5 Benefits of Lapis Lazuli Crystal

Lapis Lazuli is an ancient gemstone known for its healing properties. It has always been a favorite of mystics as well as royal families. In this article, we will learn about the Benefits of Lapis Lazuli Crystal and more.

Because this gem possesses the power of peace and is associated with wisdom, it can benefit the wearer in numerous ways. You can only realize the effects after wearing it for an extended period and being prepared to take advantage of it. It is said to shield the user from bad energy and prevent any harmful repercussions.

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About Lapis Lazuli

About Lapis

Lapis lazuli means stone. The Latin word lapis means stone, and the Persian word lajward means blue. There is also a color meaning associated with Lapis Lazuli in many languages, including Spanish and Portuguese azule. The stone is one of the oldest opaque gems in history, dating back more than 6,500 years. Some Bible scholars believe that the spiritual meaning of Lapis Lazuli is a reference to Sapphire from the Old Testament, which refers to Lapis Lazuli.

Lazurite, calcite, and pyrite make up this ancient gem. Sometimes, it contains dioxide, amphiphile, feldspar, and asbestos.

Lapis frequently contain varying proportions of white calcite matrix. This host rock protects the gem. The veins of brilliant yellow pyrite surround the gem. It may potentially encircle both. The gemstone may have a homogeneous body color with no pyrite or calcite evident.

Lapis can range from opaque to semi-transparent, from wax to vitreous. According to the composition of the mineral, it has a hardness of 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale. Lapis lazuli is valued worldwide for its beautiful deep blue color.

5 Surprising Benefits of Lapis Lazuli

Benefits of Lapis Lazuli For Energy

Lapis lazuli cleanses the lower energies and aligns them with higher energies and vibrations. Its power helps a person to know more about his inner nature. It proves that its calming energy is beneficial when used at home or in the office. It is free from the rules and problems imposed by itself. This stone opens many chakras that bring inner truth, positive magic, purification, and love. It guides against mental attacks to release tension and bring deep peace. It enhances creativity, flexibility, and clarity in your life. 

Benefits of Lapis Lazuli For Chakra

Lapis lazuli is related to both the throat and third eye chakras. Blue and purple are the colors associated with these chakras, associated with self-expression and spiritual communication.

Throat Chakra

This chakra is about speech and communication. Most people struggle to express their true feelings and thoughts, but a healthy throat chakra can help promote confidence and strength to break free.

Lapis lazuli is fruitful for those with underactive throat chakras. The dark blue color of lapis lazuli represents the gift of truth and speech, brings balance to the chakra in the throat, and promotes healthy self-expression.

Third Eye Chakra

This chakra is a symbol of vision, awareness, and awareness. People with a weak connection to the spiritual side will often have a slow-moving third-eye chakra, but lapis lazuli can change that.

Most purple, the indigo shadows of lapis lazuli are the ones that link to the chakra of the third eye. Wearing and applying this stone can promote self-awareness and open the door to spiritual enlightenment and vision.

Benefits of Lapis Lazuli For Physical Health

Lapis Lazuli -Health

Lapis lazuli has many medicinal benefits. It boosts immunity, lowers blood pressure, purifies the blood, and reduces inflammation in the body. Furthermore, the stone helps to avoid sleeplessness, melancholy, sore throats, and thyroid problems. It benefits the nervous system and the respiratory system. It relieves migraine pain and cleanses the bone marrow. Besides that, it is beneficial to the nervous system, throat, larynx, and respiratory systems. It helps in strengthening the immune system and cures sore throat. It is advantageous in treating the disorders of the spleen, heart, autism, depression, disability, pain, epilepsy, eye, and masculinity. It is excellent for RNA / DNA damage and even for tuberculosis. You can get a lot of benefits when you have such a stone. 

Benefits of Lapis Lazuli For Mental Health

It belongs to the powers of heaven. The ancient royal families believed that some Lapis Lazuli healing properties create vibrations that stimulate the mind. The benefits of Lapis Lazuli include a potential intense sapphire which can open the mind and provide knowledge. It can boost self-awareness, self-confidence, self-knowledge, peace and harmony, compassion, and morality to keep the wearer in a good mood throughout the day. 

Healing crystals of Lapis Lazuli prevent anger and negative thoughts. It is a beneficial tool for those suffering from mental retardation. Additionally, it calms the senses and opens the mind to create knowledge and self-awareness. It is the stone of protection from anxiety and mental attacks. It also came to balance the male and female elements of your personality that vibrate with the power of the inner king or queen and has historically been the royal stone. Lapis Lazuli Emotional Healing is not just about internal issues. It can create goals and determination in your life. 

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Benefits of Lapis Lazuli Boosting Capacity

It is a tool for intellectual analysis, problem-solving, and new idea generation. This stone can create different ideas, enhance intellectual abilities and activate and sharpen your memory. The spiritual properties of Lapis Lazuli make this crystal very useful and popular until this age. It is also known as the Wisdom Keeper because it synchronizes the mind, body, and soul. Its power reveals your inner knowledge and enhances attachment with your inner power.

Various Colors of Lapis Lazuli

Various Colors-Lapis

Differently described as Indigo, Royal, Midnight, or Marine Blue, Lapis Lazuli’s signature color ranges from slightly greenish-blue to purple-blue, with medium to deep tones and highly saturated color. Golden pyrite flakes may be present in Lapis Lazuli of high quality. However, the mineral does not contain calcium carbonate.

If the spots are small and attractively cooled throughout the gem, their presence does not necessarily diminish the value of the lapis lazuli. The lowest quality Lapis looks dull and green due to the high content of pyrite. It is less valuable if it has white calcite streaks.

The combination of different minerals on the whole determines the color. For instance, lazurite creates the royal blue hue of lapis lazuli, whereas afghanite produces a light blue tint. Lapis trade grades depend on two things, color and the presence or absence of calcite or pyrite. 

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Astrological Relevance of Lapis Lazuli

It is the stone of the planet Saturn. By wearing this gem, you can get the optimistic effect of Saturn. Lapis Lazuli is a Sagittarius gem.

Wearing this gem gives the person energy and positivity. It can improve a person’s life not only mentally but also physically. From a scientific point of view, it works as a medicine for diabetes and mental illness.

How to Use Lapis Lazuli?

There are many other benefits to using lapis lazuli. You can buy the best quality lapis lazuli stones at very affordable prices online. You can also use them as jewelry, bracelets, rings, or pendants.


Lapis Lazuli is lucrative as a healing stone. These stones are large and come in various blue shades. The stone has a vital role in spirituality and astrology. It is a semi-precious stone that can boost your health and emotions. You shall check the stone in the market if you find it attractive and beneficial. There are many pieces of jewelry and idols made up of Lapis in the market.