Padparadscha Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Padparadscha, also known as the ‘King of Sapphires’, is an incredibly uncommon and valuable gemstone of the corundum mineral family with a distinctive orange and pink color combination. In actuality, it is the most expensive and rarest variety of Sapphires. It is breathtakingly stunning, with costs comparable to those of emeralds and rubies. Its mystical qualities provoke a special fusion of imagination, sensuality, and spirituality. Around the world, jewelry designers and gem lovers alike value this gemstone.

In 2019, padparadscha sapphires had tremendous growth after making a splash in the market. Supported by Princess Eugenie’s engagement in 2018, which was highlighted by a padparadscha sapphire floral ring, this gemstone is expected to remain popular well in the future. 

What is Padparadscha?

What is Padparadscha?

The Corundum mineral family’s natural Padparadscha Sapphire is an aluminum oxide mineral that crystallizes which is incredibly uncommon.  The only kind of corundum other than ruby that has its own name is padparadscha. They possess all the unique characteristics of sapphire, such as their extraordinary hardness scoring a 9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, slightly below a diamond.

The “aquatic lotus blossom” color of the Padparadscha Sapphire ranges from a delicate salmon pink tint to an orange hue. Some have compared the hue of this exquisite gemstone to the union of a lotus flower and a sunset, signifying that it is one of the most exceptional and regal gemstones in the world with a mystifying color. 

The additional trace amounts of chromium and iron that were present throughout their creation are what give them their color. In contrast to other sapphires, which are valued more highly the more saturated the color is, Padparadschas are anticipated to be pastel in color and tone, therefore a medium saturation is frequently more highly esteemed. 

How to Identify a Padparadscha?

The most crucial aspect in identifying a padparadscha is its color. Authentic padparadscha has a delicate blend of orange and pink and has, thus, a stunning pinkish-orange tint to it. The stones can range in color from pale pink to a darker orange and frequently have a pinkish tinge to them. They frequently feature pink and yellow color zones within the salmon tones, and they also frequently have irregular coloration.

Cut stone lapidarists can retain the Padparadscha Sapphire as much as possible when this lovely stone is processed to be polished, leading to asymmetrical patterns that would further distinguish such stones. For these kinds of sapphires, clarity is crucial because the stone’s bright color makes any impurities readily apparent. 

– Padparadscha Cuts and Shapes

Padparadscha sapphires are cut asymmetrically. This is done in order to retain the maximum material obtained since more material equals greater value when dealing with a diamond as valuable as the padparadscha. Due to the high scarcity of padparadscha, “rough,” cut stones will be shaped to preserve the greatest amount of substance. Oval and cushion cut gems are more widely available than round and emerald cut Padparadscha sapphires because these cutting styles maintain the most weight.

Sapphires may be carved into a wide variety of durable shapes thanks to their hexagonal crystalline structures. Oval, round, or cushion-shaped sapphires are frequently used in engagement rings, pendants, and other jewelry.

Where is Padparadscha Found?

The first padparadscha sapphires were found in Sri Lanka. This was the sole known source of this highly prized diamond for many centuries. But these sapphires have also been discovered in Madagascar. The stones from Madagascar are particularly lovely as they are typically more pink than orange. 

Other areas where padparadscha sapphires can be found are Vietnam’s Quy Chau mines and northeast Tanzania’s Tunduru area of the Umba Valley. Tanzanian padparadscha, often known as African pad, is frequently browner. Even though it is still believed that Sri Lanka produces the best stones, Madagascar is now a major producer of the stones sold on the market.

Padparadscha Stone Meaning

Padparadscha Stone Meaning

The name padparadscha originates from the word “Padma raga,” which means “lotus hue” in Sinhalese or Sanskrit. The lotus flower is well-known throughout the world because it emerges from murky water to bloom. As a result, the flower has come to stand for extraordinary beauty in the face of adversity. It now stands for mental and emotional purity.

According to experts and historians, this flower also promotes honor, good health, and good fortune. The vivid color combination also mimics the characteristic orange that is seen at sunrise and sunset. Orange sapphires represent vigor and enthusiasm, while pink sapphires stand for imagination, love, and passion. Incorporating both of these meanings into a single stone makes Padparadscha sapphires truly one-of-a-kind. 

Astrologers associate this diamond with the planet of beauty, “Venus,” because of its calming tint and great aesthetic value. The relaxing effects of padparadscha are thought to provide considerable advantages for the user.

Padparadscha Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

- Padparadscha Meanings in Ancient Lore and History

Padparadscha sapphire was originally mined in Sri Lanka. It is not a very well-known sapphire but is very popular among crystal enthusiasts. These sapphires are a part of the lengthy history of sapphires, which traces the gem’s appeal to the Middle Ages. The direct royal link can be established when  Princess Eugenie proudly displayed her stunning padparadscha sapphire engagement ring when she announced her engagement to Jack Brooksbank. It’s not particularly shocking that Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring features a padparadscha sapphire. After all, these stones have always been connected with an everlasting love.

Padparadscha Crystal Properties

The padparadscha sapphire, like its namesake, symbolizes a variety of positive spiritual, emotional, and wellness attributes that will improve your life. Its significance is due to both its scarcity and breathtaking beauty as well as the potent healing effects it exerts on the wearer, both physically and emotionally.

With its ability to instill serenity, it can clear one’s thinking and provide the user with inner peace. The stone’s soft pink hue stands for an abundance of creativity combined with love and romance that distinguishes itself from lust. When someone first lays eyes on the Padparadscha stone, they sense a connection with it and are enamored by the orange variation’s expression of passionate affection and energetic features. 

Padparadscha Healing Properties

Padparadscha reveals several healing powers such as protection, luck, stability, good fortune, and spiritual insight. Not only that, but Padparadscha Sapphire also possesses innumerable other therapeutic qualities. It aids in calming your mind and encourages your mind to only deal with motivating thoughts. Padparadscha encourages creative expression and professional development. It releases the heavenly inspiration that increases desire and capacity as well as the strength of purpose.

Padparadscha Physical Healing Properties

Padparadscha can help restore the body’s balance. It accomplishes this in a variety of methods, including assisting in gland management, increasing the effectiveness of the veins, and even helping to treat blood diseases. It has the power to simultaneously boost the immune system and treat psychological illnesses.

Additionally, persons suffering from urinary and reproductive issues can benefit from this lovely stone. These diseases can without a doubt be cured by the cosmic powers contained in the rays that Padparadscha Sapphire produces. Even the treatment of reproductive issues and enhancing fertility will benefit from it.

Padparadscha Emotional Healing Properties

You’ll feel more gregarious, happy, fun, expressive, and dynamic after using this stone. For individuals who require more of these emotional energies, it is a wonderful aid. For those of you who want healthier attitudes and expressions around sexual energy, padparadscha sapphire is also beneficial. It can give one’s emotions dynamic vigor. 

In addition to its propensity to strengthen relationships, a healthier attitude toward one’s sexual energy can be developed and old negative sexual experiences can be overcome with the help of padparadscha sapphire. When it comes to expressing enthusiasm, it encourages greater creativity and self-assurance.

Padparadscha Metaphysical Properties

Padparadscha Metaphysical Properties

Padparadscha is closely associated with positive change. Regardless of the clarity of the gemstones themselves, wearing them can help the person tear down whatever barriers they may have built to protect themselves from (or to avoid) change. This will then lead to serenity and the acceptance of new self-trust. Having a clearer mind and firmly establishing oneself, in reality, are necessary for better discernment and judgment.

The metaphysical properties of the padparadscha are also very beneficial to creative persons. Consider the gemstone’s unmatched hue alone to see why it is expressive in and of itself. The wearer may experience an awakening or spark for creative desires and pursuits as a result of that expressiveness.

Padparadscha Benefits

Padparadscha Benefits

This stone is also renowned for helping people focus and relax thereby increasing their mental focus. It relieves tension in the mind and unpleasant ideas. It will encourage the developing of intuition and beauty, providing happiness and lightness as it restores the body’s natural equilibrium.

For musicians, artists, authors, and other persons who desire to sincerely convey their truth through their creative endeavors, the padparadscha sapphire is a sanctioning stone. This stone aids in the manifestation of a spiritual vision and enables divine inspiration.

The natural Padparadscha Sapphire gemstone has been revered as a representation of knowledge and integrity in leadership since ancient times. Additionally, this type of sapphire will arouse the wisdom and intellect of pastors, businesspeople, and writers. It will even improve lawyers’ and journalists’ judgment and discernment.

Padparadscha Benefits Spirituality

Numerous astrologers consider the Padparadscha sapphire stone to be a potent assistance for spiritual practices like meditation. It encourages decisiveness and activates the Third Eye Chakra. The blazing orange tones of the sapphire, meanwhile, stand for passionate affection and a zeal for life. 

You will be able to enjoy everything life has to offer thanks to this gemstone. You’ll be able to release negative energy and expand your level of consciousness. Wearing this charismatic stone will improve the aura, judgment, and spiritual connection of those in the justice/magistrate or preaching professions.

If you want to make your spiritual vision come true, padparadscha sapphire can help. It motivates you to take action to realize your deepest aspirations. Additionally, considering its incomparable color, it is expressive. And you might feel that emotion as well. A spark or rejuvenation for creative efforts and passion will result from this.

Padparadscha & Feng Shui

The best ways to use padparadscha sapphire are to hold it while meditating, wear it and keep it near a place where you require its energy. This sapphire has the power to draw in more positive, loving energy, which could help your relationship and heart be free of all negative energy. You can achieve a good equilibrium with its assistance. You will also be able to practice flexibility by doing whatever comes naturally.

According to astrologers, Padparadscha Sapphire is beneficial for professionals and businesspeople, especially female entrepreneurs. People who work in archaeology, journalism, law, and other related fields benefit most from wearing padparadscha sapphire. 

Padparadscha as a Birthstone

Despite not being a conventional astrological gem, the sapphire is now recognized as September’s birthstone. It is great for those who were born between August 22 and September 22. These people can experience pleasure, joy, and happiness thanks to this stone.

Additionally, the zodiac sign of Taurus benefits from orange sapphire. The bull, a sign of Taurus, symbolizes the sign’s great energy and diligence and because of its quiet yet strong qualities, this zodiac sign is depicted as a bull. Venus, which also regulates Libra, is the planet that rules Taurus in contrast to Libra.

Padparadscha Chakras

The padparadscha is linked to the Heart chakra and the Sacral chakra for energy balancing and healing as well. The sacral chakra, which is found directly below the belly button, is represented by the stone. It is highly cleansing and activated by padparadscha sapphire. The blush pink hues of the padparadscha represent love and creativity, encouraging your inner artist and sex life.

The heart chakra is near to the center of your breastbone and is stimulated by the pink color of the Padparadscha Sapphire. This stone’s energy makes sure that your intentions are pure and that your works are directed toward the ultimate good. While it improves your capacity for manifestation, it will only work when your heart and your desires are in harmony. You’ll gain the capacity to balance and be authentic in any situation.

What are the Uses of Padparadscha?

The Padparadscha Sapphire can be used in a variety of industrial applications because of its hardness, including parts for watch crystals, high-durability windows, insulating substrates, and scientific equipment. At the same time, it is widely used to make jewelry and is very popular among crystal collectors.

Caring for Padparadscha

Even though it is such a unique and precious treasure, the padparadscha is surprisingly simple to clean and manage because the Mohs scale rates it as a 9, which indicates that it has a lot of strength and durability. 

A toothbrush, water, and soap are all you need. Simply leave the jewelry in soapy water to soak; doing so should begin to remove any undesirable grime. After a while, remove it and use the toothbrush to remove any dirt that may have remained. Then, with a gentle towel, rinse and dry the item. Be sure to stay away from enzyme cleaners and detergents with a lot of chlorine. 

In addition to warm, soapy water, cleaning equipment can be used. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is an alternative cleaning technique. 

When to Cleanse Padparadscha

Padparadscha stone should be cleansed from time to time as the stone usually comes in contact with a lot of different beings. Hence, it is important to clean it before and after every use to make sure that no negative energy is present.

How to Recharge Your Padparadscha

Like all crystals and precious energy gems out there, you want to keep your padparadscha Sapphire cleansed and charged so that it’s always ready to lend a healing hand. One spiritual way to charge up your stone can include leaving it under the light of a full moon. It can also be smudged using your favorite spiritual smudging scent; something like Sage is a great choice for cleansing it to the core.

Padparadscha Activation Process

The sapphire must be cleansed with a clean, soft piece of cloth and then must be placed in a tidy bowl. Recite a holy prayer of your choice a few times to energize and activate the gemstone. Take the stone/jewelry out of the bowl after reciting the sacred mantra, then wash the gemstone with distilled water before wearing it.

How much is Padparadscha worth?

How much is Padparadscha worth?

Their cost is comparable to what superb precious stones like rubies or emeralds fetch. Padparadscha sapphires that have not been treated are significantly more expensive. When padparadscha sapphires are heated, the value of the stone is reduced but the depth of the colors is increased. 

Depending on the quality and size, Padparadscha Sapphire prices can range from $615 approximately to $7000 approximately. According to a recent analysis, top-quality Padparadscha can even cost up to $50,000 per carat or even more due to its remarkable color, size, and purity.

What determines Padparadscha’s Price and Value?

Padparadscha sapphires are valued similarly to all other gemstones since a variety of factors affect their cost. The color, clarity, shape, and size of a padparadscha sapphire are some factors used to determine its carat price. By far, the most crucial element affecting Padparadscha’s cost is its color. International standards place Padparadscha Sapphire at the top of the list for light to medium-toned gemstones with the ideal balance of pink and orange color. If we talk about clarity the inclusions that detract from the gem’s beauty are viewed negatively. 

For stones with dark-colored inclusions, especially the lighter-toned gems, the value of padparadscha decreases significantly. Sri Lankan Padparadscha Sapphire’s value continues to be the greatest due to its excellent color and clarity. The second most valuable variety of stone is thought to be from Madagascar.

Padparadscha Impact

Padparadscha has innumerable benefits. It is a stone that stands for happiness, vitality, and wisdom. A padparadscha gem is said to endow the character with virtues like consistency and truthfulness.  As a result, it gives the user the ability to fulfill their professional goals and gain respect and recognition at work. It can significantly alter the wearer, assisting him in getting close to reaching his personal objectives. It eliminates all of the wearer’s potential resistance to change and replaces them with clarity. 

The wearer can attain a much-needed sense of tranquility with this newly discovered clarity. This magnificent diamond is ideal for those who work in politics or any other high-profile field that requires exemplary leadership qualities. A potent stone for fertility and sexual vitality is padparadscha sapphire. It helps you increase your sex drive, increase your sexual enjoyment, get over unpleasant past experiences, and feel comfortable expressing your sexuality.

Does Padparadscha make a good Jewelry stone?

Does Padparadscha make a good Jewelry stone?

The only harder gem in the world after the diamond is the padparadscha. This characteristic makes padparadscha a good gem for jewelry because hardness is a component that influences how long a gemstone will endure. A gemstone as beautiful as the padparadscha creates equally beautiful jewelry, including rings, earrings, pendants, and more.

Padparadscha Real vs Fake

To spot a real padparadscha sapphire, one must look for its distinct characteristics like color, clarity, and hardness. A variety of processes have been developed to impart Padparadscha-like color to other, less expensive sapphires in an effort to duplicate their distinctive beauty at a lower cost.

Poorly colored pink sapphires can develop a similar pinkish-orange tone when heated to extremely high temperatures in the presence of beryllium. The resulting color is unstable and will fade after spending a lot of time in the sun. On occasion, other treatments like surface diffusion, dyeing, and oiling are used.

Fortunately, a combination of conventional and cutting-edge gemological methods may now identify this treatment. Less sophisticated but no less cunning techniques have also gained ground, including oiling and coloring the stones, diffusing only the surface, and building synthetic padparadscha from scratch. 

Although these methods are more simple to identify than beryllium diffusion, it’s always a good idea to let gem laboratories conduct some testing to be sure.

Summary of Padparadscha

Name of Crystal Padparadscha
Precious Yes
Semi-Precious No
Other Names King of Sapphires
Origin(s) Sri Lanka
Color(s) Pink, Orange, Yellow
Formation Padparadscha sapphires are corundum with trace elements of chromium and iron added.
Majorly Found at Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Tanzania
Zodiac Suited for Tauras
Chakra Heart Chakra
Sacral Chakra
Crystal Meaning The name padparadscha originates from the word “Padma raga,” which means “lotus hue” in Sanskrit. It symbolizes spiritual and emotional wellness.
Types of Crystal Trigonal
Healing Properties Good for protection, luck, stability, good fortune, and spiritual insight.
Health Benefits Helps blood stimulation and boosts immunity.
Uses Industrial uses due to its hardness and for making Jewelry.
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 9
Real Color, clarity, and hardness, and usually high priced.
Fake Color fades when heated at high temperatures. Dyeing or oiling is also used to process fake crystals.



What is Padparadscha used for?

Padparadscha is used for a variety of things including physical and emotional healing, spiritual gains, and in jewelry like engagement rings.

How is Padparadscha formed?

Padparadscha is a crystallized aluminum mineral. While padparadscha sapphires are corundum with trace amounts of chromium and iron added, typical blue sapphires derive their hue from the addition of titanium and iron to the mineral corundum.

Where should I put Padparadscha?

You can put your padparadscha in your office or workplace so that it can show its magic while you are working. In this way, it will ignite a new sense of passion and will radiate positive energy which will keep you motivated.

How do you cleanse Padparadscha?

Padparadscha sapphire can be cleaned using a gentle brush or towel and warm, soapy water. Brushes can be used to remove small amounts of dust from the jewelry’s crevices and edges.

Is Padparadscha rare?

One of the rarest sapphires is the padparadscha. Nearly no other colored stone compares to this distinctive combination of pink and orange, and they are breathtakingly gorgeous.

How strong is Padparadscha?

Padparadscha is one of the strongest crystals. It is placed at 9 on the Mohs hardness scale making it only second to a diamond. 

How much is Padparadscha worth?

Being extremely rare, these are very expensive and valuable. Depending on the quality and size, Padparadscha Sapphire prices can range from $615 approximately to $7000 approximately.

How do you identify Padparadscha?

Padparadscha can be identified by its distinct color, clarity, and especially its hardness. Other than this, there are several tests that can be done to identify this sapphire.

How is a Padparadscha sapphire different from blue sapphire?

These jewels’ chemical composition is what changes their coloration and distinguishes them from one another. While padparadscha sapphires are corundum with trace amounts of chromium and iron added, typical blue sapphires derive their hue from the addition of titanium and iron to the mineral corundum.