Blue Calcite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Calcite is a well-known carbonate mineral. It is the most stable polymorph of calcium carbonate. It defines hardness 3 in the Mohs Scale of mineral Hardness. Usually, this stone or crystal is available in colorless shades or whitish shades. But apart from these two, there are some rare and unique colors too like red, pink, yellow, green, blue, lavender, etc. Blue Calcite is one of the strongest gemstones which is adored by people for a long time.

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blue calcite meaning properties benefits uses

What is Blue Calcite?

Blue Calcite is a small part of the greater calcite family. It looks like a peaceful stone with a gentle presentation of calmness of mind. Sometimes, people get confused with celestites. Because celestites may have a similar appearance. Though the color is dark blue, for the outer appearance, it may get confusing.

Blue Calcite is a very precious and rare gemstone that has good ornamental value along with healing values. The Blue Calcite crystal spreads huge benefits in our daily life, chakras, and other mental states. It is said that during world war II, this crystal was used for gun sights because this calcite stone was readily available at that time. 

Usually, this precious gemstone is found in Mexico, the United States, Great Britain, Iceland, etc. Recently, the Caribbean Blue Calcite gemstone was found in Pakistan too. 

How to identify a Blue Calcite?

When you are going to make a purchase of Blue Calcite stone, it is important to find out if the blue stone is real or not. In order to identify the real Blue Calcite stone, you have to learn a few factors. You should always keep in mind those factors whenever you are going to purchase your lucky gemstone.

The most important thing you need to know is you have to check the person from whom you are buying your crystal. Before buying your crystal, always check the vendor’s review or any past customer’s comments. 

If the vendor has a good reputation for selling the best Blue Calcite in the town, he will not take risks by selling low-quality crystal or fake crystal. Any reputable vendor or gemstone supplier will always take care of the best choice of gemstone. 

Now, when you get your gemstone, you may check a few things too. A natural gemstone like Blue Calcite has to be cold to the touch. Also, it will not heat up quickly when you will hold it in your palm.

Another thing is the Blue Calcite gemstone should not come in a solid blue color. A light shade of blue along with white veins is the symbol of a real Blue Calcite stone. Sometimes the color can be blushing grey too. The real crystal should be opaque rather than transparent. 

  • Shapes of Blue Calcite

Shapes of Blue Calcite

Usually, the raw Blue Calcite forms a rhombohedral shape and has a waxy surface. When the crystal is polished, it will gain a shiny surface, opaque appearance, and internal refraction.

Where is Blue Calcite Found?

The Blue Calcite crystal is found in various places like Mexico, Pakistan, Belgium, Brazil, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Peru, Russia, the United States, Australia, South Africa, etc. The majority of specimens come from Mexico though. Also, the deepest color or Blue Calcite specimen is available from South Africa. 

Blue Calcite Stone Meaning

Blue Calcite is one of the most powerful crystals when it comes to the soothing emotional state of humans. This blue-colored crystal is the epitome of good emotions and mental protection. The crystal is also very protective if it is connected to one’s aura. It supplies the strongest transmutational energies. 

It acts as a sponge that absorbs all negative energies. Blue Calcite is also the synonym for anxiety or depression reliever. It has powerful blue rays which are helpful in soothing and relaxing nerves.  If you carry Blue Calcite with you, it will allow you to think about only good mental health with intelligence and analytic power. It also helps to open up a stronger communication channel between your feelings and thoughts.

Blue Calcite is also good for stimulating creative energies. It helps to purify the mind. Natural and brilliant ideas can be explored with the help of Blue Calcite. Another thing you must know is that Blue Calcite offers the ability to enhance your dream life. It helps in increasing the understanding of dreams.

Blue Calcite Crystal Properties

Blue Calcite is a rare stone that has various properties to its energy. The color of this valuable gemstone can vary from light color to brighter color with white or grey veins. As the Blue Calcite stone has various properties, it spreads those properties among humans. You can get lots of benefits if you can make use of this crystal.

Here, you can check various properties of the real and powerful Blue Calcite.

Blue Calcite Healing Properties

The Blue Calcite stone has lots of healing properties and this is the reason we love this stone with all hearts. This stone is an excellent choice for psychic gifts. As the crystal has amplifying energy, Blue Calcite always expands the spiritual attributes of the wearer. It works on intuition, telepathy, and concentration. Apart from boosting the psychic gifts of humans, it also helps you to understand the true aspects of yourself. Through this, your spiritual development can be checked properly.

Blue Calcite is also good for clearing blockages in the energy center. It helps to create the best kind of communication and listening skills. The Blue Calcite stone is the most demanding stone when it comes to considering calmness in a pressurized situation. 

The crystal helps you to be protected against other people’s drama. It also can prevent you from staying away from negative feelings due to others’ negativity. 

As the Blue Calcite crystal has a good soothing energy, you can easily enjoy more restorative sleep throughout the night. Any kind of worry can be kept away from you. Also, the gemstone is good for preventing nightmares. Usually, nightmares disturb our sleep quality. When the sleep quality is lower, you can not feel energized throughout the day. But when you are equipped with Blue Calcite crystal, it will protect you from all kinds of negative energies that cause nightmares.

Another thing is that Blue Calcite enhances the quality of dreams. Good dreams are easy to interpret. Often, our dreams carry important messages for our lives. So, if you can keep Blue Calcite closer to your bed or under your pillow, you will get good dreams, and maybe a message for changing your life too.

Blue Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Blue Calcite is also good for its metaphysical properties. This valuable crystal works with our throat chakra and third eye chakra. As these two Chakras are very important to make us strong and stable always, Blue Calcite helps to make us strong by clearing all blockages of the throat chakra and third eye chakra.

Blue Calcite Benefits

This precious gemstone has a wide array of benefits that can be observed when you will keep this stone with you always. Here we have mentioned the list of benefits we can enjoy in the form of a Blue Calcite gemstone.

  • The Blue Calcite is helpful in getting rid of any stress, depression, and anxiety.
  • This stone helps to clear all kinds of blockages in the throat chakra which helps to get clear communication.
  • Blue Calcite is responsible for getting good sleep which energizes the whole body of humans.
  • The crystal is good for amplifying the energy state.
  • It helps to keep a stable mental condition.
  • Blue Calcite is good for intuition and telepathy.
  • Those who experience the issue of concentration can make use of this stone because it works on increasing concentration and focus.
  • Blue Calcite helps to keep the mind calm and soothing even if the surroundings are filled with negative energies.
  • People can achieve inner strength with the help of Blue Calcite stone.
  • Sorrow, loss, grief, etc can be reduced with the help of Blue Calcite. 
  • The gemstone helps to retain good dreams that carry life-changing messages for the wearer’s life.
  • Financial stress can be kept at the bay of the wearer. 

Blue Calcite Benefits Spirituality

Blue Calcite is one of the best stones that help to increase our spiritual power. The stone is directly connected to the power of the moon. The divine feminine energy can be experienced with the help of Blue Calcite. Intuitions can be sharpened with the help of the Blue Calcite crystal and the psychic insights can be kept in a good state. You can connect yourself to your subconscious mind. The precious gemstone helps to process the negative energy and convert the negative energy to positivity.

The Blue Calcite crystal is known as the symbol of spiritual growth and development. It also has a fortifying effect on your body. The stone has the power to connect to your feelings with the water element which makes it a spiritual healer for anyone.

Blue Calcite and Feng Shui

If you have a whole room dedicated to meditation, you can put your crystal in this place. If you put this crystal in your meditation space, it will help you to work with good intentions. Blue Calcite increases your creativity and confidence if you put this in your meditation area. Blue Calcite is connected to the wood element that activates specific qualities like growth, rejuvenation, and new beginnings.

Blue Calcite Chakras

Blue Calcite is one of the best crystals for the throat chakra. If you put on a Blue Calcite necklace, it will help to activate and cleanse the throat chakra. The clean and clear throat chakra helps to enhance your communication system. Also, it can help to overcome any kind of social anxiety.

The heart chakra is connected to Blue Calcite which helps you to soothe, nourish, and comfort yourself from the core of the heart. When your heart chakra is in a good state, you can boost your charisma. It will also support your networking efforts. You can improve your diplomatic skills. The Blue Calcite is also helpful in boosting your negotiation skills. Your learning abilities will grow with the help of Blue Calcite.

Blue Calcite as Birthstone 

The Blue Calcite crystal is associated with the zodiac sign of cancer. It works as a natural booster for all cancer qualities. It helps to bring the stability of the earth element. Also, it helps to resonate the energy of the home and family.

What are the Uses of Blue Calcite?

What are the uses of Blue Calcite?


As Blue Calcite is one of the rarest and most helpful crystals, it can be used for various issues. Blue Calcite helps people to get rid of various negative energies and it also aids to get positive and calming energy. 

Here you can see how to use your Blue Calcite.

  • Use a piece of Blue Calcite under your pillow or near your bed. It will help you to remember your good and vibrant dreams.
  • Blue Calcite can be used as a chakra healer. Energy healers make use of this crystal to cleanse all chakra to get a perfect and balanced life.
  • You can use Blue Calcite as your jewelry like a pendant, bracelet, earrings, etc. As the jewelry is always in touch with your body and skin, the benefits of this valuable gem can be absorbed easily. All day long you can feel positivity and a comforting mental state.
  • If you feel that your throat chakra is not in a good state, make sure to put a small pendant of Blue Calcite to activate your throat chakra.
  • If you can carry a piece of small Blue Calcite, it will save you from various daily life issues.
  • You can keep a Blue Calcite crystal grid in your home or near doors to make the household happy and comfortable always for you and other family members.

Caring for Blue Calcite

Caring for Blue Calcite

As Blue Calcite is a precious stone or gem, care should be taken with priority always. This gem is quite fragile; so it is mandatory to follow the steps mentioned below properly to keep your special gemstone safe.

Do not ever try to wash your Blue Calcite with harsh cleaning agents. Harsh cleaning agents include bleaching powder or acid. These cleaning agents will create a reaction with your Blue Calcite. The steamer should not be used too. 

Just make sure that you are using mild detergents while cleaning your Blue Calcite. Simply lather or scrub with that mild detergent. Remove all kinds of dirt from the surface of the calcite. Now, keep the stone under the warm water flow. After cleaning thoroughly, pat the Blue Calcite slowly with the help of a microfiber towel. 

Another way to cleanse your Blue Calcite is by burning cleansing herbs around the Blue Calcite stone. Burning things like incense, white sage, or Palo Santo and wafting will lead the smoke directly to the Blue Calcite crystal. When you will do this process, all kinds of low vibes, negative thoughts, and negative energies will be neutralized. Also, positive vibes in your crystal will help you to be calm, soothing, and strong always.

Make sure that you should not keep your Blue Calcite under salt. While other gems can be kept under salt, Blue Calcite should not be kept because the physical integrity may get harmed. You may put your stone under rice. Rice is also a good and strong energy absorber. If you can put your Blue Calcite under rice for a minimum of 3 hours, the crystal will be freed from all negative energies. So, these are the ways to energize your gemstone, and also these will always glow.

When to Cleanse Blue Calcite

You should not cleanse your blue crystal gemstone on a daily basis. Make sure to cleanse your pious gemstone only when it has dirt on it. Over-cleaning may lead to scratches or damage to the Blue Calcite stone. You can make use of selenite and sage smudging for cleansing your Blue Calcite.

How to Recharge Your Blue Calcite

For any crystal or gemstone, you need to recharge, there is only one option to do this. And the option is meditation. Meditation is such a way it can energize you as well as your gemstone with a positive vibe and energy. 

While you are meditating, you can place the stone around your throat as a piece of jewelry or simply you can hold the Blue Calcite in your palm. As a next step, you have to focus on this precious stone. Start deep breathing. Deep breathing helps to spread warmth to the stone. When you will do this, positive energy, calmness, and comfort will be transferred to the stone and it will be revived again to take care of you. 

Blue Calcite Activation Process

Any gemstone works well when it is activated properly. Blue Calcite is not an exception. It works well when it is in tune with the lunar vibe. Moon is the only way to connect to the Blue Calcite. Particularly, the full moon goes well with this Blue Calcite. 

You can simply put the Blue Calcite under direct moonlight. You can put it also on full moon night and the whole night the stone should be kept. If you miss the full moon night, you should keep your stone under the moonlight for at least three consecutive nights. 

Another way is a crystal lamp or heating lamp. Artificial light from healing lamps enhances positive energy. Also, it promotes good healing for the Blue Calcite. Your gemstone will be protected from any malevolent energies. When you do these, your Blue Calcite crystal will be charged with higher positive vibes. 

How much is Blue Calcite worth?

Caring for Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite is one of the rarest gemstones which helps to get various benefits. The price of this crystal depends on various factors like size, shape, and quality of the stone. Also, the price can change based on the ornaments or design you want to put on.

Blue Calcite Impact

The Blue Calcite stone is good for any kind of stage like physical, spiritual, or mental health. Blue Calcite helps to be calm and stable in any depressing situation. It makes our mind soothing and calm when we need it. Also, gemstone experts mention that sometimes it is helpful in the good blood circulation system, immune system, and pain. 

Does Blue Calcite make a good jewelry stone?

Yes, Blue Calcite is a good jewelry stone. People love to put this gemstone as a pendant, nose pin, ring, bracelet, etc. Whatever the form is, it helps to bring calmness and happiness to the life of the wearer. Another factor that makes the stone the perfect gemstone is the shine of the Blue Calcite. With the best kind of shine and quality, the Blue Calcite becomes the perfect jewelry stone.

Blue Calcite Real vs Fake

To understand if the Blue Calcite is real or fake, the first thing you can check is the temperature of the stone. It will be cold when you will touch it. Also, the real Blue Calcite will not heat up quickly when you will hold it in your palm. 

Another factor is the color. The blue color will not appear in a solid version. It will have white or grey veins in between the light blue color.

Summary of Blue Calcite Crystal

Name of Crystal Blue Calcite
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Other Names
Origin(s) It comes from mines in Mexico, the USA, Britain, and Iceland.
Color(s) Blue, Light blue
Formation Blue calcite is a colored version of the mineral calcite (calcium carbonate), and it has a blue tinge to it due to oxidized copper impurities.
Majorly Found at Mexico
Zodiac Suited for Cancer
Chakra Throat
Crystal Meaning
Types of Crystal
Healing Properties Anxiety is reduced and frayed nerves are calmed by blue calcite. Blue Calcite is a calming stone to use when recovering that promotes physical healing by releasing negative emotions and promoting relaxation.
Health Benefits Calm emotions and offers mental and etheric protection.
Uses Helps to remember dreams, Cleans out negative energy
Goes in Water? No
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? No
Goes in Moon Water? No
Moh’s Scale 3
Real When exposed to sunlight, blue calcite will shimmer more waxily and translucently.
Fake Single fake crystal doesn’t exhibit birefringence


What is Blue Calcite good for?

Blue Calcite is good for our throat Chakra and heart chakra. Also, it is good for keeping our mental health in good and strong condition.

What does Blue Calcite symbolize?

Blue Calcite symbolizes the divine feminine energy and the heavenly power of calmness.

What Zodiac is Blue Calcite?

Blue Calcite is associated with cancer and it helps to enhance all kinds of best qualities of anyone who is cancer by zodiac.

Can you get Calcite wet?

You can get calcite wet when you will clean it with warm water.

Where do you put Blue Calcite?

You should put your Blue Calcite in your meditation area to enhance the positive vibe. You can also put on the stone in your body as any jewelry of your choice.