What does Selenite Do?

Selenite is a powerful recovery crystal that promotes peace and calm, intellectual clarity, and properly-being. It’s also believed that this crystal can eliminate poor energy and assist you in catching up with better realms.

Selenite is believed to have effective restoration benefits in many traditions across the centuries. Discover how Selenite is one of the most vital crystals in your toolkit in this post.

Selenite is believed to carry tremendous power that could offer safety and enhance their well-being; it’s also stated to cleanse unwanted energies from your environment.

Let us see what Selenite can do for you in conjunction with its Properties in this complete Guide. 

What does Selenite do?

Selenite has various properties, benefits, and uses which are listed below

Metaphysical properties of Selenite

Selenite is a crystallized form of gypsum that usually’s typically found inside the form of a translucent, multifaceted stone. It’s shaped while sulfate and calcium-wealthy saltwater evaporate, and it has a hardness of 2 on the Mohs scale.

Many humans believe Selenite is a powerful healer with multiple advantages, though there’s no medical proof to guide this.

Metaphysical properties of Selenite

However, there may be evidence that Selenium — that’s Selenite’s trace element form — has more health advantages. A hint element is a chemical detail discovered in a minimal amount of living matter.

Selenite has an array of valuable energetic homes that may be utilized while well cleansed and recharged.

Some of the more fantastic common uses of Selenite include acting as a cleaner for other crystals and gemstones and ridding spaces of destructive power. 

On a personal stage, Selenite is also used to promote clarity of thought, calmness of the thoughts, and relaxes the body, and is a great quality tool for manifestation.

If you’re looking to free your lifestyle of poor vibes and update them with personal fulfillment and calming of the mind, adding Selenite to your crystal series is a stable area to start.

Here are some of the main purported recovery advantages of a Selenite crystal:

Selenite promotes Peace and Calm

According to crystal healers, Selenite is a crystal that vibrates at a first-rate vibration degree. Because of this excessive frequency, it’s one of the most powerful crystals in the universe.

Selenite includes the energy of peace and calm. This makes it a super crystal for any scenario where peace desires to be restored.

Selenite clears blocked Energy

Energy clearing inside the body. Selenite is mainly used for active cleansing. Hence, the primary pass-to means or purpose for operating with Selenite.

Elevates the spirit

Crystal healers agree that Selenite vibrates at an amazing-excessive frequency, which means it’s a very effective healer.

Selenite is powerful at clearing heavy, blocked strength. This allows energy to flow at an excessive vibration, elevating the spirit.

You can use Selenite to cleanse:

  • Your energy
  • Your own home
  • Your assets
  • Other crystals

Selenite provides Clarity

Some people accept that Selenite can increase intellectual readability and open the door to your intuition. 

Selenite Provides clarity

From a recuperation attitude, it can calm the thoughts, convey the soul to peace, and carry clarity to folks who want it.

Selenite Increases tremendous energy.

It’s also believed that Selenite can grow high-quality energy.

Selenite may be used to recharge you, your area, and your crystals.

It’s essential to observe that those suggested advantages of Selenite are based totally on anecdotal evidence only.

Selenite Energy Clearing in a Space

Along with clearing the strength in your body, Selenite can also be used for removing the energy of physical areas, like your house. Selenite is an excessive-vibrational stone, so it increases the power of the surroundings wherein it resides.

Selenite enhances Meditation and Spirituality

Selenite Enhancing Meditation and Spirituality

Another advantage of Selenite is that it can beautify one’s spirituality or meditation exercise. Since it enables clear power, incorporating this crystal into your practices and rituals can help you clean your thoughts.

Selenite for charging different Crystals

Selenite is popular for charging and clearing other crystals, making it a special stone. We see this when it is cut into unique shapes or formations, like charging plates or bowls. Some even trust this crystal in no way desires to be set itself.

Selenite Connecting with instinct & Divine

Lastly, Selenite is high-quality for connecting with your intuition, in addition to courses—in particular, the angel wing or fishtail types.  

Other names for Selenite

Selenite is understood with the aid of some of the other names inclusive:

  • Satin spar
  • Wilderness rose
  • Gypsum flower
  • Butterfly Selenite or golden phantom (a yellow-hued range)
  • Disodium selenite

Selenite and Chakras

We have seven chakras in our body, which are believed to be energy centers. Some consider that crystals can affect those energy centers and dispose of blockages.

Selenite and Chakras

Selenite is related to the crown chakra, which has to do with:

  • Better cognizance
  • Manifestation
  • Creative strength

Selenite can help form connections with the higher realm, which many call an angelic realm.

Crystal specialists encourage placement at the third eye, the crown chakra, and the solar plexus chakra.

They additionally indicate the usage of Selenite to calm anxiety. From time to time, you can place it on the solar plexus. It brings chilled power and slows down the chakra if it’s spiraling out of control.

Check this video below to know What can Selenite do for you. 

Quick Look at Selenite Benefits

  • Promotes peace and calm
  • Provides clarity
  • Clears blocked energy
  • Elevates the spirit
  • Allows you to get access to your intuition
  • It is an effective space purifier
  • Vibrates at an excessive frequency
  • Promotes connection with oneself.
  • Enhances and influences manifestation

Final Thoughts

Selenite has numerous benefits. It soothes feelings and complements tranquility. Selenite enables establishing and preserving wholesome, easy-going relationships with loved ones and companions. Second, Selenite enhances mental clarity; it’s a calming stone that instills peace and know-how. Selenite encourages spiritual healing.

Selenite aids discernment, supporting to analyze of conditions and seeing the fact. It assists in making good decisions and offers actual insight. Finally, Selenite inspires us to know the angle of others and respect that attitude.


What does Selenium do?

Selenium is a crucial trace mineral that supports many bodily procedures. For example, it can help improve cognition, immune gadget feature, and fertility. In addition, Selenium is a nutrient that performs a key role in maintaining thyroid hormone metabolism and DNA synthesis and protecting the frame from oxidative damage and infection.

Is Selenite harmful to people?

In general, assuming that you are talking about the calcium sulfate version, Selenite is a concept to be non-poisonous; even though it’s used in lots of products, you wouldn’t want to devour drink or breathe in.

Breathing Sodium Selenite can worsen the nostril, throat, and lungs inflicting coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. In addition, high exposure can purpose headaches, nausea, vomiting, coated tongue, metallic flavor, and a garlic scent on the breath.

What can damage Selenite?

Since Selenite is a very smooth crystal, one must avoid using water around it as it can harm the crystal. Because Selenite is made of gypsum, you need to in no way let it soak in water for the long term, as it can dissolve thoroughly. Instead, you may rinse the crystal in strolling water for some seconds as a way of cleaning it and subsequently dry it with a smooth material.

Saltwater will harm Selenite even extra, as salt is corrosive and relatively abrasive on stones like Selenite.

When it comes to minerals, you cannot certainly get a far softer mineral than Selenite.

Selenite is most effective a two on the Mohs Hardness Scale—on this scale, 1 represents the softest mineral while ten is the hardest—which is why it cannot pass in water. Due to the truth that Seleniteis so gentle, it dissolves in water.

Is Selenite crystal edible?

Sodium Selenite is classed as a dangerous substance that you need to breathe in now, not ingest. So Seleniteis not suitable for eating. In addition, it can motive quick-term results together with infection and burning of the eyes, nostrils, throat, and lungs.

Does Selenite become toxic when wet?

The highest common type of Selenite sold in local crystal and gem shops is calcium sulfate selenite, typically not toxic. However, there’s any other form of Selenite referred to as sodium selenite that is considered toxic while ingested or inhaled.

Because the precise composition of your specific piece of Selenite is probably unknown while purchasing it, it isn’t advocated that you put it in your bathwater. Do not make selenite-infused water, given that there’s the chance that it could be sodium Selenite instead of the more commonplace type.

What does Selenium do for pores and skin?

Selenium is also a mineral that ensures pores and skin stays organized and guarded. Selenium stops free radical harm before untimely wrinkles have a chance to form. It also facilitates shielding cell membranes from UV harm, irritation, and pigmentation. 

Selenium contributes to the alleviation of decreased reactive oxygen species-mediated infection, reduced DNA harm, and prolonged telomere duration, thereby playing roles in fighting getting older and stopping getting old-associated illnesses. 

Selenium may also save you aging of the skin. It additionally slows the getting old manner. It might also beautify immune system function.

What does Selenium do for males?

Selenium (Se) is crucial for reproductive capabilities and testosterone metabolism and is a constituent of sperm tablet selenoprotein. The administration of Se to subfertile patients induced a statistically massive upward thrust in sperm motility.