What are the Best Blue Calcite Properties?

Blue Calcite is a powerful stone for relaxing the body and Blue Calcite properties enable the mind to think in a more focused way. Thus, Blue Calcite properties open a more robust communication channel between your thoughts and emotions. This crystal is known to calm emotions and provide mental and etheric protection.

The Blue Calcite Properties are interesting and beneficial and this article is here to guide you through all of these in detail.

What is Blue Calcite?

Before you know more about Blue Calcite properties, let us look at what Blue Calcite means. Calcite comes in various colors, including translucent, pink, green, yellow, orange, blue, brown, and black. Each hue adds new qualities to Calcite’s vital energy. Moreover, Blue Calcite can range in hue from mild light blue to vivid blue or grey-toned blue.

The major component of the stone is calcium carbonate, with additional minerals that have great medicinal and metaphysical powers added. Blue Calcite is a rare stone. You can find it in Mexico, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Iceland, and has been very recently found in Pakistan.

Blue Calcite boosts creative energy and its calming and relaxing qualities help consumers to think in a more clear and focused manner. Its energies allow our thoughts to roam and diverge on a deliberate journey of discovery, resulting in many natural, creative ideas.

One of the many hidden secrets that Blue Calcite offers is its ability to enhance and empower one’s dream life. It offers increased vitality and understanding of dreams and the images within them. 

What are the Blue Calcite Properties?

Blue is a compelling spiritual color, so blue Calcite naturally has strong spiritual properties when used by mindful practitioners. Blue Calcite properties can help you speak more clearly and feel less shy, especially if you often find it uncomfortable or difficult to find words to express your ideas and feelings. Blue Calcite is famous as the “stone of emotional intelligence” and thus, the Blue Calcite properties can help us achieve a balanced emotional and mental state and emotions and intelligence. Maintaining this equilibrium is critical to living a successful and fulfilling life.

Now let us look at Blue Calcite properties in detail


Blue Calcite Properties : Metaphysical

  • Blue Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Blue Calcite properties resonate with the throat chakra and the third eye and can assist you in any spiritual or psychic practice. You can use yoga, relaxation techniques, visualization, tai chi, qigong, or meditation.

Blue Calcite is very protective of one’s aura and offers potent transformational energies. While carrying or wearing Blue Calcite acts as a sponge and absorbs all the energy that comes to you. It filters negative vibrations and transforms them into high positive energy. Blue Calcite will help you enter higher states of consciousness. It is one of the best stones in your sanctuary or altar.

  • Blue Calcite Meditation Properties

Blue Calcite is a stone mainly used as a balance and meditation stone. Blue Calcite properties are perfect when you want to re-center after exposure to solid yang or masculine environments.

Meditating with Blue Calcite helps if you want to renew yourself. Whatever stone or crystal you use, remember that restoring your balance is crucial to your overall health. If you are meditating for the first time, you can stay focused using guided meditation. After trying a few options, you will be more comfortable with your sessions.

Blue Calcite is a fantastic meditation tool for tuning to a higher mental dimension. Calm blue stones, such as Blue Calcite, can quickly soothe your body and mind. 

It is possible to choose various colored stones that can help you reach a higher level of awareness. Blue Calcite frequently sparkles and emits relaxing vibrations. Its restorative powers soothe your frazzled nerves, alleviate anxiety, and relieve stress.

  • Blue Calcite Healing Properties

It is a beautiful crystal to have for mental and emotional healing because the energies of this stone will also support physical healing. Your fears and negative emotions will be cleared with the energy that the Blue Calcite properties resonate, allowing you to relax and rest. The beautiful and relaxing blue color will make you feel very peaceful and calm already.

Make sure your Blue Calcite crystal is wholly charged and clean before meditating and you must also be relaxed and comfortable, else the Blue Calcite properties will not work to their maximum. Blue Calcite has many healing effects for anyone suffering from anxiety or depression.

Blue Calcite is a stone suitable for bringing relaxation, peace, and calmness to your entire body. The healing energies of this stone will calm your frayed nerves and reduce your worries. It is an excellent stone to have during recovery as it will get rid of negative emotions and promote relaxation.

Blue Calcite will raise the energies in your throat chakra and allow for clear communication, especially between different or opposing viewpoints. Meditating with this stone will also encourage an optimistic outlook, allowing you to see the perfection of everything around you.

Blue Calcite properties : Crystals with Blue calcite


How to Make Use of Blue Calcite Properties? 

This crystal can assist you in dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. It exudes a soothing and peaceful vibe. Blue Calcite is a high vibration stone that may help anyone achieve balance and harmony in their lives.

  • Blue Calcite for Personal Healing and Communication

Carry some Blue Calcite in your pocket, and you’ll learn how it can help you in various ways. You can use the crystal and create a crystal grid for protection.

Energy healers use blue Calcite to purify the chakras and absorb unwanted energies. Wearing Blue Calcite jewelry allows you to maintain it in your body and reap its advantages all day. Wear this stone near your throat chakra to activate it.

The throat chakra is the center of energy in your body that governs your communication. It even extends to technology – even electronic communication such as text messages and emails is ruled by the throat chakra, as it does not discriminate against spirituality. Energy is still being sent back and forth in the form of communication.

This crystal can often help you phrase things out of control or be misinterpreted or hostilely misread when you’re simply trying to state your point. Blue calcite stones are stones for healing, healing, communication, and even the development of psychic or paranormal powers.

  • Blue Calcite for your Home 

It is beneficial to have Blue Calcite in any environment with stagnant, negative energy. The stone will clear and realign contaminated energies in high-traffic areas. When you sleep with a piece of blue Calcite under your pillow or near your bed, it might help you recall your dreams.

Crystal is also a valuable home decor item for your office or home office. It helps decision-making and strengthens memory. It can also help deter theft, so place a piece of Blue Calcite near areas where a thief might break into your home or business.

Blue Calcite Properties : How do You Use it

Which Crystals Go Well With Blue Calcite?

Moldavite and Blue Calcite are powerful for anyone working on protective and transformative effects. It is essential to use Aquamarine together with Blue Calcite. They work to fully unlock your throat chakra and allow more accessible communication of deeper emotions. Phenacite is another crystal that can be paired with Blue Calcite. 

How to Care for Blue Calcite and Clean Blue Calcite?

  • You should clean your Blue Calcite once in a while and avoid cleaning it with water or salt water as it may damage the stone. 
  • Keep your Blue Calcite away from acids. It is a mild mineral, reacting with acids even with mild ones like vinegar.
  • Buy raw Blue Calcite if you want to use it for healing or metaphysical purposes. The stone is much more robust in its raw state.
  • Do not wear your Blue Calcite jewelry every day. It is straightforward to be scratched and damaged.
  • Chemicals and steam cookers can also easily damage this mineral.
  • Cleanse your Blue Calcite with a Selenite and Sage smear.

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Calcite, including blue Calcite, is inexpensive and readily available, so it amazes me that there is not a more popular stone. People may find the powers of blue Calcite strange and even frightening. But there is nothing to fear in this stone. It is still one of the gentlest stones with pronounced psychic effects.