9 Best Healing Crystals for Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where people find peace and serenity after a long tiring day. However, if an individual faces difficulty in sleeping or getting proper rest for the body to heal, they may not be able to grow and develop properly. That’s why good blissful sleep is very important. Since the bedroom requires calm and peaceful energies to help the individual rejuvenate, here are the most important gemstones and crystals for bedroom that will change the environment and atmosphere of it into a blissful and serene space. 

9 Best Crystals for Bedroom

For the bedroom, here are the best crystals and gemstones that everyone must know about:- 

  • Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz crystals are some of the best crystals out there for attracting unconditional love and affection in life. It is a gemstone usually used by couples for enhancing love and intimacy in their relationship. When this gemstone is placed in the southwest direction of the house, positivity and calmness are attracted. This gemstone strengthens marriage and other love relationships when kept in the bedroom on a daily basis. 

  • Amethyst


Amethyst is generally kept in the bedroom to get rid of negative vibrations and anxiety. It must be kept in the children’s bedroom for reducing nightmares. This gemstone helps in cell regeneration. When this gemstone is placed in the bedroom along with Rose Quartz, the Yin Yang energies are stabilised. Amethyst generally enhances one’s intuition and calmness when kept in the bedroom often. 

  • Shungite

One of the best crystals for bedroom, Shungite must be placed near the workspace in one’s bedroom. It can also be kept at the office desk. This gemstone is a rare gemstone found only in Russia. It absorbs all the electromagnetic vibrations and radiates from the atmosphere. When this gemstone is placed near electronic devices in the house or office, the harmful radiation from them is cleaned and calmed by the gemstone. Since this gemstone has cleansing properties, it can be used for cleansing water. 

  • Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is a gemstone with incredible protective radiation. It acts as a protection for not only the bedroom where it is placed but for the entire house too. One must keep Black Obsidian along with Selenite gemstone in the 4 corners of the bedroom. This will manage the energies entering the room. Black Obsidian along with Black Tourmaline gemstones work great together for getting rid of any evil or harmful energies and spirits in the house.

  • Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine gemstones are referred to as the ‘Stones of Opportunity.’ These gemstones attack opportunities for the user. It boosts the immunity and general working of the body. This gemstone works great when it is used for meditation purposes. One can place a Green Aventurine tree in their bedroom or house to keep the atmosphere of the house clean and peaceful. It can also be placed in the workplace for attracting prosperity. 

  • Pyrite


Pyrite gemstones are usually used for attracting property in wealth. It is used for attracting money and abundance. If the wearer is working from home in their work office, they must place this gemstone on their desk in the home. The different places in the house where money stays, this gemstone must be placed there. This will attract wealth abundance and prosperity in the house or in the workplace of the user. 

  • Blood Stone

Bloodstone is considered one of the most important crystals for bedroom as it enhances one’s immune system. If the wearer is sick, they must place this gemstone in their bedroom or near their resting place. This gemstone helps in reducing the signs and symptoms of the disease or illness that the wearer is suffering from. And it can also be used for speedy recovery too. This gemstone is a great crystal for enhancing intelligence and creativity. 

  • Pink Smithsonite

The Pink Smithsonite gemstones are used for healing and curing purposes. Women who are facing issues with fertility or pregnancy must use this gemstone. It also helps with childbirth and labor. By stimulating the Thymus gland, this gemstone enhances the wearer’s immunity and helps them become strong enough to fight different kinds of disorders and diseases. 

  • Black Tourmaline

One of the most unmissable gemstones in this list is Black Tourmaline. This gemstone, when placed at the entrance of the house or the bedroom, wards off evil energies and evil entities. It prevents negative energies from entering the house or bedroom and makes sure that positive energies sustain in the living space of the wearer. For making children sleep peacefully and soundly, this gemstone may be placed in the bedroom or for children. Preferably under the pillow. 

Is It Good To Have Crystals In Your Bedroom?

Is It Good To Have Crystals In Your Bedroom

Yes. It is good to use crystals for bedroom for the following reasons:- 

  1. Crystals and gemstones enable positive energies and optimism in the house. Since the protection of the house against evil energies and evil eyes is extremely important, one must place their desired gemstones in different directions of the bedroom which will make an entrance for only positive energies and vibrations to enter. And it will act as a protector for the property so that the wearer and their loved ones are always protected in their living space.  
  2. Crystals and gemstones must be used for enhancing love and intimacy. Usually, couples are recommended to place different kinds of crystals in their bedroom or below the pillow so the levels of love for one another are increased and they are able to express their feelings in a better way. They are also used for enhancing intimacy and love-making rituals between couples. 
  3. Many crystals and gemstones are used for attracting soothing and calming energies into the house. Sometimes, the house or bedroom may be filled with suffocating vibrations which may be making it difficult for the individual to stay comfortably in their own house. In such cases, placing gemstones and crystals in different directions of the bedroom will make the atmosphere of the room serene and comfortable for the wearer to stay peacefully. 
  4. Crystals and gemstones are quite beneficial for reducing the occurrence of bad dreams and nightmares. When gaining peace in the house or bedrooms is the goal, these must be used. Many people also face difficulties in sleeping or creating healthy sleeping habits. For this purpose too, gemstones and crystals must be used. 

The Best Place To Put Crystals In Bedroom

  1. One of the best places to put gemstones and crystals for bedroom is under the pillow. When the gemstones are kept under the pillow, the user is enabled to gain instant peace and serenity. They are able to have good dreams and wipe off any nightmares that may be coming into their sleep on a daily basis. Keeping crystals under the pillow makes sure that the user is protected at all times. 
  2. Crystals and gemstones work very well when they are placed on the nightstand in the bedroom before sleeping. It keeps attracting positivity and optimism throughout the night. The wearer is able to feel safe and secure in their bedroom when these crystals are kept so close to them. 
  3. Many crystals and gemstones are used by wearing them directly on the body as jewelry pieces, or they can be placed under the mattress of the bed which enhances the quality of the intimate time that the user spends with their partner. 
  4. A good way of keeping crystals in the bedroom is by keeping them on the study table or the work desk. This helps the wearer to gain knowledge in a better manner and become smarter by the wisdom they gain. And it will also help the working individual to gain prosperity and abundance in their business. 

Can You Keep All Your Crystals Together?

Can You Keep All Your Crystals Together

Yes. Keeping crystals together is not a problem. But it is recommended that one keeps them together according to the colors and types. This will make it easier to sort them out. And use them accordingly. Along with color, one can even keep their crystals together based on the functions and benefits it offers. 

Many people wonder if keeping crystals together affect their vibrations and energies of them. But it is not the truth. Crystals must be sorted out in different compartments to make sure that the user knows which one is which and can use them for the correct purposes. Even though there are no side effects in using different crystals for different uses, the time taken for them to work may differ. 


Bedrooms are extremely personal and most secretive. It is the place in which people spend the most amount of time growing and developing not only their physical body but their mind and emotional cycles too. Since the bedroom or the sleeping space of an individual plays an important role in determining what the overall health of the wearer will be, crystals for bedroom must be used to make sure that the individual grows and enhances their overall health in the most ideal way possible.