12 Unique Uses Of Hematite

This crystal protects us for thousands of years. It is famous as one of the primary methods for preventing excessive bleeding. Soldiers and warriors carried the stone to battle, and the mothers kept it with them when the baby was born. The Hematite crystal also keeps you stable and gives you confidence. It is associated with the root chakra, which is part of your foundation and provides stability in your daily life.

Let’s understand the uses of Hematite in our life.

How to use Hematite?

Jewelry, including beaded bracelets and necklaces, often features this material. It will allow you to get the strength of the stone without any obstacles. The hematite ring is also an excellent way to keep the stone close to your body.

Hematite is also an excellent stone in feng shui to balance your home. Placing it on an altar in the room where you study or work will absorb negative energies and keep them away. It should be kept in a normal position, located in the left corner near you as soon as you enter the room.

12 Unique Uses Of Hematite

Uses of Hematite for Everyday Life

You can wear it every day. Hematite stone helps you absorb the negative energy around you and focus on work. To get the most benefit from Hematite, keep it in direct contact with your skin. While others keep it in their pocket during exercise, some wear it as daily jewelry.

It is crucial to make sure you clean your Hematite regularly. Otherwise, it will stop working for you. When it contains negative energy, it eventually reaches a point where it is no longer perceived.

Uses of Hematite while Sleeping

Hematite is not a crystal that wants to be around you when falling asleep. The stone works to excite you, which means it keeps you awake and gives you a restless night’s sleep. It is an excellent idea to remove any jewelry before entering the bedroom. It is also a good idea to keep hematite stones entirely away from your bedroom.

Uses of Hematite in Physical Healing

The iron content of Hematite has long been associated with blood, making it one of the best stones for promoting healthy circulation. If you have high blood pressure, clots, periods, or any health problems related to blood flow, this is the stone you need in your life. Hematite keeps your tissues in a tip-top shape, ensuring you can properly absorb all of your nutrients and detoxify the body (along with mind and soul).

Uses of Hematite in Emotional Healing

Hematite brings energy – it is a stone to the mind. If you often find yourself at the mercy of bad moods and vibes, Hematite is always ready to step in and make sure you do not become a sponge for negative energy. For those with high sympathy, Hematite is an excellent investment. It somehow manages to kickstart our survival instincts, and it gives us the ability to develop courage, willpower, and confidence.

Uses Of Hematite in Emotional Healing

If you sometimes feel that you live a flawed life, Hematite will boost your self-esteem wholeheartedly. This new strength of character will help you overcome all sorts of things. It gets complicated when it comes to hematite addictions, poor habits, and all the things that please.

Hematite is full of healing properties. It’s like throwing a protective garment over your shoulder, grabbing your shield and sword, and walking out the door. This stone brings deep heartfelt confidence in their ability to stop toxic emotions in their tracks. We associate this chakra with the source chakra, which is the foundation of our stability in this world, and it engages us in self-care every day.

Uses of Hematite for Protection and Grinding

Keep at home to keep away bad vibrations. Invite Hematite into your life and say yes to beautiful crystal jewelry so that you have powerful direct contact with the skin. Pressing the Hematite close to the skin means that your body can easily absorb the defenses and healing vibes without being distracted.

Another way to bring Hematite into your daily life is to place anxiety stones, protective amulets, and even broken pieces on the feng shui altar. Check out these tips on how to build your shelter using Hematite.

Uses of Hematite at Home

Hematite also protects your location at home and in the workplace. Its super intense grinding energy and ability to fine-tune the mind focus means that you can get your work done when the Hematite is right in front of your eyes.

Hematite is an excellent feng shui stone for work and creative play. Keep it in your office to promote high concentration, or if you are an artist, it may be helpful to keep it in any studio space. Another place where you can keep Hematite is your front door to keep the whole place safe from any bad vibes entering.

Uses of Hematite in Jewelry

Choose hematite jewelry to get the most out of this magic master of grinding stones. Having Hematite against the skin makes you more aware of its potency. Your hematite bracelet will keep you strong, grounded, and ultimately unstoppable no matter how chaotic the world around you is.

Using Hematite as Jewelry

Suppose you are looking for other healing stones that can complete the magic of magnetic Hematite. In that case, you can start with Bloodstone, known for its ability to balance cycles and relieve anxiety. Amethyst is also a good companion, especially when one is more inclined towards that spiritual flowing energy. Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli, Magnetite, Labradorite, Cornelian, Malachite, Aventurine, Opal, Rose Quartz, and Agate all come with some beautiful complementary properties that balance Hematite.

Hematite is a grinding and balancing stone that often helps reconnect to the body. For this reason, you can use it to maintain contact with the physical body and the earth while doing spiritual work. Also, Hematite reminds you to pay attention to your physical needs such as food, water, and sleep. You can use it to balance the energy meridian in the body.

It is also beneficial for the brain, helping to improve memory and other mental abilities. Hematite has a calming effect, turning it into an auxiliary stone for resolving repetitive and useless thought processes. Working with Hematite can help you uncover the limited thoughts that are holding you back so you can move on from them. Hematite can absorb and transmit negative energy, and it can help you see the positive side of the situation.

Uses of Hematite in Feng Shui

Zen Feng Shui Bagu is an area of ​​the map that deals with knowledge, skill, and self-cultivation. The General will be closest to you in the left corner as you stand at your front door. The mental activity and studies that Hematite promotes are often related to its association with the mind. Maintain a piece of Hematite in your bedroom or home if you are developing your skills. As you do this, set a goal that Hematite will help you develop the skills you want.

Uses of Hematite in Tai Qi and Activating the Health Zone

The center of the Bagua map is also known as Tai Qi, also known as the Health Area. It relates to your overall health and well-being, and as it is central, it also touches on every aspect of life. It is understandable because taking care of our physical health lays the foundation for every other aspect of life.

Attending fully for your family or career can be challenging, for example, if your body is not well. Tai Qi is associated with the Earth Element‌ and is an excellent place to focus when you need stability and grinding. If you want to create more balance and harmony in your physical body, you might want to place a piece of Hematite in this area of your home.

Uses of Hematite to Activate the Ear and the Career Field

Hematite ear location or career area of ​​feng shui Bagua map can also be helpful. The ear position is in the center of your home and is the area you can see if you want more clarity about your career or your path in life. You may want to keep the Hematite here to transmit any negative energy that comes your way as you follow your path in life.

Career Field, Activate The Ear Using Hematite

You can also set the intention that the Hematite will remove any repetitive thoughts or self-imposed boundaries that may cause you to experience obstacles or challenges in this area of ​​life. Black Hematite is especially helpful because it is associated with the black ear.

Uses of Hematite to Activate your Attention Zone

Due to Hematite’s abilities to calm the mind and eliminate repetitive, useless thoughts. If you have a meditation space or altar in your home, you can place Hematite there to help with your practice.

Uses of Hematite to Activate your Focus Board

Feng Shui does not traditionally use Vision Boards, but they can be fun to create and keep in your home. If you do not have a vision board yet, you can create a collage from images that inspire you and represent your working elements. Once you have created your Vision Board, you may want to place a hematite stone near you to help you gain more mental clarity about your goals and any self-imposed restrictions that may come your way. 

Uses of Hematite (Iron ore)

Hematite is the most important iron ore in the world. Although Hematite contains a high percentage of iron and is easy to process, it is the predominant ore. Hematite is very abundant and is present in deposits in many parts of the world.

Uses of Hematite (iron ore)

The mines of Hematite will require billions of dollars in investment, and some will extract more than 100 million tonnes of ore each year. The open-pit mines can reach hundreds to thousands of feet and cover long distances.

Uses of Hematite Pigment

The name hematite comes from the Greek word “hepatitis,” meaning “blood-red.” The name comes from the Hematite color when it is finely powdered. The aboriginal people discovered that Hematite could be crushed and mixed with liquid and used as a paint or cosmetic. Cave paintings called “pictographs” were created with hematite pigments dating back 40,000 years.

Hematite is one of the essential pigment minerals. Hematite was the most crucial pigment when many painters used oil and canvas during the Renaissance. The hematite color is opaque and permanent. You can mix it with white pigment to produce a variety of pink hues used to color the meat.

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Having hard iron and heavy stones in the stone used Hematite with our blood and circulatory system. People also use it to improve their blood circulation, reduce high blood pressure, reduce clotting and shorten heavy periods.

On the more spiritual side, Hematite improves your ability to stand firm, which gives you more courage and willpower. The stone can help you break down habits such as entertaining people and living a shy lifestyle.