Violet Crystals: Names with Meaning, Benefits and Healing Properties

If you are fascinated by Violet Crystals and want to know more about them, then you’re in the right hands, read this Violet Crystal guide and find out all about it.

Violet crystals’ color range appears exotic and passionate, with varying connotations depending on the situation. Violet crystals, for example, are associated with mystery, magic, good judgment, and royalty. They characterize the sensations of vigor and serenity. Purple stones can also help you overcome obstacles and restore equilibrium in your life.

Higher thinking and spirituality come into play when we explore the marvel of violet crystals. Violet is a shimmering pastel purple with a stunning silver glow. While darker purple jewels may whisper words of reality and indigo may carry blue shades, violet is a brilliant silver light and shimmering soft purple. These stones are associated with dreams, visions, and increasing your psychic connections.

Like many other purple-hued stones, Violet gemstones are intrinsically linked to the crown chakra, our highest chakra, and the gateway to receiving all of the universe’s messages. Please continue reading to learn more about purple crystals and their power.

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What are the Benefits of Violet Crystals?

There’s a lot to enjoy about the healing qualities of violet stones, from opening our crown chakra to helping heal migraines and improving our understanding of dreams and directions. Violet stones not only provide balance and healing to the body, mind, and soul, but they also help to improve your spiritual self-awareness. It’s not just about soaring higher and climbing from the present moment to get into your spiritual well. It’s about being able to remain grounded even when traveling to higher plains and leaning to your inner wisdom and infinite wisdom to become your own guiding light.

Violet Crystals for Health and Healing Benefits

Violet stones are thought to be extremely helpful in breaking free from chemical dependency. In terms of overcoming reliance, their vibrational energies work to provide inner fortitude and mental power.

The pineal and pituitary glands are the primary targets of these crystals. Headaches, anxiety, concussions, depression, and other mental issues will be relieved due to this. On a cellular level, they aid in the healing of the body. Violet crystals are known to control hormone output because they target the pituitary and pineal glands.

They also aid in reducing stress and the treatment of certain blood problems. You can also use them to cleanse your blood and get your blood pressure back to normal. Violet crystals are also beneficial to the heart nerves and the reduction of bruising and swelling. They can even aid in the treatment of some hearing problems.

Violet Crystals for Mental Healing

These violet gems truly do bring their beautiful silver light to chase away the gloom on an emotional level. Violet gemstones encourage us to be more compassionate with ourselves, perform deep inner work, and connect with our spirit guides. Violet gemstones urge us to be kind to ourselves, do deep inner work, and communicate with our spirit guides.

When we are able to emerge from the shadows of worry, anxiety, sadness, and emotional baggage, we are more equipped to handle change, stay strong, and be truly clear about our desires and what we want from life. Violet diamonds convey clarity, calm, and the promise of being genuine to oneself, which permeates all of our decisions.

Violet Crystals for Wealth

When dealing with lawsuits or anything else that involves the assistance of a lawyer, several purple crystals can be quite effective. They make sure you’re safe from emotional stress.

Violet stones have a lot of power over intellect and mental clarity. If you are one of the people who suffer from lethargy or lacks motivation throughout the workplace, violet crystals can help you re-energize your mind and body. These crystals can also help you come up with fresh and inventive money-making ideas because they signify creativity.

They may then assist you in bringing these concepts to life, resulting in your company’s success. Finally, you can strengthen your decision-making skills by working with the energies of purple crystals. As a result, you may finally make financially prudent decisions that will lead to long-term success.

Violet Crystals for Love & Relationships

Violet crystals have strong spiritual energy. They have no negative side effects because there is no trace of violence or wrath in them. Violet crystals, like blue crystals, are stones of peace, relaxing your concerns and boosting your optimism.

They can help you feel better by lifting your emotions and reducing any feelings of guilt. These crystals will educate you on how to be truly loved by reminding you that nothing positive comes from your self-deception and lies. Not only that, but these stones also aid in reducing overeating and improving judgment, as well as calming emotional storms.

Purple crystals are thought to be crystals of sincere, emotional, and pure love. As a result, they are commonly exchanged between two individuals who love each other to enhance their commitment and friendship.

These crystals also resonate with authenticity and truth, filling you with positive energy and boosting your compassion for others. They can assist you in minimizing compulsive tendencies that might lead to emotional imbalance and stop you from worrying excessively.

Violet crystals might assist you in feeling more grounded. They push you to speak up and think clearly. You should have no trouble voicing your views in this manner, as long as you do so with respect, love, and compassion.

We take a look at some of our favorite purple and violet crystals, from beautiful Amethyst to mystical Sugilite, that are sure to enrich your life…

List of a Few Amazing Violet Crystals  


amethyst-violet crystal

Every spiritual healer’s favorite go-to stone is Amethyst. Its gorgeous purple colors, dubbed the Stone of Spirituality, can relax your mind while also waking your conscious mind and soul. It connects you to the Divine in a real way while also activating your psychic powers, allowing you to progress to the next level of spirituality. Amethyst promotes mental clarity by bringing balance and harmony to overactive higher chakras.

It’s also a fantastic stone for resolving addiction troubles, neurological diseases, and hormone imbalances. Amethyst can help you rest your mind while also easing your stresses and frustrations because of its relaxing vibrational vibrations. You can have a more conscious meditation and astral travel in this manner. In terms of sleep and dreams, Amethyst can help you avoid night terrors and insomnia while also understanding your dreams.



The Lepidolite, with its violet crystalline formations, has a subtle vibration that acts on your mind. It has a strong resonance with your head chakra, helping you to open up to the divine realm.

The Lepidolite, also known as the Stone of Transformation, emits soothing and tranquil energies that can help you cope with stress in your life. It brings you serenity and harmony, and it helps you to stay grounded so that you can open the door to the divine world and awaken cosmic awareness.

Lepidolite is also one of the most effective defensive stones available, removing electromagnetic pollution. As a result, it’s an excellent crystal for working with computers and other modern devices. It also aids in the banishment of negativity and provides you with a powerful protective shield, allowing you to avoid harmful effects from your surroundings.

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With its vibrant purple color, Sugilite is one of the most spiritual crystals, providing a link between the spiritual and physical worlds. Since ancient times, spiritual healers and shamans have utilized Sugilite to assist spiritual practices such as lucid dreaming and astral projection.

Sugilite is a communication tool for your intuition and spirit guides. As a result, your intuition will be strengthened, and you will be able to transmit and receive signals on your spiritual path. It activates your higher chakras and represents spiritual love and knowledge. The purple crystal teaches forgiveness and guides you on your spiritual journeys.



The color of the charoite stone is a deep and bright purple. It is a multi-purpose stone that can cure and energize the higher chakras. The stone, known as the Stone of Power and Transformation, has the capacity to turn negative emotions into positive ones.

Sleeping with this purple stone will help you eliminate the negative energies from the day so you can wake up with positivity and new ideas. Charoite, commonly known as the Stone of Inspiration, promotes creativity by allowing you to perceive new possibilities and consider fresh ideas.

It also aids in understanding acceptance and the release of old energy patterns. It then emits higher frequency energies into your auric field, promoting spiritual awareness and increasing psychic mindfulness and work.

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Alexandrite is a lovely purple stone that brings happiness into one’s life. It aids in the recognition of beauty as well as your ability to choose and make the most of your life. Not only that, but it also aids in the development of your imagination and encourages you to pay attention to your emotions and inner voice. The alexandrite aids in emotional maturity along with the development of willpower.

It also boosts your creativity by providing you with calming and motivating energy anytime you’re feeling unwanted or bored with your job. This purple crystal, which works at the core of your mind, can help you gain confidence. The alexandrite’s capacity to show two colors lets you see both sides of a problem, connecting your head and heart to give you a superior perspective that encompasses both intuitive and rational ideas.

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Grape Agate

grape agate

In the deep purple and violet tones of the Grape Agate, mature magic meets security and self-confidence. This type of agate is peacefully tranquil, bringing quick quiet and soothing to damaged spirits and giving you the mature energy you need to step back and think about something. It is said to be an expansion stone, both inwardly and outwardly. Grape Agate is for individuals who wish to progress and get rid of all kinds of mental obstacles.

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Purpurite, which gets its name from the word “purple,” is a gorgeous violet stone that encourages you to own your truth. Purpurite helps us connect with our deepest sense of self by stimulating tremendous spiritual energy. We can think clearly, express ourselves with ease, and feel a revitalized feeling of freedom when connecting to our inner selves.

This stone contains a lot of violet flame energy, bringing tranquility and tranquillity. Purpurite can help those who feel as though stress and anxiety are preventing them from reaching their full potential.

How to use Violet Crystals for Best Results?

Violet crystals can be placed under your pillow or near your bed to help with insomnia and to prevent night terrors and nightmares. As a result, they provide you with a restful night’s sleep as well as important and prophetic dreams.

Meanwhile, holding or wearing these crystals can assist you in warding off negativity in your everyday life. As extremely protective stones, these crystals can also shield you against danger, bad people, injury, and sickness while traveling.

These can, however, be used during meditations. For example, these crystals during meditation can strengthen your spiritual practice and open your psychic talents since they resonate powerfully with the higher chakras.

What other Crystals can be used in Combination?

Although violet stones have a lot of energy, that doesn’t mean they can’t be wonderfully balanced with other crystals. Violet crystals have strong healing properties, and when combined with Rainbow Moonstone, which is brimming with caring, feminine goddess energy and the power of insight, they work wonderfully.

Violet stones can also be combined with TourmalineTourmaline (particularly purple TourmalineTourmaline) to help with grounding and learning to let go of attachments. Violet crystals go well with blue topaz, which represents letting go of dead weight and finding honesty inside yourself. The Amethyst crystal, for example, is a violet stone that is also a February birthstone.

Final Thoughts

Violet Crystals are associated with sound judgment. They’re crystals for those looking for spiritual bliss. According to legend, you will obtain mental serenity if you surround yourself with Violet Crystals. You will experience perfect tranquillity and relaxation when you meditate with Violet Crystals. Violet crystals symbolize the purpose.

Get yourself a couple of Violet Crystals and watch the magic happen when you don’t know which way to go or what you’re intended to do with your life! When you wish to use your imagination and creativity to the maximum, it’s time to wear or carry Violet Crystals. When you want to remove difficulties from your life, Violet Crystals are what you need.

They will quiet your hyperactive inclinations and restore the balance that has been lost. Violet crystals have high devotional and faith spiritual vibrations. By cleaning your energy field of unwanted attachments and effects, they will surround you with protection and purity.

Psychic attacks, low energies, unhealthy settings, and geopathic stress will all be blocked by these gems. Violet Crystals will also provide excellent protection for anyone undertaking intuitive or psychic work, as well as a relaxing and safe circle of light in your area.