15 Best Uses of Amazonite: Benefits and Meaning

Amazonite is one of the most captivating mystical crystals that has a wide range of uses. From physical health to mental benefits, it is your company for all. Read this article to check the best uses of Amazonite.

Just like its mysterious color of mixed hues of blue and green, Amazonite is the stone that captivates your gaze and soul. It soothes your spirit and gives you the feeling of being reborn with newfound confidence and prospects.

Legends say that the stone was used by Amazonite warriors during wars and therefore gives you the strongest possible guidance. It reigns in your temper, all the while letting you channel it in a good and useful way. It will tame the irrational and provide balance and harmony.

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What are the uses of Amazonite? 

Amazonite is a stone of various uses and is therefore one of the most desired stones in the world of crystals. Additional to this is the fact that it can be used by any zodiac sign and is not particularly biased towards one making it even more beneficial and efficient.  

The amazonite crystal is used for the following reasons: 

  • Owing to its blue-green glimmering color, amazonite is the gemstone that reverberates the energy of the ancient and magic. It is known as The Stone of Hope for putting the track of your life back on the positive track.
  • It calls upon your spirit and engages you to concentrate on your inner strength thus rendering you more powerful as an individual. The stone is known to give you magnified intentions and let you embrace the attitude of doing whatever you can to achieve your dreams.    
  • The mystical and watery nature of this stone works as a carrier of hope and truth. It is used as a talisman for the same too. For ages, people have been using Amazonite talismans to protect themselves from evils and stone up for the truth, all the way to increasing hope for a better future.  
  • There are certain times in your life when you find your thoughts scattered so much that you face difficulty gathering your thoughts. The stone is truly a stone of amazement in situations like this.
  • Amazonite soothes your nerves and arranges back all those disarranged strings of thoughts. It rids you of any self-destructive thoughts and pulls you out from habits like self-neglect and increases your self-esteem at the same time.  
  • Apart from metaphysical qualities, Amazonite medical uses are also helpful in regenerating your cells. This crystal helps in quick recovery from any illness, injury, or any other problem in physical health.   
  • Amazonite has a great impact on your skin problems as well. Things like acne, pimples, or any skin rashes or irritations will also be cleared by the crystal and give you clear and vibrant skin and health.  
  • An amazonite is a spectacular tool that helps in dispersing all kinds of negative energy around you and your surroundings. It will eradicate any kinds of mental negativity or toxic energies that may affect your health.  
  • Amazonite is a throat chakra and therefore it encourages you to have crystal clear communication and put on healthy boundaries. It pushes you to go above expectations pulling you down and judgmental views shadowing you. It will help you realize the importance of giving priority to following your own heart.  
  • This crystal taps into your intellect and intuition and brings out the best clarity in your soul. Being truthful to yourself is one of the best ways to be living and opening ourselves to endless possibilities. It is the healthiest way to nurture your soul.  

Where do you put Amazonite on your body? 

Where do you put Amazonite on your body? 

There are many ways in which the amazonite crystal can be put on your body for its effect. Here are some of the devised ways: 

  1. One of the best ways of experiencing the effects of a crystal is by wearing it as a piece of jewelry. It is also the easiest way for the crystal to function because it remains the closest to the body. Amazonite is a stone that is particularly influential on your Throat and Heart chakras.Wearing it in the form of pendants, necklaces or earrings would be perfect. You can also put the crystal in your pocket, in contact with your body as a touchstone to feel its effects.
  2. While meditating, you can hold on to the amazonite crystal or even place them on your lap.  
  3. Aligning the Amazonite with your body chakras will have the maximum effect. This can be done while you are laying down or sleeping.  
  4. Amazonite is generally impervious to water. You can put the stone in your bath water so that your body soaks up the energy of your crystal. It is a very effective method.  
  5. Amazonite crystal keeps you motivated and pushes you to success. It even shields you from work pressure and negativity. Keeping the crystal on your working desk, as a barrier.   

Can you wear Amazonite in the shower? 

Amazonite is resilient to water and therefore would not suffer any immediate damage if kept or placed underwater. But it should be kept in mind that prolonged soaking of any mineral, even the resilient ones will lead to eventual damage over time. If you keep using your Amazonite during showers, its effects will start to wear away.  

Bath waters are generally with salts that cause damage to the exterior of the stone and make it look dull, without luster, and even wear out the color. It can also severely impact the interior of the stone and cause small fractures and fissures and lead to eventual breakage.   

Thus, you can use an Amazonite crystal in showers at some intervals but do not make it a routine. That way you won’t have any effect on the stone.  

Can I wear Amazonite? 

Jewelry made from Amazonite crystal is very gorgeous. From beautiful silvery-green hues in rings to eye-catching bracelets for the wrists, Amazonite is an amazing green stone that looks stunning on being worn. It gives off the vibe of nature, from the forest greens to the ocean blues.

The color scheme of the crystal is everything that one would desire. Along with the pretty outer surface, amazonite is also a working stone.  When worn as jewelry and kept in touch with you, not only will it play with your feminine energies but also becomes very powerful and more potent.  

If you are looking to slowly and gradually transform your body into an altar of emotional well-being, but subtly and gorgeously, wearing an amazonite bracelet will do wonders. In often cases of crystal healing, meditating and altar-building are seen as the most feasible ways of working.

But this is not the case with Amazonite, you can easily absorb the healing powers of the stone simply by placing it in contact with your skin. Other assisting stones with this can be the mystical Lapis Lazuli, the vibrating Laborite, the magical moonstone, etc. 

What are the Spiritual uses of Amazonite?

Spiritual uses of Amazonite 

Amazonite is a stone of empowerment. It is the power that helps you manifest your dreams and desires and helps you realize them. It also magnifies your aspirations and inspirations at the same time. As already mentioned before, amazonite is directly related to the throat and heart chakras, therefore, any intention you might be having must be spoken out loud.

In a manner that makes you believe that you deserve it and will be achieving it. Hold the amazonite in one of your hands and say it out loud, whatever your heart might inhibit. The crystal will enhance your ability and bring it to reality.  

The amazonite chakra provides clarity for people whose thoughts are shadowed by lies and half-truths. For people who are unsure of what exactly they are capable of and often disregard themselves, amazonite would be the perfect stone for you. It will guide you toward your knowledge areas and gifts and show that you are more than capable and deserving.  

What are the uses of Amazonite beads?

The amazonite beads are known to have soothing effects on your nervous system. It helps in controlling your nerves a great deal. When in aggravated situations, amazonite will help you soothe the tense nerves and calm down with rational advice.

Wearing the beads as a necklace, thus, is the most effective way to feel its impact because it is close to the throat and the heart. It will surely bring honor and integrity to you as its bearer and bestow the truth.   

Amazonite beads are often used to treat fatigue, any kind of trauma, and anything that sucks your energy away. It is very useful in treating problems related to the thyroid gland and even in treating alcoholism. The healing property of the mineral is very gentle and therefore offers great help to the body in general.    

What are the Uses of Amazonite Sphere?

You can often find crystal spheres placed in homes and workplaces for protection and cleansing. It has been believed that any properly built amazonite sphere is powerful enough to absorb stress related to geopathic rays that revolve around your house and causes an imbalance in even the most subtle way.  

Amazonite spheres are particularly helpful in blocking and tackling the harmful electromagnetic waves coming off from cell phones and other electronic devices. This sphere will keep you protected from any electromagnetic pollution and keep them away from your brain so that you do not lose your composure.  

Neutralizing harmful rays from the environment is far more important than we give it credit for. Thus, keeping an amazonite crystal sphere in your house can be very useful. Read here if you are interested in knowing how to charge Amazonite.


On a concluding note, Amazonite is one of the best crystals to bear and keep in contact with. It has everything, starting from its visuals to its healing properties. It can be used by almost all zodiacs which makes it even more desirable. It is recommendable to have amazonite in your presence for aspirations, hope, and success.