7 Best Crystals For Empaths And How To Use Them?

Empaths can benefit greatly from crystals as a tool. The crystals for empaths have the extraordinary capacity to support us in centering, grounding, and raising our vibration so that we can live in harmony with one another and ourselves. By helping to redirect harmful energy away from us or even absorbing part of it into themselves, they are also effective energy guardians.

As an empath, you are well aware of the fact that your frequency, or energy, can fluctuate greatly. You might even believe that worry and overwhelm are a part of everyday life. After a busy day or night, protection crystals for empaths assist us by calming and soothing us so that we can reconnect with ourselves and regenerate. They are therefore excellent companions for everyone who is feeling off, not just empaths. Even when interacting with other people’s energy, these crystals can assist us in maintaining our equilibrium and sense of grounding.

Other individuals can occasionally have an impact on us, which can impede both our spiritual development and personal growth. The aura, the energy field that surrounds us, can be healed and safeguarded by grounding crystals for empaths. They can use in regaining our equilibrium and provide a haven from any negative energy we may encounter, such as those of other people or everyday situations.

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The Best Crystals For Empaths Based On Their Grounding Properties 

What Is Meant by Grounding?

Consider “grounding” as a coping mechanism that can be used to reconnect or concentrate our energies when we feel overpowered by other people or our environment. A deep connection is made between our feet and the earth as we ground, which helps us balance our energy. In addition to being employed in meditation, grounding strategies can also be applied to prevent traumatic flashbacks.

Empaths who suffer from crowds or social anxiety may find comfort in grounding exercises like:

  • Crystals for intuitive empaths
  • Chakra cleansing
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Essential oils
  • Regular exercise
  • Healthy Diet
  • Earthing
  • Spending time in nature
  • Visualizing energy moving down to the earth

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Best Crystals for Empaths

1. Clear Quartz

Using clear quartz crystals for empaths

Most likely, you already have one or more clear quartz crystals lying around your house; if not, you really should! They rank among the most adaptable empathic tools and have many benefits.

Quartz has the power to magnify your intention or energy. One can be placed on top of the chakras, held in meditation, or worn as an amulet or charm. Additionally, they work well at deflecting bad energy and are frequently employed in crystal healing!

2. Selenite

selenite crystals to assist empaths

The selenite crystals have a strong ability to raise your energy’s vibration. They come in handy when you’re feeling heavy or stuck. They also provide defense against psychic assaults. Selenite functions by reflecting the negative energy to its source, then circling and absorbing it before changing it into a positive light. It’s not just the best friend of empaths; it also has a lot of additional benefits.

3. Fluorite

Fluorite crystals for travel

Being a protecting stone and having great benefits, the crystal Fluorite is excellent for empaths. It assists in removing the bad energy. When you’re going through an intense or hectic time, a chunk of fluorite can be an immensely helpful ally since it keeps you from absorbing any of this energy. One of the greatest crystals for balancing your own emotions is this one, especially if you’re sensitive and have problems expressing your feelings.

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4. Green Jade

Green jade crystals to help with empathy

Green jade is frequently suggested for people who want to fulfill their desires because it is a stone of abundance and good fortune. It might be beneficial for those who find themselves feeling exhausted after being around others because it assists in bringing in positivity while getting rid of any bad or stagnated emotions. It is well recognized to help us manage our emotions and give us information on how to deal with other people’s energy or negative people. This lovely green stone will always promote peace and joy in one’s life and maintain a continuous flow of energy.

5. Moonstone

Moonstone crystals

The moonstones can be quite helpful to empaths because they are great at reducing anxiety and stress while calming the racing thoughts that can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, it enables us to use our intuition to get the signals from the moon, which controls your emotional condition and offers support when you’re feeling overburdened.

You are constantly a sponge for other people’s emotions since you are an empathetic and compassionate person. By assisting your body in releasing tension and worry, this stone will free you up to work on your inner fortitude and personal development.

6. Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz crystals

Rutilated quartz is a beneficial stone for empaths because it is very adept at soaking negative vibes, making it a perfect shield to wear while under a lot of stress. Additionally, it facilitates communication by providing transparency and awareness without obscuring the truth, giving you the assurance that your feelings are being respected.

As a result of its powerful linkage to the divine realm and it might facilitating manifestations, humans used this stone in ancient times. Due to its capacity to draw a lot of luck and wealth, it may be regarded as a success stone!

7. Charcolite

Charcolite crystals for empaths

When you’re feeling depleted by the people around you, the charcolite’s wonderfully calming aura is perfect for empaths. It can be incredibly draining because you never know how much time you will spend with people. This is especially true if you are an empath who is able to pick up on everyone’s emotions. Its extremely high frequency of vibration makes it perfect for reducing tension and anxiety while calming the mind to facilitate meditation.

Although all of these crystals are excellent for empaths, keep in mind that you may always choose the ones that suit your particular energy type the best. Cleansing your crystals in salt water for the night can help you manifest the greatest outcomes. After that, place them in the sunlight all day long so they can absorb the light’s beneficial energy. It’s time to get prepared for your crystal-infused therapy after these steps are finished!

How To Use Healing Crystals For Empaths?

how to use healing crystals for empaths

Empaths that use crystals can control their sensitivity and maintain their balance. While empaths can benefit from meditation before social events, it’s crucial to put together a survival kit of grounding crystals.

Here’s what you should do:

  • When you start to feel anxious or exhausted, take breaks and find a quiet space to balance your energy using stones.
  • While seated or standing, hold the crystals for empaths with healing hands (if possible without shoes).
  • Breathe deeply a few times, then focus your attention on your feet or root chakra.


Being empathic can be an amazing talent. Just be careful to take care of your own energy centers by staying grounded and in alignment. Imagine a ball of white light traveling down from your crown chakra, which is located at the top of your head, passing down your neck, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, thighs, and calves before landing on the soles of your feet and sinking 12 inches into mother earth. Always with the goal of being completely clear, and thus it is. Don’t worry; mother earth will receive that energy, purify it, and then release it back into the universe.