Yellow Topaz: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

The warmth of the Yellow Topaz stone brings with it, a soothing yet powerful healing air and has several uses and benefits. Yellow Topaz has a high value for its extraordinary properties and potential for use as jewelry. It only has a yellow color, but this occasionally can be pink in its original state or pink combined with orange.  Let us look at Yellow Topaz in detail. 

Yellow Topaz

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What is Yellow Topaz?

What is Yellow Topaz

Yellow topaz is one of the most extraordinary and beautiful gemstones. The word topaz means fire in the historic Sanskrit language. The symbolism and impact of this gem have gripped the hearts and thoughts of human civilizations for a very long time, and topaz lovers continue to be fascinated by it even now.

Yellow topaz typically ranges in color from a brighter yellow to a dark golden brown. However, often brown topaz stones undergo treatments to turn radiant yellow, pink, or golden. This is because yellow, golden, or pink stones have higher value and offer a luxurious visual appearance. 

How to Identify a Yellow Topaz?

How to Identify A Yellow Topaz

People use gemstones in different ways, and identifying them can be challenging. A lot of crystals look very similar and are difficult to tell apart. The physical appearance of a crystal is the easiest way to identify it. Yellow topaz is a vibrant, dark yellow stone. Despite being one of the harder gemstones, it is fragile, brittle, and can break easily.

There are additional ways to identify crystals, and each one varies depending on the crystal. Let us explore some techniques for recognizing a Yellow Topaz:

  1. You can put cow milk in a glass with the stone to determine which topaz is genuine. If the topaz is authentic, the milk will start to show topaz rays in just one to an hour and a half hours.
  2. Another method is slightly shaking the topaz while it is on your palm. You will notice some weight in your hand if the topaz is authentic. Topaz is stronger than other gems, in addition to being heavy. Once you place the topaz on your palm, you should experience some warmth in your hand if it is genuine.
  3. Placing the topaz on a white cloth and facing the sunrays is one method of determining whether it is authentic. If, after some time, a dim yellow light appears on the other side of the handkerchief, the topaz is genuine. This light will appear very faint or won’t even be noticeable if the gem is fake.

Yellow Topaz Cuts and Shapes


Cuts and Shapes of Yellow Topaz

Many gemstones are popular in jewelry and are cut into unique shapes. One of them is yellow topaz. Countless rings and earrings feature yellow topaz. As a result, there is no single shape in which you can find a Yellow Topaz. 

However, since yellow topaz crystals often have a crystalline appearance, valuable variants are faceted into slender pears, elongated ovals, and baguettes. This helps to keep the weight of raw material as light as possible. 

The shape selected depends on the person’s preferences and the inherent limitations of the stone after precise cutting. Because of this, Yellow Topaz Cuts are very different. However, the shapes of yellow topaz are usually long and slender. 

Usually, they are cut into unique shapes, ranging from traditional to fanciful. The primary geometric forms include the following: oval, round, octagon, heart, baguette, square, marquise, and pear.

Where is Yellow Topaz Found?

Yellow topaz crystallizes within the veins and cavities of igneous rock. You can find this topaz in rhyolite vesicles, intergranular spaces, and pegmatite cavities. These crystals develop as the magma cools to its final stages because thermal decomposition releases the fluorine needed for the growth of topaz crystals.

Topaz can form nicely formed crystals when it precipitates in cavities. These crystals have high clarity and can be used as gem materials. Gem-quality topaz crystals are popular among mineral collectors because they combine the value of a fine mineral specimen with that of gem material.

Another type of Yellow Topaz is pebbles that have been eroded by water. These are typically found in stream sediments formed by pegmatites and rhyolites weathering. In most cases, placer mining is the reason for this. Yellow topaz can be found nearly anywhere pegmatite and rhyolite are formed.

Yellow topaz can also be found in stream sediments as water-worn pebbles formed by the oxidation of pegmatites and rhyolites. These are frequently created by placer mining. Yellow topaz can be found all over the world in places where pegmatite and rhyolite, and other types of rocks are formed.

For many years, Brazil has been the primary source of topaz in the entire world. The Ouro Preto and Capo mines produce almost all of the fine-quality yellow topaz found worldwide.

The following countries are also sources of yellow topaz: Australia, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Namibia, Nigeria, Russia, and Zimbabwe. A small amount of yellow topaz is produced in Utah, the state where it was designated as the state gemstone in 1969.

Yellow Topaz Stone Meaning

Meaning of Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz has varying cultural significance. It has frequently been associated with superstitions and defense. The practice of modern reiki carries on this extensive and beautiful history.

In the metaphysical world, yellow topaz is a benevolent crystal that brings fortune. It can open many chakras and makes you feel thankful and appreciative for everything in your life.  It is traditionally gifted as a sign of affection on the fourth and the 23rd wedding anniversaries. Or as an alternative stone on the 16th, 19th, and 50th anniversaries, and commonly gifted as pendants or rings.

There are numerous color symbols associated with yellow topaz. Yellow topaz’s smoky brown and golden shades symbolize the land and crops. Browns and yellows are associated with historic cultivation periods and humanity’s procreation. They conjure up thoughts of anything and everything natural: rich soil, harvested grain products, and the Sun that enables the development of plants. Therefore, topaz gemstones represent the presence of nature and our natural heritage.

Topaz stones are also associated with household safety and relaxation. In a very traditional and rural sense, family life and generosity were always primarily focused around the fireplace.

The warm glow and luster of this stone recall memories of the cooking stoves people often gathered around to toast great fortune and greet visitors to their households. The golden brown shade of the stone represents the warmth, approachability, and cohesion of domestic lives.

Yellow Topaz Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

The earliest recorded uses of yellow topaz come from the Ancient Egyptians, and the Bible makes later use of topaz. Throughout this time, Yellow Topaz’s meaning has changed and evolved. Up until a few hundred years ago, topaz was the term used to describe all yellow gemstones. 

The Yellow Topaz, as researchers today recognize it, is said to have originated in 1737. The largest deposit in the world is in Brazil, where the discovery of the yellow topaz sparked extensive prospecting.

Yellow Topaz is now a cheap, non-precious gem due to its enormous abundance. It is primarily used today as a gem for stand-alone jewelry pieces, as well as for decorative purposes.

Yellow Topaz Crystal properties

Yellow topaz, also known as Imperial topaz, is a light-yellow gemstone with a transparent appearance. It is one of the hardest gemstones, with a MOH hardness rating of 8.0. Topaz is an aluminum silicate that also contains fluorine. Its refractive index is 1.6, and its specific gravity is 3.5. It is transparent and reflects light in the same way that diamonds do. 

The optical properties of Yellow Topaz are biaxial. It may contain white streaks and has a vitreous luster. It is an orthorhombic crystal with a reflex of prismatic crystals. It is developed deep within the Earth during the mineral crystallization stage of the volcanic fluid cooling process. 

Topaz is formed under conditions of high pressure and high temperature when fluorine vapors solidify before the formation of quartz. Gemologists can distinguish between genuine and fake topaz using these physical characteristics.

Yellow Topaz Healing Properties

Yellow Topaz Crystal Healing

Yellow topaz has a wide range of healing properties which is why it is one of the most popular gemstones. These healing properties can be categorized as: 

  • Yellow Topaz Physical Healing Properties

Yellow Topaz has a reputation for being very calming when it comes to physical healing. This stone is renowned for gently but powerfully promoting physical healing. Considering Yellow Topaz’s upbeat nature, some healers use it to treat conditions that cause negativity.

Yellow Topaz is also used by some natural healers to treat gallbladder, liver, kidney, and endocrine problems. Furthermore, since it is believed to hasten tissue regeneration, blood circulation, and overall healing, it is regarded as a great stone to have by your bedside following surgery. Some practitioners who struggle with respiratory conditions like asthma claim that Yellow Topaz tends to help them.

  • Yellow Topaz Emotional Healing Properties

More and more information about the connection between emotional health and physical and spiritual well-being is being discovered daily by health professionals. Our daily lives contain so many stressors that it is simple to become completely overwhelmed.

The versatility of Yellow Topaz’s healing abilities makes it a popular choice for use in natural emotional healing. This stone is effective in all those ambiguous areas where various problems overlap because there are no obvious boundaries between how your emotions are intertwined.

Yellow Topaz can be used to bring joy and abundance into your life. If you are looking into crystals for creativity, it is a good option as well. Prepare to learn more about your true potential and ways to appreciate yourself, which can inspire you to pursue your goals without fear. In addition, you can spread the positive energy you receive from this stone to those in your immediate vicinity. 

  • Yellow Topaz Spiritual Healing Properties

Yellow Topaz would be at the top of any list of stones that have the potential to promote spiritual development and association with increased consciousness levels.

Throughout history, Yellow Topaz has been used to treat spiritual ailments. The therapeutic benefits of Yellow Topaz were also used by the Greeks, Egyptians, and Celts in numerous forms of goddess devotion and rejuvenation.

You can develop trust and faith in the signs that the universe sends by meditating while wearing Yellow Topaz. With regular use, you will improve your capacity to establish a mental bridge that might bring you closer to the will and comprehension of the Transcendent.

Yellow topaz’s abilities to heal the soul can facilitate communication with benevolent spirits like spirit guides, Ascended Masters, and even departed loved ones. This stone can also promote heart and spirit opening, allowing you to become more conscious of the shielded and beneficial existence of these higher beings.

Yellow Topaz Metaphysical Properties

Yellow Topaz metaphysical Properties

Yellow topaz has a variety of metaphysically beneficial healing qualities that influence a person’s life and make positive changes in it. Although it is less expensive, it offers countless advantages to people. Yellow Topaz is considered a lucky stone. It brings good fortune into your life and makes things work in your favor. It helps you form relationships with those who are beneficial to you and keeps you away from people who would be harmful to you. You become more confident, and it strengthens self-belief. Yellow Topaz is also associated with safety, harmony, peace, and solace.

This stone will help you achieve many life milestones if you maintain good intentions, which is what matters. In addition to reducing stress and anxiety, it will also help to increase your energy level. This stone can help you if you think you are having problems maintaining your mental stability. Your personality will become more balanced, and emotional consistency will improve.

This gemstone is also linked to intellect, insight, and imagination. It will influence your academic performance and improve your creative abilities. Additionally, it will strengthen your analytical and critical thinking skills.

Yellow Topaz Benefits

Yellow Topaz has a positive impact on a person’s life by helping to bring about positive changes. This stone offers a wide range of advantages. Let us examine them:

  • It attracts economic success, fortune, luck, popularity, and abundance.
  • It enhances intellect and bestows wisdom and knowledge while enhancing mental ability and advanced knowledge.
  • It helps in achieving academic or professional goals because of the beneficial influence of Jupiter, the ruling planet of yellow topaz.
  • It revitalizes the individual’s aura and balances any issues with the Throat Chakra by encouraging them to act on their ideas and guiding them to make the best choices possible based on their judgments.
  • Its yellow hue corresponds to the Sun in astrology, which, along with Jupiter, its ruling planet, encourages a selfless and giving nature.
  • Additionally, Jupiter promotes contentment and a joyful behavioral approach.
  • It can treat issues with the mouth, throat, and lungs. It boosts our immune system and keeps our respiratory system in check.
  • Yellow topaz emits vivacious, sunny energy that enables our True Self to be heard and seen while repelling impurities and negativity.
  • It balances and heals the throat chakra.

Yellow Topaz Benefits Spirituality

All the yellow stones are stones that help you overcome any negative emotions you might be experiencing, including vulnerability, fear, doubt, and unbalanced feelings. Here are some spiritual meanings associated with the yellow topaz gemstone:

Sources of energy and vitality: Yellow topaz can boost spirits and lessen feelings of drowsiness.

Positive Mindset: Yellow topaz provides reinforcements to aid in maintaining focus. It prevents negative emotions like resentment, insufficiency, self-doubt, insecurity, and similar ones from arising. Additionally, this prevents you from being impacted by unfavorable emotions coming from those around you.

Development of a leadership mindset: Yellow topaz enhances inner strength and courage, making it a beneficial means for developing a leadership mindset and making solid decisions.

Yellow Topaz & Feng Shui

Five fundamental elements—wood, fire, earth, metal, and water—are said to make up everything in the universe according to the ancient Chinese art of feng shui. Every one of these elements manifests itself differently in objects and people. Other manifestations include different colors, sounds, navigation guidelines, celestial bodies, and bodily organs. Making sure that the five elemental energy flows within a space are harmonious and balanced is the goal of feng shui, which is more than just rearranging furniture.

yellow topaz feng shui

Yellow topaz receives its energy from the sun and radiates fire energy. Heat, radiance, brightness, and activity are characteristics of this element. The fire element is fueled by the heat of passion, sex, and emotion as well as ideas and concepts. The south area of a home or room, also known as the fame and reputation area, benefits greatly from the crystal. Also, your reputation in the neighborhood and among your family members can improve.

Additionally, there are two main benefits that you can acquire from using Yellow Topaz in Feng Shui. 

  • It can Activate Tai Qi, the Health Area

In feng shui, the Tai qi serves as the Bagua’s focal point. It is a symbol of your general health. The Bagua areas surrounding Tai qi, each of which stands for a different aspect of life, are connected because Tai qi is in the center. 

Positive changes are much simpler to implement in every area of life when there is a firm base of wellness. You can express yourself more fully in your relationships, family, career, and other areas of your life when you are in better health.  To activate the Tai qi, consider placing the yellow topaz in the center point of your apartment or bedroom. The color yellow is an expression of earth, which is the element connected to Tai qi.

  • It can promote relaxation in the bedroom.

The bedroom is the one room in the house where we want to put more emphasis on being than on doing. You should be able to unwind in your bedroom and get rid of any stress or daily to-do lists there. For these reasons, topaz is a great stone to have in your bedroom because it promotes relaxation and self-confidence.

Yellow Topaz Birthstone

Yellow Topaz is the traditional birthstone for November. Leo and Scorpio zodiacs are the astrological signs associated with this gemstone. Leos and Scorpios benefit from the positive energy that yellow topaz provides. It allows true love to enter their hearts and allows patience and decorum to rule instead of selfishness and inhumanity.

Yellow Topaz Chakras

yellow topaz chakra

Hindu philosophy states that the body is composed of seven distinct centers of spiritual and physical energy. This belief is represented by chakras. In the ideal situation, these centers, or energy points, cooperate to keep a person healthy. If these chakras are out of balance, it may lead to a series of physical, emotional, and spiritual illnesses.

Since it resonates with a number of these chakras, yellow topaz seems to be quite a special stone. Unlike many crystals, this one does not have a strong connection with just one or two. The solar plexus, root, sacral, and crown chakras can all benefit greatly from this stone.

The qualities of Yellow Topaz make it clear why it connects so strongly with these specific chakras. For example, For instance, this stone is renowned for its comforting, relaxing atmosphere, and secure vibrations.

These characteristics are ideal for the root chakra, the lowest chakra, and the chakra of security, comfort, and grounding. The pattern of traits that correspond with chakras is the same for all of the associated chakras discussed above.

Additionally, Yellow Topaz encourages a spiritual relationship with the environment while meditating. It releases our stress and negative energy while we are sleeping. In a nutshell, it produces a feeling of joy and lightness.

What are the Uses of Yellow Topaz?

yellow topaz uses

Yellow Topaz is one of those crystals which has to be used consistently to reap its full benefits. We have listed the most effective ways of using a yellow topaz below:

  • Using Yellow Topaz for Healing 

The simplest thing to do is to carry Yellow Topaz with you if you want to have its healing abilities and symbolic meaning with you all day. You can slip it into your pocket, or bag, or put it in your glove box. Even just having it close by will be helpful.

  • Using Yellow Topaz for Feng Shui

In a feng shui arrangement, yellow topaz can also play a crucial role. Place this warm and colorful stone close to the middle of your room or living area. By putting Yellow Topaz anywhere you want to feel joyful energy and a lighter atmosphere, you will benefit from doing so.

  • Using Yellow Topaz for Jewelry 

Jewelry making is another lovely application for yellow topaz. Everyone who sees this stone will find it pleasing because it is a vibrant stone with a sun-like color. The Yellow Topaz keeps its energy close to your skin and near its corresponding chakras when it is worn as jewelry, which is an extra advantage. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings look beautiful when embellished with yellow topaz.

Caring for Yellow Topaz

caring for yellow topaz

Although topaz is a very hard stone, its framework makes it vulnerable to breaking from abrupt shifts in temperature and harsh contact. Topaz has ideal basal cleavage. Accordingly, if the stone is struck in the right direction, weaker crystal planes will start to crack. 

Be careful not to bang anything with your topaz jewelry when wearing it, especially rings and bracelets. For the least amount of gem contact, it is best to avoid wearing these items on your dominant hand. 

Storage uses the same idea. Keep topaz apart from the other stones that might damage or be damaged. To prevent physical harm and keep light and dust out, dark velvet jewelry pouches are the best choice for protection. 

When to Cleanse Yellow Topaz?

All crystals require cleaning, and it is important as they trap negative energies.

Consider cleaning your yellow topaz regularly if you use it frequently for healing. Regardless of whether you are working on someone else or yourself, you should always cleanse the energy of the stone after each session.

You will not have to clean your crystal as frequently, though, if you only occasionally use it for healing. If you want to do something frequently, you could schedule it to happen once a month, once a week, or once a season.

Whether you wear your yellow topaz as jewelry or use them as a decorative accent, this rule still holds. This is because the crystal’s energy is not being actively directed toward healing work in these circumstances.

How to Recharge Your Yellow Topaz?

For the best yellow topaz activation process, recharging crystals is another important phase. Gemstones absorb the energies of their surroundings, so when you purchase one, it might still carry the effects of the previous owner. You must cleanse your Yellow Topaz to eliminate previous energies.

  • One method is to place the gemstone in 10 to 15 minutes of lightly warmed water. Use gentle dish soap and lightly rub a soft cloth over it to dry. Keep your gemstone away from chemicals and synthetic cleaners, and avoid exposing it to heat.
  • The yellow topaz can also be cleaned by soaking it in salt water overnight and taking it out the next day. If ocean water is accessible, you can also use it.
  • Gemstones can also recharge in sunlight and moonlight. Your Yellow Topaz can spend six to ten hours in the moonlight or sunlight. It will purify your gem and delete any negative energies that may have been embedded in it.
  • Additionally, since Mother Earth is the best cleanser, you can bury your gemstone in the ground. You could also clean your yellow topaz with dewdrops. 

How much is Yellow Topaz worth?

Yellow topaz worth

Similar to any other crystal, what determines yellow topaz’s price and value depends on its availability and quality. Although Yellow Topaz is abundantly found, its demands are considerably higher compared to many other crystals. Therefore, it can easily fetch prices over $1000/ct. for large sizes. 

Yellow Topaz Impact

Yellow Topaz reflects the pure feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction of materialistic desires. Moreover, this gem is associated with self-confidence, sobriety, integrity, wit, commitment, kindness, and sincerity.

Additionally, it offers a lot of advantages for good health. Jaundice, chronic memory loss, insomnia, and liver issues can all be treated with it. In addition, Yellow Topaz is helpful for conditions like indigestion, fever, appetite loss, and liver problems.

Although there is no scientific evidence on the effectiveness of Yellow Topaz healing, there is evidence that suggests patients who receive this kind of care may experience a placebo effect. 

Does Yellow Topaz make a good Jewelry stone?

yellow topaz jewelry

Apart from crystal healing, metaphysical and other properties of Yellow Topaz, the gemstone is primarily used in jewelry. Many people prefer to wear their birthstones in the form of jewelry. 

Also, Yellow Topaz is a semi-precious stone and it is used in valuable jewelry across the world. The cuts and shapes of Yellow Topaz are also based on its requirement in jewelry.

Yellow Topaz Real vs Fake

Due to Yellow Topaz’s high demand, you may encounter imitations or fakes. And, it can be challenging to figure out if the gemstone is authentic or not. Following are some ways that you can use to identify a Yellow Topaz:

  • Hardness

The hardness factor of yellow topaz is 8 on the Mohs scale. The real Yellow Topaz is also very good to the touch and easily electrifies due to free electrons. Therefore, it will draw in tiny bits of paper, hair strands, and a variety of things whenever it is rubbed against any woolen fabric.

  • Material

Glass has traditionally been used to make replicas of precious stones. The technologically advanced variant of special glass is called sitall. Glass’s inherent qualities allow for a wide range of colors, making it possible to mimic many different gemstones. 

This substance emits bubbles and swirls of color zones that can be quite large and are visible to the naked eye. The observation pattern in a polariscope corresponds to an isotropic substance or an anomalous anisotropy.

  • Refractive Index

The refractive index in a refractometer is one of the diagnostic techniques that allow highly accurate determination of yellow topaz. It is 1.61 to 1.62 in yellow topaz.

The aforementioned techniques, however, call for specialized knowledge and the ability to use gemological equipment. Therefore, reaching out to a reputable gemological laboratory is the best method for confirming the gem’s natural origin.

Summary of Yellow Topaz

Name of Crystal Yellow Topaz
Precious No
Semi Precious Yes
Other Names Imperial Topaz
Origin(s) Germany
Color(s) Yellow
Formation Crystallizes within the veins and cavities of igneous rock as the magma cools to its final stages. Thermal decomposition releases the fluorine needed for the growth of topaz crystals.
Majorly Found at Brazil
Zodiac Suited for Leo and Scorpio
Chakra Root Chakra
Crystal Meaning Is a benevolent crystal that brings fortune
Types of Crystal Prismatic
Healing Properties Brings joy and abundance and promotes heart and spirit opening
Health Benefits Treats gallbladder, liver, kidney, and endocrine problems
Uses Jewelry, Healing, and practicing Feng Shui
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water Yes
Moh’s Scale 7-1
Real Is 8 on the Mohs scale and the refractive index is 1.61 to 1.62 in yellow Topaz
Fake You can identify it by its hardness and material


What is yellow Topaz good for?

Yellow Topaz has many healing properties. They include numerous health benefits. It helps in the treatment of liver illnesses, jaundice, severe memory problems, and chronic fatigue. Additionally, a Yellow Topaz Gemstone is helpful for conditions like indigestion, colds, coughs, fevers, and digestive problems.

Who should wear yellow Topaz?

Yellow Topaz is the birthstone of the month of November and the zodiac Leo and Scorpio, therefore, people born in November or these zodiacs will benefit a lot from wearing Yellow Topaz. Apart from this, Yellow Topaz has many benefits and anyone can acquire them. For example, it helps with anger issues so if you have similar problems, you can benefit from this stone. 

What is the spiritual meaning of yellow Topaz?

Yellow topaz can lift your mood and make you feel less tired. It supports you to focus and reduces negativity that may be coming from you or those close to you. Moreover, it strengthens inner courage, making it the ideal device for fostering a strategic vision and making wise choices.

Is yellow Topaz and Citrine the same?

No, Citrine and Yellow Topaz are not of the same family. Citrine is a member of the quartz mineral family, whereas topaz is a member of the silicate mineral family. Before these distinctions were understood, many cultures misidentified citrine which created the misunderstanding.

Can you wear yellow Topaz every day?

Yellow Topaz is a hard gemstone, therefore, there is no harm in wearing a yellow topaz every day. The problem arises with gemstones that can be easily scratched however, yellow topaz is not that prone to scratching. But, since it can break easily, you should consider taking good care of it. 

How can you tell if yellow Topaz is real?

The best way to tell if a yellow topaz is real is by checking the hardness of the stone. The hardness of yellow topaz on the MOHS scale is 8. There are other ways of identifying an authentic yellow topaz however, they require specialized knowledge and equipment. Therefore, the best way to confirm the authenticity of your stone is by contacting a professional.