Moss Agate Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Moss Agate are unique gemstones wherein each crystal from the Moss Agate family is unique from one another. No crystals are the same. This gemstone is a master healer as it plays a vital role in treating a number of physical and cognitive disorders in a speedy manner. With a shiny green marble surface, Moss Agate crystals hold numerous meanings and symbolism that are useful and beneficial for those who truly believe in its magical powers and abilities. 

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Moss Agate

What Is Moss Agate?

What Is Moss Agate

Moss Agate is a semi-precious gemstone. The formation of this gemstone consists of silicon dioxide. Like other Agate gemstones in the Agate family, Moss Agate crystals are a form of Chalcedony. Due to this, the crystals of Moss Agate contain green-coloured minerals in them. The gemstone gets its name based on its appearance. The green specks on its surface symbolise many elements of nature. 

This gemstone is mainly formed in volcanic stones which are weathered. The appearance and colour of this gemstone are the result of tracings of metals such as iron and chrome which are embedded in the gemstone as impurities. Predominantly, Moss Agate gemstones were used to make dyes many years ago. However, with advancements in technology and increased knowledge about gemstones, people started to use them for their healing abilities and benefits. 

How To Identify A Moss Agate?

One of the main and easiest identifying characteristics of Moss Agate is its colour and appearance. The gemstones have a mottled pattern on their body in different colours such as green, green-grey, brown, white, black, etc. This pattern gives a moss-like appearance to the gemstone. The identifying physical properties of this gemstone are as follows:- 

  • Mineral Type:- Moss Agate gemstones are a form of Chalcedony. They come under the Quartz variety. 
  • Colour:- The Colour of Moss Agate gemstones is green, black, green-grey, and brown. Many crystals are clear with mottled leaf-like designs due to metal impurities. 
  • Hardness level:- Moss Agate crystals have a hardness level of 6.5 to 7 on the MOHS scale of hardness. 
  • Chemical composition:- SiO2 
  • Lustre:- Moss Agates have a vitreous lustre. 
  • Refractive index:- Moss Agates have a refractive index of 1.54 to 1.55. 

Where Is Moss Agate Found?

Where Is Moss Agate Found

Moss Agate gemstones are available across the world. Many locations, with the highest quality Moss Agate crystals, are extremely prized. They can be purchased from multiple different locations with the best quality. Some locations are as follows:- 

  • United States of America 
  • Russia 
  • India 
  • Australia 

Moss Agate Stone Meaning

Moss Agate Stone Meaning

Since Moss Agate gemstones resemble the different elements of nature, they can be used for achieving one’s gardening and planting goals. This gemstone has meanings associated with helping new plants and crops grow speedily. And enhance their health in general. This gemstone enhances the quality of the user’s personal and professional life. It will make the wearer appreciate the little blessings in their life. 

Moss Agate gemstones make the wearer realise that they are the creator of their life. Whatever happens with them is the fruit of their deeds and doings. It eliminates the anxieties and stresses related to one’s work, professions, relationships and much more. This gemstone motivates the user to learn more about nature. And spend more time in the greenery around them. 

Moss Agate Healing Properties

The healing properties of Moss Agate crystals are as follows:- 

Physical Healing Properties Of Moss Agate 

Physical Healing Properties Of Moss Agate 

Moss Agate gemstones are widely used for enhancing one’s circulatory system. An enhanced circulatory system will lead to an enhanced heartbeat rate. When the wearer uses Moss Agate gemstones on their chest, they are enabled to enhance their cardiac muscles. Individuals suffering from an unhealthy digestive system must use this gemstone as it is effective in reducing illnesses and disorders in the digestive system. It is also a good gemstone to avoid gastritis. 

For flushing harmful toxins and waste from the body, one must start using Moss Agate gemstones. This gemstone is effective in reducing any signs and symptoms of Epilepsy. It also helps people with sleepwalking and related disorders. Moss Agate gemstones are effective in speedily recovering the body from illness and injuries. This gemstone makes the wearer internally strong by enhancing their immunity system. This gemstone is also believed to be effective in helping the wearer to have smooth delivery. 

Emotional Healing Properties Of Moss Agate

Moss Agate gemstones are well-known to improve the wearer’s emotional function. It makes them well-concentrated and well-aware individuals who have excellent diagnostic skills and abilities. The sharpness of senses and emotions in the mind is also enhanced with the regular use of this gemstone. Thus gemstone helps the wearer to make great connections and bonds with people outside their circle.

This gemstone makes the wearer express themselves in a better way with enhanced communication skills. It keeps the emotions balanced. And helps the wearer to get rid of stress and fears. This gemstone instils feelings of hope and trust in the wearer. Different disorders caused due to brain imbalances are also avoided by this gemstone. 

Cognitive Healing Properties Of Moss Agate 

Moss Agate gemstones bring positivity and optimism to the life of the wearer. It makes them see the good things in life and not complain about the bitter things. Since these gemstones are symbols of wholesomeness, it helps the wearer to lead a life with the utmost respect. And make the best decisions for themselves. This gemstone teaches the wearer that the big picture is the most important. And so one must stay patient and work wisely and consciously towards the same. 

This gemstone is largely beneficial for those who are working in the field of botany. Or who work closely with learning about different plants, trees, crops, etc. This is because it enables the wearer to effectively communicate with plants and understand what they are trying to communicate with us. Moss Agate gemstones make the wearer gain knowledge about the changes and activities through which this planet, on which we stay, can be a much more beautiful and joyful space. 

Chakra Healing Properties Of Moss Agate 

Moss Agate crystals are associated with the Heart chakra. These gemstones largely benefit the functions of the Heart chakra. When the heart chakra has blockages, the wearer may find it difficult to maintain healthy relationships. They may experience indecisiveness too. That’s why Moss Agate crystals must be used to balance the heart chakra and enhance the quality of relationships and friendships with stable emotions and a  better decision-making system. 

With the activation and balance of the heart chakra, the wearer is able to get rid of almost all kinds of emotional issues and problems. It creates a healthy balance among the wearer’s physical, intellectual and emotional vibrations. This gemstone creates harmony among the individual’s positive and negative energies. This gemstone provides a boost to one’s self-esteem and confidence. 

Moss Agate crystals are largely beneficial for the Root chakra too. Since this gemstone is associated with nature and plants, it helps the wearer to stay connected with the ground and also practice groundedness. With the help of that, the wearer is able to gain abundance from the universe. This gemstone stabilises and energises the wearer’s emotional body. Due to this, the individual can keep his or her emotions in control and also practise effective anger management. 

Moss Agate Metaphysical Properties

Moss Agate Metaphysical Properties

When it comes to the metaphysical elements of Moss Agate crystals, we can observe that it is connected with the planet Earth. The element of this gemstone is water. With the help of the metaphysical properties of this gemstone, the wearer is enabled to enhance the level of their bodily and mental growth and development. Along with that, women are able to enhance their fertility and have a smooth pregnancy. 

Labour and childbirth are also supported by this gemstone. With a boost in the level of optimism and positivity in personal and professional life, the wearer is able to attract abundance and prosperity with the help of this gemstone. This gemstone is a protective stone. Due to this, the wearer will always stay in protection from negativity and evilness. By keeping the wearer grounded and close to the Earth, this gemstone helps the wearer to create a strong bond with the physical and metaphysical world through enhanced spirituality. 

Moss Agate Benefits

Moss Agate Benefits

The benefits of Moss Agate crystals are as follows:- 

  • Moss Agate gemstones are used for attaining calmness and peace for the spirit, soul and mind by creating a harmonious relationship between the mind and the body.
  • This gemstone makes the wearer feel more and more connected with the Earth and also gains the benefits and healing properties of the Earth. In short, it grounds the user.
  • When Moss Agate gemstones are kept in natural spaces or near the plants in one’s house, it will invite the gods and heavenly spirits of nature to stay at the place and even bless the house of the wearer in which they are entering.
  • Among tons of meanings and symbolism, Moss Agate gemstones are a symbol of prosperity and financial benefits. This gemstone works wonders in helping the wearer to reduce the burden of financial debts. And it also makes the money matters much easier and more manageable.
  • Moss Agate gemstones give off persistent enduring energies. These energies will help the wearer to work hard towards their goals and aims which will enable wealth, abundance and prosperity in their way. This gemstone will keep inspiring the wearer to dream bigger and work harder.
  • If an individual suffers from low self-esteem and self-confidence, then they must start using Moss Agate gemstones. This is because Moss Agate crystals are a confidence booster and will help the wearer to feel great about themselves at all times.
  • For individuals working in the creative field and profession where innovation and creation is a basic requirements, they must make Moss Agate gemstones their basic necessity. This is due to the fact that Moss Agates are incredible at boosting one’s creativity levels. And are also effective in helping them brainstorm good quality ideas speedily.
  • Moss Agate gemstones make room for new beginnings and new initiatives. This gemstone can be used for taking the first step towards a job or a relationship. Or it can be used to take a fresh start towards old endeavours. This gemstone removes the blockages in the various life events and helps the wearer to look at the places where changes or improvements can be done.
  • When the wearer is able to get rid of blockages and look at the bright side of life, they are creating a balance in their life. They are also making their life stable along with a healthy balance. This gemstone teaches us that hard work and dedication always pay off. Given one puts their everything into achieving their goals and desires. Even if the wearer is confused and unsure about certain things in their life, there will be a point where they will gain answers to each and every question.
  • This gemstone heals trauma. It helps the wearer to look beyond and above their trauma. They make the wearer realise that life is much more greener and beautiful outside of their trauma and traumatic experiences. It will give them faith and confidence to start a fresh new life.
  • Addictions and harmful behavioural patterns must be broken at all costs. If they are continued, they can turn out to be dangerous and harmful to health. Since breaking addictions and bad habits, especially the ones that have been going on for a long time are extremely difficult and may take years to be gone completely, one must turn towards using Moss Agate for breaking bad behavioural patterns and addictions so that they never come back.
  • Emotional healing is not only a benefit of this gemstone but is also one of its meanings. Individuals who go through sudden mood swings or emotional changes must start using Moss Agate to keep their emotions balanced.
  • Various emotions such as short-tempered, impatience, anger, etc can be harmful to the individual’s health if not experienced in a controlled amount. That’s why Moss Agate must be used as it soothes such emotions.

Moss Agate Benefits Spirituality

Moss Agate gemstones are used to enhance one’s spiritual awareness and also enable spiritual awakening. This gemstone not only increases the grace and beauty of life, but it energises and refreshes one’s soul too. For individuals who have no awareness about their higher self, it is recommended to use Moss Agate gemstones on a daily basis as it will help the wearer to connect and interact with their highest self. It will also allow them to provide guidance to the wearer on every point of life. 

When Moss Agate crystals are used for decorating houses and gardens, it will enable the entrance of nature’s spirits and Gods. This gemstone must be used during meditation and especially for manifestation purposes as it is a brilliant stone for making each manifestation and desire true. It is also an incredible gemstone to attract financial profits and wealth abundance in professional life. It also calms and soothes the spirit and the soul. 

Moss Agate Birthstone

Moss Agate are gemstones that are ideal for individuals who have the Astrological sign of Virgo and Gemini. 

Moss Agate Chakras

Moss Agate gemstones play a vital role in opening and balancing the Root, Heart and Sacral chakra

What Are The Uses Of Moss Agate?

Uses Of Moss Agate

The uses of Moss Agate crystals are as follows:- 

  • Moss Agate Pendulums 

Moss Agate gemstones are widely used as pendulums. These pendulums are usually used for dowsing, divination and interacting purposes. With these pendulums, the wearer is enabled to communicate with the entities and energies which cannot be seen by the human eye. 

These can also be used for knowing any defects in the surrounding aura and atmosphere. The Moss Agate pendulums can be used in the employment and financial sector. When the wearer uses these pendulums to communicate with energies and entities, they can gain confidence. It can be used for dowsing specific chakras.

  • Moss Agate In The Sleeping Space

Since ancient times, it is believed that Moss Agate crystals can treat sleep-related issues and disorders such as insomnia. It must be used while sleeping which means that one must sleep with this gemstone or keep it beside them during their sleep. It can not only bring pleasant sleep to users but can also bring sweet dreams too. For lucid dreaming, one must place a Moss Agate gemstone under their pillow. Or it can be placed next to the sleeping space too. 

  • Moss Agate In Homes And Workplaces 

Moss Agate crystals are believed to have healing benefits for the Earth, Air and Water. The colours and patterns on this gemstone resemble different elements of nature. The forest colours and patterns are considered to provide cooling effects to the wearer. When this gemstone is placed in the Feng Shui space, it will attract abundance and wealth for the user. Individuals who run a business and want to broaden the profits in their business must use this gemstone as this gemstone is directly associated with prosperity and creativity. 

If the wearer wants to create a positive and happy atmosphere at their home, they must start using this gemstone as this gemstone brings an abundance of not only wealth but peace and happiness too. This gemstone is so powerful when placed in the home that no disharmony or negativity will enter the home or the workplace of the individual. 

  • Moss Agate For Meditation 

Moss Agate gemstones are commonly used for meditation purposes too. When these gemstones are used for meditation and yoga, the wearer is able to feel enhancements and peace in their spiritual, physical and mental health. This gemstone helps the wearer in creating a balance between their positive and negative emotions. This gemstone is also effective in opening one’s root chakra and heart chakra. 

It is ideal to hold this gemstone while practising meditation. This is because it will help the wearer to identify their true self and also gain a strong understanding of their personality. For handling extra responsibilities or for handling additional tasks at work, this gemstone must be used as it will make every work manageable and easy. With the activation of the root chakra, the wearer will be enabled to create strong bonds with the different elements of life and nature. 

Caring For Moss Agate

Caring For Moss Agate

For making sure that the Moss Agate gemstone is radiating its benefits at all times without any disruptions, one must clean the gemstone on a daily basis. Cleaning the Moss Agate gemstone is not a difficult task. One can use lavender and sage for the cleansing process. Simply smudge either lavender or sage or both in the gemstone for cleaning it. 

One can also keep the crystal under running water to cleanse away all the negative energies and vibrations. Make sure to never cleanse the Moss Agate gemstones using tough cleaning methods such as ultrasonic cleaners, steamers and chemicals. These harsh techniques of cleansing may alter the appearance of the beautiful Moss Agate crystal. That’s why one must only use clean water or lavender and sage to cleanse their Moss Agate gemstones. 

How To Recharge Your Moss Agate? 

Moss Agate gemstones can be recharged by placing them close to nature and natural elements or trees and plants. 

How Much Is Moss Agate Worth?

The worth of gemstones in general is highly dependent on different factors and aspects. In the same way, the worth of Moss Agate crystals is determined. Since this gemstone is easily available in almost all kinds of crystal and gemstone stores, the cost of this beautiful gemstone is pretty affordable. 

The worth of this gemstone is highly dependent on the amount of labour it has consumed and the kind of artistic work that has been done on the gemstone. Bigger chunks or pieces of Moss Agate gemstones are generally pricier than small ones. The bigger ones are kept for gemstone collections. And the smaller ones are usually kept for jewellery-making purposes. 

Does Moss Agate Make A Good Jewelry Stone?

Does Moss Agate Make A Good Jewelry Stone

Yes. Moss Agate gemstones can be used for jewelry-making purposes. The most common jewellery pieces made from this gemstone are necklaces, pendants and bracelets. They can be purchased as a set too. It is advisable to wear these gemstones as jewellery as the energies and vibrations from this gemstone will be directly absorbed by the wearer’s body and then to their mind.

Moss Agate Real vs Fake

Moss Agate gemstones are usually naturally occurring gemstones. The appearance of this gemstone resembles the patterns of moss formation on rocks. It also has a natural colour and a unique pattern different from all the other gemstones. For that reason, one must look out for the moss-like pattern of their gemstone to make sure that it is a real crystal and not a fake one. 

Secondly, every Moss Agate gemstone has a natural shine. It looks as if it has been polished instantly. This is the result of the natural sheen in the gemstone. Fake pieces of this gemstone will surely lack this shiny polish which becomes an important factor to test authenticity. Thus, the texture, colours, patterns and polish must be checked before purchasing Moss Agate gemstone. 

In The Light Of This Information 

Staying close to nature all the time may not be possible for most individuals. However, keeping a small crystal close to the body in any form is. That’s why one must always carry small Moss Agate crystals wherever they go so that they can gain the healing benefits from all three elements that are Earth, Air and water. For staying grounded, mentally stable and spiritually awakened, one must start using Moss Agate at the first instant. 


What is Moss Agate used for?

Moss Agate gemstones are mainly used for attracting wealth and financial benefits. They can also be used for enhancing emotional health. 

What is agate moss good for?

This gemstone is widely used for its ability to bring peace, tranquillity and emotional balance to the life of the wearer. 

Where should I put moss agate?

Moss Agate gemstones can be either carried by the wearer wherever they go, or they can be kept in one’s home and offices. 

How do you cleanse Moss Agate?

To cleanse Moss Agate gemstones, one can either use fresh clean water or they can use lavender and sage. 

Is Moss Agate rare?

No. Moss Agate is not a rare gemstone as it can be abundantly found in many locations across the world. 

How strong is moss agate?

Moss Agate gemstones are pretty hard. They have a hardness level of 6.5 to 7 on the MOHS scale of hardness. 

What is moss agate stone?

Moss Agate is a beautiful green gemstone which contains several elements of nature and is well-known for enhancing one’s emotional health and stability.