Septarian Nodule Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Tri-colored rocks called septarian nodules are composed of three distinct minerals. Calcite makes up the yellow center, aragonite or siderite makes up the brown lines, and limestone makes up the exterior shell. 

Septarian Nodule

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What is a Septarian Nodule?

The term septarian is derived from the Latin word “septum,” which refers to a dividing wall or partition separating two tissues or cavities. A septarian nodule, also known as septarian stone, is unique, polishes to a high sheen, and is categorized as a rock rather than a mineral. While minerals are composed of crystals, rocks are composed of various minerals.

How to Identify a Septarian Nodule?

How to Identify a Septarian Nodule?

Septarian nodules are solid rocks that do not have hollow centers. Nodule rocks don’t have any space inside of them. However, it does contain minerals. The rocks that makeup nodules are more durable than the surrounding rocks. 

They can be discovered in limestone, shale, or sandstone. These are typically located close to erosional zones. Flatter septarian nodules with barite or calcite are known as septarian. Thunder eggs are another type of nodule that is constructed of chalcedony. Some collectors enjoy cutting septarian nodules open and polishing them for exhibition.

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Septarian Nodule Cuts and Shapes

Septarian is frequently carved into orbs or ovals, cut into blocks, and utilized in other decorative items to show off its unique patterns and exquisite hues. Septarian shapes are mostly used in jewelry. They are cabochon-cut for this reason so they can be used in bracelets, pendants, or earrings.

Where is the Septarian Nodule Found?

Utah is where you can find the most famous septarian nodules. The Utah septarian evolved approximately 50 to 70 million years ago, during the Cretaceous era. At about this time, the Gulf of Mexico had reached southern Utah’s present-day region from the northwest. 

Marine animals are said to have perished as a result of volcanic explosions, sinking to the bottom of the shallow sea. The mixture turned into mud balls as a result of the sediments’ chemical attraction to the decomposing substance. 

The internal regions of the mud balls cracked and shrank as a result of drying out when the ocean receded. Crystals eventually formed and filled the fissures as a result of mineral-rich fluids penetrating them over time.

Septarian Nodule Stone Meaning

Septarian Nodule Stone Meaning

The septarian nodule is a remarkable stabilizing rock that stimulates one’s relationship with Mother Earth as well as the healing energy it offers. Interacting with this rock will awaken your root chakra, while also transmitting important energy of life across your body.

This energy is a fusion of three potent minerals that will assist in realigning one’s chakra column. When interacting with this stone, one may experience an “inner awakening” that inspires radical change and the creation of new routines to replace old ones.

Anyone through a significant life shift would benefit greatly from using septarian, which can also aid in the emotional body’s restoration. Having this stone with you every day will create a powerful earthen energy shield around your aura that will aid in your slow, internal healing. 

Although it could take some time, it is possible to repair one’s emotional body and go past any lingering trauma. This potent talisman is the ideal instrument for aiding in the access of memories and energy from previous lives. 

Repeatedly using this stone on your third eye while you meditate can help you see images of your past lives and gain a better knowledge of the present. Another benefit of septarian is that it will make one’s dreams more vivid and lifelike. For best results, keep this stone near your nightstand or in your pillowcase.

Septarian Nodule Meanings in Ancient Lore and History

For the metaphysical community, septarian nodules are quite a relatively “new” stone, and their characteristics are currently being explored. They are also known as Dragon Stone. This name is derived from lengthy Malagasy mythology. 

In Madagascar, where some of the greatest specimens have been discovered, the Malagasy people make up the majority of the ethnic population. They believe that dragons previously inhabited the land and that their remains, after passing away, were deposited as fossils in the bedrock. While the outside frequently resembles an egg, the texture on the rock is supposed to represent the scales on the bodies of dragons.

Septarian Nodule Crystal Properties

Septarian Nodule Crystal Properties

Septarian Nodules exhibit perseverance and dispel a sense of being lost. Nodule’s energies will manifest to serve as a constant reminder to the wearer that life is all about the adventure and joy one makes along the way. 

It doesn’t suddenly reveal the outcome of the maze; rather, it helps one in discovering inner resources that link one back to the wonders of the environment and help one remain carefree in stressful situations. 

It makes it easier to use all of your senses, including your sixth sense, and it also helps you decide which sense to use when. It is well renowned for forging a potent bond with the lower energy centers and successfully bringing your wishes into the physical realm.

Septarian Nodule Healing Properties

We are all born with huge divine energy within us, and we must use that potential to enlighten this planet. Septarian Nodule serves as a gentle reminder of this. It is a tribal stone, assisting us in discovering our inner selves and comprehending the complexities of the environment. 

When used for meditation, it offers a strong connection to the ground and increases astral speed and protection. The most sacred actions, according to Septarian Nodule, are those that combine love and courage. Septarian Nodule has many healing properties of various kinds. These can be distributed among three groups. They are as follows:

  • Septarian Nodule Emotional Properties

Septarian Nodule boosts self-assurance and instills bravery in the spirit. It exhorts us to let go of all ties to drama or ego. Instead, we ought to search for that peaceful, balanced spot deep within and to live after this. It is a fantastic stone to work with when doing personal work, especially emotional healing and maturing. 

It makes us more tolerant and at ease with accepting bigger tasks. Septarian Nodule tells us to unite with Love and forgive ourselves and others for past transgressions. It facilitates the discharge of any feelings that may appear to be “stuck” within us and illuminates the way to our liberation.

  • Septarian Nodule Mental Properties

Septarian Nodule encourages us in discovering our life’s purpose and taking constructive action to materialize it in the present world. This stone possesses fearless energy that inspires us to be interested and thrilled to discover whatever is possible, rather than fearful of failure, hardship, or mistakes. 

It also improves our sense of realism and common sense. It helps us maintain mental discipline and logically identify the source of any issues we may be having and how to address them. To become our highest selves, we occasionally need to let go of what we know today and be open to growth and personal progress. This is something that Septarian Nodule gently encourages us to do.

  • Septarian Nodule Physical Properties

Septarian Nodule is useful when physical concerns limit us from developing in other areas of our lives. For instance, we can have a wound, disease, or problem that hasn’t received the appropriate care. The stone gently but strongly encourages us to take better care of it and stop hesitating. 

The Septarian Nodule assists us in facing our worries about going to the doctor if we are hesitant to do so. It makes a great amulet for the pancreas, stomach, and other lower-body internal organs.

Septarian Nodule Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysical Properties of Septarian Nodule

Septarian nodules help people in reaching deeper levels of thought and self-awareness. They are excellent stones to use for meditation since they inspire the desire to solve problems and help to rid the mind of trivial thoughts.

The energies of a septarian nodule are relaxing, and caring, and can evoke feelings of joy and spiritual upliftment. It is considerably simpler to communicate politely and clearly in front of groups while using septarian to improve and develop group communication. 

According to legend, it provides the user with the unconscious foreknowledge he or she needs to always be ready for what is about to happen. Septarian is utilized in chakra healing folklore to treat blood and renal issues. The root, sacral, and solar plexus are all lower chakras that are associated with the septarian.

Septarian Nodule Benefits

Septarian nodules serve as charms of bravery and stabilizing forces. The Septarian stone is said to provide confidence according to folklore, making it an excellent device for public figures to carry in their palm while speaking in front of an audience. The wearing of a septarian is considered to help in grabbing the audience’s attention. This stone also promotes emotional stability, tolerance, patience, nurturing of earth energies, and relief from muscle spasms.

It instills bravery and scavenges outside forces, converting them into strength. The advantages of septarian relate to the lower chakras, including the solar plexus, sacral chakra, and root chakra, which serve to anchor us to the earth. It establishes a connection with nature and promotes tranquility.

Septarian Nodule Benefits Spirituality

Many who possess septarian have reported experiencing a spiritual awakening as a result of it. It naturally inspires joy and is uplifting spiritually. It infuses a bounce in your step and allows you to appreciate all of the things you missed when wallowing in gloomy energy. But more significantly, Septarian is a change agent. 

Healers claim that overnight, they changed how they live. They put an end to old, harmful behaviors and forge forth with vigor. Given the stone’s reputation for being profoundly transforming, anybody undergoing a shift or looking to improve their life would do well to use it.

Septarian Nodule & Feng Shui

Septarian Nodule Feng Shui

Septarian is commonly used in home decor, but not only for aesthetic reasons. Septarian’s chakral healing properties can be used to harmonize the energy in your environment. According to the ancient Chinese concept of feng shui, positioning this stone in specific spots might inspire progress in several parts of your life. To maintain the positive energy flowing in your home put a septarian in the following locations:

  • Tai Ji (center): Placing a septarian in the center of the home will encourage overall balance and harmony.
  • Kun (southwest): When putting southwest of your home, Septarian is said to inspire collaboration and acceptance in your relationships.
  • Gen (northeast): Incorporating septarian in your meditating space will help you connect to your higher self while also encouraging truth-seeking and self-cultivation.

Septarian Nodule Birthstone

Despite not being a typical birthstone, septarian nodules can be worn in place of another stone if the wearer does not have a birthstone that they identify with. However, this stone resonates with persons born in March.

It could encourage and promote the qualities associated with the Virgo astrological sign. Virgos have analytical minds, are perfectionists, and are always trying to get better. You can grow in these areas and become your best self with help from septarian nodules. 

Additionally, it might help you connect with your spiritual side and intuition. If you are a Virgo, Septarian nodules can be an excellent ally in your endeavor.

Septarian Nodule Chakras

Septarian Nodule Chakras

Your chakras can be opened, balanced, or activated by using certain crystals as chakra stones. Septarian chakra healing is most effective when combined with root chakra healing. Your chakral root, found at the center of your spine, is thought to be the place at which life force energy that is flowing from the Ground beneath your feet enters your body. 

It maintains order and keeps you rooted. You can get an unsteady feeling on the ground if your root chakra is obstructed. Without ever feeling fully inspired, you could skip from one thrill to the next. The spiritual meaning of septarian stone grounding reawakens your relationship to Mother Earth and its loving energy. 

You can feel more stable because it opens up your root chakra. It is supposed to aid in your “inner awakening,” compel you to swap out bad behaviors for healthy ones, and motivate significant self-improvement.

What are the Uses of Septarian Nodules?

What are the uses of septarian nodules_

The lives of people who use Septarian Nodule are significantly and in a variety of ways affected by it. The minerals inside the stones have specific distinct impacts on you, that can vary based on the circumstances. The following are some uses for septarian nodules which can benefit your quality of life:

  • Healing

If you’re feeling disoriented or cut off from spiritual growth, Septarian can help you get back on track. Your mind can be calmed by its therapeutic powers, and you can understand how to make better judgments in life. 

By acting as a conduit for thought transmissions, it balances the energies in your body, heart, mind, and spirit. This stone will help you heal yourself if you use it in your meditation to help you identify what is wrong. Your energy will be channeled by Septarian into the things you need to gain strength, better, and be happier.

  • Wealth & Fortune

Septarian is a good stone for litigation protection. It is a great stone to have in a crisis since it aids in maintaining composure. They can aid in reducing the propensity to boast or act as if you know it all and will encourage workplace cooperation. It will increase your self-confidence and provide you with peaceful energy. 

If you maintain your composure, you’ll make fewer mistakes. When facing the difficulties ahead of you, Septarian will assist you in remaining composed by adopting a practical mindset. Additionally, it will give you more self-assurance and keep you from giving up on your goals when times are difficult.

  • Love and Relationships

You’ll be reminded of the need for solitude in romantic relationships by a Septarian. Even if you are in a committed relationship, it will make you want to keep to yourself more. It will give you the impression that you still have something to reveal to someone. 

It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If you want to appreciate something beautiful for yourself alone, it is entirely OK. The powers of the stone will help you get rid of any unwanted attention or a person’s bad impression of you. You’ll be able to keep your anonymity and avoid being seen, questioned, or subjected to scrutiny over your private affairs.

  • Pendant

The wearer receives tremendous energy from this Septarian stone, which keeps them vigorous and lively. It is a courageous jewel that facilitates the release of all inhibitions, timidity, and ego. By helping them in rediscovering and utilizing areas of themselves that they might have missed, it supports individuals in gaining a profound insight into themselves. 

It is a potent traveling crystal because it opens the soul to both external and internal healing. One can only adore and accept everyone by forgiving oneself, which leads to a potent interaction of Heart and Root energies.

Caring for Septarian Nodule

Caring for Septarian Nodule

To clean the Septarian, rinse it with warm water. Before wearing or storing your Septarian jewelry, ensure it is totally dry. Abrasive cleaners, ultrasonic devices, or steam cleaners should not be used to clean this geode. When storing septarian geodes, place them in a soft bag or a separate beaded tray far from harder objects.

When to Cleanse Septarian Nodule

Regardless of density, all matter vibrates. Stones pick up vibrational information when they are close to humans, animals, plants, other gemstones, or electromagnetic radiation. 

A crystal’s ability to collect, retain and transfer information is well demonstrated by the crucial role quartz crystal plays in technology. To remove any prior influences before using stones for treatment, they must first be cleaned.

Septarian is rated at a 3.5-4 on the Mohs hardness scale. Therefore, it is a softer stone and should be taken care of while cleansing and storing. If you use your septarian nodule regularly, cleanse it after every healing session. Otherwise, you can schedule a cleansing time based on its usage, for example, weekly or monthly.

How to Recharge Your Septarian Nodule

There are numerous ways to cleanse and charge Septarian. Some of the most popular methods of septarian nodule activation process and purification are the following:

  • Sunlight and Moonlight: Leave your stone in the sun for a couple of hours to clean and rejuvenate it. To cleanse and invigorate your stone overnight, place it in the moonlight.
  • Running water: For a few minutes, put your stone under running water to clean it.
  • For additional charging options, use a Selenite crystal. Selenite is a stone known for purifying and recharging other stones.

How much is a Septarian Nodule worth?

Depending on its size and quality, septarian can range in price from $5 to $200. It is a fairly priced stone when compared to some of the more pricey gems.

What determines a Septarian Nodule price and value?

Septarian nodules are valued differently depending on their size, shape, and pattern. A sphere or egg that has some of the crystals partially visible within can be worth $100 or more. The more beautiful bigger septarian eggs are prized as display items and can fetch well over $1000. 

For people who cannot purchase these expensive huge specimens, septarian is still within their budget. Even smaller specimens of this rock can be purchased for less than $50 and make for nice slabs, nodules, or spheres. 

Jewelry made from septarian can be purchased for the same price as a solo specimen. A necklace or ring can be purchased for less than $50, while some of the more expensive metals will cost more.

Septarian Nodule Impact

The philosophy claims that septarian nodules offer a variety of effects, including healing, chakra awakening, and protection. While stories and folklore continue to believe in mythology, there is no scientific evidence to back up these claims. Thus, if you’re hoping to benefit from septarian nodules, don’t rely solely on them; also put forth some of your own energy in the direction of the ultimate result.

Does a Septarian Nodule Make a good Jewelry stone?

According to the Mohs scale, septarian is rated between 3.5 and 4. It is therefore one of the softest stones. While simple to cut and shape, soft stones are also more likely to be damaged. You should therefore take good care of them. Furthermore, no two septarians are the same, making them one-of-a-kind and distinguishing them from other jewelry-grade rocks.

Septarian Nodule Real vs Fake

Septarian Nodule Real vs Fake

Analyzing the color is one approach. In contrast to fake Septarian, which typically only comes in one color, real septarian comes in a spectrum of colors. Another method is to feel the stone to determine its texture. The texture of genuine septarian is rough, while that of fake septarian is smooth. 

Additionally, search for inclusions and bubbles. While fake Septarian lacks inclusions and bubbles, actual Septarian contains both. Asking a professional crystal expert for advice is typically advised if you have any questions.

Summary of Septarian Nodule Stone

Name of Crystal Septarian Nodule
Precious No
Semi Precious Yes
Other Names Dragon Stone
Origin(s) Utah
Color(s) Grey with white or yellow middle and brown lines
Formation the result of volcanic activity by pressure and desiccation in a cemented state
Majorly Found at Utah
Zodiac Suited for Virgo
Chakra Root Chakra healing
Crystal Meaning enhances relationships
Types of Crystal Precious
Healing Properties balances the energies in your body, heart, mind, and spirit. It makes us more tolerant, encourages us in discovering our life’s purpose and improves our sense of realism and common sense. It makes a great amulet for the pancreas, stomach, and other lower-body internal organs.
Health Benefits Encourages us to take better care of us and stop hesitating. It assists us in facing our worries about going to the doctor if we are hesitant to do so. Also, it makes a great amulet for the pancreas, stomach, and other lower-body internal organs.
Uses Spiritual healing, litigation protection, increases self-confidence provides peaceful energy. Gets rid of any unwanted attention or a person’s bad impression.
Goes in Water? Yes, for a limited time.
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water yes
Moh’s Scale 3-4
Real spectrum of colors, rough texture, includes bubbles
Fake not a spectrum of colours, smooth texture and no inclusions and bubbles.


Where can Septarian Nodules be found?

Septarian nodules are usually located in Madagascar and Utah. Australia and South Africa also have certain locations where you can get this gemstone. Since this stone is difficult to mine, it can be somewhat rare.

What is Septarian stone good for?

Septarian stone is a good protection stone and has great healing benefits. Since it is a soft stone it is also easily carvable which makes it easy to cut and shape. Therefore, it is good for jewelry too.

What is Septarian Dragon stone?

According to folklore, the origin of Septarian nodules has a connection with dragons. Therefore, Septarian nodules are also known as Septarian Dragon stones.

How do I know if I have a Septarian Nodule?

Even though they typically consist of three parts, each septarian nodule has a unique appearance. Only an expert can make the most accurate identification of a septarian nodule. Therefore, check with a reputable rock expert to see if you have a septarian nodule.

What is inside a Septarian Nodule?

Three distinct minerals predominantly make up septarian nodules. The outside shell is limestone, the brown lines are aragonite or siderite, and the yellow center is calcite.

Can a Septarian go in water?

When soft stones are exposed to water, they must be handled with care. They can disintegrate or completely change their nature; anhydrite, for instance, can turn into gypsum. Long-term contact with water will cause polished soft stones like selenite or septarian to lose their luster. Therefore, though water is required for cleansing, long exposure to water is not recommended for Sepatrians. 

What is a Septarian dragon egg?

Septarian dragon eggs are carved and polished Septarian nodules in the shape of an egg. The polished stone’s surface has a “dragon skin” appearance due to the septarian’s natural, broken pattern, thus the common name.