benefits For Self-Acceptance

You will allow them to surface, and you will be able to love and accept them as a part of who you are. Lazulite is known as the “crystal of heaven” because of its capacity to attract pure cosmic energy. These energies might have a good impact on your love connection!

This crystal evokes a sense of the sea and detachment, making it ideal for astral travel and meditation. This gem will cleanse the chakras like soft, soothing waves. It will open your third eye and help you develop psychically.

It will attract energy to the chakras and eliminate obstructions. It will balance your male and feminine energy while inviting you to be more sensual and fun. The energy from this gem may seem strange to you. However, when you achieve a healthy balance, the energies will be exciting, illuminating, and enlightening!

Lazulite Benefits Spirituality

Lazulite will provide insight into the root reasons for your life and love difficulties, as well as intuitive answers. This gem will aid with mental stability. It will assist you in seeing things clearly from many angles, led by your wisdom and intuition.

Lazulite Benefits Spirituality

It will take away your anxieties and stress. You can discuss your concerns with those who are important to you. This crystal has an immense capacity to cleanse your heart, mind, and spirit while balancing your yin and yang energy. This stone will also boost your perceptive abilities. It will assist you in avoiding harmful and addictive behaviors.

Lazulite & Fengshui

This stone will offer you an infinite stream of positive energy. Place this stone in the heart of your home or workplace. Wherever it is placed, it generates intuitive solutions. This stone contains favorable vibrations, and bringing balance to how you feel and think can allow you to achieve calm in your restless heart and cluttered mind.


Lazulite Fengshui

This gem may also improve attention and focus. It will also boost your self-esteem and confidence. You will also be able to lessen your relationship’s fear, anxiety, and tension with the help of this stone.

Lazulite Birthstone

It is associated with Gemini’s adaptable duality and Sagittarius’s ambitious optimism. Lazulite is a strong knowledge crystal that can help uncover the answers you seek, and the March Birthstone can help you accomplish the same.

Lazulite Chakras

Lazulite may aid in achieving a state of equilibrium among the body’s chakras. It also aids in the maintenance of mental health.

Lazulite Chakras

It will also imbue you with spiritually uplifting and pleasant vibes. Lazulite is a stone of the mind on all levels, stimulating and repairing the Third Eye Chakra.

What are the Uses of Lazulite?

Lazulite will assist you in striking a balance between your body’s chakras. It will also assist you in maintaining your peace of mind. This gem will improve your attention and concentration. It will imbue you with uplifting spiritual energy.

uses of Lazulite

Lazulite will provide many insights and assist you in finding the answers to your questions about life and love. This stone will bring you calm, boost your self-esteem, keep you balanced in life, and reduce stress in your body.

This stone will show you how to attract pure universal energy while stimulating your intuition. Lazulite will improve your feeling of balance and the cosmic alignment of your life. It will also produce wonderful sensations of joy in you!

Lazulite will inspire you to speak what you are unable to utter. It will assist you in speaking your truth and releasing your silent words. This heavenly crystal will also encourage you to receive channeled knowledge and send it telepathically.

You may develop your quiet and serene self by placing Lazulite on your third eye chakra. Because you are a part of the divine, this self will be anchored! The energies of Lazulite will help you confront life’s obstacles with strength and bravery and reach inner serenity.

Caring for Lazulite

Lazulite gems and jewelry should be stored separately from more often seen gemstones such as Garnet, Quartz, and Topaz, among others. This is because lazulites can be scratched by contact with these tougher stones.

When wearing rings, utilize safe settings. Although it oxidizes when air exposure, its appealing blue tint may be restored by washing it with a specific solvent.

When to Cleanse Lazulite?

If you didn’t use the crystal for a long time, you could directly wash it with fresh water. But if you have used it, you can clean it with a brush, light detergent, and warm water to remove the accumulated dirt from the crystal. 

How to Recharge Your Lazulite?

You can use Natural sources such as the Sun, Moon, and Earth to replenish your Lazulite. Smudging also aids in the energization of Lazulite crystal.

Recharge Your Lazulite

You may recharge your Lazulite by keeping it near a Quartz cluster or chips.

What is the Lazulite Activation process?

Clean your crystal with fresh water and allow it to dry before activating it. Then, place your crystal on your right hand, set an intention for the crystal, and visualize your crystal beaming with energy.

How much is Lazulite worth?

Lazulite’s price of 1kg is $500 in the US as of now. It can start from $10 for Approximately 60-70g.

Note: Prices are subject to change.

What determines Lazulite’s price and value?

Lazulite is a beautiful and uncommon phosphorus-based mineral. Its monetary worth is determined by its beauty and scarcity. It is rather soft as a cut stone and may be scraped with a knife. Only a few sites on the planet have well-formed crystals of the gemstone.

However, Lazulite may be discovered in the stratified sedimentary rock of the Blow River region in Yukon, 32 kilometers south of the Beaufort Sea. Yukon’s Lazulite has some of the world’s best color and crystalline properties.

Lazulite Impact

Lazulite increases consciousness and intuition, improves memory, and activates the Third Eye Chakra. This is the ideal gemstone for the spiritual traveler, helping you progress in the path of a light being.

Lazulite is also known as the “Stone of Heaven,” which means “blue stone.” It is a crystal made of minerals that contain cosmic energy.

Lazulite impact

Lazulite is a stone of inspiration for academics, philosophers, psychologists, and poets exploring unknown or new territories of the mind, bringing diverse notions or facts together to build new theories.

It can also help with memory preservation and enhancement for those who must memorize many facts, names, or other information.

Lazulite emits a vibration that corresponds to peak brain performance. It provides energies that tend to impact the energy field of the brain toward hemispheric balance and remarkable coherence. It is a beneficial stone for those of us who have Alzheimer’s.

Does Lazulite make a good Jewelry stone?

Lazulite gems from Brazil are little, whereas Pakistani stones are bigger and may be described as deep bluish green. Both create stunning diamonds.

Does Lazulite make a good jewelry stone

Lazulite Jewelry helps to evoke inner vision and leads to accepting oneself. Lazulite jewelry is available as pendants, bracelets, and other forms of jewelry.

Lazulite Real vs Fake

Lazulite is a kind of aluminum magnesium iron phosphate that crystallizes as masses and, in rare instances, as tiny pyramidal crystal patterns. This stone may be found in various blue hues, the most common of which is azure-indigo blue.

Lazulite is a distinctive mineral readily mistaken with other, more familiar minerals.

Lazulite is a semi-precious azure-blue gemstone designated Yukon’s state gemstone in 1976. It is the only semi-precious gemstone discovered in significant quantities in the area. Lazulite is a beautiful and uncommon phosphorus-based mineral.

Summary of Lazulite Crystal

Name of Crystal Lazulite
Other Names
Stone of Heaven
Origin(s) Austria
Color(s) Deep blue
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
High-grade metamorphism of high silica quartz
Majorly Found at
Brazil, Austria, Switzerland, the United States of America
Zodiac Suited for
Gemini and Sagittarius
Healing Properties

Relieves joint and limb pain.

Health Benefits
It can avoid headaches and stomach problems
Types of Crystal
Attracts good fortune and luck, stress relief
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water?
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 5-6
Real stone is in azure-indigo blue
It resembles Lapis lazuli and Lazurite in color


What is Lazulite used for?

Lazulite is a stone of the mind on all levels, stimulating and repairing the Third Eye Chakra.

Is lazulite same as Lapis Lazuli?

No, the presence of cleavage planes distinguishes Lazulite (from German Lazurstein, “blue stone”) from lapis lazuli.

Is Lazulite Quartz?

Large crystalline quartz with deep blue inclusions frequently colors the quartz blue.

Is Lazulite a gemstone?

Lazulite is a stunning deep blue gemstone.

Where is Lazulite from?

It is from the deposits in Styria, Austria.

What does Lazulite look like?

It is a dark blue mineral that crystallizes in a monoclinic system.

How is Lazulite formed?

It is formed by high-grade metamorphism of silica-rich rocks and pegmatites.