12 Best Crystals For Astral Projection

Crystals are utilized in numerous methods such as restoration, Lucid Dreaming, and for diverse functions, including Astral Travel.

Here we take a better observe the few crucial crystals for Astral projection. But, before we proceed, let us determine a few things about Astral travel and the role of crystals.

What is Astral Travel?

Astral travel

Astral Travel is a spiritual interpretation of an ‘out of body experience. The experience can help support your insight that life is a reality after the passing of the physical body.

During Astral Travel, we can go away from the physical body and travel to the astral plane and different levels of consciousness. One of the most popular techniques of astral travel can occur through lucid dreaming, deep spiritual retreats, breathwork classes, and of course, by training your mind to stay wakeful as your body drifts away.

Can Crystals help with Astral Projection?

Crystals can improve your astral travel experience, whether voluntary or involuntary. This is because they release you from the heavy chains of your physical body. And they not only help you perform astral travel but save you while you are crossing on the astral plane. They awaken you to the high-speed evolving opportunities and help you focus your efforts so that they will strengthen and mature.

Let us look at the few Essential crystals which are a valuable resource for Astral Projection.

12 Best Crystals for Astral Projection

Crystals for Astral travel

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Labradorite-Astral Projection

Flashing blues, silvers, and vegetables with shiny designs

Labradorite is a beautiful stone for astral travel and no longer least because it encourages you to explore yourself. This stone fills you with the desire for an adventurous journey, not just to step out of the door as physical travel. But also for the willingness to step out of your body.

Wear Labradorite on occasion you plan to attempt an astral tour. Keep it near at some point of meditation or spiritual courses to encourage that levitating feeling.


Citrine-Astral Projection

It seems like Golden sunshine and strokes of natural positivity.

This joyful gem glows with top luck and endless optimism and might fill your glass properly up. First, however, it’s vital to clean off any negativity earlier than your astral travel, as you don’t need to carry that negative energy attainable with you. e

Do a few meditative exercises or a cleansing ritual with Citrine before the mattress or when making plans to astral travel so you can be clean and charged and free from dreadful thoughts.

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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz-Astral Projection

 It is a soft and light pink Crystal. Rose Quartz is a coronary heart chakra opener brimming with goddess power that prepares you to embrace all the elements of the astral journey without a hint of fear. Find out extra approximately the meaning of Rose Quartz.

When it comes to cosmic adventures or when you are afraid to delve into deep travel, Rose Quartz serves as a gentle reminder to choose love over fear.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz-Astral Projection

 It seems like Like a capturing big name of natural light.

Clear Quartz is an outstanding all-around stone for spiritual healing and adventuring. Likewise, it is connected to your crown chakra, one of the exceptional gateways into higher consciousness. The historic Egyptians believed that Clear Quartz could call at the powers of the heavens.

Place Clear Quartz underneath your pillow throughout sleep and open doors to a divine experience and a more profound relaxing state.


Amethyst-Astral Projection

A Vibrant purple with mega mystical vibes.

This stone has impressive magical properties and has long been a spiritually-minded talisman. Since ancient times, people have used the gem to facilitate lucid dreaming and tap into any messages from the universe.

Place Amethyst underneath your pillow to allow yourself a lucid dreaming occasion. You also can place it in your forehead or maintain an Amethyst sphere at some point of meditation for astral projection practice.


Aventurine-Astral projection

 It is a crystal that is Gentle green coloration and soaked in delight.

Aventurine brings suitable fortune continually and is a heart chakra healer. It’s a gentle gem of courage, power, and stabilizing the emotional frame. It is helpful to be in a position of strength and stability before you step into the realm of astral travel.

In addition to being a stone of float, Aventurine also aids in transporting you to new realms. Wear it daily to loosen your grasp and learn to let go, or keep it next to your bed to help you dream.


Carnelian-Astral travel

It appears as the flame coronary heart of mother earth. A stone soaked in innovative energy and suitable time vibes, Carnelian also works to cast off lousy power and encourages each of your warrior spirits and your inner child out to play. These are top-notch equipment for taking you into better dimensions as they create a sense of protection and play.

It is an excellent stone always to keep close to you to stoke your inner fire. Carnelian is also a crystal grid energy bringer.

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Selenite-Astral travel

It seems like the shade of an angel feather; Selenite is excessive vibrations. It’s a splendid stone for connecting you along with your guardians and allows you to live covered from the fleeting shadows of nightmares or any horrific vibes obtainable. Wear Selenite to protect you while in a dream state. This stone surrounds you in a white light that prevents shadows from passing through.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli-Astral projection

It is a lovely stone with Blue and Green colors with bright shades.

Historically, Lipis has been used for its prophetic magic, with ties to ancient civilizations. The third eye and throat chakras are connected by this gem, which helps you tap into innate knowledge and infinite understanding and communication with the universe. This is another excellent stone to have around while deepening your relationship with lucid dreaming.

Place Lapis beneath your pillow or preserve it near all through your bedtime meditation to tap into that lucid energy that awaits you.


Hematite-Astral projection

Shot with silver and defensive powers.

The vivid silver gem of Hematite is strong with defensive powers and may keep you grounded down regardless of how excessive or how far you leap. This stone also serves as a yin yang balancer, which means that it strengthens both your emotions and the body making it less complicated to leave and return with no trouble.

Keep Hematite near in the course of instances of astral journey or surround yourself with this stone in the course of your spiritual practice to keep you safe.

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Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz-Astral projection

Silvery smoke, brown mist appearance.

Smoky Quartz allows you to let go of negative energies and carry mild to darkened corners. This stone is thought of for its mystical residences and a fact seeker. Smoky Quartz can lead the manner for those searching for prophetic visions.

Meditate with Smoky Quartz earlier than embark on astral travel via dreaming, meditation, or spiritual exercise. It’s also an excellent stone to preserve close to your bed to keep negative energies.

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Agate-Astral projection

It is with child blue sunglasses. A critical part of your spiritual awakening and going deeper into the potentials of astral projection is to still the thoughts and calm the coronary heart. Blue Lace Agate is all approximately emotional balance and stability that could maintain you upright even if spinning for your head. It enables your body to enter a nurturing calm state as a highly calming stone before unique journeys.

You can use Blue Lace Agate to get you into a meditative state. The calmer you’re, the more likely you are to enjoy this out-of-body journey. These are the Specific Gemstones You Should Use while Astral travel.

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How to Use These Powerful Crystals?

There are lots of methods you may harness the powerful energy of those sacred stones from the depths of the earth. Whether it’s making a magic circle or slipping a stone upon your wrist, right here are the excellent ways to use crystals for all your astral travels.

  •   Place crystals on your pillow to facilitate lucid dreaming
  •   Wear crystal jewelry at all times to keep yourself tethered and protected.
  •   Place crystals on your third eye when delving right into a deep meditation
  •   Make a crystal grid
  •   Make dream sachets with crystals and herbs like lavender, and rosemary. Use your crystals while working towards tarot to enhance mystical connections
  •   Other stones that work superbly with the astral journey and witchcraft practices consist of Moonstone, Fluorite, and Moldavite.

Final Thoughts

We have mentioned the most suitable Crystals for Astral Projection in this  Complete Guide. At some point in their lives, most people have experienced astral travel. However, some are unaware that they have done so.

Carrying your astral body away is exciting stuff. The electricity of desires, journeys that take you better or plunge you in profound, messages from the opposite aspect, and connecting with spirit guides, all of these adventures are open to those who dare to dream. However, making sure that you remain consciously connected, tethered, and leave all strands of negativity behind is how you stay cloaked in protection, and this is where crystals can help.

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