5 Excellent Ways To use Lapis Lazuli

Concepts of bravery, strength, communication, creativity, and knowledge have long been associated with Lapis Lazuli. 

Let us study the 5 Excellent ways to use Lapis Lazuli to get the most out of it.

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What is Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis Lazuli belongs to the category of Metamorphic Rock. 

What is Lapis Lazuli

The color of Lapis Lazuli ranges from deep blue to purple, which adds to the significance of the word. Artists ground it down for pigment and liked it.   

As a consequence, it is well-known for its instructional and expressive qualities. 

What is the Spiritual meaning of Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis  Lazuli is a mighty, bright, and stimulating psychic stone used by healers, priests, and rulers to increase their powers of telepathy and inner sight. 

It conveys fundamental reality. Lapis instantly releases tension, allowing individuals to relax and feel calm. 

Lapis lazuli, a spiritual stone of truth and friendship, is used for various healing purposes. 

How To Use Lapis Lazuli?

The properties are best utilized when you incorporate Lapis lazuli into your daily life routine. Here is a list of ways you may use this powerful blue gemstone in your everyday life if you want to reap all of its benefits

5 Excellent ways to use Lapis Lazuli

Use Lapis Lazuli for Healing 

Lapis Lazuli may be used for healing and enhanced perception in various ways. Wearing Lapis Lazuli against the skin is one of the most effective ways to maximize Lapis Lazuli’s energy and healing properties.

Lapis Lazuli for Healing

The body can continuously raise vibrations and repel psychic attacks when in direct contact.

Use Lapis for Home & Office 

Let Lapis  Lazuli open in your house and allow the spirit of heavenly gold and blue to permeate the atmosphere. Lapis  Lazuli’s capacity to shield you from harmful energy is another lovely and beneficial attribute. This blue stone absorbs the blow, protecting your spirit from being hit. In addition, Lapis  Lazuli can ward off psychic assaults differently. 

Lapis is an excellent stone to have in your workplace or working environment; it’s a fantastic stone. To locate it there, particularly if you want to be involved in communicating. 

To avoid many mistakes, problem-solving begins with intuitive knowledge. But, in addition, its deep wisdom will aid you in finding the way. 

Lapis  Lazuli, being a very spiritual stone, may be used effectively for dreamwork. Place Lapis  Lazuli near your bed or beneath your pillow while sleeping, and let it do the job of enchantment if you want to shake off insomnia and explore the dream realm. To clear any impurities from your throat or third eye chakra space, you may also press Lapis  Lazuli. 

Use Lapis Lazuli for Meditation 

You can hold your Lapis lazuli crystal in your palm or nearby to your body while meditating to get a calming and focused experience. 

Use Lapis Lazuli in Feng Shui 

Water, which signifies peace, stillness, and purity, is the element that Lapis lazuli represents. You may place your Lapis gemstone in the areas of your residence that you want to encourage prayer or meditation, such as in the north-facing rooms. 

Use Lapis Lazuli in Jewelry

Wearing your Lapis lazuli stone as jewelry is the best way to demonstrate its beauty. Lapis stone jewelry, necklaces, and bracelets would provide you with good energy all day long and are stunning to wear.  

Wear Lapis Jewelry

Take advantage of the honesty, insight, and spiritual wonder that Lapis  Lazuli provides to your life by welcoming it into your life. 

Regardless of whether you choose to illuminate your day with gemstone jewelry or tumbled stones to sit on an altar of your making, you will reap the benefits of this lovely gem. 

It’s not challenging to see why queens like Cleopatra and priests like King Tutankhamen have always favored Lapis  Lazuli’s lovely blue hues in jewelry. This stone makes an excellent necklace, wrist, or finger accessory, apart from its ornamental qualities. It’s a showstopper! It is used for healing also. 

Gold, which helps to reflect the flecks of Pyrite scattered between the blue hues, compliments the stone beautifully. You can wear Lapis  Lazuli and other healing stones as jewelry, one of the best ways. When you have direct skin contact, your body can absorb all of those high vibrations. 

The gem can transmit the sparks of its energy straight where it is needed in the body, mind, and spirit when you wear a Lapis  Lazuli bracelet. 

Labradorite, with its well-matched mystical vibrations; 

Howlite, with its unique abilities of attunement;

With its capacity to relieve emotional imbalance and calm the spirit from panic attacks, Sodalite is the various gemstone that enhances Lapis Lazuli’s intuitive power.  

The powers of Lapis  Lazuli, who are semiprecious stones with hues of ultramarine and are riddled with it, will be a graceful companion for the healing flow of white calcite. 

You may reap the many physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits that this beautiful blue gemstone has to offer with these fundamental ways of everyday usage. 

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Is Lapis lazuli powerful?

Lapis lazuli’s spiritual qualities may enhance your psychic talents and enhance your senses, as well as other common crystals. It boosts your inner peace, intuition, and knowledge by acting as a powerful stone.

The ancient Egyptians saw this Lapis gemstone as a symbol of the night sky, while the Sumerians thought their gods’ spirits resided inside it. 

Lapis lazuli has been associated with power, bravery, nobility, wisdom, knowledge, and truth from the beginning of time. 

What is Lapis Lazuli used for?

Since ancient times, Lapis lazuli has been employed and is still utilized today. Inlay and intarsia and pigments for cosmetics and paintings have been made from this gemstone because of its bright, blue hue. It has a stunning contrast and is very attractive. Jewelry is now the most common application of the item. 

Shulker boxes and beds may now be dyed using Lapis lazuli. The blue concrete powder is also made using the Lapis. 

What is Lapis lazuli used for

We can use Lapis lazuli now in color banners, fireworks, stars, and glass. In addition, shipwreck treasure chests now contain Lapis lazuli. 

Lapis  Lazuli can heal the body, mind, and spirit. It enables anyone who wears or keeps it nearby to gain knowledge, insight, and clarity. In addition, it helps activate the throat chakra and the third eye chakra. 

Lapis  Lazuli may also help you dreamwork and avoid becoming a worrier by protecting you from harmful energy. 

In real life, what can you do with Lapis lazuli? 

From ancient times until today, Lapis lazuli has been utilized for various purposes. Inlay and intarsia and pigments for cosmetics and paintings have all been made out of this gemstone’s bright, blue color. It has a distinctive contrast and is appealing to the eye. As a result, jewelry is currently the most popular application. 

Lapis can be used to make jewelry, sculptures, boxes, mosaics, ornaments, tiny statues, and vases. It has a beautiful polish. In addition, Lapis can create interior furnishings and finishing structures. For example, at Saint Petersburg’s Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, two of the columns that encircle the iconostasis are made of Lapis. 

What chakra is Lapis  Lazuli connected to?

The throat and third eye chakras are linked to Lapis Lazuli

The heart chakra is linked to how we express ourselves in this world, and the throat chakra is the place where we speak our heart-felt truths. 

Our gateway to inner wisdom and intuition is the third eye. It assists us in growing more confident in relying on ourselves and our feelings. 

What is Lapis Lazuli good for?

The throat and third eye chakras are both secured by Lapis  Lazuli, which is a powerful stone for clearing blocks in them. When these chakras are open, we are better prepared to harmonize our voice, heart, and decision-making with our intuition. 

It also boosts our energy, ignites a creative fire, and provides the confidence and focus we need to leave uncertainty behind. 

Lapis lazuli connects to the third eye chakra through its purpler, deeper indigo hues. This stone may help you gain deeper self-awareness and allow you to perceive spiritual guidance and visions from the divine by wearing it and using it. A fantastic technique to reconnect with yourself and approach life with greater clarity is to utilize stones like Lapis lazuli to enhance your emotional and spiritual gifts.

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Final Thoughts 

Lapis  Lazuli is a miracle of sorts, as the gem experts say. Yet, after all this time, a few gemstones continue to deliver the wow factor despite their illustrious history. 

Lapis  Lazuli seems to give your life a spiritual shake-up. It’s like the comforting light of flickering stars blotting out all those worries of the day and replacing them with a night sky. As a result, unpleasant sensations cannot thrive in the universe it creates around you. 

The stone makes you feel safe and secure, but not restricted, in a fantastic way. Your openness and readiness to communicate have not changed. Lapis  Lazuli may be the medicine you require if you feel that you are having difficulty accessing that pool of knowledge and intuition hidden inside us all.