What are Strawberry Quartz Affirmations?

If you are wondering what are Strawberry Quartz Affirmations? then this article is the right place to come to. Strawberry quartz is a novelty gem and a marketing term used for specimens of pink to red quartz that receive their color from eye-visible mineral inclusions. The visible inclusions contribute to the name strawberry quartz because of their similar appearance to strawberry seeds.

Strawberry quartz is most popularly used in jewelry. It makes beautiful cabochons, beads, bangles, and faceted gems. This gemstone is inexpensive despite being rare to find. 

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The Properties of Strawberry Quartz

The Properties of Strawberry Quartz

  • Physical Properties

Strawberry quartz is a silicate. It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. It is trigonal in its crystalline structure. The chemical composition of this stone is silicon dioxide with Hematite inclusions. 

  • Metaphysical Properties

Strawberry quartz carries the vibrational energy of love, and it can help you love yourself. It creates a sense of your value and shows you how loved you are by the powers of the Universe. 

One of the most useful properties of this stone is its ability to show life’s purpose to its wearer and help them work towards fulfilling their destiny. 

Spirituality And Strawberry Quartz

Spirituality And Strawberry Quartz

The most powerful and deep emotion in the range of human expression is the emotion of love. Strawberry quartz is directly connected to and corresponds with the Heart Chakra. Channeling the power of love can be a very magical way to transcend one’s surroundings and sink deeper into life.

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Chakra Healing with Strawberry Quartz

The healing properties of Strawbery Quartz are directly related to the heart and its Heart Chakra, and you will get the most effect out of it when it is carried or worn on the left side of the body or near the heart.  Doing so opens the energy surrounding unconditional love, connecting more deeply with the love surrounding you from the universe and the other auras surrounding your physical and metaphysical body. 

This stone transcends the physical world to bring energies of love pouring into one’s life and washing over so that one can unlock the personal importance that one possesses.

Physical Healing with Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Quartz is said to help lift depression and reduce stress and anxiety. When a person is relieved from all types of stresses and tensions, they become happy and laughter helps people recover from illness and injuries faster.

Strawberry Quartz And The Zodiac Signs

The zodiac sign that the Strawberry Quartz crystal is mostly associated with is the Libra sign, which falls between the dates of September 23 and October 22. Because Libras are naturally romantic, they feel a deep inner connection with the energies coming from this crystal. The stone allows Libras to let go of negative traits like negativity and indecisiveness as an overly controlling and possessive nature. 

Additionally, the Libra connects with their creative side through a deep emotional connection with the Strawberry Quartz stone.

How Does Strawberry Quartz Help?

Strawberry quartz is said to be helpful for people who are trying to find their soulmate, attract abundance, heal their wounds, and move forward in life. This stone is also thought to be helpful for people who suffer from anxiety or depression. 

What are Strawberry Quartz Affirmations?

Affirmations and Properties of Strawberry Quartz

  • What are Affirmations?

Every crystal from Lattice Wing comes with an information card with an affirmation. The unique energy of each crystal will support the particular affirmation associated with it.

Affirmations have been scientifically proven to increase activity in the reward centers of the brain, as well as areas of the brain connected to your perception of yourself.

How to Use Affirmations?

Start by saying one or two chosen affirmations each day when you get up, and before getting into bed. Repeat each one ten times, and focus on hearing and believing it as you say. Hold your crystal while you do this, and then if you can, carry that crystal through the day to remind you to keep that affirmation at the forefront of your mind. 

However, it is best to use the affirmations given on the cards of the stone as a guide, and change the wording to feel comfortable for you if you need to. Remember, sometimes the most difficult affirmations to say aloud are the ones you need the most.

Some Strawberry Quartz Affirmations

  • I love and accept myself and release the need for external validation
  • Fill me with composure and joy
  • Take me to the land of positivity and optimism
  • I welcome your generous compassion for my soul
  • Soak me with gratitude and grace today
  • Bless my day with love and healing


Strawberry quartz is a gemstone connected with chakras of the Heart and a great anxiety savior. Throughout your life, you’ve heard, thought, and said countless negative things about yourself and your life. A positive affirmation practice is an effort to fight back against that tide of negativity. It can change your brain and your mind. So, one who wears the Strawberry Quartz stone should regularly follow these affirmations for a better life.