What is Pyrite used for?

With several forces that would act in its favor, Pyrite is even considered the “stone to make money”. But not quite. Curious to know more about this natural element? In this article, we will explain the characteristics of Pyrite, What is Pyrite used for, and how it can benefit the emotional fields of your life.

What is Pyrite?

At first, glance, don’t be fooled. Not everything that glitters is gold. The good old saying can be associated with the Pyrite stone. Golden, shiny, and very similar to precious metal, the stone is sometimes mistaken for gold. Due to the similarity, the stone has earned the nickname “fool’s gold”.

According to theories put forward by scholars, Pyrite is associated with prosperity and can be used in any environment. At home or work, the small rock vibrates with its positive energies and harmonizes places.

What are the Features of Pyrite? 

Curious in appearance, the Pyrite stone looks like gold. But it’s just a similarity. The mineral is beautiful and has many mystical meanings. For esoterics, Pyrite has, in its varieties, some rules of use, and its bearers believe that it brings positive energies and helps in many things. So, check out the features of this almost magical stone.

  • Origin and History

There is no precise information about the emergence of the Pyrite stone. Because it is an element of nature, it was formed over centuries or just years, being molded with mineral salts from nature until it gained its current texture.

Pyrite is known as the stone of success, wealth, and prosperity. For those who believe in its foundations, the stone has the energy to attract excellent vibrations so that there is success and prominence in life. It is widely used indoors to attract prosperity. It is also possible to see her on many work desks, so that, according to her followers, there is never unemployment or lack of money in their lives.

  • Is Pyrite used for spiritual

For everyday use, Pyrite gives excellent energy to the people who carry it. Linked to creativity, the mineral helps in good daily performance and also suggests that there is more objectivity in achieving better results in personal practices and actions.

Its spiritual energy is linked to the belief of each person who carries the object. Used in meditation, Pyrite emanates energies so that the mind is balanced and situations that can disharmonize life do not occur. Your spiritual energy concentrates powerful forces, which can neutralize negativities.

  • Color, Shade, and Varieties

Its golden color, which looks like gold, is associated with the Fire element. Originating from the Greek name Pyr, many ancestors believed that the stone had the natural power to burn because when it was extracted, it released sparks during excavations.

Its golden tone is the greatest expression that is associated with wealth. Esotericists and followers of mystical theories believe that, due to the tonality, the stone can turn dreams into reality, since they believe that they will achieve better prosperous conditions for life.

  • Hardness and Chemical Composition

Rigid and solid in its composition, the stone has iron disulfide (FeS2). According to the chemical elements, it has isometric, cube-shaped crystals, and its hardness is 6-6.5, according to the Mohs scale. Its density is from 4.95 to 5.10.

Due to its composition and where it is extracted from, there may be a small and discrete amount of gold in its contents. But this has not been scientifically proven. There is a possibility that arsenic, nickel, cobalt, and copper may also be present in some versions of the stone.

  • What are the common applications of pyrite?

In its various forms of use, Pyrite can be applied as a therapeutic remedy in parts of the body, especially on the forehead in the region of the third eye. In environments, especially at work, it should be placed on the table, to stand out in the space.

The stone helps in concentration and focus of activities. In-home decor, it is suggested to place the stone in the room. The mineral can strongly influence every room in the house.

However, it is worth mentioning that it must always be clean, energized, and properly placed in a place that can appear clearly. That way, residents will be more likely to feel the vibrations of the element in their lives.

  • Signs and chakras

Involved in their activities and being vulnerable in their lives, many people look for stones that are associated with their signs. But, in a more explanatory way, Pyrite refers to meanings as a whole to the zodiac.

However, it is still suitable for the signs of Leo, Gemini, and Libra. However, a specific stone for a sign may not be an alternative for the person to get rid of energies that are interfering with their journeys.

Acting directly on the seventh chakra, Pyrite transforms knowledge and makes its bearers more fluid in the organization of life stages and prepares them to develop tasks more assertively.

The stone brings courage and generates energy so that difficulties or obstacles are overcome. If you want to ward off heavier energies, try using Pyrite.

  • Elements and Planets

Regarding astrological and universal elements, Pyrite is linked to the Sun. As it belongs to the Fire element, the stone sends light, energy, positive vibrations, and clarity. Because it has a strong connection with the star king, curiously the color of the stone reminds us of everything that can light up. And with that, the idea of ​​clarity and better observations in the purposes of life is suggested.

Directly benefiting intelligence, solar energy brings well-being and comfort, and eliminates any aspect of blockage caused by energies that can undermine the vitality and disposition of each person. Therefore, conserving pyrite is a practice that has been transforming the lives of individuals for a long time.

What are the benefits of Pyrite?

Pyrite confers astral benefits to those who carry it and believe in its powers. Performing positive effects in the spiritual, emotional, and physical fields, the stone concentrates information and natural elements that promote more well-being and a sense of freedom. Check out below what she can bring with her vibes.

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What is pyrite used for healing?

Pyrite contains energetic effects that can influence the spiritual field. For people who are suffering from self-esteem issues, low confidence, or are feeling drained and lacking in energy, Pyrite can help counteract these issues.

In techniques such as meditation, the person can practice the exercise and hold the stone at the same time. Focusing on the energies that meditation has, focus on your inner self and question yourself about the situations that are affecting you. Establish that the top priority is you.

  • Effects on the emotional body

Emotionally, Pyrite helps balance thinking and brings wisdom to its bearers. As it is a stone that focuses on reasoning and helps with concentration and discernment, Pyrite can be a great ally for mental harmony.

In this way, the mineral induces wisdom and strengthens personal communication. Therefore, there must be an understanding and clarity of the facts, so that any situation that may lead to a lack of understanding is neutralized.

  • Effects on the physical body

For the body, Pyrite can be a great remedy for relieving emotional or physical symptoms. As it brings prosperity, the stone reduces tiredness and eliminates muscle fatigue. Facilitating nighttime sleep, the stone is an excellent natural tranquilizer. His name coincides with joyful moments and this brings personal well-being.

Pyrite is still able to provide cell renewal, relieve food digestion, activate blood circulation, and also promote improvements in breathing. And as mentioned in the previous topic, the mineral still fights anxiety and decreases sadness.

What are the dangers of pyrite?

Fool’s gold combines with the water and oxygen in the air to form poisonous iron sulfide when exposed to a humid atmosphere. This can result in the formation of caustic sulfur dioxide gas, which is harmful to people. It may also contain a trace quantity of arsenic, making it one of the most dangerous crystals.

The stone, on the other hand, is safe to handle and should not pose any health risks if properly cared for. If you have pyrite, store it in a cool, dry place and avoid submerging it for long periods.

How to use Pyrite to attract wealth?

Pyrite has different indications and its powers can be exploited in individual use or in conjunction with other minerals. In addition to being an excellent therapeutic element, stone can still be used in home decoration and also be arranged in work environments.

Thus, the effects of prosperity that the mineral contains in their energies will be produced. Here are some ways to make use of the rock.

  • Who is Pyrite stone suitable for?

Pyrite is suitable for everyone. For those who are esoteric or follow mystical theories, the stone can be essential to bring energy and benefit people with its energetic powers.

For those who do not feel well emotionally, need prosperity in life, or suffer from health problems, the stone can be a great alternative to seeking means of recovery.

For that, its use must be done according to the traditions and, according to the explanations about its fundamentals, the stone still helps in the neutralization of problems that many people consider karmic or spiritual.

  • Main stones and crystals to use together

In addition to Pyrite, there are combinations of stones and crystals that create a perfect synastry. There are so many versions of stones, that they even cause difficulty about which ones and how to use them. For this, you can use it in the form of accessories, such as necklaces for example.

Carrying the stones close to the body can indicate signs of luck and prosperity in life. If you want to gather together in home decor or on the work table, the tip is to gather elements that contribute, in just one way, to the positive vibes you want to achieve.

Choose stones or crystals by color, such as amethyst, tourmalines, agates, Pyrite itself, and also Dolomite. They are minerals that can transform your daily life.

  • How to use Pyrite stone for meditation

One of the most practiced exercises by Brazilians, meditation suggests peace, calm and mental balance. Using Pyrite as a participant is quite common and the stone can contribute more strongly to the search for harmonic balance.

When meditating, hold the stone firmly in one hand. Focus on your power. Feel your energy flow and mentally exercise the questions you want to seek to achieve your spiritual evolution.

  • How to use Pyrite stone as room decoration?

To decorate your home, display Pyrite in a place where it can be seen. In the room, the stone has the power to energize all environments. According to tradition, the mineral’s energies protect environment, make the home more prosperous, and would even protect electronic products.

However, you can also leave the stone at strategic points in your home, such as in the kitchen or bedrooms. Besides the bed, for example, Pyrite protects sleep and benefits the person with its energy sources.

  • How to use the Pyrite stone as a personal accessory?

Pyrite bearers can take the stone anywhere. As an accessory, it can be used in necklaces, earrings, and rings. Bringing the stone close to the body, according to scholars on the subject, generates luck and daily well-being. So, if you want to always have Pyrite by your side, create methods of having the mineral, whether in accessories, personal objects, or even clothes.


This popular expression is quite old. Because it is similar to a gold mineral, pyrite can be misleading at first sight. Its golden color resembles gold, but make no mistake.

In ancient traditions, the stone is associated with the element of Fire and, as it is recognized as an element that brings prosperity, it is commonly called the “stone of money”. But it is not.

Although there is evidence that some samples can contain minute amounts of gold, there is no complete certainty about this possibility. In this way, and by another expression that “all that glitters is not gold”, don’t be a participant in the group of “fools’ gold”.