7 Best Crystals for Menstrual Cramps

The menstrual cycle, also known as periods in simple terms, is a time of the month that is difficult for most women. One of the most uncomfortable and painful parts of the menstrual cycle is the cramps that follow nausea and heavy flow on the initial days of the cycle. 

For many women, the cramps are so intense that it makes it very difficult for them to fulfill everyday activities because they are unable to stand or still properly when the pain kicks in. That’s why there are crystals for menstrual cramps that work wonders in easing period pain. 

7 Best Crystals for Menstrual Cramps

Here are the gemstones and crystals that can be used for reducing or relieving menstrual cramps:- 

  • Sapphire


Sapphire is a beautiful gemstone. Along with being beautiful, this gemstone is known as the powerhouse of all healing energies. This gemstone works great with reliving and easing the period pain as it soothes the period cycle. This gemstone, with its supreme healing abilities, helps the wearer to feel relaxed and pain-free during their periods. Since periods are an emotional roller coaster for most women, this gemstone balances the emotions they experience throughout the cycle, especially during the time of PMS. 

  • Moonstone

The Moonstone is a powerful gemstone that balances feminine energy. It helps the wearer to regulate their menstrual cycle every month and manage the symptoms of PMS too. With a constant flow of hormones and relief of menstrual pain, the Moonstone gemstone becomes one of the best crystals for menstrual cramps. Not only do word cramps bother gemstone helps women in their menopause time too. Moonstone is a great crystal to appreciate different phases of womanhood and celebrate them too. 

  • Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the best gemstones for balancing the circulatory system. This gemstone manages the functions of the heart and plays a major role in relieving stress too. This gemstone must be used for meditation purposes as it enhances one’s meditation abilities. It also enables the wearer to gain the benefits that they wish for during the meditation process. 

This gemstone provides support to the reproductive system of females. It helps the wearer to cure any sexual difficulties and concerns with the reproductive organs. This gemstone helps the mother throughout childbirth. And reduces the symptoms and ill effects of postpartum depression. When Rose Quartz is worn as jewelry, it reduces menstrual cramps and helps the wearer experience less pain during the cycle. This gemstone can be used as an alternative to Diamond crystals. 

  • Ruby

Ruby is a gemstone used for cleansing all kinds of negative and unwanted stressful energies. It stabilizes one’s aura and removes destructive thoughts from the mind of the user. Ruby is widely known as Jasper which offers many healing properties and benefits, especially during the times of the menstrual cycle. 

By stimulating the mineral coalition of the body, this gemstone helps in aiding and relieving period cramps and pains that are extremely painful and agonizing. It also helps the wearer to maintain their overall health with the abundance of healing properties possessed by this gemstone. 

  • Emerald


As discussed earlier, periods are the time of the month when women face a lot of emotional and mental imbalances that can affect their ability to fulfill everyday tasks. On top of that, when period cramps hit, the pain causes a different level of intolerance. 

For this pain, one can make good use of crystals for menstrual cramps. Speaking of crystals for menstrual cramps, Emerald is a great crystal that helps in balancing the emotional ups and downs that women face during their periods. And the pain from the cramps is made much more tolerable too. 

  • Red Coral

Red Coral gemstones possess a lot of healing powers and benefits. This gemstone is widely used for its ability to enhance metabolism and blood flow to important parts of the body. Especially, during periods, with external blood flow from the body, an enhanced blood flow helps the body to function better. 

It is also used for purifying blood and making sure that the menstrual flow is balanced and even. Other symptoms of menstruation that may occur with cramps are also treated and healed by the infinite healing powers of Red Coral gemstones. 

  • Garnet

PMS is one of the leading causes of the most discomfort and pain faced by women during and after their periods. This condition not only affects the physical health of the wearer but the mental health. The physical effects of this disorder are cramps, weakness, etc. And mental effects are mood swings, depression, anxiety, etc. 

For treating this disorder, Garnet is used widely. During emotional imbalances in periods, this gemstone heals and eases them by calming the person. During the cramps, this gemstone helps in reducing the pain and making the wearer feel at ease and comfortable. 

Can Gemstones Be Worn During Periods?

Can Gemstones Be Worn During Periods

Yes. Gemstones can be worn during periods and different crystals for menstrual cramps can be used. However, one must make sure that they are wearing gemstones according to astrology. This means that based on their astrological or zodiac signs, they must wear the gemstones that will benefit them the most during the time of extreme pain like periods and other symptoms can follow periods. 

Periods leave women in a lot of pain. Not only physical pain, but it causes mental strain too. Women who are productive or active otherwise, are not able to even move due to extreme pain and agony. In regard to period pain, many women take medical drugs to relieve them. But for those who do not prefer taking medicines, it is recommended to wear gemstones during periods.

As observed from the above-mentioned list of gemstones that relieve period plains, these crystals and gemstones are absolutely safe to use and wear during periods. One of the reasons why gemstones can be worn during periods, according to the astrological aspects, is because of the fact that they are worn in the extended body. 

What Relieves Period Pain Fast?

Crystals and gemstones have incredible healing and curing properties that can heal any kind of illness or disease quickly and steadily. The signs and symptoms, based on the intensity of a disease, are reduced by the use of gemstones and crystals in a short span of time. Just like that, many healing circles believe that crystals and gemstones are one of the best ways of reducing period cramps and pains.

There are many crystals for menstrual cramps used for relieving pain fast that are as follows.

  • Moonstone. Since this gemstone is used for balancing the feminine energy, it is used widely for curing and treating menstruation conditions and disorders too. This gemstone gives out gentle but strong feminine energies that help women in managing not in menstrual cycles and cramps, but other women-related issues and diseases too. 
  • Chrysocolla. This gemstone is a beautiful stone that provides tranquility to the wearer. It helps the user to move from situations of darkness and pain to a place of peace, comfort, and serenity. That’s why this gemstone is one of the best ones out there for curing period cramps in a fast manner.
  • Jet. Jet gemstones are one of the best gemstones for relieving period pains and cramps. They are generally used for absorbing negative and negative energies from the environment. It has been used as a gemstone for healing and treating period cramps as it reduces swelling in the stomach during periods. And helps the wearer to gain quick recovery from extreme period pains too. 
  • Magnesite. Magnesite gemstones are widely used for their physical healing properties. It generally looks like a raw brain. It has a high content of magnesium in it. It also helps in the absorption of magnesium mineral and other vital minerals in the body. With a good amount of magnesium composition, this gemstone is brilliant for relieving muscle cramps and soreness. That’s why it is used for reducing period cramps as this gemstone relaxes the muscles near the abdomen and back. And provides support to them too. 
  • Malachite. In the list of crystals for period pains, this gemstone must be added as it provides relief to period cramps that are caused by imbalanced period cycles or hormonal ups and downs. 

Does Vibration Help Period Cramps?

Yes. Vibration helps period cramps. When vibrations are used in the correct way, they can calm the muscles around the abdomen and uterus. This will relax the muscles and reduce pains that take place because of excessive tension or which release of blood from the body during periods. It not only helps physical health but maintains a stable emotional cycle too during periods. 


As a woman, when emsnþual cycles cause unbearable cramps and pain, using gemstones and crystals for menstrual cramps is one of the best ways to feel good and relieved. The best thing about crystals and gemstones is that they not only reduce the painfuk impacts of periods on the body, but the reduce it on the mind too. With the help of this, the wearer is able to stay emotional balanced and mentally healthy throughout their entire period journey.