Rainbow Hematite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Rainbow hematite is among the most alluring stones owing to its unique look. It has not historically been as well-known as other crystals or stones. Still, during the past several decades, its fame has begun to grow. Today, a growing number of holistic practitioners are starting to use its benefits.

The fact that Rainbow Hematite is not widely used has led to several misconceptions and myths regarding it. Its reputation has been damaged because it has been spread online and offline. Fortunately, most of these occurrences are rapidly fading into obscurity.

rainbow hematite

What is Rainbow Hematite?

What is Rainbow Hematite

Rainbow Hematite is an iron oxide mineral. Rainbow Hematite is the result of the mixture of hematite and goethite. Its surface is iridescent and has many different colors. The phosphate aluminum particles give it its iridescent appearance. Rainbow Hematite is associated with the mastery of anchoring and equilibrium.

How to identify a Rainbow Hematite?

If you want to identify Rainbow Hematite, you can do it by looking for some specific characteristics. A chunk of Rainbow Hematite is so heavy that when someone picks it up for the first time, they are immediately impressed. Compared to practically every other substance of comparable size, it is exceedingly heavy. Its specific gravity is 5.3.

A common magnet often does not attract hematite. Place a variety of small hematite specimens from various areas on a tabletop and bring a magnet close to them; many would not react to the magnet. Those who do react will usually do so with a mild to moderate response, not powerful enough for the magnet to lift them off the table.

Rainbow Hematite Cuts and Shapes

When Rainbow Hematite is propped up to a light source, no light can enter the stone since it is opaque, even at the edges. Due to its opaque nature, Rainbow Hematite is typically cut into smooth cabochons rather than being frequently faceted. Rainbow Hematite can be carved or etched into lovely animals, skulls, Buddhas, and other designs. It comes in a wide range of shapes, including round, oval, pear, square, and nearly any other Rainbow Hematite shapes.

Where is Rainbow Hematite Found?

Rainbow hematite was once widely distributed around the planet hundreds of years ago. Since it is a typical crystal found in the crust of the earth, there are several mines worldwide. 

Over time, various expenditures have steered extraction toward particular regions of the globe. Rainbow hematite was once readily accessible near the surface, but now it is found when dug deeper.

Brazil is home to some of the largest resources on earth. As a result, this region of the planet produces a lot of crystals. However, China, New Zealand, and several regions of England also have significant populations of Rainbow Hematite. 

The United States has significant deposits as well, but Minnesota stands out. There are further tiny deposits located elsewhere in the world.

Rainbow Hematite Stone Meaning

Rainbow Hematite Stone Meaning

When compared to other minerals, Rainbow Hematite stands out because it contains all the hues related to the seven chakras. Put another way, it has the effect of soaking up your feelings and spirit. 

It is constantly prepared to offer upbeat energies and stifle any negative thoughts that keep you from reaching your best potential. Deep individuals are particularly drawn to the stone. This stone will work wonders on your soul if you tend to split or dissect your emotions and think carefully about things. 

It can find everything dark in your life. It will instead fill your emotions with uplifting impulses, making it feel like a special gift for your outlook. Rarely, Rainbow Hematite can make a connection with the solar plexus. 

It is a great protective force from this perspective. In a good way, it will bring you back to earth. It will also assist you in seeing clearly and objectively how to exit challenging or unpleasant situations. It will point you in the proper direction, to put it simply.

Rainbow Hematite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Rainbow Hematite, a quirky stone that gleams with every color of the visible light spectrum, may be quite uplifting in your life. The healing community is not highly familiar with this stone, although it is not extremely uncommon.

Geologists have studied hematite for a long time. It was significant to ancient cultures all across the planet. In contrast, the discovery of Rainbow Hematite is much more new.

In Siberia’s vicinity of Nizhnyaya Tunguska, a German mineralogist discovered some samples in 1844. In honor of the area, he gave it the name Turgite. The moniker persisted for almost a century.

But Turgite lost its reputation as a special stone in the 1920s. Geologists discovered that Rainbow Hematite was simply a naturally occurring combination of hematite and goethite. It is an iron oxide kind that contains aluminum phosphate particles.

The discovery altered how researchers thought of Rainbow Hematite. However, the name stayed with crystal enthusiasts and practitioners. In the 1980s and 1990s, it was first made available to the crystal healing community.

Rainbow Hematite is widely regarded for its healing abilities and iridescent appearance, and it is gradually establishing itself as a standard in the crystal world.

Rainbow Hematite Crystal Properties

The stone Rainbow Hematite is really beautiful. Its attractive appearance makes it perfect for individuals who want various jewelry pieces or odd decorating objects. It complements a nice dress and can also serve as a focal point in your office or possibly your living area. It looks fantastic pretty much everywhere.

But aside from its physical attributes, Rainbow Hematite is appealing in a philosophical sense. Many individuals do not necessarily care about how it looks. Rainbow hematite is a great addition to your crystal collection whether you are interested in its healing capabilities or impacts on your relationship or career.

Rainbow Hematite Healing Properties

Rainbow hematite is an exquisite object that everyone may appreciate based solely on its appearance. However, it is even more well-liked among crystal collectors and holistic healers because of its healing qualities. The stone can spread a happy outlook in various ways and has the power to transcend the physical world.

Without a doubt, Rainbow Hematite will mostly affect your emotions and spiritual health. It is fairly clear from its appearance that it wants to heal you. The core could be mysterious and gloomy. The otherwise boring design will be changed by the iridescent top surface, which will give it a pleasing aspect.

Your emotions are affected similarly. Old energies, especially those you keep clinging to, will be easier for you to overcome. Your deepest feelings will change as a result of its ability to penetrate your soul and provide some light to your darkest sides. The stone will transform these patterns of thought and behavior once they are exposed.

Rainbow hematite is regarded as a natural cleaner. As your body naturally detoxifies, it will assist and help you feel more energized. Your emotions and ideas will be in perfect harmony thanks to its energies. You will eventually learn to look for the positive in any circumstance, to appreciate difficulties, and to seek joy wherever you go.

Rainbow hematite, according to many healers, can also aid in self-awareness and understanding. Your ability to fully appreciate life will depend on your ability to overcome negativity. The natural detoxification procedure will also get rid of self-doubt. Regardless of how wild your lifestyle is, it will help you feel protected and secure while also bringing you calm.

Rainbow Hematite Metaphysical Properties

Rainbow Hematite is a grounding and shielding stone. It improves our ties to the ground and gives us a sense of security. It gives us courage, power, stamina, and vigor. Hematite, known as a “thinking stone,” improves concentration and focus while also mental performance and independent ideas.

Hematite uses the magnetic properties of yin-yang energy to balance the body’s meridians and to create a steady equilibrium between the spiritual and physical nerve systems. It concentrates power and feelings to achieve harmony in the body, mind, and soul. It strengthens willpower and dependability and instills confidence. Hematite helps with spinal fractures and alignment.

Rainbow Hematite Benefits

Rainbow Hematite Benefits

This gemstone is used in treating illnesses of the spirit and the heart. It has the ability to calm the heart and soul, maintain balance in life, aid in a better understanding of the subject, keep you grounded and practical, help with mental improvement, encourage meditation, enhance interpersonal relationships, and provide inner happiness and fulfillment.

In addition, it raises your body’s energy levels, protects you from tensions, enhances your physical capabilities, boosts love in your relationships, and defends the bearers generally. Hematite is also renowned for its ability to enhance mental capacities. 

Additionally, it gives the individual a vision for achieving his aspirations and objectives without worrying about what other people might think of him. It raises your spiritual awareness and increases your awareness of your surroundings, which are tied to the earth. 

It also helps you use those bad energies to create calm, lovable, and joyful relationships, which is another crucial fact to be aware of. Furthermore, it improves your memory and knowledge. If you want to get the most out of wearing this gemstone, it is recommended that you place it on any finger of your left hand.

Rainbow Hematite Benefits Spirituality

The ideal stone for spiritual awakening is Rainbow Hematite. It helps healers connect with mystical powers. No matter what religion you practice or what you believe in, there is a good probability that this stone will help you grow closer to your faith and give it more depth. Your body will successfully incorporate spiritual energy.

The stone shields you from potential daily negative energies and is extremely protective in all directions. It prevents you from losing sight of the fact that your goal is more significant than the current circumstances you are going through. 

All of those little obstacles are only bumps; Rainbow Hematite will encourage you to face them head-on. Despite not being as well-known in terms of appearance, Rainbow Hematite is equally as desirable due to its therapeutic properties. 

Only a small percentage of the samples are magnetic, but even those without any magnetism can offer some protection from electromagnetic forces. Many healers think that it has internal charging that will offer some kind of defense.

Rainbow hematite can help you overcome EMF exposure if you are susceptible to it. Since some rays are known to be absorbed, exposure may not necessarily harm your body’s energy levels. 

The stone is well renowned for enhancing the immune system on a more direct level. It will stabilize both your nervous and immunological systems. The stone will improve your health from the inside. You will discover the ability to deal with a wide range of medical conditions. 

You may use it to protect yourself from the flu or the common cold, for example, but it is also effective at preventing blood-related issues. It improves restful sleep by working wonderfully against sleeplessness and other sleep-related issues.

Rainbow Hematite & Feng Shui

Rainbow Hematite & Feng Shui

Rainbow Hematite can be used for Feng shui in various ways. Let us look at them below:

It can activate Gen, the Knowledge Area

The region of the feng shui Bagua map known as Gen corresponds to knowledge, abilities, and consciousness. Gen will be at the left corner nearest to you if you stand in front of your door and look in. 

Hematite is frequently suggested for cerebral endeavors and studies because of its affinity for the mind. Try setting up a chunk of hematite in the position of Gen in your house or bedroom if you are trying to improve your abilities or knowledge. As you do this, make a wish that hematite will support you in developing the needed skills.

It can Activate Tai Qi, the Health Area

The center of the Bagua map is called the Tai Qi, also known as the Health Area. Tai Qi is connected to the earth element, and it is a good place to focus when you require stability and grounding. 

It can Activate Kan, the Career Area

Hematite is beneficial in the Kan position, also known as the Career section of the feng shui bagua map. If you are looking for greater clarity regarding your work or your route in life, you might turn to the Kan position, which is in the center of your home. 

To transform any bad energy impeding your ability to follow your path in life, you could choose to place hematite here. Hematite can also be used to erase any negative self-talk or self-imposed restrictions that are keeping you from moving forward in this area of your life. Black hematite will be very helpful in this situation because black is associated with Kan.

It can Activate Your Meditation Area

Hematite is an excellent stone for meditation because of its ability to relax the mind and assist us in moving past recurrent, unwanted ideas. You can put hematite at your home’s altar or meditation area to help you with your practice.

It can Activate Your Vision Board

Vision boards are not typically utilized in feng shui, but they can be enjoyable to make and have about the house. If you do not already have one, you can make a vision board by compiling a collage of images that motivate and symbolize the goals you are pursuing. After making your vision board, you might want to keep a hematite stone close by to help you become more mentally clear about your objectives and get past any self-imposed limitations that could be standing in your way.

Rainbow Hematite Birthstone

Many healers claim that persons born under the signs of Aquarius and Aries are most strongly attuned to Rainbow Hematite. The stone’s ability to ground is what gives it its strength for both signs.


Aquarians despise the power structure. They typically do not like change and want to switch things up. However, they may feel unstable because of their ongoing craving for new settings and experiences. 

They receive the grounding energy they require from Rainbow Hematite to feel secure in their lives. Even if they never admit it, Aquarians will like the sense of comfort and security it provides.


Aries are similarly affected. The stone’s effects, however, operate somewhat differently. Aries is ruled by Mars. Therefore, they sometimes have a short fuse and lose patience with others. 

Because of this ongoing irritation, emotional imbalances can easily become out of control. The impact of Rainbow Hematite is somewhat lessened, which helps Aries maintain composure under pressure.

Rainbow Hematite Chakras

Every chakra is in tune with the stone’s colors. There will be a hue associated with each chakra. The crystal’s iridescent sheen will assist you quickly clearing away any negative energy, no matter where it is in your energy field.

All things considered, it will encourage balance and a positive energy flow in life. Even though Rainbow Hematite is good for all chakras, some specific chakras it resonates stronger with.

Root Chakra 

Most importantly, it will affect the root chakra – the foundation of everything that absorbs positive energies from the earth. 

Solar Plexus

When it comes to the solar plexus chakra, the crystal is equally powerful. Your freedom is a result of your chakra. Your mind suffers unwarranted anxiety and self-doubt when it is hindered. No matter what you go through, the stone helps you remain resilient. It reaffirms your value and strengthens your feeling of self.

Crown Chakra

Lastly, Rainbow Hematite is excellent for the crown chakra. This chakra is frequently referred to be the link to the cosmos for a variety of reasons. In addition to enhancing your spiritual development, having this stone nearby will push you from behind and link to your general consciousness.

What are the uses of Rainbow Hematite?

Rainbow Hematite, also known as The Master Grounding Stone, is a barrier on the battleground of life. This stabilizing stone offers a wide range of advantages and is eager to get to work on eradicating low-energy vibrations.

Rainbow Hematite in jewelry uses 

Rainbow hematite has entered the jewelry market just like many other gems do. The stone may go with a variety of clothes due to its stunning iridescent appearance and many different colors. It has a beautiful, natural appearance, and because of the variety of colors, it works better as pendants or necklaces.

In general, a single, huge item will look more appealing than several smaller ones. For instance, a large brooch is more likely to be seen than a collection of tiny beads. Smaller items are undoubtedly equally lovely, but due to their color palettes, they must be carefully matched.

Rainbow hematite is supposed to shield wearers from EMF radiation when it is incorporated into bracelets and necklaces. Any item of jewelry will do if other metaphysical consequences are more of a concern. You may find Rainbow Hematite in a variety of jewelry items, including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches, and pendants, all of which are beneficial for your auric field.

Rainbow hematite is frequently used as an accent stone, despite being popular in many items of jewelry. In other words, depending on its colors, it matches certain outfits. In contrast, it is inappropriate for engagement rings. It lacks the value and radiance of a diamond, for example, and hence is not a popular choice.


Rainbow Hematite is a strong stabilizing and anchoring stone that is frequently utilized to assist in re-establishing a bodily connection. This method could be used to maintain a connection with the earth and the physical body while engaging in spiritual activities.

It may also serve as a reminder for you to look after your physical needs, such as food, water, and sleep. The energy meridians of the body have also been balanced using this technique.


Additionally, it has a positive effect on the intellect, improving memory and other thinking processes. Hematite has a soothing impact, making it an excellent stone for treating repetitive and problematic mental patterns. 

Rainbow Hematite can be used to assist you to identify any limiting beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward. Moreover, hematite has the power to absorb and transform negative energy while also promoting a positive outlook.

Caring for Rainbow Hematite

Hematite is a rather durable gemstone that should be kept in distinct bags to prevent scratching from either other softer or tougher gemstones or from being scraped by harder gemstones like quartz.

To clean Hematite, use warm soapy water instead of solvents or harsh chemicals. Remove any Hematite jewelry before engaging in any sporting activity, as well as housekeeping and gardening.

When to Cleanse Rainbow Hematite?

All gemstones must be cleansed regularly to retain their energy fields. Crystals and stones have the power to absorb negativity from their surroundings. Similarly, Rainbow Hematite absorbs everything to emit positive energy in the user’s life. Therefore, regular cleansing is necessary to release the bad energies absorbed.

The best way to clean any gemstone is to establish a cleaning routine based on its usage, such as once a week or once a month. However, if you use Rainbow Hematite for extensive healing on yourself or others, it should be cleaned after each use.

How to Recharge Your Rainbow Hematite?

Quartz is the most typical cleanser for Rainbow Hematite. Just maintain a serene setting with the hematite in front of you. The Rainbow Hematite should be briefly touched with a quartz crystal. Concentrate on purifying energies and you will be able to get rid of everything unpleasant.

Rainbow hematite, like other crystals, can be cleaned using moonlight, direct sunshine for a few hours, water, rice, or dirt. It relies on what is most convenient and effective for you in terms of outcomes. Various people are relying on different tactics. The Rainbow Hematite activation process should be carried out at least once a month.

How much is Rainbow Hematite worth?

If natural and authentic, Rainbow Hematite gemstones can command a high price. Some varieties also include a wonderful, deep crimson streak, which can increase their value. The more important question that usually arises is What determines Rainbow Hematite’s price and value?

Gemstones come in a wide range of prices. Usually, it is determined by the size of the stone, its level of polishing, and the metal to which it is fastened. A pair of Rainbow Hematite earrings in silver, for example, will be less expensive than a pair of matching earrings in white gold; in this case, the metal determines the price.

Rainbow Hematite Impact

Rainbow Hematite is like a sponge for the soul since it is always ready to absorb all that negative energy. Rainbow Hematite is a one-of-a-kind gift for empaths and deep thinkers looking for a spiritual stone to cleanse the negativity of the spirit. 

By establishing a connection with the solar plexus, Rainbow Hematite can offer strong anchoring, function as a defensive element, and assist you in escaping difficult circumstances.

Does Rainbow Hematite make a good jewelry stone?

Does Rainbow Hematite make a good jewelry stone

Hematite has a Mohs hardness rating of 5.5 to 6.5, making it suitable for most types of jewelry, while rings and bracelets may require more protection arrangements and extra care when worn.

This gemstone’s big size and weighty feel make it ideal for use as a necklace, and its eye-catching silvery brilliance and peculiar luster make it appealing for contemporary or boho styles. Since it is spiritually potent, it is not advisable to wear it as jewelry for an extended period or while sleeping.

Rainbow Hematite Real vs Fake

Some samples of Rainbow Hematite may be a little magnetic since it contains Iron Oxide crystals. However, this magnetism is negligible. The artificial form of Rainbow Hematite, however, possesses magnetic characteristics. 

The main distinction between the two should make it easier for you to distinguish between genuine Rainbow Hematite and imitations. When buying the stone, you can test it by observing whether two specimens are drawn to one another or any other metal. This attraction indicates that the stone is not authentic. 

Sandpaper can also be used as a testing tool. Underneath the surface, the stone should also be colored. Additionally, it should feel heavy in your hands.


The distinctive appearance of Rainbow Hematite makes it stand out from the crowd. It is a completely functional crystal with metaphysical attributes that connect to every chakra, which accounts for its excellent characteristics. Numerous individuals value it for its wonderful beauty in addition to its physical attributes. Although it may not be as widespread as other gemstones, it is becoming increasingly popular for several valid reasons. ​


What is Rainbow Hematite good for?

Rainbow Hematite is among the most powerful stones for connecting with one’s soul and the physical realm. It helps you establish limits and drives away baseless insecurities and anxiety.

Is Rainbow Hematite man-made?

Most Rainbow Hematites are man-made, and their iridescent shine is generated by a thin coating that is applied. This item can occasionally be found in gift, novelty, travel, and scientific stores. It is extremely difficult to come across natural Rainbow Hematite with an unusual luster.

What does hematite do to your body?

The use of Rainbow Hematite encourages healthy kidney function and tissue formation while also helping to alleviate blood disorders including anemia. It can also help with leg cramps, nervousness, and insomnia. Moreover, it helps with fracture healing and spine alignment.

Is Rainbow Hematite protective?

Rainbow Hematite is well-known for its protective properties. It acts as a shield, preventing anything from consuming your energy from getting through and leaving you drenched in it.

How do you know if Rainbow Hematite is real?

Given that it contains crystals of Iron Oxide, some Rainbow Hematite samples may be a little magnetic. While there is some magnetic presence, it is minor compared to the significant magnetism present in Rainbow Hematite, a man-made mineral.

How do you clean Rainbow Hematite?

Hematite rusts easily in water, so avoid using water to clean it. Also, avoid using harsh chemicals or solvents and instead, use warm, soapy water and a soft-bristled brush. To spiritually cleanse your hematite jewelry, circle it three times with clear quartz or selenite wand. Do it both before and after putting on hematite jewelry.