Cassiterite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Cassiterite which is known as tinstone is a weighty, metallic hard tin dioxide(SnO2) that is the major ore of tin. Cassiterite is colorless when it is pure yet goes brown or dark when iron impurities are available. It is transparent but on the other hand, is a translucent gemstone. All through ancient history, cassiterite was the main tin mineral and even to the current day, it stays the main source of tin. Cassiterite likewise happens in rocks and pegmatites. 

What is Cassiterite?

What is Cassiterite?

Cassiterite is a healing gem that has been utilized for quite a long time to treat different sicknesses. It is known to help the body, psyche, and soul in various ways. There are multiple ways that Cassiterite can assist you with living a better, more joyful life.

How to Identify a Cassiterite?

  • The color of cassiterite is black, tarnish dark, reddish brown, brown, red, yellow, dim, and white and it has color transparent in the dainty gems in any case are hazy. 
  • Cassiterite has a radiance that is either oily or firm. 
  • The gemstone construction of cassiterite is tetragonal. 
  • Cleavage is great however in two headings it structures crystals yet it is poor on the third side(basal).
  • Mohs Hardness of cassiterite is between 6-7. 
  • The specific Gravity of cassiterite mineral is between 6.8-7.1 which is exceptionally weighty for nonmetallic minerals.
  • Cassiterite mineral has a high refractive index which is roughly near 2.
  • Analytic properties of cassiterite include high unambiguous gravity, splendid metallic to utterly unyielding gloss, light streak, and stringy appearance.
  • The compound structure of cassiterite is SnO2, Tin oxide.
  • The cassiterite mineral is utilized as a metal of tin, a gatherer’s pearl, and a mineral example.
  • Different minerals that are related to cassiterite are molybdenite, bismuthinite, topaz, fluorite, arsenopyrite, tourmalines, and wolframite.
  • The cassiterite mineral is either infusible or solvent with some other mixtures.
  • The essential cassiterite metal is found in spots like Britain; Durango, Mexico; Malaya; Indonesia; Russia, China, La Paz, and Colquiri areas of Bolivia and Cornwall

Cassiterite Cuts

The appropriate faceted cut can make cassiterite shimmer and sparkle more splendidly than jewels. Normal faceted cuts are emerald, oval, pad, and round shapes. Wood tin cassiterite is normally cut as cabochons, freestyle shapes, or carvings. The banding makes these incredible style pieces. Also, cassiterite with alluring precious stone propensities might be sold rough (whole).

Cassiterite Shapes

It has a prismatic or even pyramid shape and cassiterite also occur in a massive form.

Where is Cassiterite found?

  • The main cassiterite metal which merits mining is found in the high-temperature aqueous veins that company granitic interruptions.
  • The alluvial or the placer stores which contain the safely weathered grains is viewed as the primary source of cassiterite in this day and age.
  • Alongside the deposits of cassiterite, there are additional deposits of fluorite, topaz, apatite, and tourmaline. 
  • The main deposit of main cassiterite metal is tracked down in Brazil, Indonesia, Australia, Bolivia, China, Britain, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Spain, and different nations of South Asia.
  • The optional put deposit is answerable for delivering the world’s most cassiterite. These are residue-facilitated concentrations of cassiterite in stream valleys and along the coastlines.
  •  The hardness of cassiterite permits it to endure the stream transport and its property of high unambiguous gravity makes it gather in a deposit that is enormous and rich enough for mining.
  • The tin mines of Bolivia are the best source of the essential cassiterite, in the tin mines, the cassiterite is found in the aqueous veins. Rwanda has an incipient cassiterite mining industry.
  • There are additionally other high unambiguous gravity minerals that happen in the tin stores. Stores of cassiterite are being tracked down in Burma, China, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Myanmar, Nigeria, and Rwanda.
  • There has been battling about the cassiterite stores, especially in Walikale and it is viewed as the significant reason for the contention pursued in the eastern piece of the Popularity-based Republic of Congo. Because of this reason cassiterite has been considered a contention mineral.
  • The US of America has no significant stores of cassiterite or tin minerals and is intensely subject to different nations for it. There are little stores in The Frozen North, South Dakota, and different states.
  • In the current day, the significant creation of tin comes from placer or the alluvial stores in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, and the Maakhir locale of Somalia.

Cassiterite Stone Meaning

Cassiterite’s name is derived from the Greek word for tin, kassiteros. The name has likewise been said to come from the Phoenician word Cassiterid, alluding to the islands of Ireland and England, both antiquated sources of tin. Cassiterite’s significance as a tin mineral has been known for centuries. Beginning around 2000 BD, cassiterite mines have been worked. One of the most established cassiterite mines is in Cornwall, Britain, and is presently totally depleted of all minerals. Cassiterite was England’s most significant commodity.

The Roman intrusion of England was generally made by the Romans’ desire to control England’s cassiterite export. During the Bronze Age, cassiterite was a significant disclosure utilized towards innovative advancement, as it was utilized to frame the alloy bronze. This was finished by warming up cassiterite and adding it to liquid copper.

Cassiterite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

In the fifteenth century, the cassiterite veins present in Saxony and Bohemia were dug for tin and the creation of tin was at its top at a similar spot in the seventeenth century. In the eighteenth century and the nineteenth century, the extremely huge vein stores of Cornwall were a significant source of tin. In the current day, a large portion of the world’s cassiterite has been mined in Indonesia, Bolivia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Myanmar, Thailand, and other significant pieces of China. In this article on cassiterite, we will talk about what is cassiterite, cassiterite occurrence, its properties, and many more.

Cassiterite Healing Properties

Cassiterite Healing Properties

Like other gemstones, cassiterite’s coloring impacts its capacity as a healing stone. The majority of these precious stones are black, joining other dark gemstones in offering to establish and adjust.

Earthy-colored cassiterite, like other earthy-colored gemstones, opens the root chakra to acquire security and soundness. Yellow or green cassiterite is likewise a chakra stone for adjusting the sacral and heart chakra, permitting your feelings and wants to blend.

Cassiterite Metaphysical Properties

Notwithstanding the above physical and emotional healing properties, these valuable minerals can likewise help you on a spiritual level. How it’s done:


Cassiterite can assist with reviewing your fantasies and deciphering their importance.

Past life

Cassiterite can likewise assist you with recalling your previous existences. The different properties of this stone can be valuable for understanding how you manage horrible mishaps in your own life.


This gem can assist with giving direction in your life when you are feeling lost.


Cassiterite can assist you with feeling a more profound association with the Earth and nature.


Cassiterite can likewise assist you with showing your cravings in the real world.

Cassiterite Benefits

Cassiterite Benefits Spirituality

  • This stone has strong spiritual meaning as it makes areas of strength with what is known as the profound source, the entryway that joins you to the opposite side.
  • So you might imagine that its vibration is everything except common. Simultaneously it additionally is said to assure you genuinely from risk.
  • Here every one of us passes upon entering the world and demise, the degree of starting points and endings, life and passing.
  • These precious stones are said to help the withering, assisting you with relinquishing every one of the issues that might be holding your soul on the earth plane, to help the spirit to move from the body to the light.

Cassiterite & Feng Shui

On the off chance that you have faith in feng shui, cassiterite will be your optimal ally for well-being and prosperity. Wood energy, normally corresponding with the east and southeast sides of a home, can bring concordance, flourishing, and well-being to a family. For bountiful wood energy, cassiterite feng shui is adequately commendable. It expands the general prosperity of relatives, progenitors, and the community‌. Keep this stone in the eastern piece of your room so the widespread life force known as Chi or Qui can come to pass and break into the climate of the house.

Cassiterite Birthstone and Chakras

Cassiterite Birthstones and Chakras

The birthstone for Cassiterite is Saggitarus.

The Cassiterite gemstone can open and resound with the Root, Sunlight-based Plexus, and Sacral Chakras. This is the very thing that you might encounter when these are appropriately adjusted:

Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is situated at the foundation of the spine and is related to red. It oversees our feeling of safety, security, and having a place. At the point when this chakra is adjusted, we have a good sense of reassurance, security, and associated with our environmental factors. We are likewise ready to flourish in our lives and feel a feeling of solidness.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The solarPlexus Chakra is situated between the navel and breastbone and is related to yellow. It oversees our feeling of individual power, confidence, and independence. At the point when this chakra is adjusted, we feel sure, in charge, and ready to deal with anything life tosses our direction.

Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is situated beneath the navel and is related to the orange. It oversees our imagination, sexuality, and feeling of joy. At the point when this chakra is adjusted, we feel inventive, sexual, and associated with our bodies and wants. We are additionally ready to appreciate life and track down humor in ordinary circumstances.

What are the Uses of Cassiterite?

  • Cassiterite is a stone with divine power. It’s a great establishing stone that is best utilized in profound meditation.
  • This stone is extremely supportive of tackling issues, particularly ones that deal with numbers or arithmetic.
  • It’s additionally known to help with the equilibrium of the progression of chakra energies, particularly the root chakra.
  • One of the most remarkable capacities of this stone is its capacity to facilitate the aggravation and experiencing related to death.
  • It’s accepted that Cassiterite can direct the spirits of the individuals who have passed on toward the eternal light.
  • Indeed, even after death, Cassiterite is accepted to support the course of reincarnation also!
  • Cassiterite is also called a stone of individual security. An incredible stone will ground and safeguard you against negative energies. It will assist with avoiding these energies back to the source.
  • Cassiterite will also assist with directing your Heavenly Light into your actual body. A fantastic stone will uphold individuals who are participated in shamanic exercises.
  • It will make entryways that will assist you with encountering interdimensional travel and internal excursions. This stone will likewise bring energy into the structure or shape you wish to take.
  • Cassiterite will assist with separating old designs and give you the energy that you want to make new manifestations conceivable.
  • It will likewise assist you with recollecting your fantasies and backing you in a wide range of changes.
  • Cassiterite is likewise a stone of inception, and it vibrates at the recurrence of the space between universes.
  • At the point when you utilize this stone in your contemplation, you will turn out to be more acquainted with passing a wide range of boundaries and interdimensional entryways.
  • This makes it an optimal stone for channelers, mediums, shamans, and any individual who’s working with different universes.
  • Cassiterite’s vibration will either make an entryway for new signs or obliterate the old. It will likewise permit you to bring energies into the structures that you want.
  • It will assist you with separating old standards and delivering the energies from outdated designs.
  • This stone will help the spirit in ascending from the body into the light. It will likewise assist let with going cell recollections and advance profound recuperating from a spirit level.
  • It will help you about recuperating old youth issues, and it will dispose of energies that are keeping you away from your life process.
  • Cassiterite will diminish or eliminate your negative contemplations and associate your awareness with the all-inclusive source.
  • It will likewise assist you with moving your cognizance to an additional positive and illuminated one.
  • This stone will assist the spirit with moving from the actual world to the otherworldly world. It will likewise improve you figure out the significance of temporariness, inescapability, and the Heavenly source.
  • It will direct you in moving out of your dim or thick spot and advancing toward the light.
  • A stone will help you survive and disperse your feeling of dread toward death, and it will train you to find the genuine importance of your life examples!

Caring for Cassiterite

Caring for Cassiterite

While first bringing your Cassiterite precious stones into your home, you will need to charge and purify them. Powerful stones can frequently retain negative energy on their journey from their starting point to their resting place and to guarantee their recuperating vibrations resound in your life, these misleading energies ought to be clear. After its initial cleansing, you will need to charge your stone each 2-4 weeks on how frequently it is utilized.

When to Cleanse Cassiterite

Purifying your stones with the full moon is a magnificent method for eliminating negativity. At nightfall, put your gemstones on a windowsill or where they will want to retain the radiance of the moon (and its vibrations). Eliminate the stone the next morning before the sun gets excessively high out of sight. You can likewise put a few stones on a network to accuse of a particular expectation.

How to Recharge Your Cassiterite

Putting your gem on a Selenite wand, inside an Amethyst or Quartz geode, or setting it close to other charging gems (like Carnelian) can securely charge any stone. While smaller stones could charge in a minute, it is really smart to keep them with the charging stones for somewhere around 24 hours. The purifying stones will eliminate negative vibrations that your gem might have ingested.

What Determines Cassiterite’s Price and Value?

What Determines Cassiterite’s Price and Value?

Cassiterite minerals utilized for separating tin and face table unpleasant for gemstones come at totally different prices. The former is more plentiful and frequently valued by bigger sums. The cassiterite cost per kg for metal material (that is not pearl quality) is around $3-$5 per kg.

At discount, faceted cassiterite is around $80 per carat. Unpleasant dark precious stones are substantially more reasonable, bringing between $0.10-$0.50 per carat. Notwithstanding, glossy, more uncommon crude gems can sell for $85 to $400. However, Opaque tumbled cassiterite is as a rule around $3-$5.

Cassiterite Impact

  • Cassiterite Impact During Typical Dealing 

Most minerals are protected to ordinarily deal with. Notwithstanding, radioactivity in minerals containing uranium and thorium ought to be evaluated utilizing a Geiger counter before dealing with them. Water-dissolvable pearls will likewise require additional consideration. While specific weighty metals have unfriendly impacts at any focus, others are undeniably less harmful.

  • Cassiterite Impact While Cutting

Lapidaries ought to practice alert while cutting possibly poisonous minerals. Inward breath or unplanned ingestion of particles could be hindering your well-being. Moreover, inward breaths of asbestos and silica can be truly poisonous.

Does Cassiterite make a Good Jewelry Stone?

With a scattering or fire two times that of the diamond, as well as glassy to utterly unyielding luster, transparency, and a hardness of 6-7, faceted cassiterite, would make great jewelry stones.

Cassiterite Real vs Fake

Cassiterite Real vs Fake

The easiest identifier is cassiterite’s thickness or explicit gravity. Cassiterite is very thick at 6.7-7.1, making it heavier than different stones of comparative size aspect-wise.

Some other distinctive variables are: 

  • Refractive Index: On the off chance that you’re utilizing a refractometer, cassiterite’s refractive index will be “over the cutoff” of the device.
  • Color Drafting: Not at all like comparable jewels, cassiterite might have zones of color.
  • Shine: Faceted cassiterite pearls are generally inflexible (precious stone-like), which is an interesting radiance for most diamonds.

While diamonds have a comparable shine, they’re a lot harder (at 10 on the Mohs hardness scale) than cassiterite. Notwithstanding, cassiterite’s scattering at 0.071 is altogether higher than jewel’s at 0.044.


What is Cassiterite used for?

It will likewise assist you with recollecting your fantasies and backing you in a wide range of changes.  At the point when you utilize this stone in your contemplation, you will turn out to be more acquainted with passing a wide range of boundaries and interdimensional entryways. This makes it an optimal stone for channelers, mediums, shamans, and any individual who’s working with different universes.

How is Cassiterite formed?

It is formed by a hydrothermal process and occurs in the vein, alluvial, and placer.

Where should I put Cassiterite?

Cassiterite should be kept under the full moon.

How do you cleanse Cassiterite?

Purifying your stones with the full moon is a magnificent method for eliminating negativity. At nightfall, put your gemstones on a windowsill or where they will want to retain the radiance of the moon (and its vibrations). Eliminate the stone the next morning before the sun gets excessively high out of sight. You can likewise put a few stones on a network to accuse of a particular expectation.

Is Cassiterite rare?

Yes, Cassiterite is rare.

How strong is Cassiterite?

Cassiterite Moh’s hardness is from 6-7.

How much is Cassiterite worth?

 The cassiterite cost per kg for metal material (that is not pearl quality) is around $3-$5 per kg.

How do you identify Cassiterite?

It can be identified from its hardness, luster, transparency, colors, and many more properties.