11 Best Crystals For Good Luck

No matter how hard it may seem, your luck can be improved by the right crystals! Thanks to the power of nature, you can choose your favorite from numerous crystals for good luck. These crystals are present on Earth’s surface, in the form of stones. A crystal will affect the vibes around you and render you with positivity and success. 

You should keep these lucky gems nearby if you want to make the most of them. You can wear them as jewelry, put one in your left pocket, carry one in your purse, or disperse them across the house. It will then become your new lucky charm as a result. Successful personal and professional outcomes will flourish your way. This is possible by incoming positive vibes and energy blockages.

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Top 11 Crystals For Good Luck

You’ll find a few possibilities below, whether you’re seeking a certain kind of stone or anything for luck. The minerals that carry positive energy and bring a stroke of good luck around you are:

1. Citrine (The Lucky Merchant’s Stone)

Colour: Shades of Yellow or brown

Citrine crystals for good luck

The lucky merchant’s stone, or citrine crystal, is one of the most effective stones for manifesting riches and abundance. By encouraging self-certainty, altruism, hope, and optimism deliver luxury in all elements of your life. Success, job outlook, and increased business opportunities are also lured to it. Citrine, aka “merchant stone” encourages those who find it difficult to part with their cash to become more financially tolerant. This lucky charm, also known as money stone crystal, brings financial prosperity. The financial growth happens at the ideal time, and location, and with disadvantaged people. It is in fact, one of the best crystals for good luck and money. 

2. Amethyst (Purple Quartz)

Colour: Purple with hints of black

Amethyst crystals for good luck

While talking about crystals for good luck, one cannot forget Amethyst. For many years, amethyst has been linked to fortune. When making crucial decisions, this purple stone increases intuition and allows you to hear your inner voice. It is famous as a crystal for good luck and fortune.  Compared to the pricey citrine, amethyst is popular and cheaper. It serves as a fantastic all-purpose fortunate gem. Darker tones of purple are more effective at bringing luck.

Occasionally, you can find it in the form of massive geode clusters. It resembles gleaming crystalline gardens of positive energy. Feeling unlucky? Amethyst will change the flow of events around you, and you will then start to assist in bringing luck. It can aid in increasing your wealth in the same way that citrine does. Wearing amethyst jewelry while studying or suffering in school can be beneficial.  You might even attract luck in your romantic relationships. Other than bringing good luck, there are several ways Amethyst can help you in many ways, click here to know about them. 

3. Carnelian (The Sunset Stone)

Color: Rich shades of reddish brown or sometimes orange.

Carnelian crystals for good luck

Carnelian is a very protective stone that keeps all negative energy away from you while banishing fear and anxiety. It has potent therapeutic abilities that can aid in removing toxins, persistent discomfort, and ailments affecting the stomach or reproductive system. The carnelian gemstone will provide your body with a boost of energy while arousing your higher intuition to find fresh chances for achievement in life.

Carnelian is the stone to use when you need a boost to make you feel empowered to take charge of your life. It was one of our favorite lucky crystals since it seemed to bring good fortune when you were in control. It accomplishes all of the foregoing. It is referred to as a stone of motivation and carnelian does several things that are helpful, like: 

  • It fosters an innate sense of self-assurance. It is a crystal for confidence and good luck. 
  • It brings out our innate talents.
  • It fosters imagination
  • Increases physical vigor
  • It aids us in achieving our goals.
  • It facilitates our productivity.

Additionally, the carnelian offers a beneficial energetic force. It revitalizes the mind, body, and spirit. It supports wise decisions and initiates positive changes. When it comes to attracting wealth and success, it is thought to provide lots of luck.

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4. Kyanite (Stone For Emotions)

Color: shades of blue. Most commonly blue-gray.

Kyanite crystals for good luck

Kyanite also falls in the category of crystals for good luck, as it prevents any harmful energy from invading your life. Due to its ability to inhibit the development of road rage, it helps keep danger at bay. It is a great stone to have with you when traveling for safety. Lower energy can be transformed by blue kyanite and then redirected into happy thoughts and contentment in all spheres of your existence.

It will become your lucky stone and infuse your life with powerful vibes. Blue Kyanite is regarded as a stone that grants wishes. The stone provides the necessary motivation to fulfill one’s ambitions and aids in visualizing one’s happiness. A person who wears kyanite will be continuously reminded of the value of using assertiveness to solve challenges. It is also used as a crystal for good luck and protection.

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5. Labradorite (Stone For Serendipity)

Colour: grey to black or iridescent blue. 

Labradorite crystals for good luck

The tremendous metaphysical qualities of Labradorite make it a great stone for attracting luck. It enables you to perceive the truth in any circumstance. This stunning gem has profound healing abilities that can shield your body from illness, improve your mental clarity, and make positive thoughts a powerful force in your life. Due to its high vibration, labradorite is a gorgeous gemstone that promotes synchronicity, luck, serendipity, and happiness. It is an excellent crystal for good luck and prosperity.

Particularly when you feel “stuck” in life and need to re-energize, Labradorite is fantastic. This is because it promotes decision clarity while eliminating negativity. Additionally, it helps shield you from financial losses brought on by poor choices. Labradorite should be your constant companion if you appreciate serendipity and wish to witness more of it. Place a piece beneath your pillow to keep a record of your dreams.

6. Sapphire (Stone of Fortune)

Colour: Ranges from pale blue to rich royal blue.

Sapphire and good luck

This crystal is a very potent stone that stands for Saturn. But according to folklore, only a select group of people are intended for the stone. It is a healing crystal for good luck. Users will have an abundance of wealth, excellent health, and long-term prosperity thanks to blue sapphire. Others, however, are quickly enveloped in disarray and gloom by the stone.

The stone must be used to determine its effects. The user should sleep with the blue sapphire under his or her pillow for several nights. The stone is a protector if they dream well and feel good. They must return the stone right away if they have nightmares or bad omen.

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7. Tiger’s Eye (Stone Of Protection)

Color: Shades of yellow with black patches

Tiger Eye crystals for good luck

Tiger’s eye invites luck, especially when dealing with financial difficulties. It is a strongly protective stone that shields you from any unfavorable outside energy while Tiger’s Eye helps you to be courageous and determined in your daily life. If you want to know all about how to use a Tiger’s Eye stone, read here.

Tiger Eye boosts self-confidence while promoting heightened awareness, empowering you to face any challenges that may arise. It helps us think, focus our minds, and solve problems without being influenced by our emotions. Particularly effective in treating psychosomatic illnesses and easing fear and anxiety. useful for assessing one’s needs in light of other people’s needs.

Tiger’s eye stabilizes mood swings, energizes the emotional body, and gives us willpower, purpose, courage, and self-assurance. Tiger’s eye is beneficial for restoring damaged bones and bolstering spinal alignment in addition to healing the eyes, throat, and reproductive system. It helps in releasing toxins and relieving pain.

8. Rose Quartz (Stone Of Love)

Color: Shades of pink

rose quartz crystals and good luck

Rose quartz is lucky in interpersonal interactions. The vitality of the stone draws love. Not only romantic partnerships but all relationships benefit from their warmth and love. The stone encourages the release of unhelpful and obsolete emotions, enabling one to advance and succeed.

Rosehip helps to resolve conflict situations and conflicts and ease tension between people by removing bad energy and replacing it with positive energy. Soft pink Rose Quartz hues will help you to widen your heart and receive the brilliant spirit of love. This stone radiates compassion and will serve as a constant reminder to peel your petals without fear. 

As a heart healer, rose quartz can help you feel more valuable, love yourself more deeply, and put you in a mental state. It helps you draw in amazing love that consistently satisfies your needs. Being in the right place at the right moment is important, but having the correct mindset and an open, trusting heart that is prepared to accept abundance is what makes someone lucky in love. Other than using it for good luck and love, you can use Rose Quartz for several other purposes which you can find here.

9. Garnet (Stone of Friendship)

Colour: Red with a violet tint

garnet for fortune

Due to its potent metaphysical qualities, which magnify any positive energy, garnet is an incredibly strong fortunate stone. Accordingly, the garnet will support you in making a positive change if you feel stuck in life or have problems attracting wealth.

It works to activate the foundation chakra so you can attract good things into your life and remove roadblocks that get in your way. It has long been believed that garnet might bring luck and success. The required strength is provided by the stone. Additionally, garnet guards against sorcery and evil intent that can thwart success and happiness.

One glance at garnet stone will fill you up with its regal vibes and rich crimson colors. Garnet is here to save the day for those who feel insufficient when it comes to happiness, love, passion, and a life full of wealth. This stone will put you on the right track to achieving personal success. It is loaded with strong energy. Garnet radiates joy and happiness, and just being around it compels people to approach you. 

You may call it a crystal for good luck in your job as well. Garnet will deliver it all to your door, whether you need it for business, in your love life, or simply to make room for plenty of opportunities.

10. Tourmaline Quartz (Stone for Healing)

Color: Clear with black anomalies

Tourmaline Crystals for good luck

One of the greatest crystals for luck is tourmaline quartz. It benefits each chakra individually and is particularly excellent at clearing any negative energy. It is a shielding stone that opens the heart, throat, and mind chakras to enhance intuition and psychic powers.

Tourmaline will make it simple for good energy to flow through your body and life, bringing you more prosperity and happiness. One of the best minerals for boosting happiness is tourmaline quartz. Tourmaline, which replaces negativity with positivity, and quartz, which boosts energy, combine in an unusual way in this stone. The stone has a positive impact on one’s willpower as well, which aids in goal-pursuing.

11. Peridot (Stone of Money)

Colour: Greenish Yellow


The name “money stone” applies to this for a good reason. The crystal stone gives you mental clarity while considering riches and strengthens your decision-making abilities. Willpower, well-being, and vitality are all enhanced by this stone. It’s time to start wearing peridot jewelry if you want success in your business endeavors.

A common stone for defense against challenges and negativity is peridot. The physical and energetic bodies are frequently strengthened and purified with it as well. Peridot is regarded as a highly jovial, warm, and amiable stone that can lessen resentment and jealousy and promote open-heartedness.

Additionally, it is a stone of thankfulness and abundance, and it can assist us in recognizing and inviting wealth into our lives—both monetary and spiritual. Peridot is useful for identifying patterns that have been causing obstacles so you can go past them. Peridot can also assist you in learning to trust your inner voice and help you let go of clinging to the outside direction.

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Prior to considering what the stones might provide you, decide what you believe is missing from your life. Before relying on outside sources, this will assist you in determining what is happening within yourself. Just let your instincts decide what’s best for you afterward. Your inner subconscious will direct you to the crystal that is best for you whether it catches your eye or if you sense a physical pull toward it. Once you’ve chosen it, you may establish the necessary connection.