How to Charge Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis lazuli is considered one of the maximum valuable and sought-after gemstones in the records of humanity. This unique gemstone’s deep, royal ultramarine blue has entranced the human eye for thousands of years.

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This article presents a few essential techniques for charging Lapis Lazuli.

All crystals want to be frequently cleaned and charged for gold-standard active results.

Lapis Lazuli is a fabulous royal blue coloration gem decorated with specks of golden Pyrite. Read the various benefits of Lapis Lazuli here.

The strength emitted with the aid of this crystal brings a comforting feeling of inner peace and personal power. Please keep reading to discover how to charge your Lapis Lazuli crystal in such a way that you may take advantage of its harmonious and peaceful energies.

How to Charge Lapis Lazuli?

How to Charge Lapis Lazuli in the Sun?

One popular and influential charging technique quite famous within crystal global is the daylight technique. Nevertheless, this method is used with extra precaution, as it is well-known and shows some terrible side effects which are regrettably irreversible.

Exposed to the charging rays of the Sun, Lapis Lazuli does now not fade in daylight. Therefore, you can charge your Lapis Lazuli stone via sun energy; however, as a general rule, maintain in thought that a wholly extended and direct sun exposure may be unfavorable for all of the crystals available.

charge Lapis lazuli in the sun

Charging your Lapis Lazuli stone through the sun’s strength for an hour or two will no longer have any aspect impact on the overall look of your crystal; to be unique, it will now not make your stone out of color or fade.

The sunlight charging approach is one of the most practiced for simplicity. So, to recharge the Lapis Lazuli stone, place it in the sun to fill up its revitalizing energy. However, it is essential to say that you must genuinely hold an eye on the duration of Sun exposure.

Half-hour or 1 hour is sufficient to price your crystal with daylight, and this is because prolonged publicity to the UV rays can weaken and fade the herbal royal blue shade of lapis lazuli.

Small Note:

For regular recharging, divulge your Lapis Lazuli crystal to the mild morning sun because, at some point in this era of the day, the sun rays are not as harsh and invasive as they will be all through the middle of the day.

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How to Charge Lapis Lazuli in Moonlight?

The moonlight charging technique is envisioned as a gentle but effective manner to refresh the restoration powers of Lapis Lazuli.

You may gain a feeling of calm, inner peace, and oneness with Mother Earth’s magnetic nurturing strength by connecting with the energy of the Moon.

The excellent information is that the uplifting sensations generated by using the Moon’s energy no longer most effectively affect us as humans; however, it also has a renewing power on crystals which can also be part of nature.

charge Lapis lazuli in the moonlight

So to charge your Lapis Lazuli stone thru the moonlight, put the crystal without delay under the moonlight, ensure that you don’t position it behind glass or a window because you want the gentle recharging moonlight to attain your stone directly without any barrier.

The maximum ideal time to price the stone overnight is during the Full Moon length. During this actual phase, the Moon reflects the daylight the most.

If you try to recharge throughout other levels of the Moon, the mild will not be fresh sufficient and no longer as vital because of the light released using the total Moon; as a result, you can need to renew this charging approach in several instances.

However, charging Lapis Lazuli thru the moonlight stays extensive enough, even if it is not the overall moon section.

How to Charge Lapis Lazuli using Amethyst Geode?

This approach is one of the maximum helpful charging equipment but necessitates the possession of an amethyst (or a quartz geode).

Hopefully, we can appropriately say that all stones will likely be recharged via this selection, as it is a harm-loose charging technique.

Amethyst is prominent via its top-notch purifying powers; it works on cleaning energy fields from terrible and unharmonious frequencies, setting different crystals returned to their natural, clean, and uncooked restoration powers.

This method is quite simple to carry out. Simply locate your Lapis Lazuli stone on the geode with a view to working on absorbing and getting rid of the negative and inharmonious energies held through this blue crystal.

How to Charge Lapis Lazuli using Sage Herb?

To cleanse your lapis lazuli using sage, all to procure to do is smudge the stone.

Perform this process outdoors or with home windows open to permit the dispersal of the smoke in conjunction with the negativities stored in the stone.

Sage herb for charging Lapis lazuli

Once you prepare your bundle of sage, a lighter or in shape, and a safety bowl, light the tip of the sage, snatch your lapis lazuli, and pass it around, letting the smoke get through it. Repeat the method for each stone.

Sage is an excellent plant to use in charging lapis lazuli. It has tested properties to keep off and clear terrible vibrations restoring the natural state of the stone. Read about how to use Lapis Lazuli here.

How to Charge Lapis Lazuli with Intentions?

Charging Lapis Lazuli and your intentions is an effective technique related to other crystal reloading techniques.

 (you can pick one of the charging techniques that we said above after which pair it with your intentions)

Here are simple steps to feel Lapis Lazuli using your intentions by relying on your thoughts’ amazing energy and visualization.

Charging Lapis with Intentions

Hold the stone in your hand.

Take a few slow and deep breaths. Then, visualize your Lapis Lazuli welcoming your good intentions and imagine that your stone is glowing with purifying, serene, and good vibrations.

The Lapis Lazuli protects the spirit and purifies the mind.

It encourages communication and emotional openness by acting as a stone of contact. It unlocks repressed emotions and intellectual blockages and enables you to express yourself freely and optimistically.

Plus, it promotes taking control of your lifestyle by allowing you to embody clear and assertive self-assurance.

Lapis emits calming vibrations, which aid in emotional healing since it is related to water.

You may repeat the following statements and goals to help you rate Lapis Lazuli and achieve everything (material or immaterial) that you desire:

  •   I talk, hopefully.
  •   I explicit my thoughts and ideas with assurance and ease.
  •   Tranquility and internal peace float without problems to me.
  •   I am secure.
  •   I am aligned with my internal reality.
  •   I live my days with intellectual readability and blooming desire and positivity.

A Quick note:

Restoring your Lapis Lazuli crystal’s recovery energies is best done without depending solely on your intentions. Instead, using an excellent charging method would be beneficial.

Combining this approach with different gear (like moonlight, daylight, or an Amethyst geode) is the most profitable way to be confident that you efficaciously renew your stone’s energies.

Using Lapis Lazuli often and no longer charging it for prolonged periods can also, alas, avert you from receiving completely and successfully the high vibrational energies of this crystal.

Close your eyes and recognize your breath and your intentions/visualization by drawing a mental picture or film of the things you desire to take place (on a tangible or emotional degree).

You might choose between sage-smudging, full moon bathing, or placing your stone in a bowl of hematite crystals to absorb old, stagnant energy when it comes to charging your stone energetically.

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How do you take care of Lapis Lazuli?

 Warm, soapy water is the most secure manner to clean lapis lazuli. However, it’s best to check a small, inconspicuous location because some dye remedies aren’t potent. 

Lapis lazuli should be kept away from acidic substances and never immersed in chemical dip or ionic jewelry cleaner. Avoid warm water at any cost.

 Yet, you decide to cleanse your crystals continually and set an acceptable purpose before assisting the recharge procedure to be more a hit.

How to Charge Lapis Lazuli Quickly?

One of the high-quality methods to rate Lapis Lazuli is to leave it in the moonlight or locate it in a bowl with tumbled hematite, clear quartz, or selenite. You can also charge Lapis Lazulite by way of smudging it or protecting it for your dominant hand and sending it a clear message of intent.

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Can Lapis Lazuli go in Saltwater?

Lapis Lazuli’s chemical composition includes a few reactive compounds combined with salt (NaCl) molecules, resulting in a speedy mass loss. Hence, you ought not to put Lapis Lazuli in saltwater.

Also, saltwater can exert strain on the surface of Lapis Lazuli, making it even greater porous. In a single day ( or maybe some hours long ), touch with salt water may bring about real damage to the mineral.

Final Thoughts

The goal of Lapis Lazuli is to provide profound relaxation. This lovely bluestone activates the Third Eye chakra. It stimulates your spiritual endeavors by accessing your intuition.

Charging your Lapis Lazuli crystal is thus a crucial part of maintaining and being flawlessly aligned with its healing properties. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of all those abilities we just discussed.