7 Best Crystals for Confidence

If you want to increase your sense of worth, start by improving your atmosphere because true confidence comes from within.

The essence of all we do is confidence. Whatever your objectives may be, having confidence is essential to achieving them. We all inevitably run into roadblocks that lower our self-esteem, albeit some people do it more naturally than others.

It is crucial to realize that these confidence slips are common and can teach us significant life lessons. But if they continue or get worse, they can become an issue. You can find the most effective crystals for confidence with the help of this guide. These magnificent stones will give you the encouragement you need if you frequently find it difficult to get yourself up or have faith in yourself when it counts.

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Best Crystals for Confidence

1. Tigers Eye

Tiger's eye crystals for confidence

Color: Hues of yellow and brown imitating the eye of a tiger

Chakra: Sacral

While the Tiger eye’s deep golden tones are undeniably beautiful to the eye, they represent much more than just aesthetic value. Tiger’s eye activates the crown chakra, improving focus and sharpening the mind. Tiger’s eye will bring you back to reality and enable you to accomplish without being impeded by negativity if you are frequently troubled by thoughts of self-doubt and concerns of failure. It is renowned as a crystal for confidence and anxiety. 

One of the best crystals for boosting self-confidence, the tiger’s eye drowns out self-doubt and dispels unreasonable concerns. It is a fantastic stone to carry with you at all times, but it is especially helpful when you are facing a significant personal problem and your confidence is waning.

It is stated that wearing a tiger’s eye will help the wearer materialize their true desires. Tiger’s Eye is a crystal for confidence and self-love. This bracelet will give you the strength to move forward with unwavering action toward your goals when worn with grounding and protective Onyx.

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Tiger’s eye is a wonderful addition to whatever chakra work you’re doing because it’s strongly related to the sacral chakra. Placing that stone on top of your sacral chakra is incredibly effective if you’re feeling stuck, your creativity is stagnated, or you need to kick-start your sexuality.

2. Sunstone

Sunstone crystal for confidence

Color: Reddish Brown, or shades of orange

Chakra: Sacral or Solar Plexus

The vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds that make up this excellent crystal’s hues give it its name. Sunstone represents emotional clarity, warmth, inner power, and joy. It is especially helpful for people who have a hard time expressing their needs or setting limits because they lack self-confidence. It will help you gain inner strength and confidence.

Sunstone is an expert in fostering self-assurance and inner fortitude. It stimulates the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras and connects with the lighter qualities of hope, light, and happiness.

This changes a lack of self-assurance and belief into new heights of power, zeal, and possibilities. Sunstone’s soft brightness also brings out all the best in your skills and abilities. It is an ideal crystal for courage and confidence. 

Sunstone can help you develop your leadership skills, increase your sense of empowerment, and overcome failure-related emotions. The ultimate confidence stone, the sunstone gives the wearer the power and desire to assert their right to be heard. Sunstone is the ideal choice if you struggle with persistent self-doubt or shyness.

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3. Carnelian

Carnelian to boost confidence

Color: Shades of Red and Orange

Chakra: Root and Sacral

Since ancient times, carnelian has been worn as a spiritual totem for strength, courage, and fearlessness. It is thought to encourage eloquence and self-assurance in communication, enabling a hesitant person to get over their fear and self-consciousness.

With its ability to work with the root, sacral, and heart chakras, carnelian is regarded as one of the most powerful crystals for boosting confidence. It is an amazing crystal for communication and confidence. You will have a sense of stability, self-assurance, and self-love when these chakras are balanced. Carnelian should be your continuous friend whether you’re going on a first date, giving a speech on a significant occasion, or starting a difficult journey. It is a crystal known for confidence and creativity.

4. Amazonite

Amazonite to boost confidence

Color: Teal or blue-green

Chakra: Heart and Throat Chakra

Amazonite, also known as “the stone of hope,” is renowned for its capacity to restore harmony to disordered feelings, unpredictable thinking, and spiritual confusion. It is breathtakingly lovely and has an aesthetic resemblance to quiet, calm seas.

Amazonite will add solidity and balance to your collection of stones for self-confidence, enabling you to pursue your goals with assurance and clarity. It is a crystal for focus and confidence. 

Amazonite, also known as the Stone of Courage and the Stone of Truth, gives one the ability to look within themselves and find their truths and integrity. It motivates us to live in conformity with our beliefs and ideals by encouraging us to get over our fear of being judged or in conflict with others. It gives you the ability to freely express your feelings and opinions. Establish firm boundaries both internally as a matter of self-discipline and externally as a matter of what you’re willing to take on and experience.

5. Sodalite

Sodalite to boost confidence

Color: Cobalt blue

Chakras: Third Eye Chakra

This gorgeous stone, which is brimming with healing qualities, is renowned for its varying blue and white patterns. It strengthens your natural human intuition, enabling you to navigate difficult situations with assurance. It works as a crystal for motivation and confidence.

You will experience an increase in stability and self-assurance because of sodalite’s exceptional influence on emotional balance and intuition. It is also said to help with bodily illnesses by enhancing immunity and promoting restful sleep. Sodalite will assist you in overcoming conceptual barriers and acting with confidence if you are struggling to make a difficult decision that is stressing you out. Sodalite is a crystal for confidence and attraction. 

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6. Ruby

Ruby to boost confidence

Color: All shades of deep red

Chakras: Root and Heart Chakra

These priceless gems may be on the costly side, but they work wonders to increase passion and boldness. For individuals who lack vigor, confidence, or the will to live and love, it is the perfect crystal companion.

Ruby helps you direct your motivation and enthusiasm toward the things you truly want to accomplish by concentrating just on the heart chakra. These could be of a romantic, private, or business character. If you ever have the delight to receive a ruby, be on the lookout for substantial changes in your determination to succeed. It is also widely known to promote love and a sense of nurturing. It is known as the king of all precious stones. 

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The ruby is thought to be able to calm anger and protect against seduction. It has long stood for victory, love, and generosity. Early societies revered rubies, referring to them as “perpetually burning fires,” and giving them mystical properties.

 The fiery stone was once regarded as a symbol of bravery because of its red hue, which evokes fire and blood. Rubies were a regal emblem worn on kings’ crowns and helmets and were thought to shield the wearer from harm and keep him safe and well. The ruby has traditionally been revered as a precious gemstone that can protect its wearer from harm during times of conflict.

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7. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz crystals for confidence

Color: Baby Pink


Rose Quartz aids in bringing about youth and attractiveness. Rose Quartz was widely thought to have anti-aging properties by the ancient Egyptians. This is most probably because crystals have qualities that smoothen skin tension and regulate cell renewal.

The iron, magnesium, and oxygen included in this pink gemstone help to remove dead skin cells and lessen skin inflammation. In many different cultures, rose quartz has long been associated with the Goddesses. This gem is thought to rejuvenate the skin, giving you luminous, lovely skin.

This well-known stone doesn’t directly affect confidence, but it is a strong carrier of self-love, which is a crucial component of confidence. You’ll probably find it difficult to feel confident in your decisions or your capacity to accomplish your goals if you struggle to love yourself. Rose quartz awakens the heart chakra’s dormant remnants, channeling loving energy inward and mending previous scars.

Rose quartz is tremendously helpful for boosting self-esteem, enabling you to behave with gentle conviction, and serving as a constant reminder to take care of yourself. Among other crystals for boosting confidence, rose quartz is a complementary force, and its power should not be underrated. Hence Rose quartz is a crystal for beauty and confidence. 

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You should keep in mind that crystals are not meant to work wonders for each and every user. You will have to experiment a little before you can find the best crystal for the confidence boost. They are simple to dismiss as new-age nonsense, but if you’re at all disposed of them, give them a shot and see whether they are effective for you. If they don’t, they can just appear attractive in your Instagram photos.