11 Best Crystals For Grief

There are five phases of sorrow and loss according to the Kübler-Ross grief model. To process the loss of someone or something important to us, we go through these five stages.

The five stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. There is no correct or incorrect method for completing these phases. Each of us goes through loss in our unique way and at our rate.

You could be tempted to believe that the sole chakra experiencing the most pain is your heart chakra. Your entire energetic body is directly impacted when you’re going through these challenging times, though.

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Crystals For Grief

Your heart chakra, as well as other chakras, are involved in each stage of the mourning process. At least one other chakra is extremely active depending on the level. Your throat chakra and third eye are involved in the denial. Your root chakra and solar plexus are activated by anger. Your sacral and throat chakras are used in the negotiating process. Your chakras are severely impacted by depression. Your root and crown chakras then begin to glow as you regain a healthy energy flow throughout your body once you have reached acceptance. Read this guide about healing crystals for grief to get along with your life with ease.

1. Clear Quartz

using clear quartz crystal for grief

The ideal stone for grieving may be clear quartz, which is a great healer. It elevates the negative energies of sorrow and pain and transforms them into positive energies of healing.

Clear Quartz is a crystal for grief and trauma that helps you move through each of the five stages of mourning as your energy is altered. Your Clear Quartz can assist you in regaining a positive attitude in life, processing the loss, incorporating the lessons you’ve learned, and achieving new wisdom.

You are particularly susceptible to negative energy from the outside while you are grieving. Use a Clear Quartz crystal for grief and healing and maintain your spiritual barriers. It combines this stunning stone’s high vibrations and the healing power of light.

2. Pink Opal

using Pink Opal crystal for grief

One of the most uplifting comfort gems during trying times is pink opal.

Pink Opal promotes empathy for both oneself and others. It is a compassionate stone that encourages you to be true to who you are. It’s crucial to express yourself if you want to mend your wounds. As you mourn your loss, you won’t have to worry about what other people might say.

Pink Opal can assist you in overcoming anxiety. It is a crystal for grief and loss as it restores your balance just like other crystals for grief do. It aids in helping you focus yourself on the calming high vibrations of calmness and harmony.

3. Rose Quartz

Using Rose Quartz crystal for grief

Pink chakra healing crystals aid in your emotional recovery from loss and sadness. The lovely shade of rose quartz helps you achieve emotional equilibrium. As you progress through each stage of healing at your own pace, it restores a condition of equilibrium.

Rose quartz draws unrestricted love from both your circle and the higher realms. As you grieve your loss, you need this support in abundance.

Rose quartz is a naturally calming substance. It is a potent stone to keep close while you are experiencing the misery of depression and the scalding ache of fury. Once acceptance takes hold, rose quartz aids you in reclaiming your love for yourself.

4. Amethyst

Amethyst Crystal for Grief

Amethyst and other purple crystals infuse your chakras with calming energy. Your third eye chakra is optimized and cleaned by amethyst. Through the fumes of rage and the shadows of melancholy, it enables you to see the truth.

A Pink Amethyst crystal is another option for bereavement. The brighter shade of amethyst helps to balance your heart chakra and keeps you connected to divine love as you heal.

Your spiritual and emotional self-awareness is enhanced by amethyst. It restores your connection to your higher consciousness and true self, which aids in your healing. When the grief is done, put on an Emotional Healing Anklet to take the first step toward restoring your inner peace.

5. Moonstone

using Moonstone crystal for grief

A potent crystal for grief is the moonstone. It facilitates your connection to the divine feminine’s sustaining and healing energies.

Whatever Moonstone shade you select, this opalescent beauty will lead you to the light. Your energetic system will be in harmony, and your self-confidence will return. Moonstone works as a good crystal for the grief of a pet.

Once you’ve reached the acceptance stage, Moonstone infuses your energies with the feeling of inner tranquility. It facilitates your connection to your higher consciousness and the divine cosmic forces. You’ll emerge from your pain a stronger, more seasoned version of yourself.

6. Black Onyx

Black Onyx crystal for grief

Since the Victorian era, black gemstones have been a common element in funeral jewelry. That is a result of their balancing and purifying abilities.

A potent stone for psychic protection is black onyx. It links to your root chakra and grounds your energy in Mother Gaia’s natural healing capacity. As the devoted mother she is to all of us, she will hug you, soothe and comfort you.

You’ll find it simpler to get past powerlessness and irritation when wearing Black Onyx. It is a strong, reassuring stone for every stage of your rehabilitation.

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7. Malachite

Using Malachite Crystal for Grief

A strong fostering stone is malachite. It is linked to the heart chakra. Malachite’s mild cleansing energy aids in clearing the energy blockage in your heart. It helps to heal by restoring your body’s healthy energy flow.

You can better balance significant energy shifts by wearing the Malachite Heart-Healing Ring. You are not the same person you once were after experiencing the agony of loss. You change into a brand-new, improved version of yourself. It is an efficient crystal for the grief of a parent.

Malachite, a potent stone of transformation and healing, is the best sort of assistance you can receive.

8. Citrine

How do you use Citrine for grief?

Citrine is a fantastic therapeutic stone that resonates with your solar plexus. It will strengthen your inner fortitude and lessen your sense of distress or helplessness.

After a significant loss, wearing citrine might help you put your life back together. With its assistance, you’ll be in a fresh and upbeat frame of mind.

Resuming an active lifestyle is also crucial for your emotional rehabilitation. Your vitality is increased with citrine. It increases your endurance and helps you create new, wholesome habits as you start a new chapter in your life.

9. Smoky Quartz

using smoky quartz for grief

Smoky Quartz is an excellent stone for achieving a state of tranquillity. You’ll be able to look at the positive side of things.

Given that it is a crystal with obvious inclusions, there isn’t as much of a solid Smoky Quartz color. That is what makes it such a potent healing crystal during challenging times.

Low vibrations will be transformed into higher ones by the Clear Quartz portions. As you heal and triumph over adversity, the darker Quartz parts will help you to center your energies.

Smoky Quartz should always be by your side during and after a loss. To promote steadiness in your life, wear the Smoky Quartz Grounding Talisman. It is a great supportive crystal for grief and depression that always leads and guards you.

10. Aquamarine

Using Aquamarine for grief

Aquamarine is a profound emotional healer. It promotes good vibes and puts your chakras back in harmony.

Your energy is considerably more open to negativity and bad vibrations while suffering from pain and loss.

You may experience bad emotions, thoughts, and ideas if negative energy enters your aura. That negativity is going to color the way you see the world and result in your perception of both yourself and those around you change. But, you shall experience pure tranquility when you wear aquamarine. Try wearing Aquamarine bracelets to protect yourself from negative energy.

11. Opal

using Opal for grief

Regular opal is a great support stone as well, yet pink opal is one of the best crystals for sadness.

Opal has an incredibly soothing effect on the throat chakra. It provides calming qualities that encourage you to express your genuine worries and fears. One of the first stages to getting over your loss is to do that.

Opal also aids in drawing positive energy into your sacral chakra and solar plexus. It directs you in the direction of getting the spiritual assistance you require when you’re going through a loss.

Opal aids you in receiving direction from your spiritual team if you’re feeling lost or bewildered. By doing this, a solid channel of communication is established between you and the higher dimensions.

Opal can help you remember that a beautiful new day will come, no matter how dark the night may be.


These greatest crystals for sadness and grief help you move through all five phases. They stand with you as you go through the trying times and existential anguish of the denial stage. You can get through the fury stage thanks to their calming effects.

You’ll get through the adrenal weariness of the third stage, bargaining, with the aid of your sorrow crystal. With the assistance of your healing crystal for grief, you’ll discover a healthy approach to getting through the depressive stage. Your healing stone will then assist you through the major energy shift of integrating the lessons you’ve learned once acceptance sets in during the fifth stage.