9 Best Crystals for Sobriety: Healing from Addictions

Alcohol, drugs, and other similar substances are extremely addictive. Once someone starts to consume them, there is no looking back. They get addicted to those substances so much that it becomes nearly impossible for them to go even a day without consuming them. Breaking addictions are necessary to make sure that one is able to live a long and healthy life in the long run as these addictions are deteriorating physical and mental health. For breaking harmful substance addictions, here are the best crystals for sobriety that can help! 

9 Best Crystals for Sobriety: What Stone Is Good For Addiction?

The gemstones and crystals that are good for getting rid of substance addictions are as follows:-

  • Blue Tiger’s Eye

Blue Tiger’s Eye gemstones provide tranquil and calm energies. It helps the wearer become sober by getting rid of stress. This gemstone enables the wearer to live life to the fullest without having to stay in the shackles of addiction. This gemstone inspires the wearer to change their lives for the good. 

This gemstone makes the wearer self-confident. With self-confidence, the wearer will be able to live their life independently without having to depend on any kind of substances to support their life. With reduced addictions, the Blue Tiger’s Eye will enhance the wearer’s cognitive focus too. 

  • Black Onyx

Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a sobriety gemstone that helps the wearer deal with intense and multiple severe withdrawal symptoms at the same time from addiction. When the withdrawal symptoms become manageable, the wearer will be enabled to stay strong throughout the recovery process. This gemstone has tons of calming properties. It is also used as a grounding gemstone. 

This gemstone makes the wearer confidence in themselves and also enhances their sense of awareness. All these aspects will help the wearer stay strong in the recovery process and also recover in a speedy manner. 

  • Amethyst

Amethyst is considered one of the best crystals for sobriety as it helps the wearer to get rid of temptations. Since ancient times, this gemstone has been used for curing addictions and staying sober for the rest of your life. This gemstone is also known as the ‘Stone of Sobriety.’ 

The simple way in which this gemstone helps the wearer to overcome addiction is that it makes the wearer strong against temptations and helps them to not give into temptations and urges to consume the substance. This gemstone is also a protective stone that will keep the wearer protected from negative energies which may make them turn towards consuming various substances. 

  • Hematite

Hematite gemstones are used for removing the negative vibrations which are found in the chakras of the wearer. These negative energies act as a blockage in the life of the wearer. When these blockages are removed, it will help the wearer to heal completely in all aspects. This gemstone is used for the tuning or bonding of the mind, body, and soul of the wearer. 

This gemstone allows the wearer to stay grounded and also stay in close connection with Mother Earth. With guidance and support from this gemstone, the wearer is enabled to embrace themselves and get rid of temptations and the vulnerability that may accompany temptations and substance addictions. 

  • Carnelian

Black Onyx

Carnelian is one of the favorite gemstones for treating addictions. It basically helps the wearer to get rid of habits that were once formed due to addiction. This will automatically help the wearer to maintain sobriety in their life for a long time. 

This gemstone also enhances one’s courage and creativity. With a boost in self-confidence and a sense of worthiness of one’s self, this gemstone makes the wearer walk on the path of sobriety. And also makes sure that the wearer never takes the path of addictions for the rest of their lives. 

  • Green Jasper

Green Jasper is one of the most empowering and supporting crystals for sobriety. It makes the wearer ready to fight all their addictions. It helps the wearer to stay ever ready to get rid of the bad habit of addictions by preparing them to ‘show up.’ This gemstone works great for dissolving behavioral patterns which may no longer be beneficial for the wearer. Or which may create an obstacle in the wearer’s way toward gaining sobriety from his/her addictions. 

This filtering helps the wearer to overcome addiction and create beneficial behavioral patterns which will help them stay free from addictions for a long time. 

  • Ametrine


Among the various healing circles, Ametrine gemstones are used for creating a balance between female and male energies. This brings calmness to the physical and mental body of the wearer. This gemstone helps the wearer to reduce anger and avoid feelings of resentment. 

When the wearer is able to let go of their negative past and damaging past habits, they will be enabled to recover in a speedy manner. This gemstone enhances one’s connection with their chakras which further facilitates fast recovery and stops the wearer from going back to their old habits. 

  • Lepidolite

Lepidolite gemstones are used for making the wearer independent from addictions. Independent from addictions in the sense that the wearer will be able to come out of their mental and physical dependence on substances. When there is no dependence on substances, there is no addiction. 

Sometimes, when the journey towards recovery may feel difficult and troublesome, this gemstone helps the wearer to stay strong on their recovery path by giving them spiritual and healing light. This gemstone also works wonders in making the wearer create harmonies with Mother Earth which will further help them get rid of addictions and see the bright world outside addictions. 

  • Aquamarine

Last but not least in the list of crystals for sobriety, the Aquamarine gemstones have soothing and calming energies of the ocean which will clear negative energies from the surrounding of the wearer and will calm their mind too. This will form positive energy around the user. 

Aquamarine is predominantly used for overcoming impulsiveness and thoughts of addiction. It will make the wearer look at the positive aspects of recovery which will keep them motivated to stay strong. This gemstone helps the wearer to stay true to who they are and also become confident enough to fight their addictions and live a sober life. 

Why Should You Use Crystals For Sobriety And Overcoming Addictions?

Why Should You Use Crystals For Sobriety And Overcoming Addictions

In this modern time of using holistic approaches for the betterment of life, many people have turned to crystals and gemstones for overcoming addictions. And gain assistance for a speedy recovery. Along with therapy and medications, individuals with addictions are also recommended to use various gemstones and crystals for sobriety. 

Marijuana or weed and nicotine (cigarettes) have become one of the most commonly consumed drugs and substances around the world. Due to this, people have become more and more dependent on it. However, these substances can cause a lot of harmful effects on the body like lung dysfunction, mouth, and throat cancer, weak teeth and bone, hair fall, premature aging, and many more. 

To make sure that one stays away from these harmful effects on the body, one must start using crystals for their healing benefits. Crystals like Carnelian and Quartz are helpful for fighting the consequences of addiction. When used with other crystals like Azurite, the wearer is enabled to think in different directions and also make their mindsets more rational for overcoming addictions. 

crystals for sobriety

When it comes to alcohol addictions, it is observed that mostly the young and middle-aged population falls into the trap of addiction which makes it very difficult for them to come out of. When individuals turn to alcohol for fighting different conditions like stress, anxiety, or sadness, they end up being addicted to it. Many individuals refrain from seeking help because of the fear of societal judgments. 

However, they can turn to use crystals and gemstones for recovering and being sober. Amethyst is an incredible gemstone that helps the wearer to deviate from addictions and avoid falling for carvings and temptations. Celestite gemstones are used for making withdrawal symptoms manageable. It fills the mind of the wearer with calmness so that they are able to not stress about fulfilling intense cravings and temptations. 

These gemstones, along with therapy and medical medications will slowly but steadily help the wearer to overcome addictions and become clean for the rest of their life. These crystals for sobriety not only help the wearer to overcome the mental addiction of substances, but it helps them recover physically too. 


Addictions can become a lifelong issue that is not solved sooner than later. Addictions may be difficult to overcome, but not impossible. It is never too late to recover from addictions. That’s why crystals and gemstones are used for a holistic cleansing of the mind and the body to stay sober and clean. And also have an approach towards life that is not affected or dependent on one’s addictions and temptations.