9 Best Crystals For Anger

Healing crystals for anger management are a great answer if you’re having trouble controlling your anger or looking for a technique to reduce your tendency to be angry. One of the most acceptable ways to stop any unfavorable ideas that are keeping you from experiencing your best life is through crystal healing.

People use a variety of well-known crystals for anger control to maintain their equilibrium and sense of grounding. To prevent you from feeling angry or irritated about something, these crystals for calming anger have unique healing abilities that can generate an electromagnetic field surrounding your life and only draw positive energy.

All people have the powerful emotion of anger. It is anything that obstructs numerous activities. Maintaining emotional equilibrium when facing challenging situations where you sense this emotion rising is crucial. This mood can be harmful to your mental health in addition to making you act out. Understanding how these potent healing crystals might improve your life is crucial.

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Best Crystals For Anger

1. Blue Lace Agate:

Throat Chakra, Stone of Articulation

Blue lace Agate crystals for anger

One of the best crystals for stress and anger is blue lace agate. It eliminates the immediate urgency to respond, providing you the opportunity to select a more suitable response. It is a crystal with a high vibration that connects you to a higher level of consciousness. This enables you to react politely rather than rudely.

Angry words can be neutralized by this Stone of Articulation. The blue lace agate crystal is an excellent tool to utilize if you frequently find it difficult to argue your case respectfully or feel hurried during a debate.

2. Aquamarine

Throat Chakra, Stone Of Courage

Aquamarine crystals for anger

One of the most effective stones for energizing and cleansing the Throat Chakra, also known as the Chakra of Communication, is aquamarine. Aquamarine has several benefits that will surprise you. 

The ability to regulate your temper can be challenging when this Energy Centre is out of balance. Harsh language and actions frequently follow. Aquamarine releases anger by clearing the Throat Chakra and enveloping you in a peaceful aura. You consequently develop a more tolerant and less judgmental attitude.

Aquamarine encourages harmonious communication by restoring one’s sensitivity and compassion towards others.

3. Rose Quartz

Heart Chakra, Stone Of Unconditional Love

Rose Quartz crystals for anger

Rose quartz has an amazing capacity to promote self-love. Unfavorable self-talk might make us feel unworthy. This results in self-destructive behaviors that might have an effect on your relationships and perspective on life.

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You’ll be able to forgive yourself and other people if you can see the beauty within yourself. Your long-repressed rage and bitterness are now released. Additionally, rose quartz exudes compassion. Use this healing crystal for letting go of anger and ending disagreements brought on by stress and infusing relationships with unconditional love.

4. Blue Kyanite

Throat and Third Eye Chakra, High Vibration Stone

Blue kyanite crystals for anger

Another one of my favorite crystals for anger anxiety and worry is blue kyanite. It has a lovely resonance with mental awareness and logical reasoning, which enables diplomatic dispute resolution.

Being a stone for the Third Eye and Throat Chakra, it provides clarity during conflicts. This helps you stay on the subject while calming your temper and stress. You’ll be able to respond with greater thought as a result. Blue kyanite is the ideal crystal if you wish to express your facts in a considerate and non-confrontational manner. Notably, blue kyanite doesn’t retain negative and won’t require cleaning.

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5. Peridot

Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus, Study Stone

Peridot crystals for anger

A must-have crystal for anger issues is peridot. Although it is referred to as the “poor man’s emerald,” this magnificent crystal is anything from inferior.

It can be challenging to respect the excellence in people while you’re feeling envious or angry. You are encouraged to be content with the life you have been given by the light energy of peridot. This makes it simpler to put envy behind you so you can live a life of inner love and self-assurance. Peridot is beneficial for protecting your heart from the unpleasant remarks of others.

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6. Chrysocolla

Sacral, Heart, and Throat Chakra, The Goddess Stone

Chrysocolla crystals for anger

Knowing how to listen is frequently more crucial than what you say, and chrysocolla’s energy excels in this area.

Understanding when to speak up might be helpful. It also teaches you when it’s best to listen, which is more crucial. Chrysocolla also fosters empathic awareness of another person’s perspective. This enables you to converse from your heart rather than your brain.

7. Smoky Quartz

Root and Crown Chakra, Stone Of Cooperation

Smoky Quartz crystals for anger

Smoky quartz is a fantastic crystal for anger and frustration because it clears emotional blockages from the Root Chakra. This enables you to let go of sentiments of distrust, anger, and other unfavorable emotions that prevent you from “seeing” the truth.

Anger and negativity can harm the aura. Use the high vibrational energy of smoky quartz to ground this to Earth as well as any extra energy being kept within the body. Additionally, when you are grieving, you could also feel angry, guilty, or hopeless. Allow smoky quartz to serve as a protective shield around you with its healing powers.

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8. Rhodonite

Heart and Root Chakra, Stone Of Self Love

Rhodonite crystals for anger

We all struggle to maintain compassion for others who, in our opinion, are being impolite or overstepping bounds. However, anger makes it nearly impossible to resolve a conflict since both parties experience defensiveness and a sense of being misunderstood.

Rhodonite explains the potential causes of the other person’s behavior. Understanding the opposing viewpoint is always beneficial, even if you disagree with their arguments. Keep in mind that everyone makes mistakes, so don’t hold onto this bad vibe. Instead, take something positive away from the event and use this healing crystal to extend forgiveness to both yourself and others.

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9. Amethyst

Crown and Third Eye Chakra, Stone Of Spirituality

Amethyst crystals for anger

Amethyst is a beneficial crystal for anger issues, especially if your emotions are volatile. It is a gemstone with high vibration and extraterrestrial energy that has a relaxing effect.

You’ll restore composure by calming your emotions and expelling any harsh energy, which will help quell any violent or aggressive tendencies. Amethyst can help you make fair decisions and keep your cool under pressure.

Tips For Using These Crystals: 

  • Place rose quartz next to your bed or beneath your pillow if you experience anger before night. This helps you fall asleep with less stress and resentment.
  • Keep a blue kyanite stick with you at all times to promote honesty and mental clarity.
  • Amethyst is excellent for promoting relaxation. Wear it as jewelry so that you can carry it with you all day long, like a necklace.
  • Elixirs are a good way to take in crystal healing energy. You’ll feel more at ease and in a better frame of mind if you drink this throughout the day or an hour before a challenging meeting. Please be aware that not all crystals for depression and anger can be utilized to make elixirs.
  • Jewelry maintains a crystal’s energy within your auric field. Because they balance the Throat Chakra, aquamarine, and lapis lazuli look stunning in necklaces and earrings. 
  • Additionally, you might accessorize your Heart Chakra with peridot and rose quartz jewelry.
  • Anger may be managed wonderfully with meditation. During your meditation, place a blue crystal on your Throat Chakra. Or use some of the crystals for releasing anger listed on this page to create a grid around yourself.


When you’re angry, you need to do something. It must be done constructively, whether expressing your truth or establishing new boundaries is part of that. To aid with this, healing crystals can be used. You’ll be able to step back from emotionally charged circumstances by removing obstructions and balancing your Root and Throat chakras. Then, you can communicate clearly and intelligently. Please be aware that anyone with serious or persistent anger problems should seek medical attention.