Opalite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Opalite gemstones are man-made gemstones created as an imitation of the traditional Opal. This gemstone is usually made of glass, resins and/or metal. A different variation of Opalite exists which is usually naturally made from silica and water. A common question regarding the authenticity of this gemstone is that is it real opal as Opalite is a man-made version. Well, it may not be a real Opal stone, but it surely provides a huge number of benefits and advantages to the user. Let’s know more about this beautiful gemstone. 

What Is Opalite?

What Is Opalite

Opalite is a rare gemstone. It has gained its name due to its opalescent appearance. This appearance is formed by the light that is reflected within the gemstone. This gemstone is available in a wide range of colours and patterns. No matter what the variety is, each gemstone of Opalite has an opalescent sheen on it. 

Very often, these gemstones are considered Opal or Moonstones. However, Opalite is an extremely unique gemstone. Opalite gemstones are easily available in the market in different cuts and shapes. The colours in which this gemstone can be seen are milky white, blue or sky blue. Many gemstones of Opalite are colourless too. 

How To Identify An Opalite?

To identify an Opalite gemstone and distinguish it from other similar gemstones like Opal and Moonstone, here are the characteristics of the gemstone that one must keep in mind:- 

  • Colour:- Opalite gemstones come in a variety of colours like white, pink, blue, sky blue and purple. Many gemstones are colourless too. 
  • Crystal structure:- The crystal structure of Opalite is Amorphous. This means it’s not crystalline. 
  • Lustre:- Opalite gemstones have a lustre of vitreous and/or pearly. 
  • Transparency:- The transparency of Opalite gemstones is translucent to transparent. 
  • Cleavage:- Opalite gemstones do not have cleavage. 
  • Fracture:- Opalite gemstones have a conchoidal fracture. 
  • Density:- The density of Opalite gemstones is 2.6. 

Opalite Stone Meaning

Opalite Stone Meaning

The Opalite gemstones occurring naturally are thousands of years old. However, the man-made ones are pretty young. The meaning of this gemstone is hidden in its youthfulness and wonderfulness of this gemstone. This means that this gemstone encourages one’s curiosity and evokes a feeling of lightheartedness in the wearer. 

This meaning is primarily associated with Opal’s spirituality. Since Opal’s spirituality consists of authenticity and playfulness, Opalite gemstones evoke the wearer’s innocent and childlike personality. The feeling of lightheartedness is largely associated with the idea of living in the present. Especially, living in the moment. 

This gemstone has the ability to lighten a heavy and burdened heart. It helps the wearer to face and solve every difficult situation or problem in their life. The meaning of this gemstone is also hidden in its ability to enable the wearer to start new things and embrace new beginnings. 

Opalite Healing Properties

The physical, mental and emotional healing properties of Opalite are as follows:-

  • Physical Healing Properties Of Opalite

Gemstones like Opal have tons of spiritual benefits. Due to this, many healing circles tend to overlook their physical healing properties. But that must not imply that Opalite has no physical healing properties. This gemstone, when paired with various other kinds of gemstones, is pretty useful for curing a large number of health concerns. 

Predominantly, the gemstone is used for solving breathing problems. Asthma, heart arrhythmias, fibroids and many more related issues are cured by this gemstone. For fast recovery from deep injuries and wounds, this gemstone must be used. The levels of oxygen in the body are also increased by the use of this gemstone. Opalite works wonders in the purification of blood and kidneys. It also helps in fighting a fever and other kinds of deadly infections in the body. 

Opalite is a well-known gemstone for enhancing one’s energy levels. If an individual faces low levels of energy and stamina after a long day of physical or mental activity, then they must start using this beneficial stone as it will provide a boost of energy to the wearer and make them much more productive than they were before. 

  • Mental Healing Properties Of Opalite 

Opalite gemstones help the wearer to change and transform in their life. It helps them to be the best versions of themselves. It helps the wearer to move on from one phase of life to the next chapter with a fresh and new beginning. This gemstone is largely beneficial for those people who are looking forward to making huge changes in their life. Or who are planning to take big decisions to change important things in their life. 

Different changes like starting a new job, moving into a new home or starting the construction of a new home, moving to a new city for work purposes, starting a married life, etc are all made easy with the help of this gemstone. It is said that this gemstone will help the individual to succeed and keep going on every step of their journey to start something new. And face any obstacles in the way with a brave face. 

  • Emotional Healing Properties Of Opalite 

Emotional Healing Properties Of Opalite 

In life, one may face a number of ups and downs which may lead to different kinds of problems. These problems may give birth to more problems creating a chain of issues which may be solvable or may not be solvable. The same concept applies to the emotional issues of an individual. When an individual is lacking a vital balance in their emotional health, the other aspects of their health may suffer largely. 

For making sure that an individual is emotionally fit, Opalite must be used. This is because Opalite is an incredible emotional healer. No matter what the intensity of emotional issues an individual is going through, Opalite is the solution for all of them. For gaining the best treatment for issues in one’s emotional health, Opalite must be used on a daily basis. This gemstone influences almost all aspects of the wearer’s life which includes enhancement in their emotional health. 

Opalite enables the wearer to let go of various inhibitions. The wearer is able to emotionally relate with other people and also enhance their communication with people in their surroundings. Opalite has the healing properties to improve one’s personal life and relationships. It also enhances one’s moods and stabilises their emotional cycle. The levels of self-confidence and self-acceptance are also increased with help of this gemstone. 

  • Chakra Healing Properties Of Opalite 

The chakra healing properties of Opalite depend on its colour. Moreover, different coloured Opalite gemstones are also associated with different chakras in the body. Light blue Opalite gemstones are associated with the throat chakra. When there are blockages in the throat chakra, the individual may face difficulties in openly expressing themselves and acting as their pure self. For that matter, one must carry little Opalite gemstones with themselves. 

This will help them overcome the fear of expressing themselves and will also be enabled them to keep their opinions open. 

Purple-coloured Opalite gemstones are incredible openers of the crown chakra. This helps the wearer to filter out all the outer noise of the world. It enables the wearer to create a strong connection of bond with their conscious being. Since Opalite gemstones are the symbol of purity and authenticity, it helps the wearer to get in touch with their true and pure self. 

Opalite Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of Opalite make this gemstone an important crystal for the purpose of meditation purposes. This gemstone works incredibly well for helping the wearer to know more about their chakras and explore them even further. This gemstone works well with a wide range of chakras. It removes blockages and negativity from the wearer’s meditation practices and chakras as well. 

This gemstone is predominantly connected to four main chakras which are the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. For using this gemstone during meditation practices, one must place the gemstone in the body where the chakra is present. Other ways of gaining the metaphysical properties of this gemstone are by holding its hands or placing it on the spot for meditation. 

Opalite Benefits

Opalite Benefits

The benefits of Opalite gemstones are as follows:- 

  • Opalite gemstones enhance communication skills

As we all know, communication is one of the most important skills possessed by human beings. Without this skill, human beings couldn’t get any work done. If an individual is facing a hard time in improving their communication skills, then they must consider using Opalite to become better at communication speedily. 

Opalite gemstones not only enhance one’s communication skills with other human beings, but it helps one to get connected and communicate with higher beings. This means that the wearer’s spiritual communication skills are also enhanced with the use of Opalite gemstones. It is recommended to carry small Opalite gemstones everywhere the wearer goes to stay confident and communicate with no fear. 

  • Opalite gemstones are beneficial to boost moods 

Opalite gemstones are considered instant mood boosters. If the wearer is feeling down or low, Opalite gemstones will uplift their mood with their magical healing properties. This gemstone will not only enhance one’s mood but will also help them to come out of a state of negativity which may cause an adverse effect on their mood. 

When Opalite gemstones create balance in the mind of the wearer, they will be able to uplift and boost their mood on their own. With the realignment of unbalanced chakras, this gemstone will help the wearer to stay in reality and appreciate the small and big things in their life. With the realisation of all the great things in life, the wearer will be able to experience a cheerful energy which will then help them boost their mood. 

  • Opalite gemstones are beneficial to start new beginnings 

Nowadays, everyone is looking for newness in their daily life. Everyone wants to start something new with the hope to expand their spectrum and excel in different fields. This newness of new beginnings may make people nervous and fearful as they might have never done something like that before. For that purpose, one must invest their trust and faith in Opalite gemstones as they enable the user to find joy and assurance in their new beginnings. 

Opalite gemstones are extremely affordable compared to other similar gemstones in the market. That’s why one must choose Opalite for bringing big changes in their life as it is not only affordable but super effective too. It also offers all the necessary guidance, support and motivation one may need in the starting process of new beginnings and big changes. 

  • Opalite gemstones make life peaceful and tranquil

In today’s stressful and draining life, one may find it extremely difficult to gain peace and happiness from the small things in life. Especially, when an individual is going through tough times, they may find it difficult to stay peaceful and calm. In this situation, one must keep Opalite gemstones with them at all times. 

Opalite gemstones make the wearer’s life balanced and controlled. Due to this, the wearer is able to find peace and tranquillity. Along with their everyday life, the user will be able to gain peace and calmness in their sleep. Since Opalite gemstones are peace givers, the wearer will be able to enjoy a peaceful and soothing sleep. The wearer will also be free from the shackles of fearful and terrifying nightmares and other sleep-related problems. 

  • Opalite gemstones make the wearer satisfied with the small things in life

We all wish for big things and big changes in life quickly. In this process of chasing everything big, we forget to appreciate the small and minute things in life. Opalite gemstones play an effective role in making the wearer realise that happiness and joy can be found even in the smallest things in their life. 

Everything small or big is a huge blessing in one’s life. And being satisfied with them will make the wearer much happier than chasing for even better and bugged things. Opalite gemstones put the wearer in a place of gratefulness and satisfaction for what they have without any greed for getting more and more. Being mindful and appreciative towards what we already have will never make us unsatisfied and selfish. 

Opalite Benefits Spirituality

Opalite Benefits Spirituality

Being healthy physically, mentally and emotionally is extremely important. However, one aspect of health and wellness that most people tend to avoid is the spiritual aspect. As much as it is important to keep our bodies and minds healthy, we must consider the spiritual aspect too. Spiritual health comes under the umbrella of health and wellness. A spiritually healthy person is a healthy person in general. 

Since Opalite gemstones stand high in the list of gemstones that provide spiritual healing properties, an individual must try its spiritual healing properties to be spiritually fit and healthy. Opalite gemstones help the wearer to tap into their deeper state or level of consciousness. It helps the wearer to explore that state of consciousness that they may have never heard of. 

In the process of being spiritually healthy, the wearer will gain help and guidance from the higher being and spiritual entities. The wearer will create strong bonds with the spiritual world in different ways. Users will also be enabled to gain messages and guidance from the spiritual realm which will help them to enhance the quality of their life in the best way possible. 

Opalite gemstones help the wearer to let go of past grief and sorrows. It balances the yin and yang energies. It also cleanses the wearer’s auric field which makes them spiritually better and healthy person. 

  • Opalite Birthstone

Opalite gemstones are the stones for individuals with the astrological sign of Cancer. Opalite is the birthstone for the individuals born in the month of October. 

  • Opalite Chakras

Opalite gemstones are associated with the activation and unlocking of the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra. 

What Are The Uses Of Opalite?

Uses Of Opalite

The uses of Opalite are as follows:-

  • Opalite gemstones are usually called the ‘Stone Of Wealth.’ This is because they help the wearer to gain success and abundance quickly. The wearer becomes a magnet for success and wealth in their business or professional life. If the wearer is facing any problems in their business or professional life, this gemstone will help him/her to overcome them. 
  • Opalite is used as an all-rounder healing gemstone. It enhances one’s every aspect of health and wellness such as physical health, mental health, emotional health and spiritual health. Predominantly, this gemstone is famous in many metaphysical healing circles for its properties to enhance an individual’s physical and spiritual health. 
  • Opalite gemstones are used for enhancing one’s sexual life. It improves the wearer’s entry levels and stamina. It encourages sexual prowess. It is also used to enhance one’s sexual life and love life as well. 
  • Opalite gemstones are used to uplift moods and get rid of the feelings of constant tiredness and lowness. 
  • This gemstone is used for enhancing marriages and relationships. It helps the wearer gain faithfulness and trust in the relationship and for their partner. This gemstone increases the duration of any relationship. And makes it a long-lasting one or a forever one. A wearer becomes more open and honest about their opinions and thoughts in their relationship using this gemstone. 
  • Since Opalite is considered as a merchant stone, the wearer can attract an abundance of wealth using this gemstone. This gemstone is not only used for attracting wealth but is also used for gaining success and prosperity in any professional endeavour they decide to go for. The user is enabled to face any obstacle that comes their way to success and become a stronger version of themselves professionally. Read here if you are interested in knowing how to use Pyrite to attract wealth.

Caring For Opalite

Caring For Opalite

More than cleaning the physical body of the Opalite gemstone, one must make sure that the gemstone is being cleansed spiritually. One must cleanse Opalite as soon as one get it. Then, one must cleanse it regularly if used on a daily basis. Opalite gemstones must be used after they have been used for a long period of time. The different ways through which Opalite gemstones can be cleansed are as follows:- 

  • A good method to cleanse Opalite gemstones is by keeping them in a container for an entire night. This container can be a druse, cluster, geode or bed. Gemstones like Quartz and Amethyst must be used for this cleansing method. This is because these gemstones have the power to absorb and filter out negative energies and vibrations from the gemstone kept in the container. 
  • Another technique is smudging. In this method, one must light a smudge or an incense stick. Then the gemstone must be kept in that smoke for some time. 

Does Opalite Make A Good Jewelry Stone?

Does Opalite Make A Good Jewellery Stone

Yes. Opalite gemstones make good jewellery stones. Opalite gemstones have a wide range of benefits and healing properties for the user. Due to these benefits, an Opalite gemstone is usually worn as an amulet or a talisman. When it comes to jewellery, Opalite gemstone jewellery pieces are some of the most beautiful jewellery pieces to add to one’s collection. The different jewellery pieces one can make using Opalite gemstones are as follows:- 

  • Opalite bracelets:- Bracelets make the hand look much more beautiful than it already is. In addition to that, when the wearer will wear an Opalite gemstone bracelet, the beauty of their hand will elevate even further. 
  • Opalite necklaces:- Necklaces are usually worn for every special occasion as it adds a unique and graceful element to the outfit. Wearing Opalite necklaces will surely make heads turn at any event as no one will be able to resist the beauty of the beautiful gemstones studded on the wearer’s neck. 
  • Opalite earrings:- It is said that earrings are used to elevate the face and compliment the hairstyle one is wearing. That’s why adding Opalite earrings is surely a good decision as they will not only look good with any outfit but will suit any hairstyle worn by the wearer. 
  • Opalite rings:- Rings are some of the most important jewellery pieces in anyone’s collection. Without rings, not only the hands look empty, but the entire look planned by the individual can look empty. That’s why one must go for Opalite rings as they not only look classy and chic but will complete any incomplete look too. 
  • Other jewellery pieces:- Apart from the above-mentioned jewellery uses, Opalite gemstones can be used as pendants, brooches and anklets. These pieces are usually available as a set in the market and can be purchased along with other jewellery pieces of Opalite. 

Opalite Real vs Fake

Opalite Real vs Fake

Opalite gemstones are both available as natural Opalite and man-made Opalite in the markets. If an individual wishes to distinguish between a natural Opalite gemstone and a man-made Opalite gemstone, then they must keep in mind that man-made Opalite gemstones are created as an imitation of the natural Opal gemstone. 

That’s why man-made Opalite gemstones will have an iridescent sheen on them. Such sheen is a component of Opal’s physical features. Apart from that, the natural Opalite gemstones have a milky white colour. They do not have a shrinking colour similar to real Opal or lab-created Opalite. 

In The Light Of This Information 

Opalite gemstones may not be found in the Earth’s layers, but they still carry a huge number of benefits for the wearer. For individuals struggling with communication and understanding the codes of communication, this gemstone is the best gift for them. 

With incredible spiritual healing powers and soothing effects for the heart and mind, this gemstone will bring all the positive energies and vibrations into the home of the workplace. Given the wearer is carrying these gemstones everywhere they go, this gemstone will keep proving its healing properties at every point of the wearer’s journey. 


What is Opalite used for?

Opalite gemstones are usually used for complete spiritual and emotional healing

How is Opalite formed?

Opalite gemstones are usually formed with plastic and glass materials. 

Where should I put Opalite?

Opalite gemstones are usually kept in the home or workplace depending on where the user requires its healing benefits the most. 

How do you cleanse Opalite?

For cleansing Opalite gemstones, one can use a container with Quartz or Amethyst gemstones. Or they can use the method of smudging. 

Is Opalite rare?

No. Opalite is not a rare gemstone. 

How strong is Opalite?

Opalite gemstones have a hardness level of 5 to 5.6 on the Mohs Scale of hardness. 

How do you identify Opalite?

Opalite gemstones can be identified by their physical features and priorities like lustre, colour, shape and much more. 

Is Opalite the same as moonstone?

No. Opalite and Moonstone gemstones are not the same. 

Is Opalite used for anxiety?

Yes. Opalite is used for treating anxiety.